Get Cutter Get Butter 2.5

Nov 25th, 2016
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  1. >"Could you explain the mechanics of this movement again?"
  2. "Twilight."
  3. >"I know that I have to bend my knees but at what degrees do I have to bend them?"
  4. "Twilight."
  5. >"And is there a optimum amount of air that I need to breath in for each rep? Or maybe there's a certain technique to the breathing that will help me with the exercise?"
  6. >You scratched your chin as you looked down at Twiggles
  7. >...
  8. >She was trying
  9. >No matter what she was trying, Anon, and that was the first step
  10. >The purple princess smiled up at you with the innocence of a new born babe
  11. > You could SMELL the normie on her
  12. "Twilight... You know that you're just stretching right?" you carefully asked. "We're just doing this so you can get warmed up."
  13. >"Oh, I KNOW," Twiggles said with a giggle, waving a hoof. "But there has to be a way that I can do these stretches in the best way right? I mean I've only read a little bit on the subject but what I've found--"
  14. >You looked away from the Princess of Friendship toward the dumbbell rack
  15. >Rainbow and Applejack were standing in front of the mirror, wildly flailing the heaviest weights that they could get their grubby little hooves on as they eyed each other like the closet lesbians that they were
  16. >...
  17. >They were going to pull something
  18. >They were going to pull something and someone was going to have to get an ice pack or possibly take a trip to the doctors...
  19. >You looked away from those two dummies to where you had some treadmills sitting
  20. >There was Mrs. Rarity on one of your machines
  21. >The fashionista had her treadmill on the lowest setting, trying to chat with a few of the stallions standing around the power racks that she was near
  22. >More like flirting that talking, but, to your pride, the stallion's completely ignored her
  23. >"--And, though Clean and Snatch's hypothesis might not be as tested as I would like, it seems to have some real--"
  24. >Your nose scrunched up as you looked back down at Twilight for a half-second
  25. >She was still talking?
  27. >...Jesus Christ...
  28. >Shaking your head, you looked over toward where you kept the weight balls and other, larger gym equipment
  29. >Somehow, in the minute and a half since you looked at her, Pinkie had managed to make this... contraption out of medicine balls, logs, and two barbells
  30. >You had no idea what the hell it was for but you didn't like that look in Pinkie's eyes...
  31. >You didn't like it one little bit
  32. >And from the looks of the other gym patrons they didn't like it all that much either
  33. "Pinkie! Put that shit back where you found it!" you yelled from across the gym
  34. >"Aw! But I was going to start the fire!"
  35. "I'm going to light a fire under your ass if you screw up my gym equipment you little horse!"
  36. >Almost everyone in the gym sighed in relief as Pinkie, with a disappointed groan, began to deconstruct the monstrosity that she had created
  37. >...
  38. >"--I know that Sheepish monks of the Highlands like to use the Bahamian method to relax the joints but--"
  39. "Twilight, fuck up for a goddamn minute," you finally snapped, your nose scrunching up when you couldn't find the last pain in your ass that you had unwillingly let loose amongst your people
  40. >Where the hell was Flutter--
  41. >Oh, there she was
  42. >Flutter-butter was laying on a mat near one of the only windows that you had in this big ass room
  43. >The pegasus looked like she was attempting push ups, her widdle nose scrunched up in concentration as she tried to pick herself back up with both her hooves and her wings
  44. >She wasn't really getting anywhere, more wiggling than anything else, but like Twilight she was trying
  45. >Trying her little heart out
  46. >You awed quietly
  47. >Don't give up lil' Flutters...
  48. >Someday you'll make it...
  49. >You scratched your chin as you looked back down at Twilight, the only one who had decided to stretch with you
  50. >To be fair neither of you had gotten all that much stretching done, what with Twilight and all of her fucking questions, but fuck it
  51. >Time to throw this little horse to the lions
  52. >The iron lions
  54. "Alright, Twiggles, I think we got enough stretching done. Why don't you go and get the rest of your little buddies so we can start these lessons?"
