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  1. It is with inspiration from Julian Assange courage to stand against the worst political and criminal scum on Earth that I was motivated to provide this concept for the future of anyone and everyone who wants *Freedom of the Press* to endure past this era of corrupted facist regimes, murderous governments and censorship disguised as fake espionage charges.
  3. Wiki Torrent News:
  5. This app will be built on a new international License similar to Creative Commons, (you must converge and create it) Open BSD, GNU, and Debian. You, the assembled freedom fighters and activists of our planet are invited to partake, lead, code, and distribute your new news media.
  7. The parameters must insure user safety. It should be constructed with the following architecture.
  9. It should be constructed in C to be crossplatform capable. It must include a built in translator or be able to utilize one that now exists such as Google Translate.
  11. It should be built to function as a Peer to Peer network utilizing Torrent servers and Onion. The app should be encrypted so that anytime it is opened and used by a member and retains files of news on the members devise it cannot be accessed by such as NSA, CIA, or FBI. It should include a self data nuking devise that destroys the app, data and anything it stored on a Sim card by the membe.
  13. Useage: This application should be able to both upload data, convert image to text, photos etc so that members have a new platform of which any member can create news neetly organized files with titles, pictures, data to be distributed peer to peer
  15. Self assured community. This open source app should be constructed so that any member can rate other members news files for quality, content and factuality. Thus the community can quickly block delusionql types, federal agents like the CIA trying to push lies, or fucktards who are like turds in a punchbowl trying to cause problems, act as idiots or become a nuisance.
  17. It is your future. Do you want to have freedom of the Press? As you can see the benefits of a Wiki Torrent News platform are very obvious. Without it every new source like WikiLeaks will be gunned down.
  19. I suggest putting a donation link for Julian Assange, a legal defense donation link inside the app as the *First Wiki Torrent News Release" so that everyone who downloads and opens it the first time has an opportunity to assist the hero of the investigative journalists, a legend in our own time who has stood like a knight against the most powerful governments and most corrupted politicals in world history.
  21. If you find any typoes in this message consider I am almost blind now. Have fought 35 years against the criminals WikiLeaks exposed, have had every Intel weapon you can imagine used to down me, destroy my family and kill me in the domestic terror books. And by the grace of God I am still here fighting using my documents genius IQ to assist you.
  23. Good luck. Be safe.
  24. Hakin.Cajun@salusafe com
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