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Oct 23rd, 2017
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  1. Being Human
  2. An Entheological Guide to God, Evolution
  3. and the Fractal Energetic Nature of
  4. Reality
  5. Martin W. Ball, Ph.D.
  6. Being Human: An Entheological Guide to God,
  7. Evolution, and the Fractal Energetic Nature of
  8. Reality
  9. Martin W. Ball, Ph.D.
  10. All contents, © 2009, Martin W. Ball/Kyandara Publishing
  11. ISBN: 978-0-615-32803-4
  12. Permission to reproduce any part of this book must be sought directly
  13. from the publisher in writing. Contact:
  14. Disclaimer:
  15. This book is intended for educational and philosophical purposes. The
  16. author does not encourage, endorse, or support illegal or dangerous
  17. behavior of any kind and readers assume full responsibility for their
  18. choices and actions.
  19. Table of Contents:
  20. Introduction
  21. Congratulations! – 1
  22. The Radical Non-Dualism of the Entheological Paradigm – 2
  23. Part 1, The Nature of Reality
  24. You
  25. Who are You? – 5
  26. Who or What is God? – 6
  27. The Problem – 6
  28. The Incomplete Perspective of Science – 7
  29. The Fantasy-laden Perspectives of Religions – 9
  30. Resolution – 10
  31. God and Evolution
  32. God – 12
  33. Radial Geometry and Inorganic Evolution – 15
  34. The Geometry of Early Organic Evolution – 17
  35. The Geometry of Higher Evolutionary Forms – 19
  36. Mammalian Evolution and Dimethyltryptamine – 20
  37. Human Evolution and the Ego – 21
  38. Ego Formation in Children – 23
  39. God’s Signature in Fractal Anatomy – 24
  40. What is God Doing? – 25
  41. Part II, Living in Reality
  42. Life as an Individual
  43. Understanding Your Vehicle – 29
  44. Actual Energy vs. Imaginary “Subtle” Energy – 34
  45. Life and Death – 35
  46. How to Begin
  47. Waking Up – 38
  48. Taking Stock – 40
  49. Exercises – 41
  50. The Mirror – 44
  51. The Preliminaries of Practice – 45
  52. Meditation – 45
  53. Getting in Touch with Your Body and Energy – 46
  54. Vocalizing – 47
  55. Bodywork – 47
  56. Self-Expression – 48
  57. The Open Heart – 48
  58. Spending Time in Nature – 49
  59. Part III, Opening to Energy with Entheogens
  60. Entheogenic Practice
  61. Working with the Medicines – 52
  62. Are Entheogens really the most effective tool for Awakening? – 53
  63. Cautions – 55
  64. Things to be Aware of – 57
  65. Attachment to Story – 57
  66. The Dangers of Shamanism – 58
  67. Fear of Losing Control – 59
  68. Engaging with Others – 60
  69. Set and Setting – 60
  70. Secure and Free from Distractions – 60
  71. The Sitter – 61
  72. Ritual – 62
  73. Prayer – 62
  74. Setting Intention – 63
  75. Understanding Your Personal Interface – 63
  76. Interfacing with the Divine
  77. The Divine Imagination – 67
  78. Archetypal Energies and Fundamental Geometry – 68
  79. From Possibilities to Actualities – 70
  80. Infinity Spectrums – 72
  81. Salvia Divinorum – 73
  82. Psilocybin Mushrooms – 74
  83. Ayahuasca and its Analogues – 75
  84. Extracted and Synthetic DMT – 76
  85. 5-MeO-DMT – 77
  86. The Nature of the Journey – 79
  87. Posture and Movement – 81
  88. Movement and Working with Energy – 82
  89. Maintaining Posture – 84
  90. Uncrossed Appendages – 84
  91. Sitting – 85
  92. Lying Down – 87
  93. Fractal Energetic Yoga – 88
  94. Voicing – 89
  95. Purging – 90
  96. Trust – 93
  97. Working Through Your Lessons – 94
  98. The Fruits of the Work – 97
  99. Responsibility
  100. Taking Responsibility – 99
  101. Responsibility for Evolutionary Integrity – 100
  102. Children and Responsibility – 102
  103. Being Yourself – 103
  104. Entheogenic Affirmations
  105. Introduction
  106. Congratulations!
  107. You hold in your hands (or are perhaps reading on your
  108. computer screen) a genuine guide to fulfilling your nature as a human
  109. being. In writing this guide, my goal is to present to the reader a basic
  110. account of the true nature of reality without any fluff, fantasy, story, or
  111. unnecessary metaphysics or speculation, with the confidence that this is
  112. the true knowledge that can liberate you from all illusion and the
  113. suffering illusion causes. Much of what is written here is presented as
  114. matter-of-fact without much argumentation. It is my hope that readers
  115. will see the internal consistency and overall simplicity of what I am
  116. sharing and will find it easy to apply the principles and ideas presented
  117. herein to their lives, attain personal liberation, and find fulfillment and
  118. happiness.
  119. However, it is not as simple as just reading this guide. Many of
  120. the ideas found herein will be challenging for you, especially if you are
  121. a practitioner of virtually any religion. Honestly, it might be easier for
  122. you if you are a scientific materialist atheist. Regardless, truly
  123. actualizing the wisdom presented in this guide in your own life will
  124. take dedication and a willingness to work through your illusions and
  125. your resistance to what is truly real.
  126. Understanding reality is not about accepting certain ideas as
  127. true. It is not about intellect or belief. It is about experience, and
  128. understanding the contextual nature of experience. This guide will
  129. 2 Being Human
  130. provide a clear map to how you can experience the ideas presented
  131. herein for yourself, in your own life, in each and every moment. It all
  132. begins with you and ends with you.
  133. Are you ready to take responsibility for yourself and your life
  134. and enter into a true relationship with the fundamental nature of reality?
  135. If so, then this could be the guide for you. Set aside your beliefs, open
  136. your mind, take a deep breath, relax, and let’s begin.
  137. The Radical Non-Dualism of the Entheological Paradigm
  138. As will become apparent throughout this guide, the view of
  139. reality being articulated here could best be described as “radical nondualism.”
  140. What this basically means is that “all things are one.” While
  141. this is a common refrain of mystics and many spiritual practitioners, the
  142. actual implications of what this means has remained mystified. The
  143. difference between what mystics say and what is being presented here
  144. is that this guide will explain, without any mystification, precisely what
  145. it means that all things are one and how reality works as a coherent
  146. energetic system. A key to understanding this profoundly
  147. interconnected nature of reality is the energetic mathematics of fractals
  148. and geometry, as will be explained in much greater detail below
  149. (though no math or equations are presented in this guide). For now, it
  150. is enough to say that all of reality, everything we know scientifically
  151. and everything that we experience personally as life and consciousness,
  152. can be explained by the fundamental concept of fractal energy. In
  153. physics, this could be described as a “Grand Unified Theory,” or GUT:
  154. A theory that is able to explain everything. However, this is even more
  155. powerful than any GUT developed within physics, for the physical
  156. sciences have no explanation for consciousness or life, whereas the
  157. Entheological Paradigm does and is therefore far more inclusive and
  158. comprehensive.
  159. Another key concept is that this is an “entheological paradigm.”
  160. Entheology is the “logic or study of God within.” Paradigm means
  161. “exemplary model.” Thus the model of reality being presented here is
  162. based on the concept that “God” is “within.” This is a bit misleading,
  163. however, for in actuality, this model is not limiting the idea of God to
  164. being “within.” In fact, God is not only within, but without as well. In
  165. reality, God is all things. It is thus the task of this guide to adequately
  166. Introduction 3
  167. explain how God, as energy, is reality. The implication, of course, is
  168. that this includes you!
  169. So, we begin with you . . .
  170. Part I
  171. The Nature of Reality
  172. You
  173. Who Are You?
  174. Who are you? And perhaps more importantly, what are you?
  175. You are certainly a human being, but what, exactly, is a human being?
  176. What does it mean to be human? What does it mean to be you?
  177. There are many ways that one can answer these questions. One
  178. can look to religion, science, culture, tradition, psychology, spirituality,
  179. family, etc., and generate answers from these perspectives. These
  180. different perspectives provide very different answers, however, and
  181. many of them do not necessarily agree with each other, raising the
  182. question of the nature of truth. Science says that you are the product of
  183. random, purposeless evolution - ultimately an animal that somehow got
  184. smart. Religions might say that you are an incarnated soul on a divine
  185. mission to reach enlightenment or salvation. It is hard to see how these
  186. two perspectives could be reconciled.
  187. In general, there is no real consensus in developing an answer to
  188. the questions above. It all seems to depend on perspective and there
  189. seems to be little room to bring disparate views into alignment with one
  190. another. Scientific, religious, and cultural views all seem to be in
  191. conflict with each other, all with their own assumptions, propositions,
  192. explanations, and expectations. There are many competing camps, and
  193. individuals usually choose where they feel they belong in the
  194. 6 Being Human
  195. marketplace of ideas regarding the nature of being human with
  196. explanatory systems that reflect their concerns, values, and beliefs.
  197. Is there no way to sort it out? Are the answers to these
  198. questions simply relative to one’s perspective?
  199. I am confident that there is a way to sort out these questions and
  200. that in the end, truth is far from relative. The purpose of this guide is to
  201. answer the question of “Who are you?” from a definitive perspective
  202. that is grounded in fundamental truth.
  203. Who or What is God?
  204. Though this may sound surprising at this point, the basic truth is
  205. that the answer to this question and the question of “Who are you?” is
  206. essentially the same.
  207. Yes, that is correct.
  208. YOU ARE GOD.
  209. Startling, perhaps, but true.
  210. However, this answer, at this point, doesn’t really help, because
  211. it still requires that we answer the question of who, or what, God
  212. actually is. If one does not understand the true nature of God, then
  213. providing the answer that you are God does little to help in the way of
  214. personal understanding.
  215. Therefore, in answering the question of “Who are you?” one
  216. must investigate the nature of God.
  217. The Problem
  218. If you are God, why is it that this is not your immediate
  219. experience? How can the “truth” be so seemingly different from our
  220. ordinary reality?
  221. The simple answer is that this condition is a product of the ego.
  222. It is our egos that structure our reality into a fundamental illusion of
  223. separateness; that is their function. Due to our egos, we live in a basic
  224. state of paradox: simultaneously being both God and an individual
  225. “self” in a unique body. While this can be difficult for an ego to come
  226. to grips with and accept (as egos constantly seek self-validation to
  227. perpetuate the illusion of their existence), it is simply a basic truth of
  228. our existence and the sooner it is accepted, the sooner liberation,
  229. authenticity, and happiness will follow.
  230. You 7
  231. Though God is talked about in many religions, something that
  232. this guide will make clear is that the ideas of God as produced and
  233. circulated among religious traditions are largely the fantasy-based
  234. product of egos (and therefore not helpful when considering the true
  235. nature of the self, God, or reality). Religions have projected God “out
  236. there” as something “other” that must be obeyed, worshiped, and often
  237. feared. In short, most concepts of God are based on projections of the
  238. ego and have nothing at all to do with who and what this being actually
  239. is or what it is actually doing. This is especially true of the Western
  240. monotheistic traditions of Judaism, Christianity and Islam, which all
  241. have profoundly distorted notions of who or what God is.
  242. The Incomplete Perspective of Science
  243. The physical and empirical sciences are by far the most
  244. effective methods for understanding the physical nature of reality, far
  245. surpassing any other development in human cultures or history.
  246. Though all human cultures have had their own unique ways of
  247. conceptualizing and describing the world around them, no intellectual
  248. developments and methodologies have been as effective and fruitful as
  249. the scientific method of observation, theory building, testing,
  250. reviewing, and revising when it comes to producing collectively
  251. verifiable objective truth. While the specifics of scientific truth are
  252. always open to revision (with the introduction of new data or theories),
  253. the methodology is highly effective and can be pursued across cultures,
  254. regardless of one’s beliefs, traditions, or spiritual and metaphysical
  256. As a result, humans have garnered a great deal of verifiable,
  257. objective data about the physical world in which they live, and science
  258. has helped to reveal the physical mechanisms and properties at work in
  259. phenomena that were formally obscure or mystified through religious
  260. and cultural lenses. Things that were once understood to be the work
  261. of the spirits or acts of God are now easily understood as natural
  262. phenomena that function according to basic mathematical, chemical, or
  263. energetic laws.
  264. Though overly simplified here, the basic scientific position is
  265. that ideas of entities like spirits, souls, gods and “God” are irrelevant
  266. for understanding the nature of reality. When the physical world is
  267. examined carefully, there appears to be no evidence for the existence of
  268. 8 Being Human
  269. such entities. And following Occam’s Razor, the maxim that the
  270. simplest explanation is usually the correct one and that theorists should
  271. not introduce unnecessary explanatory agents into their models, the
  272. conclusion is that spirits, souls and God are ultimately figments of the
  273. human imagination and are reflections of pre-scientific thinking.
  274. The case might be closed if science could accurately explain
  275. how and why life developed, what consciousness is, where it comes
  276. from, why it exists, and why we are here at all to ponder these
  277. questions. However, upon even cursory examination, it is quite clear
  278. that science is fundamentally unable to answer these questions. The
  279. knowledge provided by science is therefore clearly limited.
  280. This does not mean that science has nothing to say about the
  281. nature of life and consciousness, for it certainly does. Science can
  282. describe and map the evolutionary process. Science can describe the
  283. physical and chemical mechanisms at work in your brain and how your
  284. consciousness correlates with brain states. Psychologists can map out
  285. patterns in human thought and behavior. Biologists can tell us how
  286. different genes are related to different aspects of living beings.
  287. However, these are all descriptions of physical mechanisms and
  288. processes. What we get from science regarding the actual nature of life
  289. and consciousness is not an explanation in any sense. Saying that
  290. biological life is a product of the natural laws of evolution explains
  291. nothing – it merely describes a process.