  55. >Twilight blinked
  56. >"...But Anon, you still haven't answered any of my questi--thmp!"
  57. "Go and get your friends before I pop a blood vessel, Spackle," you said, keeping your hand firmly clamped around her muzzle. "PLEASE."
  58. >Jesus Zyzz Christ...
  60. "Urgh!"
  61. >Be Time Turner
  62. >"HAH! One, two, thre. Breath, breath, breath. HAH! Push it! PUSH IT!"
  63. >You were spending your Thursday morning participating in your third favorite activity: that being lifting heavy objects, usually of the metallic variety
  64. "Hah! Big as a bear! BIG AS A BEAR! HAH!"
  65. >At that moment you were on one of the many deadlifting platforms playing the most dangerous game of all
  66. >The deadlifting game
  67. "Hah! Get it up! GET. It. Up. COLT!"
  68. >A puff of chalk hit you square in the face as you slammed a chalky hoof against your chest
  69. >There was a thin sheen of sweat coating your body as you stood over what was soon going to be your new max
  70. >You were also breathing pretty heavily, your eyes bugged out and your expression crazed
  71. >Ever since you had woken up this morning you had been getting ready for this lift
  72. >You had yourself a VERY hearty breakfast, you took a FAR more preworkout than the equine body could properly handle, and your bedazzled lifting belt looked REALLY good in this lighting
  73. >You were ready
  74. >...
  75. >You were ready, and for some reason you could see EVERYTHING
  76. > Dat preworkout tho'
  77. >Growling to yourself, you got into position, gripping onto the bar as hard as you could
  78. "Come on! COMEON! Comeoncomeoncomeoncomeoncomeoncomeoncomeon!"
  79. >You jerked the bar, causing it to bend slightly as the weight resisted you
  80. >Yeah...
  81. >YEAH!
  82. >This was just what you needed after a whole week of getting bugged by your mares about not making them breakfast in the morning anymore!
  83. "Come one! Shark week! Red balloon! Alfalfa! Stingray!"
  85. >What? Couldn't they make breakfast themselves?!
  86. >You already made them lunch and dinner-- and did a FINE job of it thank you very much-- and didn't get so much as a thank you from ANY of them!
  87. >You grunted again, a snarl on your face as you jerked at the bar
  88. >Couldn't you just have a little time to yourself in the morning?
  89. >Couldn't your mares get off their lazy flanks every once in a while and cook for themselves?
  90. >You've seen them cook before; you KNOW that they can do it
  91. >So was it too much to ask if they just made their OWN breakfast?
  92. >Was that REALLY too much to ask?
  93. >Was it?
  94. >WAS IT?!
  95. >[angry swole stallion noises]
  96. >You took a deep breath, your dilated eyes staring at the small orange goblin from across the room, and you tighten up your body
  97. > Thepre'sgotmejohnny.jpg
  99. >"Howdy, Turner!"
  100. >Your roar of triumph turns into a yelp of surprise as somepony up and slaps you on the back
  101. >The bar, which you had been griping so tightly how were you even doing that? You didn't even have hooves yo... slipped out of your hooves
  102. >Your weight SLAMMED against the platform as you stumbled backward
  103. >...
  104. >The moment was gone
  107. >Gritting your teeth, you spun around to see who would be STUPID enough to interrupt somepony while they were in the middle of a lift; a lift that was VERY dangerous if not fully focused on it
  108. >"Whoo howdy! That sure it a lotta weight! Are ya sure ya can pick something like that up?!"
  109. >Your anger diminishes somewhat as you stare at the smiling, oblivious face of Applejack
  110. "...Applejack?" you muttered, your nose scrunching up
  111. >Applejack smiled that country smile of her's that her and her whole family were so, so good at
  113. >A smile that, even now, brought a bit of a smile to your face
  114. >Not much of one, the bucking filly just RUINED your lift, but it was still there
  115. >"Ah just wanted ta come 'ver and say hello since I saw ya over here, Turner," Applejack said, nudging you. "Big Mac also wanted me ta tell ya that he'd be more 'an happy ta go ta that wine thingy in Manehattan with ya, so I figured I'd mosey on over an' tell ya!"
