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  1. /q create essalonia.blessedwar.estel.conservation.500
  2. /q e n Lanarra Tree
  3. /q e ToFind IfCompleted essalonia.blessedwar.estel.conservation.390
  4. /q e ToFind OnClickNpc Isilheir Morndil
  5. /q e ToFind IfInWorld test
  6. /q e ToFind IfTester
  7. /q e OnFind DoGiveItem 269
  8. /q e OnFind DoFind +
  9. /q e OnFind DoFind essalonia.blessedwar.estel.conservation.520
  11. /q create essalonia.blessedwar.estel.conservation.510
  12. /q e Times 0
  13. /q e n Hold up!
  14. /q e d 'Hey, where are you going? While you were gone, I learned of some trees sprouting nearby. <c>Lanarra Tree<i> saplings are important to our faith, wouldn’t you agree? You must retrieve some! With <c>Ten<i> of them, we could start an orchard! They may be found Southwest of the city.
  16. /q create essalonia.blessedwar.estel.conservation.520
  17. /q e n Find the Lanarra Tree grove
  18. /q e ToAdvance OnEnterRegion test.LanarraTrees
  19. /q e ToAdvance IfInWorld test
  20. /q e OnComplete DoFind +
  22. /q create essalonia.blessedwar.estel.conservation.530
  23. /q e n Dig up a sapling
  24. /q e d Having walked for about an hour, you finally spot a large group of lovely <c>Lanarra Tree<i> saplings. Dig up <c>Ten<i> and bring them back to Isilheir.
  25. /q e times 10
  26. /q e OnFind DoFind essalonia.blessedwar.pause
  27. /q e ToAdvance OnClickFrame 6:5
  28. /q e ToAdvance IfCompleted essalonia.blessedwar.pause
  29. /q e OnAdvance DoUnfind essalonia.blessedwar.pause
  30. /q e OnAdvance DoFind essalonia.blessedwar.pause
  31. /q e OnComplete DoFind +
  33. /q create essalonia.blessedwar.estel.conservation.540
  34. /q e n Return to Isilheir
  35. /q e d As you turn around to go back you suddenly realize just how heavy these saplings are.
  36. /q e OnFind DoPotionEffect slowness 0 300 false true
  37. /q e ToAdvance OnClickNpc Isilheir Morndil
  38. /q e ToAdvance IfInWorld test
  39. /q e OnComplete DoFind +
  41. /q create essalonia.blessedwar.estel.conservation.550
  42. /q e n Nice job!
  43. /q e d 'Such beautiful specimens! These will produce many fruits to be used for incense and perfumes someday! Quickly, go plant them in the tilled land outside of the greenhouse.'
  44. /q e ToAdvance OnEnterRegion test.TilledLand
  45. /q e ToAdvance IfInWorld test
  46. /q e OnComplete DoLoseItem 269x1
  47. /q e OnComplete DoFind +
  49. /q create essalonia.blessedwar.estel.conservation.560
  50. /q e n Plant the saplings
  51. /q e times 10
  52. /q e OnFind DoFind essalonia.blessedwar.pause
  53. /q e ToAdvance OnClickFrame 6:5
  54. /q e ToAdvance IfCompleted essalonia.blessedwar.pause
  55. /q e OnAdvance DoUnfind essalonia.blessedwar.pause
  56. /q e OnAdvance DoFind essalonia.blessedwar.pause
  57. /q e OnComplete DoFind +
  59. /q create essalonia.blessedwar.estel.conservation.570
  60. /q e n Return to Isilheir
  61. /q e ToAdvance OnClickNpc Isilheir Morndil
  62. /q e ToAdvance IfInWorld test
  63. /q e OnComplete DoGiveItem 402 1 name:&aEstellian's_Quest_Token lore:&r&7Token_I|&r&7Season_I|This_metal_leaf-shaped_token_was_rewarded_to_you_for_completing|a_task_for_the_Faith_of_Estel!_Redeem_this_token_via_/ti_c|before_the_end_of_Season_One_of_the_Blessed_War_to_help_your_alignment_win!|&dBlessed_War_2019
  64. /q e OnComplete DoComplete <
  65. /q e OnComplete DoFind +
  67. /q create essalonia.blessedwar.estel.conservation.580
  68. /q e Times 0
  69. /q e n Well done!
  70. /q e d 'Thank you so much for all your help! Visit me again in the future in case I have new jobs for you.'
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