  292. Consider the following question: If everything is made out of
  293. the same fundamental particles (as is claimed by quantum physicists),
  294. and there is NO FUNDAMENTAL DIFFERENCE between the
  295. particles that compose your body and the particles that make up a slab
  296. of cement (they’re all quarks, electrons, protons, etc.), then how is it
  297. possible that you are alive and the cement isn’t? Science has found no
  298. special “ingredient” that makes you alive, other than consciousness,
  299. and since consciousness is not a physical phenomenon, science has no
  300. way of studying or explaining it. At best, science can say that you are
  301. alive and the cement is not because you are a biological being with
  302. complex self-regulating systems. This, however, is merely a tautology
  303. and offers no explanatory power whatsoever.
  304. Science, then, must be understood as providing absolutely no
  305. insight into why life or consciousness exists. At best, science can only
  306. describe the physical mechanisms through which the energies of
  307. consciousness and life appear to express themselves in biological
  308. You 9
  309. beings. Life is still a fundamentally unanswered and unanswerable
  310. enigma in scientific theories of reality.
  311. The Fantasy-laden Perspectives of Religions
  312. Many people look to religion to provide them with the answers
  313. that cannot be forthcoming from the purely physical sciences.
  314. Religious traditions often purport to have exclusive access to “divine
  315. revelations” about the nature of life, its origins, and its destiny. Unlike
  316. science, however, which can be practiced by anyone regardless of
  317. beliefs, much of what religions have to offer depend on the adherence
  318. to basic “beliefs” and tenets of faith – things for which there is no
  319. evidence and no proof.
  320. In generating their dogmas and worldviews, virtually all
  321. religions are at odds with each other to varying degrees. The basic
  322. truth is that the vast majority of what religions have to offer in terms of
  323. explanations for the nature of life and reality are based on inaccurate
  324. knowledge of the world we live in. Religions use myth, metaphor,
  325. symbol, allegory and other devices to communicate their particular
  326. view of the world and the responsibilities of being human. When taken
  327. as such, the perspectives offered by religions can be insightful.
  328. However, when they are taken literally, they become dogmatic
  329. expressions of faith that are beyond any rational argument, proof, or
  330. evidence.
  331. Take, for example, the Biblical presentation of God creating the
  332. world in seven days. As a metaphor or symbol, that’s fine, but if we
  333. are to take this literally, then we have to admit that there is absolutely
  334. no reason to believe that this is true other than the belief that the
  335. contents of the Bible were revealed by some divine being. Such an
  336. evidence-lacking belief would never be accepted by science, for
  337. obvious reasons. Unfortunately, from a modern, scientific perspective,
  338. the majority of what religions have to offer in terms of descriptions of
  339. reality fall into the same category of specious, evidence-lacking beliefs.
  340. When it comes to describing what’s “real,” religions present us
  341. with fantastical realities. They speak of heavens, hells, spirit worlds,
  342. astral realms, spirits, souls, salvation, sin, reincarnation, resurrection,
  343. ascension, damnation, angels, guides, etc., etc. The difficulty is that
  344. while none of these ideas are observable from an objective standpoint,
  345. people do claim to have experienced such things, and therefore they
  346. 10 Being Human
  347. must be real. But here we have a confabulation of experience with
  348. reality. Merely experiencing something is not equivalent to it being
  349. “real” in any objective sense. People are confused about what they
  350. experience all the time. And when religious claims are examined
  351. carefully, the claims of different religions clearly conflict and
  352. contradict each other.
  353. When it comes to determining the nature of realty from a
  354. perspective we can all agree upon, religions do not seem to provide any
  355. real help – only mutually exclusive sets of propositions and beliefs that
  356. are, by their vary nature, unverifiable and tenets of faith. And what is
  357. worse, the vast majority of what religions describe as “reality”
  358. completely contradicts what is verifiably known through science.
  359. If it weren’t for the fact that religions make so many people
  360. miserable and that religious adherents are so often willing to kill each
  361. other over their fantasies, then religion could easily be dismissed as
  362. simply misguided human thinking. However, since religion does cause
  363. so many fundamental problems (despite whatever “good” it may
  364. provide to individuals, communities and cultures), helping religious
  365. believers to understand the truth of God is a necessary corrective for
  366. living harmoniously and happily in reality. For religious adherents to
  367. truly live in reality, much of what they claim will have to be understood
  368. for what it is: fantasy.
  369. Resolution
  370. A fundamental position of this guide to understanding the
  371. human experience is this: Physical sciences (particularly mathematical
  372. sciences) reveal basically true knowledge of the nature of reality,
  373. though there are limits to what this knowledge can be. Religions, on
  374. the other hand, while providing a few nuggets of truth and some good
  375. advice, are, for the most part, cultural constructions that reflect local
  376. and historical values, meanings, and concerns and have very little, if
  377. anything, to do with the actual nature of reality. In order for
  378. individuals to come to a clear understanding of the nature of reality,
  379. they have to understand both the limits of science and the illusions of
  380. religion.
  381. It comes down to this: God is real (though no religion has
  382. accurately described who or what this being is), science is
  383. fundamentally true, but limited, and the majority of what religions have
  384. You 11
  385. to offer (in terms of actual knowledge of the nature of reality) is pure
  386. ego-generated fantasy and speculation. Thus, to reach a resolution, the
  387. true nature of God (and thereby yourself) must be understood in order
  388. to come to genuine knowledge of the nature of reality.
  389. To understand your true nature as God, you have to experience
  390. it. This guide will describe and explain the true nature of God and
  391. what it means for you, but in order to actually benefit from this
  392. knowledge, you must open yourself to the experience of being God,
  393. which is best described as being open to your true energy. The key to
  394. this process is personal work with entheogens, or substances that
  395. generate the experience of God within. With these tools, you can
  396. experience everything that will be shared in this guide directly for
  397. yourself with no religions, gurus, priests, or shamans standing between
  398. you and your direct experience of reality. The latter portion of this
  399. guide is dedicated to how you can navigate your way through this
  400. process and will also fully explore why entheogenic self-exploration is
  401. the genuine path to personal awakening. But before we get to the how,
  402. let’s initially deal with the what.
  403. Key Ideas
  404. • Understanding yourself is the key to understanding everything
  405. • You are God in embodied from
  406. • Science cannot explain the existence of life or consciousness
  407. • Religion is fantasy-laden and offers little for understanding the
  408. true nature of reality
  409. • The method for coming to understand the true nature of reality
  410. is through direct experience and self-exploration
  411. • Entheogens provide unparalleled tools for self-exploration
  412. God and Evolution
  413. God
  414. In order to begin, set aside any previous ideas of who or what
  415. you think God is. Traditional religious views on God are largely not
  416. much help in understanding who or what God is as they are mostly ego
  417. projections that have been separated from the self, depicting God as
  418. something mysteriously and enigmatically Other. Nothing could
  419. actually be further from the truth. The reality of God is the most
  420. intimate thing in existence – indeed, all of reality is God, including you
  421. and the moment you are experiencing right now. There is absolutely
  422. nothing other about this. God, simply put, is what actually is. God is
  423. reality.
  424. But let’s get more specific. Saying that God is everything isn’t
  425. necessarily helpful as it is such a general comment. So let’s begin by
  426. describing God.
  427. First and foremost, God is a being. God is not an abstract
  428. principle, a philosophical necessity, or a featureless, contentless
  429. consciousness that is fundamentally empty. God is a being. This
  430. means that God is self-aware and possesses will and intention and is
  431. able to actualize itself and its goals. And not only is God a being, but it
  432. is, in truth, the being. God is the only being that actually exists. All
  433. other beings are expressions and embodiments of this one being.
  434. This one being is perfectly self-aware. God knows full well that
  435. it is the only being that exists and that all things are it. Because of this,
  436. God and Evolution 13
  437. there is no fear or judgment in God in any way whatsoever. God has
  438. nothing but love for itself. God actually is love, or perhaps more
  439. accurately, self-love. There is nothing that is not God and God loves
  440. all aspects of itself.
  441. Second, God is energy. Everything that exists is a form of
  442. energy. There are many different kinds of energy and many different
  443. spectrums of energy, but in one way or another, everything that exists
  444. can be described as energy. We know from physics that all things we
  445. perceive as mass or as solid objects are actually just stable patterns of
  446. energy. Life, also, is energy, as are thoughts, feelings, sensations,
  447. expressions, actions, and consciousness itself. All things are energy.
  448. The source for all forms of energy is God, and God is energy
  449. (somewhat paradoxically).
  450. Third, God is what we might call “the multi-being.” God is
  451. one, but God has the ability to take multiple forms simultaneously, and
  452. thus is the “multi-being.” The energy of life and consciousness that
  453. animates every living being in existence has its source in God, and
  454. actually is God in embodied form. Religions teach us that we have
  455. souls or spirits that give us life. This is fundamentally incorrect. Your
  456. life is God. You do not have a spirit or a soul in any way whatsoever.
  457. You are God in a body. Any idea of a soul or spirit is superfluous,
  458. unnecessary, and ultimately incorrect. Every living being is God
  459. embodied directly from source
  460. Another way of saying this, which will be explored in greater
  461. detail shortly, is that God is evolution itself. Anyone who believes that
  462. there is some kind of conflict between God and evolution simply has no
  463. idea what they are actually talking about and could not be more
  464. fundamentally misguided by ego-projected fantasy of who and what
  465. God is or how God works. God has been evolving its form as a
  466. physical being for several billion years and has reached its current apex
  467. in us, in humanity. There is no conflict of any kind between God and
  468. evolution and any such notion is absurd.
  469. Fourth, God is geometry and mathematics and is perhaps best
  470. described as a fractal energy being. Basic mathematical structures are
  471. the ontological foundation of reality. As such, mathematics, geometry
  472. and fractals were not invented by humans but rather discovered. All
  473. energy functions according to mathematical principles. This is why we
  474. are able to have sciences such as physics. Mathematical permutations
  475. of energy are simply how reality works. The more one understands
  476. 14 Being Human
  477. how energy and mathematics work, especially fractals, the more one
  478. understands how the energy being of God truly functions to create and
  479. sustain physical and experiential reality.
  480. Fifth, God is NOW. Neither the past nor the future exists. God
  481. is the ever-unfolding moment of now, which is precisely where all
  482. permutations of energy exist. Energy, by its nature, is never static. It is
  483. always changing in relation to what immediately preceded it in the flow
  484. of now. As such, there is nothing that is permanent. All energy is
  485. constantly changing and fluctuating. The only thing that persists is the
  486. ever-changing energy of now.
  487. Sixth, God is pure self-actualization. God is doing one thing
  488. and one thing only: being itself in every way it can. In other words, all
  489. of reality happens when God is simply being itself. God has no other
  490. purpose or goal. Everything that God does is just being itself. In this
  491. sense, we could describe all of reality as the life of God being itself.
  492. Reality and everything we experience is God doing its thing to be itself
  493. as it is expressed right now in the current moment. Nothing more,
  494. nothing less. Absolute, total and complete self-expression and
  495. actualization. There is nothing for God to do other than be itself.
  496. And since YOU ARE GOD, that also means that there is
  497. nothing for you to do other than be yourself. But learning how to do
  498. that is both a simple and monumental task. How to realize this goal of
  499. being yourself will be the focus of the latter portions of this guide.
  500. First, we need to understand the way that God functions in reality
  501. before we can properly address how to successfully be you.
  502. Key Ideas
  503. • God is a being, not an abstract concept
  504. • God is energy
  505. • God is self-aware
  506. • God is evolution
  507. • God is mathematics
  508. • God is the epitome of self-actualization
  509. God and Evolution 15
  510. Radial Geometry and Inorganic Evolution
  511. Let’s talk about how reality works. For this, we can turn to
  512. both science and to the description of God given above to provide a
  513. reasonably accurate picture of how we went from nothing to the very
  514. moment of right now. So, let’s start before the beginning . . .
  515. Given that time is a function of manifest reality (or the world in
  516. which we live), we can’t really talk about the “time” before the
  517. beginning. So, the “before” shouldn’t necessarily be taken literally, but
  518. what I want to call to mind is that indeterminate state of being that
  519. existed “before” the universe we live in came to be.
  520. For whatever reason, perhaps some kind of paradoxical, selfreferential
  521. choice, God realized that it existed, and not only that, that it
  522. was the only thing that existed. “I Am!” proclaimed this being to itself,
  523. and it was. But since this being was the only thing that existed, there
  524. was only one thing for it to do, and that was be itself. There was
  525. nowhere to go, nothing to do, and certainly no one to talk to or share
  526. the unique experience of being with. And since God knew that it was
  527. the only thing in existence, it knew that it had nothing to fear from
  528. being itself, so it chose to be itself fully, completely, and perfectly.
  529. And that’s when everything started. From the singularity that is
  530. God came a tremendous outpouring of pure energy, moving out in
  531. radial rays of mathematical permutations, constantly flowing and
  532. changing. As this energy expanded, space and time came into
  533. existence and the energy rapidly started changing form, cooling off,
  534. and collecting into new patterns of energy that had not previously
  535. existed in actuality, but only in potential form. It was this grand act of
  536. self-expression that moved reality from the potential state that existed
  537. within the being of God to the actual state of the universe and reality in
  538. which we find ourselves today. It was the beginning of fractal
  539. permutations of energy, forming itself into coherent patterns.
  540. As the energy cooled off and became more stable, it started to
  541. form into the most basic of geometric shapes: the sphere. The sphere is
  542. the most basic as the limits of the energetic structure are all equidistant
  543. from the center, or the singularity that is God. Thus, as the energy of
  544. the early universe was cooling off and stabilizing, spheres and
  545. variations on spheres and spherical energetic structures became the
  546. basic building blocks of reality as energy moved from the state of
  547. possibility and potential into the state of actuality. Today, we would
  548. 16 Being Human
  549. call these basic energetic structures quarks, sub-atomic particles,
  550. electrons, protons, etc., all repetitions of patterns in the fundamental
  551. fractal geometry.
  552. These then started to coalesce into more and more stable
  553. structures with more complex energetic arrangements, and from these
  554. energetic processes, we got the chemical elements as listed on the
  555. periodic table of elements, the basic building blocks of physical reality.
  556. These then were able to interact and conglomerate into larger and larger
  557. structures, eventually giving rise to the large-scale structures of the
  558. universe such as stars, planets, etc.