  116. >...
  117. >Awesome!
  118. >That meant--
  119. >...Wait a minute...
  120. >This filly darn near killed you over that?!
  121. >Mac could have told you that himself later today!
  122. >She didn't need to risk your SPINE over that!
  123. >But
  124. >BUT...
  125. >You knew Applejack
  126. >While she was a looker she didn't have all that much going on in the cute little noggin of her's
  127. >She probably didn't even realize what she did to you, the country bumpkin that she was...
  128. >100% mad reduced to 50% mad
  129. "Well, that's great, Applejack, but--"
  130. >"Hey, Turner! Watch this!"
  131. >You turned your head to look back at your weight
  132. >There, straining with all of her might to pick up the weight, was Rainbow Dash
  133. >"Yeah... I'm gonna... lift this weight... so bucking... good!"
  134. >A noise escaped Rainbow's throat that sounded almost like a pained whine, her wings desperately flapping
  135. >She...
  136. >She...
  137. >She was going to REALLY hurt herself...
  138. >You took a step back, concern coming to your face when you noticed how curled the pegasi's back was
  139. >...
  140. >Okay...
  142. >First Applejack appears and now Rainbow?
  143. >You don't remember seeing these fillies ever coming to this gym before...
  144. "Um... Rainbow? Maybe you should take some of the weights off to warm up before you start lifting that much weight? You know, so you don't hurt yourself?"
  145. >Seeing that she wasn't able to pick up the weight, Rainbow then tried her hoof at pushing the weight
  146. >While the plates that you had on your bar were ROUND she seemed to be doing a VERY poor job of it
  147. >Pegasi be light yo
  148. >"Nah... I got... I bucking got... this," Rainbow grunted, pushing with all of her might. "I got this SO... bucking much..."
  149. >...
  150. >You stood there for a moment as a certain feeling began to overcome you
  151. >You've never felt this feeling before, but, for some reason, it felt so so right
  152. >Your ears perked up as you heard a whisper of a sound
  153. >Something that only a chosen few could hear
  154. reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.....
  155. > "Normies," you muttered, a feeling of utter and overpowering disgust filling you to the brim "Get out of my bucking gym.... REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!
  156. >And that's when the screaming began
  158. "Come on, Rarity."
  159. >"Just give me a second, Twilight dear. Wooho! My dear fellow! Might I have a word with you for a moment?"
  160. "Rarity, they've been ignoring you for the past five minutes. I don't think you're going to--"
  161. >"Stallions love a persistent mare, Twilight. My dears! Where have you been all of my life?"
  162. >The stallions' that Rarity was calling rolled there eyes for probably the thousandth time but other than that they ignored her, focusing on their weights
  163. >You couldn't help but let out a sigh as Rarity continued to wave at the stallions, seemingly unabated
  164. >...
  165. >If you kept Anon waiting any longer he was going to start get annoyed, and you STILL hadn't gotten the other girls yet!
  166. >FatherbuckingRarity!
  167. "Come on, Rarity," you said, tugging at the mare's tail with your magic. "Anon's waiting for us."
  168. >"Oh, just a moment longer, darling. One does not usually have a batch of stallions all together like this and I want to--OW!"
  169. >Rarity glared at you as you gave her tail a hard yank, nearly pulling her off the treadmill
  170. "Rarity, we NEED to go get the other girls so we--"
  171. >"Hiya, Twilight!"
  172. >ERgiodnfdjn!
  173. >With a yelp, you leapt into the air, your wings and hooves wildly kicking, only to find yourself falling into a heap on the ground
  174. >...Ow
  175. >"Oooo! Are we playing a game?!" Pinkie, your surprise-er, asked with a giggle. "Twilight, you silly filly! You know you can't spell game without oregano!"
  176. >...
  177. >What?
  178. Still giggling, Pinkie leapt into the air and landed in a heap right next to you, her blue eyes shining brightly
  179. >"So what game are we playing? Simon says? Buck-buck? Happy hooves?"
