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  1. PR0XY   The sand-dune of a planet, Tatoonie… an Outer Rim World; known for it's 'backwater' way of life; criminal presence; poor standard of life and vast openness of sand dunes that separate the planet's few scattered settlements. It is… a planet that near-all individual of the galaxy skip over, for a comprehensive reason – in spite of how the planet be a key-point in many of the galaxies most noticeable people's history throughout the ages and be focal point in the numerous galaxy-span events. Tatooine, despite it's lackluster appeal… be a planet involved in or the start of many adventures.
  2.     An adventure, be on the horizon for anyone who dared to answer the call. A beacon of distress; the necessity for aid be broadcasted to the whole of Tatooine's system and any starship in the vicinity. The signal called for what one would anticipate; immediate rescue and aid, w/ a location of where it'd all be needed. The unsecure frequency, available to be tuned in by any basic holo-receiver, that'd allow any 'n' all individuals to hear it's cry. The distress beacon's call, originated a near hundred kilometers away from the spaceport settlement town of Mos Eisley – a wretched hive of scum and villainy; a location that'd gather many of the cities nefarious type who have a death sentence on numerous star systems but retain a minor Imperial occupation for 'security'.
  3.     The call, naturally receive a plethora of attention. Automated, no personalization too it and imbedded information of the signal foretold the vessel be a cargo-cruiser of a Gozanti; the popular vessel for high-end trader, Imperial patrol and various other element be broadcaster of the beacon; it'd warrant a dash from Tatooine's system populace. Imperial shall rush to supply aid and rescue if the vessel be one of their own; underworld type to come crawlin' in the search of bounty; scavengers hunt for any valuable salvage. The distress call, the bounty of a crashed Gozanti, it held the plausibility to reward whoever first arrive and pillage it's secret a hefty reward. It beg the question, who'll answer the call first?
  5. Sasei   Another boring day, and another boring delivery. Sasei stood leaned against the wall watching the bots unload the cargo from her ship. The smuggling business had been rather slow with the increased checks and such, but she managed. The odd and end contracts were enough to keep her comfortable, but the Mirialan was always looking for a big score. Something she could sit back, relax, and take it easy. It wasn't always fun being the one looked at all the time, made it difficult to actually do the job she gets paid to do. When the last crate was unloaded, she turned and stared at the Twi'lek male. "There. Every bit of it safe and sound like I said. Payment?" Her accent was deep and hard to place. She sounded as if she had come from the Empire but it lacked the air of superiority that nearly all o
  7. f them held as they spoke. She sounded more humbled but still held a certain dominating tone, that told others that she wouldn't hesitate to shoot first and ask questions later. With a sneer the Twi'lek handed over the credits. She quickly counting them before giving a smirking smile. "A pleasure doing business with you... as always." In fact, she hated the sniveling worm. He made her skin crawl, every time she had to shake his hand. Turning toward her ship, Sesei strode up the ramp and hit the button to the side, forcing it to pull up and shut behind her. A slight headache was forming at her right temple, and a hand moved up to rub at it slowly hoping to leviate the pain. "If I didn't have steady work smuggling for these people, I wouldn't even come back to his dump." Not trusting the citizens
  9. of this planet as far as she could throw them, the Mirialan took her time going through the ship and inspecting every inch, making sure they didn't take more than what they were supposed to... or if they sabatoged anything... wouldn't put it past them. Satisfied after a couple of hours, she finally plopped herself down into the seat and started up the engines. A few twists of dials and quick push of buttons... a few flipping of switching as the cockpit came to blazing life. The whirring and low rumble a beautiful sound to her ears. this ship had been her home for many years, it was her baby and the only thing she could rely on. As she flipped through the frequenses something caught her attention. At first she didn't know what it was and lost it in the sea of transmittions that was going on betwe
  11. en people on the planet and out in the vast void called space. Frowning, she continued to twiddle it back and forth before finally catching it. A distress signal? And from a... Gozanti cruiser! But she had her suspicions... it might be a trap... but then again it might not. Whatever, was on that ship could set her up for many years, that is if it wasn't picked clean. It was worth a look, but Sasei wasn't going to be stupid about it. Taking hold of the controls, her ship started to rise out of the dock and she sped off toward the corridants, though when she landed, she made sure it would be far enough away not to be seen so she could do some reconisense. No point in rushing in, in case someone else was there, or worse other... things. The Mirialan liked her head where it was... on her shoulders.
