MGE Side III Mira Current

Apr 25th, 2021
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  1. ...?... Do you, dislike, leisurely lying down... on a boat, like this? Are you, bored?
  2. ... I see, that’s great♥ Ah, but, I have to tell you, about how Mira is, now... I’m Diva, after all.
  3. Unlike, singing... I’m no good, at speaking, but...
  4. I’ll try, my best, so I’d be very, happy, if you would, listen♥
  6. There is, a lot of nature, on this island... It’s even like that, throughout the town.
  7. There are many kinds, of plants, with their roots, firmly planted, into buildings, and tightly, tightly, tangled into, roofs...
  8. There are ruins, sunk into, the water, as if they were, taking a bath.
  9. There are waterways, that are like mazes, that lead to... I’m not sure where.
  10. Also, the waterwheels, turning, all over, the island, are really cute...
  11. Just from, walking around, this island, you can find, traces of the history, that Mira has walked, since a really long, time ago.
  12. So about, Mira today. It’s said to be, an island of food, hot springs, and alcohol, where we live with, spirits, mhmm... If you want, to relax, without any particular, goal... I recommend, this island. Yup.
  13. Ah, do you like, alcohol? Mira is, a Bright Green Monster Realm, so it grows, really good, Monster Realm crops... A lot of, intoxication fruits, are harvested... So I also, recommend, the wine.
  14. Ah, I just remembered, here’s a snack, that we serve regularly, at my restaurant... Here, try it♪
  15. It’s made from, my dried, seaweed... and seasoned with, rock salt, that miss Gnome gave me, yesterday.
  16. ...? My, seaweed? What’s wrong, with it?
  17. Ah, I’m sorry... You can, go ahead, and eat, I’ll continue, talking.
  19. Mira is, the best place, to stay in all of Court Alf.
  20. And it also, is the island, with the most, history... so, it’s full of, local cuisine, home cooking, local drinks... and such.
  21. Everyone, gathers lively, around tables... and enjoys eating, while talking, and listening to the songs, of the song maidens.
  22. It’s also nice, to bask in the night breeze, alone, on a small bridge, over the river, while... quietly... having a drink.
  23. But, it would be, even better, to have someone, you like, standing next to you...♪
  24. Ah, but, there isn’t really, much else, besides the inns, and places to eat... yeah, I guess not.
  25. Um... there’s also, hot springs.
  26. Ah, but look, over at the tavern, bards are, playing along to, the song maiden’s song... it’s really, wonderful, isn’t it?
  27. Time flows by, slowly. Have you ever, wished that, the fun times, could go on, forever?
  28. At Mira’s bars, there’s a feeling, that those times, will go on, forever.
  30. Also, this is, the oldest town, in Court Alf, so there are old houses, and buildings, that still remain, intact, as ruins...
  31. In a way, I think that, it’s the, total opposite, of the fourth song island, Saida.
  32. There are many, ruins, in Mira, but it seems, the ruins in Saida, are still lively, because of the, magical lightning, and the Gremlins that, periodically, look after them and perform... maintenance?
  33. The ruins here, are left, as is. They are mostly, left as is, crumbled, and abandoned.
  34. But, on the other hand, water, flows into the ruins, and then with, the power of, the spirits... For example, by receiving, miss Ignis’s power, it becomes, natural bath water, with just the right, temperature, and in Mira, there are lots, of hot springs, in ruins like that.
  35. That’s because, there’s no one, in those ruins, and the spirits, live in, those abandoned buildings. In Mira, we coexist, with the spirits, so the Gnomes, strengthen the foundation, of the ruins, with rocks and soil, the Undines, keep the water, clean, the Ignis, heats up the that water, and the Sylphs, create a, pleasing space, with a pleasant breeze.
  36. ...This place, is a Monster Realm, so the four spirits, are monsters... They’ve become, monster elementals, through the mana, and still live, a normal life, as residents of the island, you know? They’re, very nice, they love, humans, and often invite them, into their homes, to take, baths with them♪
  38. Here, bars and inns, are sometimes, attached, to each other, so even if, you drink too much, and fall asleep drunk, it’s okay, to spend the night, like that, at the inn.
  39. You don’t have, to worry, about getting home, or the time, or anything, like that...
  40. But, just as often, spirits, invite men, like that, to their own homes... It’s not, uncommon, for them, to spend the night.
  41. Anyway, there are inns, everywhere, in Mira... So, you don’t have, to worry, about a place to sleep, or a place to live.
  42. If you come, to this island, with nothing, but your body, you will still, be welcomed, no matter where you go.
  43. It seems that, outside of Court Alf, there’s, a saying that, “If you are dying, you will see Mira afterwards”, but, if you come, to Mira, you’ll be able, to do that, anyway... This is, everyone’s, home.
  44. Ah, yes... The important thing, is, the spirits.
  45. When you, speak to the spirits, you get to know them more, and if, you get to know them more, you become, an elementalist.
  46. Yeah, Mira’s elementalists, are famous... A lot of people, are becoming, elementalists.
  47. That’s why, from outside... Sometimes elementalists, come to Mira, and there are also, training grounds.
  48. At night, pure spirits, shine faintly, just like fireflies, glittering over the waterways, and they fly around, the water-filled fields, around people’s homes, as if dancing, it’s really pretty.
  49. If it’s a pleasant, sunny day, you can laze around all day... I recommend, passing the time, lying down in the garden of some ruins.
  50. When you realize, it’s nighttime, there are, pure spirits, all around you, shining, fluffy, and warm.
  52. Eventually, Mira’s elementalists, will leave the island, and working together, with spirits, visit all sorts of, places... and help places, where the spirits, are very weak...
  53. They’ll invite, people that want to become, elementalists, to Mira.
  54. To the elementalists, of Mira, this island... The Mira, they call home, is the most important thing, to them.
  55. Being, an elementalist, is hard work, but... they have, an important place, a home to return to, that... they think of. And they can, hurry back to it.
  56. It’s very, difficult, but it seems, they want to make, the neglected land, pretty, just like, Mira.
  57. Yeah, so when they, come back, there’s a place to relax, take a bath, eat, delicious food, drink alcohol, with everyone, do some naughty things, feel good, and have, wonderful dreams together, holding hands... That’s, Mira.
  58. Hm? You want, to go to, a hot spring?
  59. Yeah, that’s fine... H-huh? T-together...?
  60. Wah...♥ That’s, I, I’m still... Even though, I’m a diva, you want, to go in, together...♥
  61. But, I was just, thinking about, getting warmed up, so... alright♥
  62. Now then, let’s go to, a place I recommend♥
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