  180. >SweetCelestiagivemebuckingstrength.jpg
  181. "We're not playing ANY games, Pinkie," you said, climbing back to your hooves. "I was just getting Rarity so we could get everypony else and--"
  183. >"Ohhh! Here he is! The stallion of the hour!"
  184. >"You pick up that weight, little stallion!"
  186. >"Here comes lil' cream puff!"
  187. >Both you, Pinkie and even Rarity found yourself looking toward where a group of stallions were conjugating
  188. >They were all standing around one of the "power racks"
  189. >You could see that a LOT of weight was on those peg things, waiting to be lifted
  190. >Which was nothing new you guessed
  191. >Though most of these gym-goers WERE stallions most of them seemed pretty strong, so having one of them getting that weight to the touchdown so they could win at the hockey league didn't seem all that surprising
  192. >That was until you saw WHO was getting ready to lift the weight
  193. "...Oh sweet Luna's holy teats..."
  194. >For a second you didn't recognize the colt that was huffing and puffing under that bar, wearing a tight red one piece spandex outfit
  195. >You knew it was a colt though; a colt that looked like he had barely gotten his cutiemark
  196. >A colt who looked like somepony had stuffed balloons in that spandex of his
  197. >The colt looked... wrong
  198. >His arms were so big and thick that he didn't look that he could move them properly, and his legs were even bigger than THAT
  199. >His chest, big flank and even his neck looked swollen and thick and...
  200. >Your brow furrowing in concern, you began making your way over to the group of stallions
  201. "Holy horse apples... what did they do to you, Rumble?" you muttered
  202. >Two stallions stood on either side of the colt as, with a grunt, he unracked the weight
  203. >"Come on, cream puff!"
  204. >"Easy weight! EASY WEIGHT!"
  205. >"Down and up! It'll be as easy as pie!"
  206. >Rumble rolled his shoulders, his knees slightly bending as he began to take deep, deep breaths
  207. >"Rip that shit up, Rumble! RIP IT UP!"
  208. >Rumble's eyes were sharp and focused as he slowly squatted down, the two stallions on either side of him making sure to spot him so that he could score the home run
  210. >Your horn sparked to life, ready to rip the weight off the CHILD before he HURT himself, but, shockingly, there was no need
  211. >With a shout, Rumble launched himself back into a standing position with seemingly no effort
  212. >"Oh my word..." you heard Rarity mutter before the group of stallions began cheering
  213. >"YEAH!"
  216. >"Everypony better run! We gotta bucking MONSTER in the gym!"
  217. >The moment that Rumble reracked the weights the colt was jumping around as excited as could be, his eyes shining
  218. >"Yeah! YEAH!"
  220. >...
  221. >Oh horse apples...
  222. >You said that out loud didn't you?...
  223. >In an instant the entire gym went silent
  224. >There must have been a hundred stallions glaring at you now
  225. >Poppin'mollyandI'msweatin'.jpg
  226. >"...What do you mean, Princess?" a stallion asked, in a way that made the fur on the back of your neck stand on end
  227. >You know, that sarcastic, nasally, slightly angry way that stallions were so good at?
  228. >That way
  229. >You chuckled nervously, taking a few steps back
  230. "Um... W-Well, you see..."
  232. >You jumped as this.... noise came from across the gym
  233. >"Now why don't ya just take it easy now, Turner. There's no need ta throw a fit lik--"
  235. >"Hey, hey, hey! I was JUST about to pick up that weigh---oooooHHHHH!"
  236. >Your eyes widened as you came Rainbow flying toward you, her eyes wide and her hooves flailing
  238. >Superalicornreflexsgo!
  239. >Your horn glowed, catching your friend before she could crash into one of those plate holder hickeys
  241. >"TURNER! What the hay's gotten inta ya?! Why ya'd think tha--Whoa nelly!"
  242. Setting Rainbow down next to you, you were forced to catch Applejack as she too was tossed through the air like some kind of ball
  243. >Both Rainbow and Applejack looked frazzled but were mostly unharmed, which was good
  244. >It looked like the stallions were far more aggressive than you had thought...
