Toleco Revlover - Anon the Hero

Oct 9th, 2016
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  2. >You look down on Starswirl... No, Discord's body.
  3. >Bleeding out, the old man had a smug grin on his face even in death.
  4. >A single manly tear drops from your eye to the ground.
  5. >Despite all the warcrimes and henious acts he committed, he was still your mentor and father figure.
  6. >You stomp your boot on the ground and raise your hand to your temple in salute.
  7. >Paying respects to a man who sacrificed his family, his body and life to saving the world.
  8. >Here lies Starswirl, the tragic hero.
  9. >Picking up his Helmet, you adorn it over your head, fulfilling his last wish.
  10. >And yet, nothing changes, it's just a helmet.
  11. >Shrugging, you decide to give him a burial before getting to work.
  12. >Picking up his body and slinging it over your shoulder, heading towards the entrance of the Castle.
  13. >Your thoughts are interrupted by the sound of familiar voices shouting.
  14. >"Here girls, I can hear his footsteps, keep going!"
  15. >It sounded A LOT like Sunset Shimmer.
  16. >The other footsteps following means that she brought an entire group.
  17. >Most likely deciding to kill Discord too.
  18. >Or, they were, until you beat them to it.
  19. >You rush towards them, and walk in front.
  20. >And boy, she brought the other heroes.
  21. >Sunset, Twilight, Rarity, Applejack, Fluttershy and even Pinkie Pie.
  23. >Jesus, this is going to be difficult to explain.
  24. >Before you can say anything though, they all pull out guns and blades pointed straight at you.
  25. >Sunset is the first to speak.
  26. >"Do not move a single step, Demon Lord, or we will kill you."
  27. >Demon Lord... You have the helmet on, fuck.
  28. "Look, I'm not Demon Lord, it's a long story."
  29. >One of them notices the body over your shoulder and looks in shock.
  30. >"G-girls... Look, he killed Starswirl."
  31. "Okay, look, I didn't kill Starswirl... Actually, I did, but it wasn't actually Starswirl, he's the Demon Lord, not me!"
  32. >"That voice... Anon, is that you?"
  33. >Sighing in relief, you take the helmet off, confirming their thoughts.
  34. "See? I'm not the Demon Lord, Starswirl is."
  35. >Twilight is the first to respond to you.
  36. >"But that doesn't make any sense! Why would he want us train us to fight against him?"
  37. "That's a good point, to make a long story short, he's got Schizophrenia."
  38. >"What?"
  39. "Honestly, the story is too long."
  40. >"We've got time."
  41. >Sighing, you proceed to tell the girls of the events that just occurred, detailing each part and explaining each of your actions.
  42. >Twilight and Sunset pay the most attention, making no comment and hanging on every single word you say.
  43. >As you finish, Rarity seems to the first one to ask you a question.
  45. >"Anon, am I correct in presuming that you are the new Demon Lord now, then?"
  46. >Nodding, you lay Starswirl's body down on the ground and keep a hand on your revolver, in case things get nasty.
  47. >"Meaning that at any point, you could control every single Demon and Monster, and do whatever you please?"
  48. "Uh yeah, I guess."
  49. >"Well, that's certainly something then."
  50. >Twilight is the next to speak.
  51. >"Anon, that means that if we kill you now, we'll be able to scatter the Demons. Without a leader, they'll be in thin numbers and much easier to kill."
  52. "Uh, Twilight, that's not what Starswirl said and that's not how it'll work."
  53. >"I understand you mean the best, especially after what you did, you deserve a break more than anyone else, but from what Starswirl said to you and magical theory, this means that we have the perfect chance to destroy everything now, before Discord fully takes control over you!"
  54. >She nods to the other girls, who all begin to point their firearms at you.
  55. >What the fuck, they would never do this to you.
  56. >You fear that this may have something to do with the helmet recognizing you as it's new owner, but you can't be too hasty or you'll probably end up dying.
  57. >You are still Human after all, and there's no amount of magic that can fix six magazines being emptied into your body.
  58. "Woah, maybe we should all just chill, this isn't the right way to do it, this could get real nasty and I'd rather us trying to kill each other."
  59. >"See, look guys, he's already threatening to fight us if we attack him, Discord's already got a hold of Nonny, we need to do it now!"
  60. >This isn't looking too good.
  61. >You need to disarm them before they kill you.
  62. >Taking a step towards the closest of you, Fluttershy, you grab her rifle, move it to the side and push her away from it.
  63. >She falls to the ground, dazed.
  64. >You feel surprised by your own strength, but assume it's most likely from the helmet.
  66. >Grabbing Shy, you point your own revolver at her head and rush towards the next target, Pinkie Pie.
