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Countdown OCS Official Rules

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  1. Countdown Tournament Rules
  3. =================================================================================================================
  4. General Goal:
  5. =================================================================================================================
  6. Complete a certain number of goals within a time limit, while maximizing points by collecting high value items and avoiding low value items on the provided scorecard.
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  9. OCS Specific Instructions:
  10. =================================================================================================================
  11. - Go to page linked in SRL Channel, click "Stream Layout," "Join Race," and setup your stream
  12. - IMPORTANT: Set up a Livesplit timer with no splits; Ideally counting down from 1:30:00, but you can also just have it count up.
  13. - Start the file as you would for any SRL Race, making sure to stop playing after 1:30:00 has gone by.
  14. - After the race, .done and cycle through your menus on stream, and comment your final score on the SRL race.
  16. =================================================================================================================
  17. Rules:
  18. =================================================================================================================
  19. - English Version
  20. - Standard bingo rules apply
  21. - You will only receive points for the required number of goals, There is NO REASON to do additional goals.
  22. - An item must exist in it's intended place on the menu at the end of the race to receive credit for it (Bottled items must exist in legitimate bottle slots)
  23. - If a slot's value is negative, a bottle in the slot will count as the item being obtained. This is not the case for positive slots
  24. - Duping Skulltulas or Heart Pieces is NOT allowed, and you must be able to display the number of skulltulas on your start screen at the end of the race.
  26. =================================================================================================================
  27. Clarifications:
  28. =================================================================================================================
  29. - Replacing or losing item in legitimate ways (upgrading hookshot to longshot, getting shield eaten) will remove the negative points
  30. - Bomb bag on chu slot would remove the negative points for chus, and it does not count as the bomb bag for the equipment screen.
  31. - RBAing away songs/medallions/stones will remove the associated points, positive or negative
  32. - Having the wrong items in equipment slot will not result in points, even if the intended effect is achieved (e.g. fake quivers, dive meters, etc.)
  33. - 3 Skulltulas are worth 1 point.
  34. - 1 Full heart is worth 1 point; your first 3 do not count. You dont have to actually have the heart filled at the end of the race to receive credit for it.
  35. - 100 Rupees is worth 1 point. Your rupee count at the end of the race is what matters.
  36. - At the end of the race, pause and cycle through the 3 relative menus (for easy checking later)
  37. - At the end of the race, points are the final deciding factor between racers.
  38. - Ties will be broken in this order:
  39.     - Number of Heart Pieces shown in inventory at end of race (5 hearts and 2 heart pieces = 2 tie beak points)
  40.     - If still tie, Number of gold skulls that don’t complete a set of 3 (e.g. 4 skulls = 1 tie break point)
  41.     - If still tie, the amount of time left when the last positive value item was collected (earlier collection wins)
  43. =================================================================================================================
  44. Advice for new players:
  45. =================================================================================================================
  46. - Focus on completing the required number of goals within the time limit. They are each worth 15 points so completing the required number is important to win.
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