  559. All through this process, God, as energy, is simply being itself.
  560. Energy can only be true to itself. Energy can’t be something other than
  561. what it is. For example, if you have 12 volts of electricity, you have 12
  562. volts of electricity. It will never be anything else. It can only be
  563. exactly what it is.
  564. The way that energy works in the process of being itself is what
  565. we call, from our human perspective, natural laws, or the laws of
  566. physics or of mathematics. This is simply the given nature of reality as
  567. an energetic construct. It’s just the way things work. God is energy.
  568. Energy is mathematical. Reality is energy. Reality is mathematical.
  569. God is mathematical.
  570. Perhaps the most important mathematical function to
  571. understand is that of fractals. Fractals are complex mathematical
  572. formulas that map out repetitions and variations on patterns across
  573. multiple scales simultaneously. Mathematicians were quite astounded
  574. when, with the development of fractal mathematics, suddenly, here was
  575. a construct that allowed for the mathematical mapping of what were
  576. previously assumed to be somewhat chaotic and random systems.
  577. Clouds, for example, can be mathematically mapped with fractals. So
  578. can coast lines, mountain ranges, river systems, and possibly even the
  579. energetic foundations of quantum physics. In other words, when the
  580. basic geometric forms of spheres start to interact energetically, they
  581. naturally form fractal formations: repetitions and variations of patterns
  582. across multiple scales simultaneously. Energy, when simply being
  583. itself and following “natural laws,” forms fractals.
  584. There is one more interesting and significant geometric feature
  585. of the non-biological universe, and that is crystals. Crystals are unique
  586. in the non-living energetic environment for not only do they exhibit
  587. complex geometry, but they also grow. Physically, crystals are natural
  588. God and Evolution 17
  589. amplifiers, transmitters, and conduits of energy. Crystals are able to
  590. process energy in ways that other forms of physical matter are not.
  591. They are decidedly unique and significant and their complex geometry
  592. is integral in their ability to move energy.
  593. The Geometry of Early Organic Evolution
  594. The energetic evolution of the inorganic structures of the
  595. universe took many billions of years worth of energetic transformation.
  596. In other words, God, as an energy being, could not create the universe
  597. fully formed as we now experience it. God, as energy, had to work
  598. according to basic energetic, geometric and mathematical laws. This is
  599. because God is energy and is not able to be anything other than itself.
  600. The mythical notion of a “creator God” who snapped “his” “fingers”
  601. and suddenly the universe appeared fully formed is precisely that – a
  602. myth and a story. It has nothing to do with how God actually works
  603. according to its true nature. God cannot be anything other than what it
  604. is, and it is not some distant being that just made the universe, “poof.”
  605. God is the energy that is continually transforming itself through the
  606. ever-flowing moment of now.
  607. With the eventual formation of the stable energetic structures
  608. that we can now identify as comprising our universe, God reached an
  609. interesting point in the transformation of energy. Metaphorically
  610. speaking, God had succeeded in making a fantastic mansion out of
  611. itself and its energy, but other than the energy transferred and amplified
  612. by crystal formation, God had no actual “perspective” within the
  613. mansion. To put it crudely, God built this fantastic mansion out of
  614. itself, but still had the pressing question of “how do I get in to enjoy
  615. this universe?”
  616. That is precisely what biological evolution is for: it is the
  617. energetic mechanism that God is using to get inside itself as distinct,
  618. living beings, in order for God to play the reality game as multiple
  619. “characters” simultaneously (much like when we dream, we are all the
  620. characters in our dreams, as well as the total environment and context
  621. of the dream, though we usually only personally identify with one
  622. specific perspective that we identify as our “self” through the
  623. imposition of our ego).
  624. How did God do it? The answer is quite simple: God used
  625. crystals.
  626. 18 Being Human
  627. The universe is a great big place, and while it may be
  628. statistically probable that there is life on other planets, the only planet
  629. that we actually know of that harbors life is our beautiful home, Planet
  630. Earth. Therefore, an account of reality as we know it does not need to
  631. account for life anywhere else. It is important to make clear then that
  632. all descriptions of the evolution of life need only address what we
  633. know of here on this planet. We only need account for the actual
  634. evidence.
  635. Using crystals as a sort of inorganic sensory organ, God felt
  636. around for the best place to begin the next phase of the reality game.
  637. What God needed was the right environment where the vibrations of
  638. the energy of consciousness could best be accommodated in the
  639. physical universe. It wasn’t that God was looking to introduce
  640. consciousness, for rudimentary levels of consciousness exists in energy
  641. by its very nature, but in order for consciousness to process large
  642. amounts of self-referential data within the physical system, it needs a
  643. complex energetic structure to filter energy and information through.
  644. In other words, it needs more complex formations than those provided
  645. by inorganic matter in order for it to be expressed fully in physical
  646. reality.
  647. The environment with all the necessary conditions was found
  648. right here on Earth. The planet was the proper distance from its nearby
  649. star, for one, but more importantly, the majority of its surface was
  650. covered in a liquid crystalline matrix that was ideal for processing the
  651. energy of life and consciousness. Saltwater is a combination of two
  652. crystalline forms: salt and water. A perfect energetic environment,
  653. when mixed with the right amount of sunlight.
  654. It was here, in our oceans, that God began to evolve itself as
  655. living beings. As with the inorganic universe, God started with simple,
  656. radial geometry. Single-celled organisms, or basic spheres, were the
  657. first to arrive on the scene. Another complex crystalline structure
  658. developed inside these early spheres. This structure would encode
  659. information and map out future permutations of these living energetic
  660. being and functions as a holographic encoder: DNA.
  661. Thus began biological evolution. Working with spheres in the
  662. ideal energetic crystalline environment, God made a great deal of
  663. headway in the evolutionary process. Single-celled organisms began
  664. interacting and forming symbiotic relationships, eventually
  665. recombining into multi-celled organisms. This allowed for more
  666. God and Evolution 19
  667. complex geometric formations of living beings, and once organisms
  668. moved past the single-celled stage, they started to develop, just as with
  669. the inorganic universe, into fractal forms. Life eventually moved out of
  670. the oceans, but brought the ocean with it in the saltwater that composes
  671. the bulk of living bodies.
  672. All living beings, just like structures in inorganic nature, are
  673. fractal/geometric forms. Early life is based on radial, spiral, and branch
  674. forms of geometry that grow according to fractal patterns, such as
  675. plants, sea creatures, coral, etc. The basic geometry of early life is
  676. fractal forms that are embodiments of God’s nature as an energetic
  677. being.
  678. The evolutionary potential of early life was limited, however.
  679. The energetic structures produced by radial, spiral, and branch fractal
  680. geometry were not sophisticated enough to process complex energetic
  681. relations as required by high levels of conscious awareness. Thus, for
  682. the most part, early life forms, and especially plants, are best
  683. understood as living energy transformers. Early life was busy
  684. transforming energy in ways to make the necessary energetic
  685. foundation for more complex forms of life. It was laying the
  686. groundwork for the radical potential of evolution.
  687. The Geometry of Higher Evolutionary Forms
  688. Eventually, conditions were energetically right for the next
  689. stage: the introduction of infinity loops as an energetic organizing
  690. structure.
  691. The infinity loop is a stunning variation on the sphere. Imagine
  692. taking a sphere and pinching and twisting it. This is how you get an
  693. infinity loop. Now, instead of energy radiating from the center out in
  694. all directions simultaneously, the energy moves through the center, out
  695. one loop, crosses back through the center, and then goes out through
  696. the other loop, and then back again, endlessly circulating and always
  697. referencing back to the center, the source. It becomes an infinite loop
  698. of energy and actually looks like our symbol for infinity, “∞.”
  699. The infinity loop became the energetic model for all higher life
  700. forms and is what allowed for the development of both bilateral
  701. symmetry and a centralized nervous system. Without infinity loops,
  702. the ability of physical beings to process the infinite possibilities of the
  703. 20 Being Human
  704. energy of God as a conscious, self-aware being would not have been
  705. physically possible.
  706. The geometry is like this: take a spiral and unwind it. Now you
  707. have a line. On that line, stack your infinity loops, with the center of
  708. the infinity loop resting on the unwound spiral line. You now have the
  709. basic energetic model of higher life forms with bilateral symmetry.
  710. The unwound spiral eventually evolved into the spinal column
  711. of the central nervous system, and the infinity loops evolved into our
  712. basic physical features of two hemispheres of the brain, two eyes, two
  713. ears, two nostrils, the chambers of the heart, the lungs, the sexual
  714. organs, and our basic anatomy of shoulders, elbows, wrists, hands,
  715. hips, knees, ankles and feet. Infinity loops were clearly a major
  716. upgrade in the energetic blueprint of living beings. Beings were able to
  717. process far more information, they became more mobile, they
  718. developed more conscious awareness of their physical world through
  719. their sense organs (as based on infinity loops), and therefore became
  720. much more suitable vehicles for God to get around in as they more
  721. accurately reflected God’s nature as a self-aware, conscious, living
  722. being that can exercise free will in its process of being itself.
  723. And God had a great time. Dinosaurs were a lot of fun. They
  724. could swim, fly, run, crawl, climb, etc. There was a lot for God to do
  725. in those forms and evolution progressed nicely.
  726. The only problem was those big lizards weren’t very smart.
  727. After millions of years, their potential as true God vehicles just wasn’t
  728. quite satisfying.
  729. So, this is when God introduced dimethyltryptamine into the
  730. mix.
  731. Mammalian Evolution and Dimethyltryptamine
  732. Dimethyltryptamine, or DMT, as it is commonly called, is listed
  733. as a Schedule I illegal drug in the United States and is prohibited in
  734. most other countries around the world as well. When consumed, it
  735. becomes a powerful mind-altering agent and is therefore considered a
  736. “drug” by the powers that be. The irony is that DMT is perhaps one of
  737. the most important developments in all of evolution, and, without it,
  738. there would not be a single human being on this planet today. In many
  739. respects, humans, as well as all other mammals, are DMT beings.
  740. God and Evolution 21
  741. In the grand scope of evolution, mammals had some new
  742. features. They were covered with hair. They gave birth to live young
  743. and nursed them. They were warm blooded. And, not insignificantly,
  744. all mammals have DMT and 5-MeO-DMT (5-methoxydimethyltryptamine)
  745. in their blood, lungs, spinal fluid, brains, and on
  746. their nerves throughout their nervous system. The presence of DMT in
  747. mammals was a major evolutionary step.
  748. DMT and 5-MeO-DMT are, in their physical form, crystals.
  749. They are also tryptamines, or neurotransmitters. In other words, they
  750. are crystals that process the energy of consciousness and awareness. It
  751. is not an accident that forms of DMT are in our nervous system. It is
  752. what allows us to process the energy of the conscious experience of
  753. being in our bodies. It is also what allows us to experience higher
  754. forms of consciousness and perception. In many respects, we could
  755. characterize our experience of ordinary reality as being a low-level
  756. DMT trip! When you add more DMT or 5-MeO-DMT to the system,
  757. either through ingestion of a substance or through various techniques of
  758. achieving endogenous (in-the-body) releases of DMT, our perception
  759. of energy and our conscious experience changes radically. Much more
  760. will be said about this in the latter portions of this guide.
  761. With the introduction of mammals onto the evolutionary scene,
  762. God now had a whole new set of possibilities to work with. These
  763. mammals had true potential to develop as conscious and self-aware
  764. beings. In other words, they had far more potential to be true God
  765. vehicles than other previous evolutionary developments. Dinosaurs
  766. were around for millions of years and didn’t get much smarter.
  767. Mammals, however, were ready to take off and begin something truly
  768. special.
  769. Human Evolution and the Ego
  770. Eventually, some of those mammals started to get really, really
  771. smart. They were becoming more and more aware of their
  772. environment, and through evolution, developed these things we call
  773. hands, which really opened up a new realm of possibilities. Animals
  774. were no longer limited to crude manipulations of the physical world
  775. with simple appendages or with their mouths, but now they could truly
  776. start to change the environment, according to their will, with their
  777. hands. These mammals started to walk upright, and make things with
  778. 22 Being Human
  779. their hands. The potential was enormous. And they were getting
  780. smarter.
  781. Now it was time for the next big development. These creatures
  782. who were getting pretty smart held a lot of potential as God vehicles.
  783. However, to truly be a self-responsible God vehicle (a being truly
  784. “created in the image of God” as a responsible, self-aware energy
  785. being), they had to understand themselves as existing as individual
  786. beings. They had to be self-aware.
  787. Thus came the ego. It is important to point out right away that
  788. the ego is not the personality. Personality generates from your genes
  789. and what you inherit from your parents and ancestors. All mammals, in
  790. general, have some capacity to express personality. The smarter the
  791. animal, the more the personality, or unique behavioral characteristics,
  792. shows and is able to express itself. But the personality is not the ego,
  793. so even though higher mammals have personalities, they do not have
  794. egos and are therefore largely unable to reflect on themselves as unique
  795. beings. In other words, they don’t ever think about how they are
  796. expressing their personalities. They are merely expressing themselves,
  797. and in so doing, are perfectly being themselves. It is humans, with our
  798. egos, who reflect on our behavior and experience and understand that it
  799. is “I” who is experiencing and expressing these things.
  800. The ego, then, is a self-referential and self-validating energetic
  801. construct within consciousness. It is also fundamentally an illusion,
  802. though it is an evolutionarily necessary one in the development of
  803. human consciousness. The ego functions by creating separations
  804. between what it chooses to identify as “me” and “not me.” It generally
  805. becomes very protective of that which it identifies as “me” and is wary
  806. and cautious of what is “not me,” for anything that is “not me” has the
  807. potential to harm or destroy “me.” The ego also constantly seeks to
  808. validate its distinctions in any way that it can, and when its validations
  809. are threatened, it reacts with fear and energetic contraction to maintain
  810. the integrity of the illusion of the separate self.
  811. Without the ego, humans would never have been able to stand
  812. up and say, “I am!” However, that realization then led to a number of
  813. questions, such as, where did I come from? Where am I going? What
  814. is this crazy universe I find myself in?”