  67. >She's quite unpredictable and speedy, but you swipe your leg at her ankles, causing her to trip and fall on the hard, stone floor.
  68. >Whilst Rainbow Dash is the fastest, she's also the smallest of the group.
  69. >You throw Shy at her, causing them both to fumble and fall.
  70. >Kicking up Pinkie Pie's shotgun and holding in one hand, you point your revolver towards Rarity, barely a few inches away from her temple.
  71. >Both of you knew you were the faster shot, and she placed her gun down in surrender and took a few steps away.
  72. >The other gun was pointed at Twilight, who refused to surrender.
  73. "Twi, put it down now and no one will get hurt."
  74. >"No, you're a Monster... Are you even Anon anymore?"
  75. "I am Anon, do you think if I wasn't, I wouldn't try to avoid fighting you guys?"
  76. >"No, the real Anon would've sacrificed himself for the good of the world."
  77. >What the fuck is she on about?
  78. >Calculating the odds, you realize that Twilight won't stand down, even if she does, she'll just be giving her friends enough time to recover and kill you instead.
  79. >You begin to trick her and take her down, that'll give you enough time to escape.
  80. >Putting your gun down, you look down and sigh.
  81. "You're right, Twilight, I'm just scared... I surrender, just make it quick."
  82. >She smirks and walks up to you, gun still aimed at your head.
  83. >"It's alright, Anon, I'd do the same in your situation... We'll never forget you, I promise."
  84. >Time for the master plan.
  85. >You begin to channel the remainder of your magic into your legs, bending them slowly and getting ready for a jump.
  86. >Timing it, you wait till Twilight is in perfect distance of you, and you push yourself forward like a Rabbit running from a Fox.
  87. >Tackling Twilight, you push her to the ground and kick her gun aside, stumbling back up with just one goal in mind.
  88. >Escape.
  90. >Wait, fuck.
  91. >Sunset.
  92. >Before you can turn around to see if she's there, time begins to slow down, as you feel knees jerk and spasm out.
  93. >You fall face first into the ground, realizing that she's probably shot you there.
  94. >Struggling, you attempt to pull out your gun and turn off the safety, trying to find Sunset.
  95. >Looking around in front of you, you can't get a single view of her.
  96. >But you do feel the sound of a gun being loaded from behind, along with her voice.
  97. >"Wow, you really are Discord, the real you wouldn't have done any of that... Goodbye Anon!"
  98. >You scream at her, begging her to stop, but your pleas fall on deaf ears.
  99. >The sound of your own voice is muffled by the tens of rounds being fired into your body, as blood splurts out from every direction and your breath runs dry.
  100. >You feel as if all the magic and energy from your body dissapears as you struggle to keep your eyes open.
  101. >Death's embrace calls you, as you eventually weaken and succumb to it's spell, fluttering you eyelids closed and falling on the floor.
  102. >Your last words echo over any other sound.
  103. "Hello darkness, my old friend."
  105. >Darkness greets you, as you fall into a state of rest.
  106. >A long, deserved rest.
  107. >One that will never end, one that will end your pain and suffering forever.
  108. >Even if you were betrayed by some of the closest friends, it doesn't matter anymore, nothing matters.
  109. >You feel yourself drift away into the darkness, accepting your fate.
  110. >How long have you been here now? It's been over a year.
  111. >Almost a lifetime at this point.
  112. >But there's that echo again.
  113. >"M...Or..."
  114. >What is that?
  115. >It keeps getting louder too.
  116. >"M...Ord... Ak."
  117. >Alright, this is getting weird, you better not be going to hell.
  118. >You were a good boy and you did nothing wrong.
  119. >"My...Lord, wake up!"
  120. >What.
  121. >Is someone calling you?
  122. >"My Lord, please wake up, the Paladins are coming!"
  123. >You feel yourself being dragged out of darkness and into a sudden light.
  124. >Are you being brought back?
  125. >You desperately try to swim back, trying to stay in the abyss, you wished to stay, not go back.
  127. >But your grip was far too weak, you screamed as it dragged you back into life.
  128. >...
  129. >The feeling of cold water splashing against your face wakes you from your slumber, as you find yourself in some sort of crypt.
  130. "W-what?"
  131. >You get up, startled.
  132. >In front of you are two girls, twins, with Cerulean, flowing hair and fair skin.
  133. >One lets her hair flow wildly, whilst the other has her's done neatly with a bow-tie on top.
  134. >Strangely enough, they look very familiar to two girls you knew before the war; Cloudchaser and Flitter.
  135. >They both notice you waking up and bow before you.
  136. >"Forgive me, my Lord, you were not waking up so Flitter thought it would be a good idea to use water."
