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  1. Welcome to the Law & Disorder FiveM Discord
  2. If you're new here you should probably take a "few" minutes to read the following rules
  4. :one:  RolePlay above EVERYTHING  (BONUS: You MUST have a working mic to become a Resident in this City!!!)                                                                                                            :two:  Be respectful towards others
  5. :three:  Absolutely no sexism, racism or harassment
  6. :four:  Do not go out of character for any reason. If it is an emergency, or if there is no other way around the problem, type your issue in the /OOC chat.
  7. :five: No METAgaming in any form. All information acquired outside of the City (ex. In Discord/or watching another Resident’s stream) is not to be used inside of the city.
  8. :six:  No POWERgaming. At no point will anyone, especially Police Officers, powergame over another Resident. (Ex. If a civilian is in a shootout, or a fistfight, a Police Officer is not allowed to run up and immediately handcuff that civilian without tazing or being knocked out first.) Instances where a person would still have a real ability to kick, fight back, scream or move, another person is not allowed to use an in-game feature or menu to override RP and control another person.
  9. :seven:  No Sexual Assault roleplay. (this goes along with rule #2 and should not have to be explained.)
  10. :eight:  Do Not Steal Emergency Vehicles. Do not steal Any NPC or player owned Emergency vehicles including LSPD/EMS/unmarked cruisers.
  11. :nine: NO COP BAITING. Do not drift around legion square, or do burnouts in front of the PD. Do not do anything directly to Police Officers with the sole intention to mess with the Police.
  12. :keycap_ten:  All areas of each of the Police Departments BESIDES the lobby are off-limits to Residents.
  13. :one: :one:  Combat Logging will result in a 40 minute prison sentence. Second offense will be a 1 Hour 20 minute prison sentence. Third offense will end in a Ban from the Server. If you are taking part in any illegal activity and happen to slip into a coma (get killed/die), you are not allowed to respawn to escape the consequences. “Don’t do the crime if you can’t do the time.”
  14. :one: :two:  New Life Rule. Upon respawn you will not remember the incident that resulted in your death. If you are picked up by Emergency Personnel, you will still not recall the incident that resulted in your coma. While in a coma you are not allowed to use any information, you gathered while knocked out.
  15. :one: :three:  RDM/VDM Random Deathmatch, and Vehicle Deathmatch. Killing without initiating in roleplay is strictly forbidden. Using a Vehicle to run someone down without words being spoken prior, is also strictly forbidden. (This server does not allow the ramming of motorcycles. This applies for Residents, and LEO. At no point in time, for any circumstance will anyone ram their vehicle into any motorcyclists.)
  16. :one: :four:  You must have a real RolePlay name. Do not name yourself after your favorite super hero, or something silly. Be original with your identity.
  17. :one: :five:  No Gang wars, or Disruptive violence at Server Events, or Opened businesses.
  18. :one: :six: Exploiting/ Modding/ Hacking of any kind will result in an instant Ban from the Server.
  19. :one: :seven:  Spawn Blocking at garages, or any other vehicle retrieval spot is not allowed and will result in a kick from the server. Continuing to Spawn Block will result in various Prison sentences no shorter than 30 minutes and fines up to $20,000.
  20. :one: :eight: EMS are not to be harassed. Paramedics may not be Kidnapped or murdered FOR ANY REASON WHATSOEVER. They may not be used as a hostage or used as anyone’s “personal medic”. EMS Vehicles are also restricted from use by anyone other than Paramedics.
  21. :one: :nine:  Third party communication software is not allowed while in the city. (no Teamspeak, Discord, mumble , etc.) Radio Communication will be available for Gangs/Crews that have been made official by the staff of the Law & Disorder FiveM Server, in the form of a personalized discord channel in the Law & Disorder Discord. (in-game player name must match your discord name.)
  22. :two: :zero: Hot Pursuit: If being Chased by Law Enforcement, a Gang, or any other Resident in the middle of a roleplay scenario, or to run away from an impending scenario into the safety of your Home teleport, or any other teleport that another person would not normally be able to follow you, will be considered Fail RolePlay.