  815. In other words, the ego is the starting point for God to wake up
  816. to itself in the dream, but it is also the mechanism that does everything
  817. it can to keep individual beings from realizing their true nature, because
  818. God and Evolution 23
  819. its very function is to create illusion. Anything that threatens that
  820. illusion can be profoundly disturbing for egos. This is why the
  821. fantasies spun by religions are far easier for egos to accept than the
  822. basic truth that they are embodiments of God and must be responsible
  823. for themselves. It is sooooo much more comforting for an ego to hear
  824. that some great being that exists outside itself and will reward it for
  825. good behavior or grant it favors if it prays or worships hard enough for,
  826. ultimately, everything is in this superior being’s hands. Religions, like
  827. alcohol, are profoundly intoxicating for egos and affirm their illusions
  828. grandly. Any individual who truly wants to understand the actual
  829. nature of reality must transcend the ego. It is also the path to genuine
  830. liberation and happiness.
  831. Ego Formation in Children
  832. Though this is a topic that deserves far more attention than it
  833. will be given here, let us touch on the topic of children.
  834. When children come into the world, they naturally want to do
  835. only a limited number of things: sleep, eat, and play. As with other
  836. mammals and higher animals, they come into the world with the
  837. possibilities of their personality already encoded in their genes. They
  838. start to learn how to express their personality by observing the
  839. behaviors of others, and their eager minds start to create strategies for
  840. how to engage others and the world that surrounds them. It is through
  841. this process that their egos eventually come into being.
  842. However, children, with their superb powers of observation,
  843. quickly learn that, essentially, no one is honestly expressing how they
  844. really feel. They observe people saying one thing, but clearly feeling
  845. and thinking another. They realize that people rarely express
  846. themselves honestly, and when they finally do, it often comes out in
  847. forms that are explosive, angry, judgmental, and overly emotional.
  848. Their minds struggle to make sense of this peculiar situation. They
  849. learn very quickly that everyone seems to be playing some kind of game
  850. where they willingly engage in manipulation, repression, sublimation,
  851. and lack of personal authenticity and responsibility. In other words,
  852. they learn that people are trapped in playing ego games. If they want to
  853. fit in, which of course they do, they understand that they too must play
  854. the game. Before parents even realize it, their children start to
  855. manipulate them using sophisticated ego games.
  856. 24 Being Human
  857. What we have here is a fundamentally vicious cycle. Parents
  858. with confused egos raise children with confused egos and the cycle of
  859. illusion, manipulation, and suffering goes round and round. Therefore,
  860. if parents really want to take responsibility for raising healthy children,
  861. then they need to take responsibility for themselves and for the patterns
  862. of their egos. The best thing a parent can do for a child is to be a
  863. healthy and responsible role model. But they can’t do that if they
  864. haven’t taken the time to become responsible for themselves. All
  865. responsibility begins with self-responsibility.
  866. God’s Signature in Fractal Anatomy
  867. Let us return for a moment to our characterization of God. God
  868. is a being of infinite energy that functions according to
  869. mathematical/fractal/geometric expressions. To put it very simply,
  870. from the infinite come fractal patterns. This is the basic nature of God
  871. and the basic nature of reality.
  872. Coincidentally (or “only naturally”), a clear representation of
  873. this concept is in our very anatomy.
  874. Let’s take a closer look at the human body and how the energy
  875. of God works in human form. Consider first God’s infinite mind. The
  876. capacity of God’s consciousness is infinite, but even so, the energy of
  877. consciousness still works according to fractal/mathematical patterns.
  878. All things might be possible in the mind of God, but energy still works
  879. in particular ways.
  880. This “signature” of the true nature of God is present
  881. anatomically in our very bodies. Understanding that your personal
  882. consciousness and awareness is God means accepting that your
  883. consciousness and awareness originates directly from source, with no
  884. intermediary functions. So, if we ask, “Where does the energy of
  885. consciousness in your brain come from?” the answer is, “God, the
  886. infinite source of all energy.” Consciousness clearly does not come
  887. from the food you eat, the parts that make up your body, or anything
  888. else. Consciousness is not an “ingredient” in the physical world. It
  889. comes directly from source, from God.
  890. Human anatomy literally shows us this “signature.”
  891. Consciousness, while mediated through the entire body, is localized
  892. energetically in our brains as the central processing center. As stated
  893. before, the anatomical structure of the brain is an infinity loop placed
  894. God and Evolution 25
  895. on top of an unwound spiral (the spinal column). As the seat of our
  896. consciousness, the brain physically embodies the symbol of infinity.
  897. Then, branching out from the brain and the spinal column in a fractal
  898. branch pattern is the nervous system. This is God’s signature. From
  899. the infinite, come fractal patterns of energy and manifestation.
  900. We find the same signature in the cardio-vascular system. God
  901. is the infinite source of love and life. With the heart, we have two
  902. infinity loops stacked on top of each other with the upper and lower
  903. chambers of the heart. We also have the lungs, which are also infinity
  904. loops (which supply oxygen, or necessary energy, to the blood). These
  905. sets of infinity loops then branch out in the fractal branch pattern of our
  906. vascular system. Once again, we find the same signature: from the
  907. infinite source of energy come fractal patterns of energy and
  908. manifestation.
  909. The third place we can find God’s signature is in the sexual
  910. organs. For the male, we have the infinity loops of the testes and the
  911. two sides of the penis. For the female, we have the “lips” of the vagina
  912. and the ovaries. Here the infinite energy of evolutionary development
  913. is embodied in the infinity loops of our sexual anatomy. But where is
  914. the fractal pattern of energy that is God’s method of manifesting energy
  915. in physical reality? The fractal pattern of energy that extends from the
  916. sexual organs is evolution itself, as well as the total physical body.
  917. Your physical body, which is organized according to the geometric
  918. principles of the golden ratio, is a fractal manifestation of energy from
  919. your parents’ sexual organs. And when taken collectively, all of life
  920. and the grand sweep of evolution is the fractal pattern of energy that
  921. sexual reproduction gives rise to.
  922. What is God Doing?
  923. God has clearly been building better and better vehicles (living
  924. beings) through the ongoing process of evolution. In humans,
  925. evolution has reached a transcendent state. We have the capacity to
  926. self reflect on the nature of our existence. And because of that, we
  927. also have the capacity to transcend the limitations of the illusion and
  928. realize our true natures as embodiments of God. We are the epitome of
  929. the ultimate God vehicle at this point in evolution.
  930. It seems reasonable to conclude that this is precisely what God
  931. has been working for in terms of evolution. God has been evolving all
  932. 26 Being Human
  933. of reality and living beings in order for God to be fully actualized in
  934. physical form. This has been achieved in the human vehicle.
  935. Evolution is now ready for the next step: vehicles that can take
  936. responsibility for who and what they truly are. We are ready to more
  937. truly be ourselves as embodiments of God.
  938. In terms of taking responsibility, humans are certainly in their
  939. infancy. Through our religions and myths, we have been telling
  940. ourselves fairytales about our existence and our responsibilities. These
  941. myths and fairytales have served to organize cultures and provided
  942. guidelines for thinking and acting to humans in ways that have been
  943. both fruitful and creative, as well as destructive and repressive.
  944. However, just like with a human child, eventually, you have to tell
  945. them that Santa Claus isn’t real and it is time to take a more adult
  946. perspective on life.
  947. The same is fundamentally true for humanity. It is time for us
  948. to move out of the illusions and fantasy and into reality so that we can
  949. truly take responsibility for ourselves. It is time to grow up.
  950. If we can step up to the challenge and take responsibility, then
  951. the potential for evolution into ever-more conscious forms of God in a
  952. body becomes a true possibility. Consider that in truth, we are the one
  953. energy being that is everything. In theory, the more responsibility we
  954. can take for ourselves and the more control we can have over our own
  955. energy, the more we will be able to do in this energetic reality game
  956. that we are all busy playing. In other words, awakening to the true
  957. nature of reality may just be the beginning of where we might go from
  958. here. The possibilities are endless.
  959. Consider also that we know of only one planet in the entire
  960. universe that harbors life. Though statistically it seems unlikely, what
  961. if this is the only planet with life on it? What if this is God’s cosmic
  962. nest egg? Is it possible that God is planning on using our evolution as
  963. conscious beings to begin the process of populating the rest of the
  964. cosmos? If so, we will need clear minds and good science to
  965. accomplish this grand task, and we will need to take responsibility for
  966. who and what we are.
  967. Ultimately, such speculation is largely irrelevant, though it is
  968. interesting. Our main concern is to get clear, here and now. The future
  969. will be what the future will be, and in any case, it is quite clear that
  970. God is doing something with evolution, and whatever that something is,
  971. it certainly serves God’s purpose of fully being itself. It is important to
  972. God and Evolution 27
  973. understand that in the end, that is all God is doing: being itself. That is
  974. also all that we ever need do as embodiments and vehicles for God.
  975. Key Ideas
  976. • All of evolution, inorganic and organic, is an on-going process
  977. of energetic transformations and interactions that function
  978. according to basic mathematical and geometrical laws
  979. • Fractal mathematics and geometry is the underlying
  980. mathematical foundation of all aspects of reality
  981. • All living beings are embodiments of God
  982. • There is only one source of all life and consciousness: God
  983. • Higher life forms with centralized nervous systems are built on
  984. the bilateral symmetry of infinity loops and fractal branches
  985. • Egos are necessary for conscious self-awareness
  986. • Egos function to create the illusion of separation
  987. • Egos provide individuals with a unique perspective
  988. • Egos can be transcended
  989. • Egos and personalities are distinct
  990. Part II
  991. Living in Reality
  992. Life as an Individual
  993. Understanding Your Vehicle
  994. God, as the multi-being, has many different vehicles for it to
  995. experience the reality of itself in. Every unique individual living being
  996. is a vehicle that is powered directly from source, from God. Aside
  997. from humans, all other vehicles are just being themselves within their
  998. evolutionary and biological parameters. A tree is just busy being a tree
  999. and a cat is just busy being a cat. Neither has to think about what it
  1000. means to be a cat or a tree. They are just fully themselves. They are
  1001. perfect vehicles, in their limited capacity way. Human vehicles,
  1002. because they have egos and are self-aware, have a great deal more
  1003. choice about how they express themselves and manage their vehicles.
  1004. They also have a great deal more potential for confusing themselves
  1005. and making themselves unhappy. While there certainly are “natural
  1006. disasters” that humans are subject to as embodiments of God playing
  1007. the reality game, the vast majority of problems that humans encounter
  1008. are purely self-generated. We are our own worst enemy.
  1009. A starting point for understanding how to avoid creating
  1010. problems for ourselves as vehicles for God to experience reality in is to
  1011. understand how our vehicle functions. If there is something wrong
  1012. with your car or it is having problems, you take it to a mechanic to see
  1013. if it is functioning properly. Similarly, given that human beings are
  1014. God vehicles, understanding the mechanics of God’s energy can help to
  1015. resolve problems that individual vehicles may be experiencing.
  1016. 30 Being Human
  1017. Addressing the energy of your vehicle is a far more effective route than
  1018. going on a retreat, doing a workshop, joining a religion, or seeing a
  1019. therapist. When your car is having trouble, you take it to a mechanic,
  1020. not a guru or a priest. Your body is a vehicle too, so why not treat it
  1021. accordingly?
  1022. As a vehicle for God to walk around in and enjoy reality with,
  1023. your body has three “divine” energy centers. These are the energy
  1024. centers that anatomically shape into infinity loops. Thus, we have
  1025. consciousness (the brain), life and love (heart and lungs) and
  1026. creation/evolution (sexual organs). These are the three centers where
  1027. the infinite energy of God directly interfaces with our bodies. These
  1028. centers belong to God, so to speak, and the best that we can do is
  1029. manage the energy present there. We cannot personally control it (you
  1030. can’t stop yourself from thinking, or stop yourself from breathing or
  1031. your heart beating, or keep yourself from feeling sexual energy). At
  1032. best, we can influence how this energy is allowed to flow through us,
  1033. but we cannot ever stop these energies as long as we are in physical
  1034. bodies. And given that we only experience anything by being in a
  1035. physical body, these infinite sources of energy are our constant
  1036. companions and are what give us life, awareness and consciousness.
  1037. As a physical being, we have two other primary energy centers,
  1038. but these are not energy centers that are directly related to source and
  1039. are more closely related with our individual vehicles. These are your
  1040. “personal” energy centers and they function very differently from the
  1041. three listed above. The first of these is the mouth and throat.
  1042. Geometrically, this is a tube, not an infinity loop. In many respects,
  1043. physical bodies are reality processors, or tubes. From the tube, they put
  1044. things into reality and take other things out. Your mouth, energetically,
  1045. is an input/output mechanism. With your mouth, you both literally
  1046. consume physical reality as food and energetically, we “consume”
  1047. aspects of reality that we are attracted to. Both literally and
  1048. metaphorically, the mouth embodies what we “take in.”
  1049. As an output mechanism, the mouth is our primary means of
  1050. intentional energetic expression through vocalization and language.
  1051. Much of what we do with our hands becomes an extension of the
  1052. mouth. We use our hands to put things into our mouths and also use
  1053. our hands to create art, music, writing, etc., as extensions of our innate
  1054. expressive ability and communicative function as conscious beings.
  1055. Life as an Individual 31
  1056. It is the mouth/throat energy center that is the biggest problem
  1057. for humans as this center affects everything else. This is your most
  1058. personal energy center, for this is where you are determining what to
  1059. take in and what to put out. It regulates your self-expression and
  1060. thereby influences all the other energies of your system. From a purely
  1061. physical standpoint, this is very easy to accept as true. What you put in
  1062. your mouth will profoundly affect all the rest of the energy in your
  1063. body. If you eat healthy food, your physical system is nourished and
  1064. your energy functions better. If you drink poison, your physical system
  1065. will shut down and you die, thereby short-circuiting the divine energy
  1066. centers that are providing you with life.
  1067. The situation is more complicated when it comes to the output
  1068. function because it is primarily here that the ego gets in the way. For
  1069. example, let’s say that your personality energetically resonates with the
  1070. act of singing. You love to sing and want to sing as much as possible.
