Incomplete Rapture

May 25th, 2021
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  2. The streets of Tokyo were littered with abandoned cars and clothes clumsily piled on the floor. The once-bustling city now had no sound aside from the movements of a stray animal or your footsteps on the overgrown concrete. Wandering the streets, you avoided stepping on the clothes of the people captured by the angels' gazes. The only thing you heard was the wind breezing past you, the birds chirping on the collapsed powerlines, the sound of your footsteps, and the snores of the girl on your back. In your hand, you were carrying a luggage of anything you found and wanted to bring along for the endless journey ahead from clothes to food to battery packs. On your back, you were carrying the only other friend you’ve found since the rapture, a small silver-haired girl. You two have been walking for days and nights, so she got tired and fell asleep a while ago. Ever since finding each other, you two have been wandering ghost city of Tokyo to find anybody else who survived the rapture, but so far, it’s just you and her and nobody else.
  4. It was a repeated cycle scavenging, sleeping, and travelling from pet shops to abandoned malls. Occasionally, you two would call out for anybody, but no response, nobody. Walking through a few more blocks, you found a small playground, deserted as ever. No sign of human life aside from a withered sandcastle and the clothes of those who were caught during the rapture. Nearby was a half-destroyed bench, a good resting place for now. It’s been a long day, so you could use some rest as well. You carefully placed Kanata on the side with the armrest, but you weren’t careful enough and woke her up. She took a deep breath and stretched her arms out, “Hmmm, are we done for today?”
  6. “Yeah, let’s take a break for now,” you answered. You opened up your luggage and pulled out an outdated map and a pen, marking where you’ve been and what other places you can go to. Kanata groggily reached into your bag to pull out some doughnuts you grabbed from one of the abandoned coffee shops. “Let me see it,” she asked, reaching for the map. You put your arms around her, giving her full view of the map and all the notes you’ve written on it. You gave her time to eat and see where you've been while she was asleep.
  8. “Kanata,” you called out for her.
  10. “Yeah?” she replied.
  12. “Do you think there’s anybody out there. Someone we can meet?” asking this question makes you wonder why it’s just you two. Why was everyone else taken away by the angels but leaving you two behind. You never asked her how she survived, considering it would bring up memories of lost friends and loved ones. It might be a sensitive topic for her. She had never told you about what she did before the rapture either or how she survived as well.
  14. “No,” was her only reply.
  16. “Then, do you think there are other people outside of Tokyo, outside of Japan that could, you know, possibly find us?”
  18. She doesn’t answer, only continues eating the doughnut. It was obvious. If there was anybody else, they would’ve come already. People would have been investigating, but there has never been any sign of people coming or searching the city. No sign of hope. Instead, she changes the topic, “It’s my turn to choose where to go now, isn’t it?”
  20. “Yeah, go ahead, I can still go a few more kilometers.”
  22. “Then! How about here?” she takes the pen with her free hand and draws several arrow pointing to the Gunma prefecture, “We can go visit the onsens here and maybe even pick up some yukatas! Maybe their food is still fresh!” she turns to look at you with a reassuring smile. You couldn’t help but smile back, “It’s a bit far away, but sure, sounds like fun.”
  24. She slides down under your arms and gets back up. She gives you a few taps on the back and grabs her luggage bag. “Come on then, let’s go! It’ll be like another vacation!” she tells you. Her motivation gives you a small boost of energy. You get up and grab your luggage and take her hand. The only friend you have and possibly will ever have. “Right behind you!” you tell her. Both of you went back on the empty streets and back to traveling in the desolated city of Tokyo.
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