  13. PR0XY   The landscape that'd surround the Gozanti-Cruiser be a flawless example of Tatooine's landscape; a vast 'n' desolate expanse of sand w/ a scattered decoration of rock plateaus; a 'wave' of sand comprised hill-scape accountable for the 'up-and-down', sloping terrain. The Gozanti-Cruiser on an initial inspection unmistakably offered the impression it'd be abandoned and abandoned for an extensive duration. No visual hint foretold that the crash be a recent event; no scorching blaze of on-fire components; no scorched sand; a complete absence of smoke; no trails in the sand's of Tatooine of an impact of evidence of any footprints away-or-toward the vessel. The sand of the planet in the midst of claiming whatever housed bounty or secret of the Gozanti-Cruiser, forever to be lost in sand.
  14.     An investigate inquiry of 'why' the vessel crash - the cause be apparent with a simplistic gaze. The Gozanti-Cruiser appeared to-be absent of it's rear-bounded engines. The tail-end of the vessel in it's entirety be amiss; spread throughout the expanse of the sand-sea in bit's-and-piece's; the amiss mass of the starship, certainly ruined any individual's hope of salvaging a flyable, space-worthy vehicle. The repairs necessary for the particular sand-buried Gozanti to fly again, exceeded the value of the half-a-million starship(brand new) indefinitely. Abide for the noteworthy damage, the remainder of the vessel appeared to-be relatively… undamaged; a handful of minor haul breaches scattered over the center-hub of the Gozanti but it'd be 'light' damage for a crashed vessel. The basic(assumed) knowledge of where a Gozanti's, cargo hold, and various other internal compartment viewed to be fully in-tact. A prospective discovery.
  15.     The sight… of a sand-buried, devoid of life(?), crashed Gozanti that viewed to-be untouched for several Galactic-Standard days… spontaneously 'spoke' and 'cried' on an open frequency for assistance? That'd spark a mysterious filled atmosphere of itself. It's not uncommon for a crashed vessel to regain life, various automatic system somehow self-repair of re-route life-support to cast a signal, true. Although, the plausibility that a survivor or survivors 'holed up' in the vessel, one nobody can rule out… or the humorous idea an amuck 'Sand Bat' fried itself in the vessel inner electrical work spurred the distress beacon to activate? It's all an option.
  16.     The Mirialan's vessel, in spite of it's far off, safe distance be the first one to arrive on the scene of the Gozanti-Cruiser; no other vessel visible in the distance or on any scanning orientated device. The Mirialan, perched, scoped and reconnaissance of the sight… no-doubt answered a handful of her questions, perhaps lessened the hassle of her worries and sparked numerous inquiries. She'd be possession of the advantage, the first to delve into the depth Gozanti in the hunt for it's treasure but the advantage be swift to diminish if wasted. If she's tune into any of world's 'private' Imperial frequencies', there'd be chatter, chatter of a high-value item on a lost Gozanti from several days ago, inquires if this vessel be particular Gozanti and the immediate dispatch of a Lamda-Scuttle to investigate the wreckage and it's estimated arrival in a few hours. The clock for the Mirialan to slip in-and-out, with a bounty in hand – fading.