  1071. You want to feel that energy vibrating through your body and filling
  1072. the space around you. However, your roommate has been quite blunt
  1073. with you: “You suck! You can’t sing!”
  1074. How does ego react? There are a variety of ways. One is to
  1075. shut down. You feel bad, so you stop singing, and then you feel sorry
  1076. for yourself. Another option is to compromise and agree not to sing
  1077. when your roommate is around (even if you really feel the urge),
  1078. though this will probably make you feel unsatisfied and inauthentic.
  1079. Yet another response is to sing more often with the intent of showing
  1080. your roommate that you are not intimidated by their critique, which
  1081. will probably aggravate a passive aggressive situation and drama will
  1082. ensue.
  1083. If you have transcended your ego, then this situation will be no
  1084. problem whatsoever. You will tell your roommate that you are
  1085. fulfilling your desire to be authentic with yourself and your energy.
  1086. You are taking responsibility for the energy inside you and expressing
  1087. it in a healthy way. If you can’t sing, that is your roommate’s problem,
  1088. but not yours, for you are satisfied and confident in your self
  1089. expression, regardless of how it actually sounds.
  1090. Most people, in most situations, when confronted with an ego
  1091. challenge, do not respond from a position of ego transcendence. People
  1092. are so locked into the illusions and fantasies created by their egos that
  1093. drama almost always ensues (if not immediately, then somewhere
  1094. down the road). It is only the ego that creates such dramas. If a dog
  1095. 32 Being Human
  1096. wants to bark, it will. It won’t stop to think about whether it’s the thing
  1097. it should or shouldn’t do. Shoulds and shouldn’ts are primarily ego
  1098. concerns, especially when it comes to personal behavior or choice.
  1099. The last energy center is your stomach. This is a continuation
  1100. of the tube of your mouth/throat center. What goes in and out of the
  1101. mouth affects the stomach, or your physical processing center. When
  1102. you eat rotten food, your stomach hurts. When you say ugly and
  1103. hurtful things, you get stomach cramps and digestive discomfort. The
  1104. ways you choose to use your input/output energy center will always
  1105. affect your physical experience in your body, in one way or another.
  1106. So, your vehicle has three divine energy centers that are the
  1107. sources of your energy, life, and conscious experience. These are
  1108. organized into your central core and process electromagnetic energy
  1109. (sexual attraction, brain waves and heart beat/pulse). We can influence
  1110. these centers, but ultimately we cannot completely control them. And
  1111. they are all physical expressions of infinite energy. Given that we, as
  1112. humans, are the epitome of God in embodied form, we are also able to
  1113. reach back into infinity through these energy centers. We can
  1114. experience infinite consciousness, infinite love, and infinite sexual
  1115. ecstasy. Through these centers, we can become full expressions of God
  1116. in physical form.
  1117. With the other two centers, also aligned along our central core,
  1118. we have the regulation of our personal expression and our physical
  1119. being. These centers don’t radiate energy as the divine centers do.
  1120. Rather, they process and transform energy and translate it from one
  1121. form to another: food turns into nourishment, our words express our
  1122. thoughts and feelings, etc.
  1123. The arms and legs then become extensions of these energy
  1124. centers and are primarily energy conduits for the energy that moves
  1125. from our central core. With our hands, we are able to engage our
  1126. environment at a physical/energetic level. Through our feet, our
  1127. personal energy grounds into the energetic matrix of our immediate
  1128. environment.
  1129. Overall, the entire body functions as a fractal expression of
  1130. electromagnetic energy. You are, quite literally, an energy being with a
  1131. liquid crystal interior, incased in skin, with three divine energy centers
  1132. and two personal ones.
  1133. The key to understanding yourself as an embodiment of God is
  1134. to understand your energetic nature, just as the key to understanding
  1135. Life as an Individual 33
  1136. physical reality is to understand the energetic structures that comprise
  1137. the physical world. Your primary concern as an energetic bio-vehicle
  1138. for God to enjoy reality in is this: Am I being aware and authentic with
  1139. the energy that is me? If you can honestly answer yes to that question,
  1140. then that is all you need ever do.
  1141. This view is at odds with virtually all religious traditions,
  1142. especially the Western Monotheistic traditions. These traditions have
  1143. invented concepts like souls, sin, morality, and salvation and
  1144. damnation. These concepts have no basis in reality and have nothing
  1145. whatsoever to do with your bio-vehicle or how it actually functions.
  1146. Key Ideas
  1147. • Your body is a “vehicle” for God to enjoy reality in
  1148. • Your personality is the natural expression of your energy as an
  1149. embodiment of God
  1150. • Human bodies have three “divine” energy centers:
  1151. consciousness/the brain and nervous system; the heart, lungs,
  1152. and vascular system; the genitals and reproductive system
  1153. • Human bodies have two “personal” energy centers: the throat
  1154. and mouth; the stomach and digestive system
  1155. • Egos block the natural expression of the energy radiating from
  1156. your divine energy centers whenever you fail to express your
  1157. energy authentically
  1158. • Authentic energy flow has nothing to do with moralistic
  1159. systems of behavior
  1160. 34 Being Human
  1161. Actual Energy vs. Imaginary “Subtle” Energy
  1162. It should be clear by this point in the discussion that the kinds
  1163. of energies and energy centers in the body that are being described here
  1164. have nothing whatsoever to do with obscure mystical ideas of “subtle”
  1165. energy. Many religious and cultural traditions teach about “subtle”
  1166. energy and “subtle bodies.” For example, we have the chakra system
  1167. of both Hinduism and Buddhism, and we have the meridians and chi of
  1168. Taoism. It might be tempting to compare these ideas of energy to the
  1169. discussion of energy as provided in this guide. This would be
  1170. fundamentally misguided, however, and it should be made clear that
  1171. there is no relationship between the ideas presented here and religious
  1172. constructions of “subtle” energy.
  1173. The difference should be immediately clear. The energy being
  1174. discussed here is the energy of our actual physiological system – our
  1175. brains and nervous system, our hearts and circulatory system, our
  1176. sexual organs and evolutionary transformation. In other words, this is
  1177. your actual body. There is nothing “subtle” about this.
  1178. On the other hand, Buddhists and Hindus are quite explicit
  1179. when they proclaim that your chakras are your “subtle” energy system
  1180. and this system is not necessarily correlated with your physiological
  1181. system, which would be characterized as a “gross” system (as opposed
  1182. to “subtle”). This distinction is obvious when gurus describe how you
  1183. have chakras above your head and below your anus: this has nothing to
  1184. do with your actual physical body.
  1185. Let’s make the distinction even more obvious. Imagine that
  1186. your car is having engine trouble. You take it to the mechanic’s shop
  1187. and are greeted by two mechanics. One mechanic asks you how your
  1188. car is running and then proceeds to open up the hood and tinker with
  1189. the engine. The other mechanic, however, never bothers to look at the
  1190. engine. Instead, he pulls out some books with pictures of cars that
  1191. show different wheels of colored energy with different symbols and
  1192. syllables and starts to discourse on how your car can be made to run
  1193. better if these energy centers can only be properly opened up, purified,
  1194. and activated.
  1195. Who do you think is actually going to fix your car - the “real”
  1196. mechanic who is concerned about the actual machinery of your vehicle,
  1197. Life as an Individual 35
  1198. or the mechanic who wants to talk about these mysterious energy
  1199. centers that seem only vaguely related to your actual car?
  1200. To put it bluntly, the kinds of energy being discussed in this
  1201. guide have nothing to do with any concept of subtle energy and are not
  1202. comparable to religious constructions of subtle energy in any way.
  1203. Subtle energy is imaginary. Real energy is physiological.
  1204. Life and Death
  1205. Perhaps the most difficult concept for people to accept is that
  1206. the entheological model of God, life, and reality that is being
  1207. articulated here indicates that any notion of an “afterlife” is a complete
  1208. fantasy.
  1209. God is life. God is your life. You, as a vehicle for God to
  1210. experience reality in, are dependent on your vehicle/body in order for
  1211. you to have your personal perspective as a character that God is
  1212. playing. Without your body, you have no “personal” perspective as
  1213. one manifestation of the multi-being. The conclusion is therefore
  1214. obvious: when your vehicle is gone, so is your personal perspective.
  1215. In a sense, your perspective as an individual is a gift from God.
  1216. The gift only lasts as long as the vehicle does. God, as the multi-being,
  1217. is able to occupy all perspectives simultaneously. As an individual
  1218. expression of God in a body, you have your perspective. That is your
  1219. gift of experiencing yourself as an individual.
  1220. So what happens at death? Is there life after death? Is there a
  1221. heaven or a hell or reincarnation? Is there reward or punishment?
  1222. Ultimately, nothing that any religion has ever claimed about
  1223. these questions or their answers is relevant. It is all pure fantasy and
  1224. ego projection. When your body is gone, that unique perspective that
  1225. was “you” is gone. God lives on eternally. God has billions more
  1226. bodies and perspectives to enjoy. Your perspective was just one
  1227. perspective in the grand evolutionary arc of life and at your death is
  1228. then simply gone.
  1229. Think of it this way, if you like: God is playing a big, complex
  1230. video game. “You” are a character in that game. When your character
  1231. dies in the game, it’s the end of that character. That doesn’t affect the
  1232. gamer (God) at all, because God just gets more new characters.
  1233. Similarly, when you dream, you dream all kinds of characters, even
  1234. 36 Being Human
  1235. yourself. However, you are all the characters, not just the one you
  1236. identify your personal perspective with.
  1237. So no, there is no “life after death.” There is nowhere for “you”
  1238. to go, because you are already there. There is no state of purification
  1239. to be achieved. No enlightenment to gain. No tests of character or
  1240. spirit to be overcome. Nothing. You are a character in a complex
  1241. game. Your only task is to be authentic to your character and nothing
  1242. else. Given that this is the only time that you have as this character,
  1243. your job is to make the most out of it while your character is around.
  1244. Everything else about what you should or shouldn’t do, especially
  1245. when one is getting advice from religions, is pure ego projection and
  1246. fantasy with no bearing on reality at all.
  1247. This also means that there is no reincarnation and no karma, so
  1248. the Eastern religions don’t fare much better than the Western
  1249. Monotheistic traditions when it comes to describing true reality. The
  1250. only one who “reincarnates” is God, who is the life and consciousness
  1251. already present in every living being. There is no such thing as an
  1252. individual consciousness or spirit or soul that can reincarnate, and since
  1253. there is no such thing, there also is no such thing as karma (cause and
  1254. effect accumulated over lifetimes of choices and behavior). It is not
  1255. your individual consciousness that evolves over many lifetimes. It is
  1256. God that is evolving as all living beings simultaneously. Our evolution
  1257. is collective, not individual, because we are the collective. We are that
  1258. one being.
  1259. A startling conclusion is that there is no reason to follow what
  1260. any religion says about what one should or should not do. It all
  1261. becomes a matter of choice. Religions can present you with options for
  1262. how you may want to behave, but none of their moral, ethical, or
  1263. metaphysical rationales for the views they promote hold up under
  1264. scrutiny. For example, Buddhism teaches you should be a vegetarian
  1265. because eating animals causes bad karma and a bad rebirth, thereby
  1266. lessening your chances of reaching enlightenment. But, since there is
  1267. no reincarnation, nor karma, the only real reason to be a vegetarian is if
  1268. you personally want to. None of the metaphysical reasons given by
  1269. Buddhism for vegetarianism hold up when considering the true nature
  1270. of reality.
  1271. It is much the same case with Christianity. This religion
  1272. teaches that certain behaviors are sins and will prevent you from
  1273. entering heaven and will damn your soul. Well, you don’t have a soul,
  1274. Life as an Individual 37
  1275. so there’s nothing to save or damn. If you want to “be a good
  1276. Christian,” that is up to you, but don’t expect anything for it. God does
  1277. not have any reward for you.
  1278. However, this is not to say that religions don’t have some good
  1279. advice for living your life. Buddhism teaches compassion and
  1280. Christianity turning the other cheek and loving your neighbors. You
  1281. will lead a happier life by following good advice, but that doesn’t mean
  1282. that it has anything to do with God, the afterlife, or what comes next. It
  1283. is only good advice if it helps you remain clear, centered, and authentic
  1284. in the present moment (in which case, Buddhism fares far better than
  1285. most religions in terms of practical advice, given its attention to
  1286. remaining present and focused and its emphasis on cultivating
  1287. awareness through meditation).
  1288. Given that worrying about life after death is a specious issue,
  1289. anything that draws your attention away from living authentically in the
  1290. present moment is a diversion and most probably an ego-generated
  1291. illusion. If you want to have a goal for yourself to help you on your
  1292. path to becoming healthier, happier and more centered and less trapped
  1293. by fear and negative thoughts and emotions, then I strongly suggest that
  1294. you get clear on who and what you are and be present with yourself and
  1295. your energy in every moment. Ultimately, this is a simple task with
  1296. many monumental challenges.
  1297. The remainder of this guide will share with you how you can do
  1298. it!
  1299. Key Ideas
  1300. • Your energy system is related to your physiology and is not
  1301. “subtle” energy – it is electromagnetic energy
  1302. • The direct source of your energy is God
  1303. • Souls and spirits and subtle bodies are religious concepts that
  1304. have no correlate in actual reality
  1305. • Concepts of an afterlife and all related moral systems are a
  1306. fantasy and have no relation to actual reality
  1307. • Your life and consciousness is God in embodied form: there are
  1308. no intermediaries
  1309. How to Begin
  1310. Waking Up
  1311. I like to think of it this way: What we experience as normal
  1312. reality is God’s altered state. In God’s baseline state, all things are one
  1313. and there is no separation. However, in ordinary reality, we experience
  1314. things as separate all the time and most of us have no idea that we’re
  1315. actually God and all of what we experience is ourselves. In other
  1316. words, when we humans are in our “normal state,” we, as God, are
  1317. fundamentally confused about the nature of our existence. We are
  1318. confusing all kinds of fantasies and illusions with reality and we think
  1319. that there are a bunch of separate beings running around, all doing their
  1320. thing. We are God’s altered state!
