Planning A Tower

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  1. [13:10] She finds a spot she liked, she wasn't sure of placing a tower where the other once resided for Obsidia. While it was an advantageous position it also gave off a more aggressive stance towards those East.
  3. The spot she was looking at was a bit further West, though directly between Levengard and the most common route between Dawn and Levengard.
  5. This would be a good place a tower, a bastion between the city of Azrael's influence, and the one that only wished to aid others in various ways. This was the purpose of her guild, to protect. They needed a place to do this from.
  7. They just needed the resources to have the building constructed. They had the people to defend it if necessary, unless Dawn sent all they have against them. Even then, they would all hold strong together. They had sworn to do so.
  9. Her own words flash through her mind,
  11. I will be the light to pierce the darkness.
  12. (Elayna
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