  18. Sasei   She sat atop the ridge that was chosen as her vantage point. It wasn't too far from the ship. If there was anything on it, she didn't want to get caught with her pants down... so to speak. There was no one else around, and she didn't see any equipment left behind. Was she really the first one here? The broadcasts she heard, and the Mirialan knew that she needed to move quickly. She didn't have much time, and she wanted to try and get as much as possible. Hooking up the transport pad to the back of her speeder, and jumping on, Sasei raced off toward the crashed ship. She never stopped scanning the horizon as she got closer. Finally pulling up next to the ship and hopping off the speeder, a blaster was pulled from its holster as she started to search for a place to enter the ship. First, it was the main hatch testing to see if it would give.
  20. PR0XY   The main hatch, able to-be pryed open but require a muster of gusto to open the non-powered automatic gateway into the vessel… and witness the status of inside of the cargo vessel.The interior of the Gozanti-Cruiser a horrendous ruin of internal damage 'n' sand; any initial entry-point into the starship and adjacent hallways, corridors and room-space an utter clutter. The inner guts of the vessel, spewed out of the ship's walls; the occasional spark of electricity jolted or sparked out of the exposed wiring of the ship; durasteel plates and other miscellaneous components hardly attached to the walls. The further the Mirialan venture into the Gozanti, further away from any initial entry, the condition of the ship improved dramatically – more or less untouched. The lingering theme to the vessel, be the shortage of power; near-all of interior lights of the vessel be absence of light or glowed in dim manner; the automatic sliding doors, slow to respond 'n' to open. The vessel's low-power status, slow any adventurer's pace down a peg.
  22. Sasei   After a bit of prying, muscle, and a little help from a handy soldering gun. The door posed a challenge but not much of one. Within the interior now, the Mirialan picked her way through each room, and corridor she came to. There wasn't much other than things that can be salvaged and scrapped. If she had time, some of this would be gathered. But for now, she was looking for what was in the hold. Getting to the more intact part, had her stop and just stare for a minute or two. It was a contrast of night and day when it came to going from one section to another. There might be something worth it here. It took her a moment but she found the cargo holds entrance. Now was the make it or break it. She had a 50/50 chance of something good being in there, even if there wasn't... there was enough scrap and such around that she could salvage for a nice profit. Before opening the door she stopped a moment and a button on her belt. Outside a droid would pop out of the speeder, head turning this way and that before plopping down into the sand. Not wanting to be caught off guard, Sasei's droid started to set up perimeter sensors that would alert her of approaching crafts of any kind. She didn't want to be caught in there if others were on their way. As the droid worked, so did she, using a long metal rod to pry open at the cargo bay doors.
  24. PR0XY   The cargo-bay entry way, similarly to the entry way the Mirialan made-use-of to enter the cruiser, required a mustering of gusto of brute-force to open the power absent gateway. The door ultimately opened under the 'guiding' act of the Mirialan and her make-shift pry bar. The Gozanti's cargo hold… it'd be a sort-of eerie visual. The light in the space severely deficient – the sole source(s) of light be a red-luminescent flash cast off of the interior's emergency lights. The array of cargo-containers, gravity lifts, durasteel crates and other objects be scattered 'bout in an unsorted mess; the cargo-containers themselves made-up a sort-of 'maze' with a plethora of blind-corners and crossways for one to traverse and navigate 'round. How the cargo-hold be housed in the center
  26. of the Gozanti, the whole space be comparatively… intact; any trace or hint in damage be obviously a result of the collision onto sand-dune planet of how unsecured storage jostled or recoiled in the wake of the crash. The storage container in the ship's ranged in size; many of 'em be size that'd out-do the speeder the Mirialan housed outside of the vessel; an abundance of cargo-boxes littered the ground – a perfect two-foot cubic boxes; a small handful of human-sized durasteel crates be scattered in the far corners. In spite of the mess, each piece of storage had data-pad that'd house a simplistic category label; it'd detail of what be housed inside be raw material, droid, manifested parts or etc.; with a simplistic priority list of 0-5, with five as least and zero as highest.