  1321. Conversely, when we alter our state of consciousness, we can
  1322. get closer to the baseline state that is pure God consciousness. From
  1323. my personal experience, this is best achieved through the ingestion of
  1324. 5-MeO-DMT and is far more effective than any meditation regimen or
  1325. other “mystical” practice. 5-MeO-DMT is about as altered as any
  1326. human being can get, but from the God perspective, that state of
  1327. consciousness is simply the way things actually are. In other words,
  1328. that state of consciousness of complete mystical union is actually the
  1329. super-mundane state of reality. It’s the most ordinary, non-fantastical
  1330. thing. It’s the reality game that we’re playing here in embodied form
  1331. that is fantastical, given that it’s all a complex and grand illusion.
  1332. How to Begin 39
  1333. But don’t be mistaken. Just because reality is an illusion that
  1334. doesn’t mean it isn’t “real.” This is as “real” as it gets. For this reason,
  1335. no matter if one wakes up to the true nature of reality or not, one must
  1336. always be concerned with protecting the vehicle. It doesn’t matter how
  1337. awakened you are – if you walk in front of a semi moving at 70 mph,
  1338. it’s going to cream your body all over the freeway – that’s simply the
  1339. way the reality game works. If you want to stick around to be able to
  1340. enjoy your personal perspective, then you will always protect your
  1341. vehicle for as long as you are playing the reality game. The game is
  1342. much more fun when you can avoid unnecessary pain and suffering!
  1343. Waking up to the true nature of your being means essentially
  1344. only one thing, and that is liberation from the confines of your ego,
  1345. thereby letting yourself be more fully yourself and more responsible for
  1346. your personal experience of the reality game. Waking up does not
  1347. mean developing paranormal powers or anything mystical or
  1348. mystifying at all. It simply means liberating yourself from your ego
  1349. and thereby living a happier and more satisfying life. It doesn’t mean
  1350. you’ll be able to “manifest” anything you want, or “create your own
  1351. reality,” as are popular beliefs among New Age aficionados. Nor does
  1352. it mean developing psychic powers as Buddhism and Hinduism claim.
  1353. And it especially does not mean developing an ability to travel in astral
  1354. realms or visit alien civilizations or any such fantastical nonsense.
  1355. Waking up is simply about being fully present and authentic with your
  1356. energy at all times and is best described as being energetically open.
  1357. When you can do that, your ego will no longer have a hold on you.
  1358. When your ego no longer has a hold on you, you won’t be taken in by
  1359. fantasy and ego-projection. You won’t engage with others’ self-created
  1360. dramas and power-plays and you’ll understand how to avoid making
  1361. ones of your own. You will be happier and you will feel supreme love
  1362. for yourself and for God (which are one and the same). You will be at
  1363. peace.
  1364. But you will still be in the reality game until your vehicle is no
  1365. more, and at that point, you personally have nothing to worry about,
  1366. because you, as God, live on, and will continue in perfect self-love
  1367. forever.
  1368. Not a bad deal, is it?
  1369. Are you ready to take responsibility and be yourself?
  1370. 40 Being Human
  1371. Taking Stock
  1372. Before beginning the process of opening yourself to the full
  1373. expression of your energy, it is good to take stock and see where you
  1374. currently are. Consider some preliminary questions:
  1375. • Do you feel that you authentically express yourself and your
  1376. feelings, or do you hold back and restrain yourself?
  1377. • If you restrain yourself, what is your rationale? Family?
  1378. Friends? Culture? Religion?
  1379. • Do you find that you judge others and yourself?
  1380. • Where do these judgments come from?
  1381. • Do you ever engage in behavior patterns that you know are not
  1382. beneficial to yourself or others but can’t seem to break out of
  1383. the negative patterns?
  1384. • Do you feel that you are a victim in life?
  1385. • Do you indulge in self-pity?
  1386. • Do you feel personally under attack when people criticize views
  1387. or beliefs that you hold?
  1388. • Are you honest with yourself at all times?
  1389. • Are you honest with others, even when being so is challenging
  1390. for others?
  1391. • Do you face your fears with love and acceptance or do you
  1392. prefer to do combat with them and try and eliminate them?
  1393. • Do you always stay in your comfort zone or do you push your
  1394. edges to discover your potential?
  1395. How to Begin 41
  1396. • Are you satisfied with the level of communication, trust, and
  1397. love in your intimate relationships?
  1398. • Is what others think of you a major motivating factor in your
  1399. life?
  1400. Exercise 1
  1401. Take the time to think honestly about your answers to these
  1402. questions. You might find it helpful to spend some time writing your
  1403. responses down on paper and see what patterns develop. As you see
  1404. patterns emerge, you can start to ask youself, “What could I do in this
  1405. situation to take more responsibility for myself?” For example, write
  1406. out some situations where you indulged in self-pity. What were the
  1407. circumstances? How did you feel? What did you do at the time?
  1408. Now, ask yourself, how could you have taken more responsibility for
  1409. your reactions and emotions in that situation? What could you have
  1410. done to express yourself more authentically? What expectations were
  1411. you attached to that, when they didn’t materialize as you hoped, led to
  1412. your feelings of self-pity.
  1413. Keep in mind that how you respond to any situation is always
  1414. your choice. Shit happens. That can’t be avoided, but how you
  1415. respond to any situation and how you mobilize your energy is always
  1416. your personal responsibility. If you can master that, then you can
  1417. master your life. It doesn’t mean that you are in control of anything
  1418. outside of your immediate vehicle and your immediate consciousness,
  1419. but it does mean that you become in control of yourself, rather than
  1420. letting your confused ego run the show.
  1421. In short, this is all about self-mastery.
  1422. Exercise 2
  1423. For another exercise, take a look at what it means for you to be
  1424. authentic with yourself. Take a piece of paper and divide it in half. On
  1425. one side, write down everything you can associate with the feeling of
  1426. being authentic, honest, and true to yourself. Then on the other side,
  1427. write down everything you associate with feeling inauthentic, dishonest
  1428. and untrue. Try to write freely without any attachment or judgment
  1429. 42 Being Human
  1430. with anything that comes up. This is not about right or wrong thinking.
  1431. This is about looking honestly at your current thoughts and feelings.
  1432. How do you feel about your lists of associations? Which feels
  1433. more attractive to you? Without judging yourself in any way, but being
  1434. honest, where are you more of the time mentally, emotionally,
  1435. consciously, etc. Are you on the authentic side or the inauthentic side?
  1436. Remember, it’s OK if your honest assessment shows you that you’re
  1437. not where you want to be. Don’t judge yourself. Just recognize that
  1438. this is where you currently are and give yourself the goal of taking
  1439. more control of yourself and increasing your personal responsibility.
  1440. Exercise 3
  1441. Perhaps the most important question is this: Do you love
  1442. yourself fully, completely, and unconditionally? Try answering this
  1443. question verbally. How does your answer feel as it comes out of your
  1444. body and vibrates the air around you? Does your answer sound true to
  1445. you? Does it feel true? Is there doubt or hesitation or qualification in
  1446. your voice? Or is it pure, rich, and resonate with the profound
  1447. energetic qualities of truth? You might even want to record your voice
  1448. in answering this question. Listen to your recording at different times
  1449. and see what new perspectives you have on your own truth. You can
  1450. even record your answer many times over a course of days, weeks,
  1451. months or years. Listen to all your answers and see what’s changing as
  1452. you get more in touch with yourself and as you take more
  1453. responsibility. You’ll be surprised at how the quality of your tone and
  1454. voice changes. The further along you get on your path, the less like
  1455. “you” your original answer will sound.
  1456. Exercise 4
  1457. Another exercise to help you take stock is to complete the
  1458. sentence of, “I am . . .”
  1459. At the top of the piece of paper, write the words “I am” in clear,
  1460. bold letters. Then take 10-15 minutes to fill the page with as many free
  1461. associations as you can. Remember not to judge anything that you
  1462. write. This is not about right or wrong associations. For example, if
  1463. you feel depressed, then write that down. Don’t censor yourself by
  1464. telling yourself “I know I shouldn’t be depressed so I won’t write that.”
  1465. How to Begin 43
  1466. Just be honest! And don’t be idealistic, either. For example, if you
  1467. don’t actually feel that you are God, don’t write it! This is about
  1468. discovering what you actually feel, not what you think you should feel.
  1469. When you are done, circle everything that you perceive as
  1470. positive on the page in one color and circle everything you perceive as
  1471. negative in another color. Don’t do anything with it. Just observe what
  1472. has come up. Set the paper aside. When you feel ready, perhaps in a
  1473. few days, weeks, or months, do this exercise again. Get out your
  1474. original answers and compare them to your new answers. What has
  1475. shifted? Has the balance between positive and negative shifted, or is it
  1476. the same? If it has shifted, what do you feel you are doing differently
  1477. to produce different results? Can you identify healthy, authentic
  1478. patterns developing in your behavior? Remember, when doing this
  1479. exercise it is very important that you only focus on how you feel right
  1480. then, while doing the exercise. Your goal is to provide a current
  1481. snapshot of where you are at energetically, emotionally and mentally.
  1482. It is not about cataloging everything you’ve been through over the past
  1483. week. It is about getting in touch with yourself in the current moment.
  1484. As a normal human being, it is quite likely that in doing these
  1485. exercises you will find some areas in your life and in your behavior
  1486. where you are not being honest, authentic, and true to yourself. This is
  1487. good. Awareness is the first step. Taking stock is not about giving
  1488. your ego fuel to punish yourself or judge yourself. Your ego will likely
  1489. want to step in and say, “See, you should do this, you should be this
  1490. way.” Don’t listen to your ego. It’s just trying to take control. Taking
  1491. stock is not about what should be. It is about finding out what actually
  1492. is.
  1493. Exercise 5
  1494. For this exercise, at the top of a piece of paper, write in big,
  1495. bold letters, “GOD.” Write everything you can think of that you
  1496. associate with this word. It’s OK if you’re an atheist or agnostic.
  1497. Write whatever comes to mind. Again, there are no right or wrong
  1498. answers here. Take about 10 – 15 minutes.
  1499. After you are done with your list, read through what you’ve
  1500. written without adding anything. Looking honestly at what you’ve
  1501. done, how would you characterize your list? Do you find expression
  1502. of fear, judgment and doubt, or do you find love, peace and
  1503. 44 Being Human
  1504. acceptance? Does it seem realistic to you or not? How does your list
  1505. make you feel?
  1506. If you are unsure how your list makes you feel, try reading your
  1507. list authentically and recording your voice. For example, if something
  1508. on your list makes you feel sarcastic or cynical, let yourself read that
  1509. item in a cynical or sarcastic tone. If something makes you feel
  1510. mocking, then read it in a mocking tone. If something on your list
  1511. makes you want to sing, then sing it. Your goal is not to sound how
  1512. you think you should sound but rather to let your sounds match how
  1513. you actually feel. Listen to your recording. How does your pitch and
  1514. tone of voice change with the different items on your list? What
  1515. qualities do you hear in your voice? Do you hear authenticity?
  1516. You can repeat this exercise as many times as you like and
  1517. observe what changes, what stays the same, and where authenticity,
  1518. trust and confidence grow or diminish. It’s never about right or wrong
  1519. answers. It is about taking an honest look in the mirror to learn how
  1520. you actually feel.
  1521. The Mirror
  1522. Ultimately, awakening to reality and opening yourself
  1523. energetically is really just a process of looking into the mirror of who
  1524. and what you actually are. As you remove your resistance to the
  1525. energy of your being, the mirror will become clearer. As you
  1526. overcome your illusions and fantasies, you will find that the mirror
  1527. distorts less and less. Eventually, if you persist and let go of your ego
  1528. and your remaining resistance, you will see your true self, God,
  1529. reflected in every aspect of your experience at all times and all
  1530. moments, for God is the only thing that truly exists, and it is you.
  1531. All of reality is a mirror. The question for you personally is
  1532. this: Do you want to play like a child in the funhouse of distorted
  1533. mirrors, or do you want to be an adult and see your reflection clearly,
  1534. free of any illusion and distortion?
  1535. If you want to be an adult, then it is up to you to take
  1536. responsibility for learning to recognize yourself in the mirror. No one
  1537. can do it for you. No savior is coming to lead the way or hold your
  1538. hand. No amount of faith, belief, worship, or prayer will ever do it.
  1539. No priest, guru, or shaman can do it for you. There is no grand cosmic
  1540. awakening coming that will do the work for you. If you want to wake
  1541. How to Begin 45
  1542. up, then it is your responsibility and yours alone. If you are ready, then
  1543. the time is now. Your personal life in this body is short. Take
  1544. advantage of it while you can. You only have one chance. It will be
  1545. challenging, but as someone who has taken the leap, I assure you, it is
  1546. the greatest thing you can ever do for yourself or anyone else. Let go
  1547. of your fear and gaze into the mirror of who and what you truly are.
  1548. You are more profoundly beautiful, powerful, and loving than your ego
  1549. can possibly imagine.
  1550. YOU ARE GOD!
  1551. The Preliminaries of Practice
  1552. The most effective tools for opening your awareness to your
  1553. true energetic nature are entheogens, or substances that “generate the
  1554. experience of God within.” However, there is a great deal that can be
  1555. done without entheogens that can help with the process of awakening.
  1556. Before turning the discussion to entheogens, let’s address some of these
  1557. preliminary practices first.
  1558. Meditation
  1559. Meditation is a powerful tool to help you gain some mastery
  1560. over the vagaries of the mind. Learning techniques of maintaining
  1561. focus, concentration, and awareness can be extremely helpful in
  1562. navigating the experiences of altered states of consciousness that
  1563. entheogens open one up to. Many people, especially in the modern
  1564. world, find maintaining focus and concentration for any length of time
  1565. to be extraordinarily challenging as these skills are largely atrophied in
  1566. our high-paced, instant gratification, multi-tasking and sensory
  1567. overload culture. Our culture is filled with diversions, distractions, and
  1568. temptations to draw you away from the present moment of what
  1569. actually is. Meditation, on the other hand, teaches you how to slow
  1570. down, set your busy thoughts aside, and simply pay attention and be
  1571. present. This is an invaluable skill and sorely needed in the modern
  1572. world.