  137. >The other, Flitter, you presume replies.
  138. >"N-no, it was Cloudchaser, my Lord, I swear! Please believe me!"
  139. "...Why do you call me your Lord?"
  140. >You look at them confused, lost in surroundings.
  141. >Looking at your own clothes, you find that your armor and weapons have disapeared, instead, you find yourself wearing some sort of black military suit and a cloak, both dusty from your time spent in the crypt.
  142. >The twins look at you inquisitively, as if they believe they've done something wrong.
  143. >"Are you not the former Demon Lord, Discord?"
  144. >Oh right, you are technically still Discord now.
  145. "I am, but I believe I was killed, or something."
  146. >Flitter nods.
  147. >"You were, my lord, one hundred years ago, you were assassinated by the seven heroes and laid here."
  148. "A hundred years? Jesus fucking Christ, that's a long bloody time, how have I not rotted away?"
  149. >"I do not have any answes, my Lord, our instructions were to take you to our commander, he claimed to be an old friend of yours and that he would answer any of your questions."
  150. >You nod and gesture them to lead the way.
  151. >Not like you have anywhere else to go.
  152. >Before you can take a step forward, Cloudchaser shushes the both of you and moves all three of you behind the sarcophagus.
  154. >"Do not make a sound or move, just let it pass. I will lead the way."
  155. >With no idea what she meant by "it", you nod and wait patiently.
  156. >Eventually, you hear a growing sound in the distance, that of metal hitting the ground.
  157. >The welcomed silence began to dwindle, as you could see two figures walk into the room you were in.
  158. >You manage to snatch a peak, and take a good look at them.
  159. >Both figures were clad in heavy, metallic armor, remniscent to the Power armor used in the early war, but was dismissed later.
  160. >It was mainly used as protection against corruption, and for intimidating both Humans and Monsters alike.
  161. >Although, this armor looks a lot more fortified and well-made then what was created then.
  162. >Their guns also seem alien to you, with the words "CelesTech" engraved on their rifles.
  163. >You hold your breath, praying that they don't notice you.
  164. >One of them speaks through their helmets, their voice sounding robotic.
  165. >"You seen anything?"
  166. >The other replies, her voice more feminine and high-pitched than the initial.
  167. >"Negative, let's move on."
  168. >The other nods, and they both leave the room, moving out.
  169. >The sound of their footsteps begins to dwindle, then almost dissapear entirely.
  170. >The twins get up, and gesture you to follow them.
  171. >As you run behind them, you begin to ask a few questions.
  172. "What were those?"
  173. >"Celestech Shock troopers, imagine a Paladin on Steroids, and you've them."
  174. "And who are Celestech?"
  175. >"No time, keep running. Our commander will tell you."
  176. >You nod and keep running, your body beginning to feel tired and heavy already.
  177. >Confused, you remember being far stronger and having more endurance before this.
  178. >Guess sleeping for a hundred years can do this to you too.
  179. >Seeing the light at the entrace of the Crypt, the three of you dart out, seeing the night sky lit up with stars.
  180. >You reach the grass plains, where there is an old, military Jeep.
  183. >Getting in the backseat, you begin to drift off to sleep whilst the other two drive.
  184. >Occasionally reaching in and out of conciousness, you hear their chatter.
  185. >"Hey Cloudchaser, what do you think of him?"
  186. >"The Demon Lord?"
  187. >"Yeah."
  188. >"Eh, he's kind of cute."
  189. >"Kind of? I'd serve him even if he wasn't the demon lord!"
  190. >"What does that even mean, Flitter."
  191. >"N-nothing... Do you think he has a girlfriend?"
  192. >"They're probably dead."
  193. >You go back to sleep.
  194. >Eventually you're awoken as the Jeep stops.
  195. >You find yourself outside of some-sort of makeshift Military camp, as Flitter and Cloudchaser usher you towards the biggest tent in the camp.
  196. "So, do you guys recognize me or not?"
  197. >"What do you mean, my lord?"
  198. "I mean, Flitter, Cloudchaser, it's me, Anon. We went to school together before the war, remember?"
  199. >They both stop, look at you with a confused expression and then continue to carry on walking.
  200. >"I believe you have us confused for someone else, it has been a long time and we probably look familiar. Not that I'm trying to insult you, forgive me!"
  201. "Eh, it's fine. Who's your commander anyway?"
  202. >"You're about to find out."
  203. >Cloudchaser opens the large tent, and leads you in.
  204. >As you enter, the twins leave, and the desk, with a chair by it turns around.
  205. >In the chair, you see a very familiar face.
  206. >Blue hair, shit-eating grin.
  207. "Brad?"
  208. >"What took you so long?"
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