  28. Sasei   She could see in the low light outside in the corridor but this was a bit too dark even for her well trained eyes. Reaching into a pouch of her belt, she withdrew what looked like an oldfashioned headlamp. Pulling the elastic cord over and onto her forehead. With a tap light suddenly flicked on and there was now a brilliant beam of light. That was much better. Taking a moment to just take in the amount of crates that was sitting within the hold, she gave a low whistle. "I think I am going to need a bigger sled." She searched and located a datapad, picking it up she scanned over it. Thankfully they had their own internal power so it would still be working. Thumbing through the manifest, a few items caught her eye... but didn't mean she wouldn't try to get as much as she could. With another tap to her belt, it called the droid to
  30. bring the transport pad into the ship, the homing beacon that was activated allowed the little mechanical companion to find her easier. At this rate, she was going to have to speed back to her ship and land the bird right next to the Gozanti vessel just to get as much of the cargo as she could into her hull. Already she started to pull some of the smaller and medium-sized higher ranked crates over into a pile those would go first. The droid outside was making its way in but having difficulty in trying to get the sled to fit the door. The crafty creature worked quickly to remove the door completely leaving the sled there at the entrance. It finally showed up and as Sasei turned she gave a frown. "Let me guess it wouldn't fit." The droid nodded and shrugged it's shoulders. A small trill came from it and she sighed. Really needed to
  32. get that voice modulator fixed. But at least the thing could carry a bit. Pointing to the pile she started. "Get those to the sled and we will be moving the ship closer. I need to get this done fast as possible. We will be having company too soon and I don't want to be here when they get here. I would like to get as much as I can before having to skip out." With a nod the droid moved over to the pile and picked up two to three at a time. For a General labor droid made of spare parts, it wasn't too bad and actually better than a lot of other droids of its class. Best damn credits she could have ever spent. With the droid going about his tasks she turned her attention to the larger crates that would need to be carted out on a hover pad just to move them, going over each one and picking out the best and few that might be profitable.
  34. PR0XY   The Gozanti-Cruiser… a vibration-rumble of noise jolted up the vessel's precision manufactured spine. A mechanical 'hum', muffled w/ sporadic ticking filled the empty-void of miscellaneous background noise. The dim-lights leisurely pulsated in intensity 'n' brightness; many of the electrical and monitor-displays on the cargo-bay's wall flickered with newfound 'life.' It offered the impression that a source power, the Gozanti's generator, back-up generator or life support be re-actived spontaneously. A struggle of life 'n' energy, jolted the numerous systems in the vessel; one such system be the Cruiser's security system… and it'd not be too welcoming to the intruder in it's cargo-hold.
  35.     "Inter- bzt. In-gurghk-ur. Interdu-ack." The cargo-hold's security alert of a foreign entity blared over the vessel's public-address system. The distorted, ear cringing noise of emergency horn sounded in disorientating volume. It'd be an individual's wishful thought that disturbance of newfound flashing red lights and horrendous noise be all the vessel possessed to deter a wanna-be thief but the person be horribly incorrect. A handful of the cargo-bay entries way 'shooshed' open with mechanical swish; the noise of hardy, heavy metal 'thuds' of numerous, mechanical entities began to stomp into the cargo-bay. Red-glaring robotic optics, began to peer, stray and routine scan over the chaotic mess of the cargo-bay. A masculine, deep bass robotic tone sounded. "Scanning. Scanning. Scanning."
  36.     Here… one would image that'd be in over their respective head… or in need of a heftier blaster. The droids… be Imperial, and one of their finest models of the "Imperial Sentry Droid' a droid, exclusive made-use of by the Empire. Two meters in height, wide-built, dark-colored, red-optics and armed with the Imperial's standard E-11 blaster embedded in it's left arm? The five droids… were a dangerous threat and foretold that the vessel the Mirialan be on, be an Imperial vessel… and unmarked Imperial vessel. It'd beg the question… why an unmarked vessel? What's the bounty it held? Why the secrecy? But… perhaps the most-vital question that'd need be answered… how would the Mirialan and her labor-droid companion handle the imposing force of a few of the Empire's finest droids?
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