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  1. I will be removing the [Christian] tag from my name soon. I realize adding this to my name is quite hypocritical, as most of my friends know that I hate when people toot their horn about their opinions and such, whether it be Bronies, Athiests, political opinions, furries, or any other lifestyle or opinion. I have realized adding [Christian] to my name is also tooting my own horn. This is in no way intended to be a renouncement of my religious beliefs, I am simply removing the tag because it looks arrogant and also looks kinda ugly. I will also remove the cubed symbol from my name. It was added because of a group Helios created where we put such numbers in our names, however the group never took off and even the owner himself stopped using it. Thanks for reading, and in about a week I'll be changing my name to just plain, "DSiDewd".
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