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  1. Daniel Taylor
  2. Ms. King
  3. Senior Speech
  4. 12 October 2017
  6. Hook- “One nation of many peoples cooperating is better in every way than many nations of many people fighting” -Quote from Czenna III
  8. Link- Our speaker has managed to hold together a highly diverse and contentious country, and he has a message for the American people. But first, a little back ground.
  10. Roadmap- He has guided Jiber through the Cold War, saw reunification and has kept the country together despite tensions rising high.
  12. Transition- Through the Cold War, he kept hope.
  14. 1- The south half of Jiber was under Russian rule. Divided and kept from seeing their families, and kept under a brutal regime.
  15. 2- He assured the people unity, and fueled the Vespern rebellions to prove it.
  16. 3- Spoke to Kruschev directly and negotiated better rights for people in occupied lands.
  18. Transition- He saw unity in the end.
  20. 1- In 1987, the Communist regime in southern Jiber fell.
  21. 2- In 1992, Jiber finally reunified,
  22. 3- He had accomplished his goal, and reunified a separated people.
  24. Transition- Ethnic tensions in the country have rose, with many areas threatening secession.
  25. 1- He has negotiated with leaders, and has kept them happy.
  26. 2- He has kept the country unified.
  27. 3- The people of Jiber love him, regardless of ethnicity.
  29. He is a man of action, who has accomplished his goals. He fixed Jiber, and maybe he can help fix America as well.
  31. He has lead his country through war, unification and tension.
  33. And his quote stands true. Without his leadership, Jiber would have fell.
  35. Please introduce, King of Jiber, Tatsulani Czenna the Third.
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