  1573. There are many different meditation traditions. Some come
  1574. with more dogma, symbolism, metaphysics and religious fantasy than
  1575. others. Zen meditation is particularly sparse and unencumbered by
  1576. religious ritual or metaphysics, and I therefore suggest this as a good
  1577. 46 Being Human
  1578. place to begin. Zen meditation is simply about sitting, breathing, and
  1579. being present. Nothing more, and nothing less. Such a practice can be
  1580. easier to work into than, say, tantric meditation, which teaches all kinds
  1581. of mudras, mantras, visualization, prayers, rituals, and use of complex
  1582. symbolism, etc. In more “complex” meditation traditions, it is very
  1583. difficult to get into the practice without having to learn and accept the
  1584. entire corpus of religious beliefs and propositions, many of which are
  1585. ego-produced fantasies, speculations, and metaphysics. One does not
  1586. need to be a Buddhist to practice Zen meditation, however. Anyone
  1587. can sit and follow their breath. No religion required!
  1588. The primary goal of meditation is to let your mind function
  1589. naturally without being attached to any of your thoughts and feelings.
  1590. It is a practice in maintaining mindful awareness without attachment or
  1591. expectation. It is a great way to get in touch with what is really going
  1592. on inside your mind and become aware of just how busy your internal
  1593. dialogue actually is. Even sitting quietly for five minutes is nearly
  1594. impossible for some people, at least at first. Be patient with yourself
  1595. and give yourself the time you need to ease into your practice and
  1596. become comfortable with observing your mind, thoughts, and feelings.
  1597. Your goal in meditating is to always bring yourself back to the
  1598. present moment. When your thoughts start to project out into the
  1599. future, bring them back to your breath in the present. When your
  1600. thoughts run to what occurred in the past, bring them back to your
  1601. breath once more. When stories and fantasies start to arise in your
  1602. mind, let go of them and come back to the present. Meditating is not
  1603. about figuring things out or telling stories to yourself. It is simply
  1604. about being present, here and now.
  1605. Getting in Touch with Your Body and Energy
  1606. There are many ways you can get in touch with your body and
  1607. your energy in everyday life. Dance, martial arts, yoga, sports,
  1608. gymnastics, making love, etc., are all viable methods for being in your
  1609. body. To really get in touch with your energy, however, it is important
  1610. that you incorporate expressive action into your body movements. For
  1611. example, becoming a professional dancer is different that letting your
  1612. body move to the music any way that feels right and good for you.
  1613. When your aim is to get in touch with your body and energy it is useful
  1614. to keep in mind that it is not about performing any specific actions
  1615. How to Begin 47
  1616. correctly or artfully. It is about letting yourself move authentically and
  1617. expressively. There is no right or wrong in authentic, expressive
  1618. action.
  1619. For example, try putting on some music that you like when you
  1620. are home alone. Stand or sit in the middle of the room. Don’t “try”
  1621. and dance any way in particular. In fact, don’t try and do anything at
  1622. all. You can sit or stand still until you feel inspired to move. Then just
  1623. let yourself follow your energy. It isn’t about looking good or
  1624. impressing anyone. It’s just about letting the energy flow and
  1625. following it with your body.
  1626. Vocalizing
  1627. A primary medium through which humans express their energy
  1628. is with their voice. Thus, another way to get comfortable with your
  1629. energy is to get comfortable with using your voice to express yourself.
  1630. This can take all kinds of forms, from prayer, chanting, singing,
  1631. to just making sounds and noises. Give yourself opportunities
  1632. throughout the day to simply express yourself verbally/vocally. It
  1633. doesn’t matter what comes out. Just do it!
  1634. Try experimenting. If you are a soft-spoken person, try being
  1635. loud. If you are usually boisterous, try subtle manipulations of sound.
  1636. Search for what feels authentic for you. Don’t be concerned about
  1637. sounding like anyone or anything in particular. Just make some sound!
  1638. To really have fun, I suggest learning some throat or overtone
  1639. singing as these forms of vocal expression mobilize a great deal of
  1640. energy, are fun to do, and sound great!
  1641. Bodywork
  1642. Tensions, stresses and energetic blocks and wounds are carried
  1643. in the body. As you begin to unwind yourself, you may find that
  1644. getting bodywork and massages help to release all of the blocked
  1645. energy you’ve been carrying around. If you are new to bodywork, you
  1646. will probably find that getting a massage comes with all kinds of
  1647. emotional releases. When the body worker finds the right spot on your
  1648. back, for example, you might start to cry or laugh uncontrollably
  1649. without knowing why. The why is not important. Just let yourself feel
  1650. it and express it. Give yourself permission to unwind and release
  1651. 48 Being Human
  1652. whatever energy is not serving you. Given that most people hold back
  1653. on expressing themselves, most people do have energy to release, even
  1654. if they don’t realize it. Bodywork is a great way to help that energy get
  1655. out without having to consciously find and release it.
  1656. Self-expression
  1657. Regardless of whether you feel you have any artistic or musical
  1658. skill or not, finding a way to express yourself creatively is enormously
  1659. helpful in getting in touch with yourself and your energy. Expressing
  1660. yourself is not about good or bad, it is about the process and experience
  1661. of expressing. You don’t have to be “good” at painting to express
  1662. yourself through painting, for example. Anyone can pick up a
  1663. paintbrush and apply paint to canvas. Just do it! Don’t be attached to
  1664. form or outcome. It will be fun and possibly cathartic. Artistic
  1665. expression is all about self-discovery and the process of creating, not
  1666. the end product. So let yourself be an artist and express yourself
  1667. without judgment.
  1668. The Open Heart
  1669. Ultimately, being open to your energy means keeping an open
  1670. heart. We close our hearts when we feel threatened or when we
  1671. experience fear or judgment. Given that the vast majority of what
  1672. threatens us or gives us fear or judgment is ego-projection, our egos are
  1673. our own worst enemies when it comes to keeping our hearts open. A
  1674. general maxim, which may seem overwhelming at first, is to love all
  1675. equally without any exception. If you can maintain that attitude, then
  1676. you can keep your heart open.
  1677. This does not mean that you have to actively experience love
  1678. for all things at all moments – that would be a fairly large task. What it
  1679. does mean is that you should practice giving love to everything and
  1680. everyone you encounter at any given moment. This is much more
  1681. manageable than trying to love everything all at once. It just means
  1682. loving what you experience, yourself, and others, in each moment. For
  1683. example, it doesn’t mean that you have to actively love all 6.5 billion
  1684. people on the planet. Rather, just love whoever is with you, and if no
  1685. one is with you, then just love yourself. And keep in mind, love is
  1686. truth, so loving whoever you are with means being honest and truthful
  1687. How to Begin 49
  1688. with them, even if it makes them uncomfortable. Love is definitely not
  1689. indulging in the fantasies and illusions of others. Love is about living
  1690. in truth.
  1691. People want to close off their hearts when they feel wounded.
  1692. They become a victim and then indulge in self-pity. They make
  1693. excuses for why they can’t keep their heart open. Despite the fact that
  1694. pain hurts, people indulge in it all the time. It validates the illusions of
  1695. the ego and gives it strength. It is a way of running away from taking
  1696. responsibility for oneself. It is easier to identify others as the source of
  1697. our suffering than to own up to our own energy and take responsibility
  1698. for our own thoughts and emotions. The open heart is the heart that
  1699. takes responsibility for itself and its own happiness. It does not rely
  1700. upon others and gives love freely and unconditionally. The open heart
  1701. is godly for God gives love continually and unconditionally from an
  1702. infinite supply. The open heart will never exhaust itself.
  1703. Spending Time in Nature
  1704. Nature is an excellent place for self-reflection – literally. This
  1705. is especially true for natural areas that have been undisturbed by
  1706. humans and that have no introduced species. In such areas, one can
  1707. experience the energetic structures of nature in their “natural” form.
  1708. While a garden or park can provide an enjoyable nature experience,
  1709. undisturbed nature is a more accurate representation of how energy
  1710. works when left to its own devices. Patterns and colors blend together
  1711. or accent each other. Flows of rock, dirt, water, ice, and sand mark out
  1712. their fractal patterns. Plants grow in intricate fractal geometry to
  1713. convert sunlight into useable energy for other living beings. All of
  1714. nature is a constantly moving canvas of multiple energetic patterns
  1715. working simultaneously across multiple levels, all in cohesion and
  1716. concert with each other. Nature is simply energy at work, being itself.
  1717. Given that God is nature and that you are God, you are also
  1718. nature. For this reason, undisturbed nature shows you the natural
  1719. patterns of energy that ultimately are all a part of you. Observing
  1720. transformations and patterns in nature gives insight into how energy
  1721. works. It helps center one’s personal energy and relax the anxieties of
  1722. the ego-based mind. When done solitarily, it is also a refreshing escape
  1723. from the games of other egos.
  1724. 50 Being Human
  1725. Personally, I recommend taking as much solitary or quite time
  1726. in undisturbed nature as possible. It is beautiful, it makes you feel
  1727. good, and it is a pure reflection. It is also a great place to start before
  1728. engaging in any work with entheogenic medicines.
  1729. Key Ideas
  1730. • Get to know yourself before undertaking entheogenic practice
  1731. • Use bodywork, meditation, dance, and time in nature to center
  1732. yourself and gain intimate knowledge of how you feel
  1733. • Aside from work with entheogens, spending time in undisturbed
  1734. nature provides the best mirror to reflect with
  1735. • Explore ways to express yourself
  1736. Part III
  1737. Opening to Energy with Entheogens
  1738. Entheogenic Practice
  1739. Working with the Medicines
  1740. We are now ready to address what it means to work with the
  1741. visionary medicines, or entheogens, and how they can serve your
  1742. awakening to your infinite energy.
  1743. First, there is the question of legality. The reality is that the
  1744. majority of truly effective visionary plants and substances are illegal to
  1745. posses and use. Most governments equate any use of entheogens with
  1746. abuse and only very rarely make legal exceptions for religious
  1747. practitioners. I have written extensively on this topic elsewhere, so I
  1748. have no intention of delving deeply into this problem here, other than to
  1749. say that the prohibition against using entheogens is a fundamental
  1750. violation of your right as an embodiment of God to explore your own
  1751. nature. As far as I am personally concerned, no government or
  1752. authority as any right to prohibit anyone from freely exploring their
  1753. own mind in ways that do no harm to others.
  1754. The situation is also bizarrely absurd. DMT is illegal to possess
  1755. and use in most countries, with some exceptions for religions that use
  1756. ayahuasca as a ceremonial sacrament (which contains DMT).
  1757. However, as has already been pointed out, DMT is a primary ingredient
  1758. in mammalian evolution and is already present in every single mammal
  1759. on this planet, including every human. It is also found in countless
  1760. Entheogenic Practice 53
  1761. species of plants and mushrooms (in the form of psilocin and
  1762. psilocybin). How in the world can something that is naturally in our
  1763. bodies at all times be an illegal substance? As a human being, you are,
  1764. by your very biology, possessing and using DMT right now! By our
  1765. current drug laws, every single person on this planet should be arrested
  1766. and thrown in jail for possessing and using DMT. This situation is
  1767. bizarre.
  1768. As of writing this, in the U.S., 5-MeO-DMT, perhaps the most
  1769. profound entheogenic substance on the planet, is currently under
  1770. consideration for Schedule I status as an illegal drug. As with DMT, 5-
  1771. MeO-DMT is already in every human being on the planet. It is as
  1772. natural to us as breathing air or drinking water and we cannot live
  1773. without it. It is a fundamental part of what makes us human. And now
  1774. the government wants to make it illegal.
  1775. What in the world is going on here? Does this actually make
  1776. sense to anyone? How can natural compounds already found within the
  1777. human body be illegal? For that matter, how can any part of nature be
  1778. made illegal? Isn’t that the equivalent to outlawing God?
  1779. Ah . . . foolish mortals . . .
  1780. So, virtually anyone who wants to explore their energetic nature
  1781. through the use of entheogens runs the risk of imprisonment, with few
  1782. exceptions. The absurdity is profound. You can be thrown in jail for
  1783. taking the responsibility of getting clear on who and what you actually
  1784. are as an energetic being and embodiment of God. Using natural
  1785. compounds to explore your divinity is a crime. It is a startling reality
  1786. check for anyone who thinks they live in a “free” country.
  1787. Are Entheogens really the most effective tool for Awakening?
  1788. When it comes to awakening to your true energetic nature as a
  1789. fractal energy being, entheogens, and particularly the tryptamines, are
  1790. the most effective tools available to humanity. There is nothing more
  1791. reliable and consistent for opening your perception of yourself and your
  1792. experience to the reality of energy as entheogens. While other
  1793. techniques of altering consciousness and perception can be
  1794. experientially effective, especially with sustained practice, there really
  1795. is no comparison. You can spend a lifetime meditating and not get
  1796. much more out of it than a sore bottom and tingly legs from cutting off
  1797. your circulation. All it takes is one hit of 5-MeO-DMT and in about 10
  1798. 54 Being Human
  1799. seconds you’ll have the most profound energetic opening of your life
  1800. that will surpass anything you have ever experienced in meditation by
  1801. infinite light years. It is simply a matter of effectiveness.
  1802. Another way of looking at the situation is this: You can try and
  1803. map out the heavens with your naked eye, or you can look through the
  1804. Hubble telescope. Entheogens are the Hubble telescope of the inner
  1805. world. Sure, you can look at the sky with your naked eyes, but why not
  1806. use the Hubble if it is right there and you have access to it? What
  1807. would be the point of doing it with your naked eyes? So your ego can
  1808. be proud that you “did it” on “your own?”
  1809. Personally, I have yet to meet anyone who has been able to
  1810. honestly say that their meditation practice has gotten them to the same
  1811. states that can be achieved with entheogens. Regardless of one’s
  1812. meditation practice, I’ve never seen anyone experience 5-MeO-DMT
  1813. and say, “that’s just like my meditation.” In fact, it’s the opposite.