  245. >Your eyes drifted toward Rumble, who was watching the scene with a child-like kind of innocence that made your heart ache
  246. >He was too young to lift that much weight and he was far, FAR too young to look like some meathead mare...
  247. >"What the fuck is all of this yelling going on?!" Anon said, shoving his way through the crowd of stallions. "And who the hell is tossing..."
  248. >He trailed off as his gaze settled on Rumble
  249. >For a second, nothing happened
  250. >Nopony moved, nopony spoke and as far as you could tell nopony BREATHED
  251. >"...Rumble?"
  252. >Stallions had to dive out of the way as Anon strode forward, shock and disbelief clear as day on his face as he dropped down to one knee and placed his hands on Rumble's withers
  253. >The colt smiled
  254. >"Hi, Anon!" he chirped, flexing. "Look how big I've been getting lifting with my brother!"
  255. >Slowly, Anon poked at Rumble's body, visibly getting angrier and angrier with each poke, so much so that the stallions were slowly backing away
  257. >Everypony jumped as, in the blink of an eye, Anon was on his feet, looking as furious as you've ever seen him
  259. >Whoa nelly...
  260. >Anon's scary yo
  261. >Anon, pacing the floor like an angry lion, looked around until his eyes settled on Thunderlane, who looked like he was doing his best to hide in the crowd
  263. >Roughly shoving stallions out of the way, Anon made his way over toward the pegasus
  265. >Thunder opened his mouth to say something but before he could so much as get a word out Anon grabbed him by his shirt and lifted him bodily into the air
  267. >Anon then began to shake Thunderlane
  268. >He shook the SHIT out of that colt
  270. >...
  271. >Should you do something?
  272. >You didn't want anypony to get hurt...
  273. >But Anon was a giant green slab of meat; an angry slab of meat that looked ready to punch a hole through the wall
  274. >And, while you might not have been a wall, Anon might not have any qualms about hitting you
  275. >And you most CERTAINLY didn't want getting punched today
  276. >Or any day for that matter
  277. >And he was a stallion, so it wasn't like you could lay your hooves on him or anything...
  278. >You could see the girls watching the scene in front of them with different attitudes
  279. >Applejack was shaking her head
  280. >Rarity looked horrified with what was going on
  281. >Pinkie was just humming a tune to herself, playing with one of her hoofbands and not watching what was going on at all
  282. >And Rain--
  283. >"Yeah! Get that bucker, Anon!" Rainbow cheered, pumping a hoof into the air
  284. >Thunderlane, who looked TERRIFIED, perked up his ears as Rainbow said this
  285. >In an instant he changed from scared of the giant that was shaking him to outraged
  286. >With a whinny he slammed his hooves into Anon's chest, forcing the human to let him go and nearly knocking him off his feet
  287. >Somehow, Thunder managed to land on his hooves
  288. >"What? You're just going to CHEER while the stallions beat each other up huh?" he snarled, taking a step toward your group
  289. >You and the other girls took a step back as the rest of the stallion's eyes settled on you
  291. >"You can harass us while we're trying to work out but when something BAD happens you just sit back and watch so you have something to clop to later huh?!"
  292. >Regaining his balance, Anon snarled
  293. >"Thunder! Don't you fucking try to change the subject!" he snapped. "You've been the only one that's been working out with Rumble!"
  294. >"He wanted to be big and strong like his brother," Thunderlane retorted. "So what if he had a little sw--"
  295. >"SO WHAT?! He's twelve years old you stupid cunt! AND HE'S ONLY BEEN WORKING OUT FOR TWO WEEKS!"
  296. >Thunderlane snorted
  297. >"That's more than old enough for him to make his own decisions on his own body, Anon."
  298. >Anon gritted his teeth
  299. >"No. It. Is. Not," he said, fury thick in his voice. "He's too young to be lifting that much and he CANNOT use swole-swole juice at his FUCKING AGE, let alone THAT MUCH OF IT THAT FAST."
