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  1. Announced awhile ago that I’d start P5 in July, so here we are. Want to make this playthrough a bit different than my prior streaming. Sometimes I think too much about time slots for streaming, spacing out streams enough, worrying about what other streams are happening, whatever. P5’s playthrough is implementing a hard SUASS policy - Shut Up And Start Streaming. Might be an hour a day, might be six, might have to space it out between days. Whenever I feel like playing (a lot), the stream’ll be live, so expect a whole bunch of streaming over the next ~month for this game.
  3. Other things, going to play on Hard mode. Any bit donation amount will play a soundclip from a pool of ~3,000 P4 clips. Also I’m not going to tweet out each time I go live after the first one - instead expect I’ll be live often.
  5. Hope you enjoy the stream~
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