  23. :two: :one:  Fail RP: Going out of character at any point is Fail Roleplay. Residents must always stay in character, even if referring to Real life scenarios’ you must find a Role Play way to get your point across. For Example: If a Resident is logging off for the night, they should say something to the effect of “Alright guys, I have a flight out of town I have to catch. I’m going camping tomorrow.”. Every Scenario and issue can be expressed within RolePlay. We encourage originality and complete emersion. This is a Serious RolePlay Server and should be treated as such. Be aware of everyone else’s experience around you, you are not the only person here trying to enjoy themselves.
  24. :two: :two:  Terrorism: Using explosives in an uncalled for, "Call of Duty" type manner will result in a ban. We do not tolerate "Terrorism RP" here. (Example: Throwing a Sticky Bomb at someone or their car in the middle of a firefight, or to be used like a grenade, is not allowed.) Sticky bombs are used strictly for serious RP situations. Bank Robbery, Hitman job, Gang retaliation IED's, or an attempt to free affilliated Residents from police custody in deep rooted RP. Explosives are not to be taken lightly.
  25. :two::three:  The military base, and all weaponized vehicles are off limits
  27. TenderG01/16/2019
  29. •If you have received enough damage to end up in a coma you must "forget" the previous encounter before your death AND "forget" what was going on during your coma.
  30. •No revenge after the incident unless there was already a beef between both parties pervious to the incident.
  31. •You can investigate why you ended up in a coma but if nobody gives you any valid info you must drop it and continue roleplaying.
  32. •All in game interactions must take place in the game. NO use of discord unless you are LSPD, LSFD, LS EMT, OR an official Gang/Crew on the Law & Disorder discord Server. To share locations, use your phone and when you meet use in game chat to communicate.
  33. • Official Gangs/Crews are required to wear a Bluetooth earpiece while using the “Radio” function While in the Law & Disorder discord channel. Gang members using this feature are required to Deaf/Mute their discord while in EMS/LEO Custody or Being Kidnapped. They must go MUTE while in a coma, or in Prison.
  34. •Open carry is legal north of Los Santos, in Blaine County. (only legal firearms)
  35. • EMS Custody: Once incapacitated for any reason, be that violent or accident; once given aid by EMS Paramedics you are now in EMS Custody. This means you will not be combative, and you will not run. Police will not be allowed to arrest you (but they may accompany you to the hospital). You may not leave EMS custody unless being cleared by the caring EMT. Upon release if there are no arresting officers on scene to take over Custody immediately, you are free to go.
  36. • The Hospital is a Weapons free zone. No firearms, no melee weapons inside.
  37. LAWS
  38. if any one of these laws are broken the police officer who caught you in the act can fine, arrest you or both.
  39. POLICE
  40. • Upon completion of processing a suspect, the arresting officer will then transport the individual or group to the Prison door before sending them to Jail. Officers are not allowed to expedite the process of the law for any reason.
  41. •Cops may only stop and search your vehicle if you are suspected of committing a crime, and if there is probable cause to search the vehicle.
  42. •Cops may only stop and ask you for your ID if you are suspected of committing a crime.
  43. •Cops can’t cuff you in the middle of a gun fight or fist fight. Police may only Handcuff Residents after they have been incapacitated, tazed, or by being cooperative.
  44. • Police Officers cannot tail you in hopes of catching you slip-up. They will not intentionally go out of their way to follow or harass any Residents of the City.
  45. • Detectives: There are two different Departments for Detectives. Gang Task Force and the Narcotics Division. Detectives will build cases on Groups, and individuals depending on the recent convictions, and affiliations. Detectives are permitted to patrol in unmarked, and undercover vehicles, and are not subject to perform common traffic stops unless the need arise. Detectives may trail groups/individuals depending on their level of crime. A Detectives main objective is to gather information and proof to build a large and solid case for the DOJ to announce a Warrant and possible raid.
  46. • Probable Cause: A law Enforcement Officer must not arrest an individual if the officer’s evidence is merely a suspicion or hunch. For Law Enforcement to search a residence/vehicle probable cause must exist that officers will find evidence of a crime within the home/vehicle. The following reasons justify law enforcement’s search of a house:
  47. :one: Law Enforcement Officers obtained consent from the individual living/owning the property. (or in charge of the property).
  48. :two:  Searches incident to law enforcement’s making a lawful arrest. (gaining evidence through a lawful arrest).
  49. :three:  An emergency or situations that may affect another person’s life.
  50. :four:  The Police have obtained a search warrant prior to the arrival at the property.
  51. :five:  Irrefutable proof of illegal activity occurring.