  300. >"What? Are you saying that he's not beautiful the way he is, Anonymous?"
  301. >Many of the stallions crowded around you frowned, glaring at Anon as they muttered amongst themselves
  302. >Anon didn't seem to even notice them, seemingly focusing all of his efforts on keeping himself from lunging at a smug Thunderlane
  303. >"Swole-swole juice is bad for your heart as an adult, along with a fuckton of other conditions that you can get from taking it. And that's for an adult; someone who's still not GROWING."
  304. >"That's just what MARES want you to believe, Anon."
  305. >"Yeah!"
  306. >"Swole is beautiful too, Anon!"
  307. >"We should have the right to look how we want to look, Anon!"
  308. >"It's our body!"
  309. >"You're letting the mares control you!"
  310. >"Buck the code!"
  311. >Anon, along with you and the girls, looked around as the stallions began shouting nonsense
  312. >...
  313. >Oh no...
  314. >The body positivity
  315. >The smugness
  316. >The corruption of children that didn't know any better
  317. >This was the work of coltinists
  318. >Anon's jaw dropped
  321. >Anon stumbled backward as a stallion slammed into him
  322. >Even though most of these colts were twice as big as they had been before they were still NOTHING to Anon, so even throwing their entire body weight at the human only made him take a step back
  323. >But another stallion was right there to ram his head into Anon's stomach as the first one retreated
  324. >"Mares don't understand!"
  325. >Another one hit Anon, driving him toward you
  326. >"Yeah! They never understand!"
  327. >"They're stupid!"
  328. >"Worthless!"
  329. >"Disgusting!"
  330. >You were forced to catch Anon as he fell backward, nearly landing on top of you
  331. >The stallions were grabbing gym equipment now, and from the looks on their faces you don't think that thy were going back to lifting
  332. >"This is our gym! Nopony's going to take it away from us!"
  333. >"We're getting huge because we WANT to!"
  334. >"Get the buck out of here! We don't want you here anymore!"
  335. >"Bucking mares!"
  336. >"Swole is BEAUTIFUL! All stallions should be swole!"
  337. >"It's genetics! GENETICS!"
  338. >"MUH EQUALITY!"
  339. "Girls, get closer to me!" you yell, ducking as a twenty five pound weight sailed over your head. "We need to get out of here! WE NEED TO GET OUT OF HERE RIGHT NOW!"
  340. >Without saying a word the girls, who looked just as alarmed with this turn of events as you felt, huddled close toward you
  341. >Keeping Anon close in hoof you closed your eyes and let your horn spark to life
  342. >Before any of the stallions could make a move you were all gone
  344. >Be Fluttershy
  345. >Oh... come on...
  346. >Your nose scrunched up as a bead of sweat dripped from your face and fell to the floor
  347. >Just one push up
  348. >That's all you wanted to do
  349. >Just one!
  350. >You wiggled your behind, your hooves and wings aching as you slowly lifted yourself up
  351. >Come on!
  352. >Rainbow could do these in her sleep!
  353. >Just one!
  354. >JUST ONE!
  355. >...
  356. >Holy horse seed were you heavy...
  357. >Your face scrunched up harder than you've ever scrunched up as you slowly began to pick yourself up
  358. >It was slow going, it looked like gravity was being especially mean today, but you persevered
  359. >You might not have been as tough as Rainbow or Applejack but you liked to think that you were a pretty tough cookie
  360. >Why just the other day you stubbed your hoof and you only cried for ten minutes
  361. >You could do this
  363. >TEN. MINUTES!
  364. "Eeeerrrrrgggghhhhhh-HA!"
  365. >With a mighty cry, you found yourself locking your elbows out
  366. >...
  367. >You....
  368. >You did it!
  369. >YOU DID IT!
  370. "Yeah!"
  371. >With a squee, you hopped into the air
  372. "Oh my gosh! Rainbow, Pinkie, did you just--"
  373. >You blinked as you saw every single stallion in the gym staring at you in confusion
  374. >Your friends, for some reason, were nowhere in sight
  375. >...
  376. "...Um ...Hello?"
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