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anime synchtube II

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  1. You have a dream of your waifu. You dreamed that you were with her in a sunflower field, running, holding hands, having the time of your life. But suddenly, you wake up from your pleasant fantasies and grunt at the pain of your head. If you recall, you were shot by the mysterious girl who showed up yesterday who goes by the name of Haruhi Nagato. There is bandage on your forehead; probably the spot where it was injured. You try to get up, but the pain of your head make it feel as if brain is full of lead. You abandon the idea of trying to figure out what's going on in here. Haruhi shows up in the room. She's holding a warm towel on one hand and a snikers candy bar on the other.
  3.   "Is that for me?" you ask with a demanding voice.
  4.   "No", replies Haruhi as she throws the both the towel and the snikers out the window. "I want to tell you something, fag-kun," she follows with her respond.
  5.   You don't recall your name being fag-kun, but you are one so you might as well stick with it. "Why are you here? How did you get here. I live in the middle of nowhere. Why did you pushed me yesterday?"
  6.   "Yesterday?" interupts Haruhi. "I'm a time traveler; I've sent you back to the past to save za warudo."
  7.   "Za warudo? The world? Your French is superb!"
  10.   Haruhi pulls out a gun and shoot you in the knee.
  11.   "Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh." The agonizing pain is so deep, you cannot think of that time your ex 3DPD girlfriend took an arrow to your knee for breaking up with her.
  13.   You faint unconsciously from the lack of blood in your body. u.u
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