  52. • Reasonable Suspicion for a traffic stop: An officer has enough reasonable suspicion when he or she is aware of specific articulable facts, that when combined with rational inferences from those facts, would lead the officer to suspect that a person has committed, is committing, or will soon commit a crime. Certain types of traffic violations committed in the officer’s presence are enough to stop a vehicle. These include but are not limited to: speeding, failure to signal a turn, failure to make a complete stop at a stop sign, a license plate check to inquire about valid registration. If an officer stops a vehicle based on multiple violations such as speeding and failure to turn, the officer only needs to able to prove one violation, identifying specific facts, to justify the stop, if the stop is contested in court.
  53. • Police Officers may be corrupt. Certain police officers may choose to Indulge in a little bit of corruption. Cadets are not allowed to be corrupt whatsoever. Patrol officers may be paid off for simple traffic violations and low-level narcotics possessions. They may not “look the other way” for illegal weapons possession. Police Corporals and Sergeants may look the other way on drug possession offenses, one large illegal weapon possession charge and may “confiscate” a bit of your evidence (if being corrupt, Police Officers are not allowed to completely seize your inventory. Corruption must be beneficial to both parties.) Police Lieutenants, and Captains May take a small part of “Hush” money for drug trafficking. Deputy Chiefs, Chiefs, and Sheriff’s may take part in drug/weapon trafficking.
  54. • Reporting Fellow Officers: Officers are NOT required to be corrupt! Your fellow Officers, or superiors may not approve of corruption. If caught or found out, you will face the legal repercussions. Detectives may launch an investigation on you without your knowledge. Other officers may also report you to authorities for your corruption, so keep it a secret and choose wisely who you let in on your deals!
  55. • Police and motorcyclists: Police at no point in time will ever ram a motorcyclist for any reason. Police may not rear end or sideswipe a person on a motorcycle. If a motorcyclist is fleeing and evading, Police must follow in pursuit and attempt to out maneuver or block the motorcyclist with a blockade or spike strips. An officer may taze a motorcyclist off their bike ONLY if they are at low speeds estimated around 15-20 kph. Police Officers may only use lethal force with their Service Pistol from the seat of their cruisers once fired upon from another vehicle. Their main target being tires.
  57. •Civilians legally are not allowed to carry any higher caliber weapons than pistols and the allowed melee weapons.
  58. •Civilians can legally carry up to 48 pistol rounds on your person.
  59. •Civilians can legally carry melee weapons (bats, knives, golf clubs and hammers).
  60. •Melee weapons such as: Broken bottles, machetes and hatchets, must be kept in your property or in the trunk of your car. Being caught with these weapons will result in an illegal weapons charge.
  61. •Sniper Rifles, MG’s, AR’s/Ak’s, Explosives, SMG’s, Marksman pistol, and all automatic weapons are illegal and will result in a hefty fine and prison sentence.
  62. •Guns such as: Shotguns, AR/AK, and other two-handed weapons should be kept at home or if being transported must be in the trunk of your vehicle or in your inventory away from immediate use. You may not “Pull weapons out of your ass”. If pulling a two-handed weapon out of your inventory you must roleplay grabbing it from your vehicle, behind a bar, in your house etc. and then return with the weapon.
  63. •The Tazer is an illegal weapon for Civilian Residents, and will be treated as a class 4 weapons charge. Emergency Services are the only Residents legally allowed to carry the tazer.
  65. •70KPH/45MPH in city, 100KPH/65MPH country side roads, 130KPH/80MPH on Highway. If caught driving above the speed limit Police will Fine accordingly.
  66. •Vehicles can legally make right turns on red lights if traffic allows.
  67. •Motorcycles are legally allowed to lane split.
  68. •GTA Driving: Driving in excessive amounts of speed, Disregard for all traffic laws, smashing into Residents’ or Locals (NPC’s) Cars and continuing to drive like nothing happened is Fail RolePlay and will result in a kick from the server. Second offense will be a hefty prison sentence, and third time will result in a server ban for 1 week.
  69. • Crashing or rolling your vehicle in any situation for any reason that would normally result in that vehicle being unable to function properly or drive, you must stop the vehicle and request a mechanic as that vehicle is now Disabled. Continuing to drive the vehicle, especially during a Pursuit with law enforcement or any other Resident will be considered Fail RolePlay.
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