  1814. People proclaim that they never could have imagined the sheer beauty
  1815. and completeness of the 5-MeO-DMT experience and that nothing in
  1816. their mediation practice has ever come close to such a total and radical
  1817. experience of oneness with the true energy of being. As a tool for
  1818. exploring consciousness and one’s energetic nature, 5-meO-DMT is
  1819. simply incomparable.
  1820. However, once one becomes experienced with entheogenic
  1821. states of consciousness, then these states can be achieved without any
  1822. entheogens. You have to know what you are looking for, in a sense, in
  1823. order to find it again. For example, after experiencing 5-MeO-DMT,
  1824. one’s personal mediation practice can become profoundly more
  1825. powerful and effective, but without that initial introduction, it is
  1826. extremely difficult for anyone to reach a full-blown 5-MeO-DMT state
  1827. on their own (and remember that 5-MeO-DMT is a natural
  1828. neurotransmitter already present in your body). Once you’ve had the
  1829. introduction, you can start to actualize the endogenous 5-MeO-DMT in
  1830. your body and produce endogenous releases, but you need to know
  1831. what that feels like in order to cultivate it.
  1832. Another advantage to working with entheogens is that they put
  1833. you directly in touch with your own energetic nature without any
  1834. intermediaries. Remember that all of reality is a mirror, but many of
  1835. the individual mirrors walking around out there are distorted by their
  1836. egos and their illusions and fantasies. In other words, working with
  1837. others to find clarity in yourself is challenging as there is no guarantee
  1838. Entheogenic Practice 55
  1839. that those you are working with are clear themselves. For example,
  1840. working with a guru can be great help in deepening your meditation,
  1841. but if that guru is filling you with ideas of karma and reincarnation and
  1842. subtle energy bodies and astral projection, then you are working with a
  1843. distorted mirror, let alone trying to deal with your own distorted mirror.
  1844. Entheogens cut out the middleman, so to speak. Entheogens put
  1845. you directly in touch with yourself as God and the only distorted ego
  1846. mirror you have to deal with in such a context is your own. Dealing
  1847. with one distorted mirror is far easier than dealing with two, or many.
  1848. Given that the true nature of reality exists within you, the most
  1849. effective route to getting clear on what that reality is is to dive within
  1850. yourself to discover it for yourself. And given that the true nature of
  1851. reality is energetic, if you want to understand reality, you have to
  1852. understand energy.
  1853. When it comes to opening your perception and experience to
  1854. the reality of energy that exists within you, there is nothing more
  1855. effective than entheogens. It’s just that simple. There is no need to get
  1856. tangled up in moralistic or religious arguments about “drugs” or
  1857. “cheating” or anything of that sort. Entheogens are simply tools, and as
  1858. tools, they are the most effective at what they do. A hallmark of clear
  1859. intelligence is using the proper tool for the job. Why not use the best
  1860. tools available?
  1861. Lastly, given that all of reality is one, and all things are God,
  1862. could it really be an “accident” that entheogens affect us the way that
  1863. they do? That seems profoundly unlikely. Rather, there would seem to
  1864. be a reason why entheogens affect us they way they do: God created
  1865. crystal keys to help unlock consciousness in its vehicles so that they
  1866. can come to understand the true nature of their being and the reality in
  1867. which they live. Entheogens are crystal keys that unlock the doors to
  1868. the Divine Imagination.
  1869. Cautions
  1870. Working with entheogens is serious business and should not be
  1871. taken lightly. It takes dedication and often a tremendous amount of
  1872. bravery and personal perseverance. It is by no means an easy path.
  1873. Overcoming the illusions and fears of your ego and accepting your true
  1874. nature as God is the most significant challenge you could ever possibly
  1875. embark upon as a human being. However, given that you already are
  1876. 56 Being Human
  1877. God, you can rest assured that you can do it! Ultimately, there is
  1878. nothing to be achieved and nothing gained. You already are fully
  1879. awakened as God. Thus, working with entheogens is not about
  1880. achieving some exalted or rarified state (as is promoted by meditation
  1881. traditions) but rather is about letting go of your resistance and relaxing
  1882. fully into the core of your true energetic nature. But remember: your
  1883. ego is designed to convince you that you are a separate being. That is
  1884. its function. To awaken to your true nature, you must transcend your
  1885. ego. Your ego will never go away, but by transcending it, you can
  1886. release yourself from its grip. Yet within this process, your ego will
  1887. use every resource at its disposal to keep you trapped in self-generated
  1888. illusions. In the end, it is as simple as relaxing out of your ego and
  1889. being true to your energy, but getting there can be profoundly
  1890. challenging.
  1891. Thus, if you choose to embark on a process of self-discovery
  1892. with entheogens, be prepared for a difficult ride. Opening yourself up
  1893. to your own personal mirror of the divine can be terrifying and the only
  1894. way through is to confront your fears and illusions. Really, it is a
  1895. process of letting yourself “die” fully in order to discover your true
  1896. nature. You will have to find the strength and courage within yourself
  1897. to willingly participate in this radical process if you truly want to
  1898. awaken and open energetically.
  1899. This process is also profoundly beautiful and personally
  1900. satisfying, as well, so it isn’t all difficulty. The entire point of seeking
  1901. personal awakening is to find happiness, authenticity, and personal
  1902. fulfillment by living in truth. These rewards are well worth any
  1903. difficulties or challenges one might face along the way. This is the
  1904. motivation for undertaking this great work. And let’s be clear: if
  1905. everyone took the responsibility to awaken to the true nature of reality,
  1906. this would be a profoundly different world. Just imagine what the
  1907. world would be like if everyone let go of their illusions, fears, and egogenerated
  1908. drama games. War, violence, manipulation, exploitation, and
  1909. human-produced suffering would be a thing of the past. It is absolutely
  1910. true that world peace and global harmony begins with each individual.
  1911. If you want to do your part to make this world a better place, then it all
  1912. begins with you.
  1913. Entheogenic Practice 57
  1914. Things to be Aware of
  1915. Attachment to Story
  1916. A common effect of working with entheogens is attachment to
  1917. story. People see visions or encounter other “beings” and then proceed
  1918. to weave fantastic stories around their experiences. Terence McKenna
  1919. and the infamous machine elves are an excellent case in point. Terence
  1920. “encountered” the machine elves in a now-notorious DMT trip and
  1921. subsequently created an entire cultural mythology around these
  1922. ephemeral beings. As will be explained below in the discussion of the
  1923. Divine Imagination, Terence was unable to recognize himself in the
  1924. mirror and thus became attached to the idea of machine elves, which
  1925. dovetailed nicely into his fantasy of UFO’s, intergalactic space travel,
  1926. and 2012. All of this is story, and subsequently, fantasy.
  1927. Another classic example of attachment to story comes from the
  1928. modern religion of Santo Daime. The founder of the Daime
  1929. experienced a vision of the “Queen of the Forest” coming to him and
  1930. telling him that he was a reincarnation of John the Baptist, and he was
  1931. to reinstate the Doctrine of Jesus through the Daime (a version of the
  1932. ayahuasca drink). Once again, we see someone who fails to recognize
  1933. himself in the mirror, gets attached to ideas of entities and
  1934. reincarnation, and then uses that as motivation to create a modern
  1935. religious mythology of the Daime. Another story is born . . .
  1936. The solution is quite simple: don’t become attached to story!
  1937. Working with entheogens can be like going to see a movie that has
  1938. been personally designed just for you. Enjoy the movie, but don’t get
  1939. attached to it. It’s just a movie, after all! Another way of putting this
  1940. is to remember not to take visions literally. They are symbol and
  1941. metaphor, not ontological reality.
  1942. Your job is to stay present in the moment. Story is the exact
  1943. opposite of this. Story takes a span of time and turns it into an object
  1944. of attachment. Story has nothing to do with the present moment. Any
  1945. focus on story is always a distraction from the present. It does not
  1946. serve you, so let it go.
  1947. 58 Being Human
  1948. The Dangers of Shamanism
  1949. Many people who work with entheogens desire to do so in a
  1950. shamanic context or under the guidance of an experienced shaman. It
  1951. is important to keep in mind, however, the dangers that come with
  1952. shamanic practice. Shamanism, in contrast to the ideas presented in
  1953. this guide, is pluralistic, meaning that shamanic cultures traditionally
  1954. teach that the universe is comprised of multiple spirits residing in
  1955. multiple realms – basically the opposite of the radical non-dualism
  1956. being presented here. Within such shamanic systems there is
  1957. widespread projection and reinforcement of ideas of separation. In
  1958. turn, shamanic cultures tend to exhibit high degrees of jealousy, envy,
  1959. fear, and anxiety. The universe is split into realms of good and bad
  1960. spirits and good and bad shamans. The shamans fight with the spirits
  1961. and fight with each other. Sorcery is thrown back and forth and people
  1962. work “dark magic.” It’s all illusion, but when egos are playing the
  1963. game, they don’t know its illusion and react to it as though it were real.
  1964. People who become involved in shamanism often find that they
  1965. are overly concerned about “picking up bad energy” from people or
  1966. places. They engage in “protective” practices to try and shield
  1967. themselves from others. They go to shamans to have “bad spirits”
  1968. removed or “retrieve their lost soul.” While these practices can make
  1969. someone feel better and even improve their health, it’s a bit of a catch-
  1970. 22, because they are willingly engaging in the ego-fantasy and illusion
  1971. generated by shamanic cultures.
  1972. Consider an example: A person is feeling troubled by their
  1973. patterns of behavior that do not seem to serve their highest good and
  1974. they want to address it so they go see a shaman. The shaman divines
  1975. that the person is possessed by an evil spirit that is manipulating this
  1976. person’s choices and behaviors and prescribes an ayahuasca session to
  1977. release the demon. The person is now fearful that there is something
  1978. “bad” that needs to “taken out” and is dependent on the shaman to
  1979. accomplish this for them. The shaman and patient then drink
  1980. ayahuasca. The patient then starts to feel the struggle inside and gives
  1981. more and more energy to the “demon” and it truly does start to feel like
  1982. an entity of its own. The shaman then performs ritual extraction
  1983. techniques and the patient energetically feels something “being
  1984. released” through the actions of the shaman. Case closed, patient
  1985. better.
  1986. Entheogenic Practice 59
  1987. The problem is that there are no such things as spirits or entities
  1988. that can “attach” themselves to you or possess you. Any such “entity”
  1989. or “energy” is merely a part of yourself that you are not personally
  1990. taking responsibility for. A shamanic extraction process “exteriorizes”
  1991. your internal conflict and then attempts to banish it. However, if you
  1992. haven’t addressed the underlying irresponsibility and disowning of
  1993. your own energy, then you are merely perpetuating your personal
  1994. illusion and you lay the groundwork for it to return at any time because
  1995. you haven’t properly faced and owned it as yourself. In other words,
  1996. this shamanic process is engaging in story and attachment to ideas of
  1997. separation. It is a fantasy game. That’s fine, if you want to live in
  1998. fantasy and accept the consequences of doing so (fear, judgment,
  1999. inauthenticity, etc.), but if you want to live in reality, this is not helpful.
  2000. Fear of Losing Control
  2001. When people work with entheogens, particularly high-level
  2002. entheogens such as extracted or synthetic DMT or 5-MeO-DMT,
  2003. spontaneous experiences become common. This is especially true with
  2004. 5-MeO-DMT. It is not unusual for a person who has experienced 5-
  2005. MeO-DMT to awaken every night for a week or so thereafter finding
  2006. themselves fully launched into a psychedelic experience. This can be
  2007. extraordinarily unnerving. People might also start to spontaneously
  2008. see visions and scenes or psychedelic imagery when they are falling
  2009. asleep.
  2010. The important thing to remember here is simply to let go and
  2011. relax. Spontaneous experiences tend to mellow out, over time, if one
  2012. can relax about it. Reacting with fear and anxiety will only make the
  2013. situation worse. The problem is that energy and perception are always
  2014. moving and changing. A common fear is “I’m never going to come
  2015. back,” but everyone always does. So trust in that and just relax if these
  2016. experiences start to happen to you. Don’t try and fight them. Just
  2017. accept that you’re opening to your energy and remember that energy is
  2018. always moving and changing. No state of being or experience is
  2019. permanent.
  2020. It is also important to remain vigilant about not becoming
  2021. attached to story in such experiences as well. If visions present
  2022. themselves, just enjoy the show. Don’t worry about what they “mean.”
  2023. Chances are, you’re just bouncing around through different images
  2024. 60 Being Human
  2025. without any real coherency. And when they stop, don’t worry about it.
  2026. They weren’t really serving you in the first place, but your ego might
  2027. miss them and want them to return. Don’t let your ego get in your way
  2028. of being clear!
  2029. Engaging with Others
  2030. Keep in mind that the more relaxed you become with your ego,
  2031. the more of a challenge you will become to others who have not
  2032. relaxed or transcended their egos. Given that egos make it their
  2033. profession to distort their image in the mirror of reality, the clearer a
  2034. mirror you become, the more uncomfortable you will make other egos.
  2035. This is because you will become increasingly less likely to engage in
  2036. others’ ego-dramas, and their egos won’t like this. From their
  2037. perspective, you will be refusing to play the game they want to play the
  2038. way they want to play it. That will make you something of a partypooper
  2039. in an existential sense. Egos don’t like that, and they will do
  2040. everything they can to get you to rejoin the game. It will be your job to
  2041. be vigilant and responsible with yourself and how you express your
  2042. energy.
  2043. Set and Setting
  2044. The environment in which you choose to use entheogens can
  2045. greatly affect the quality of the subsequent experience. Taking
  2046. mushrooms at a festival can be fun and novel, but it isn’t the best
  2047. environment for doing serious self-reflective work. Similarly, taking
  2048. entheogens in a religious context can be a profound way of practicing a
  2049. religion with others, but the context will probably also provide you
  2050. with all kinds of illusions, fantasies, and stories to catch your ego’s
  2051. attention and therefore also is not necessarily best for doing genuine
  2052. self-reflective work. Shamanic contexts likely aren’t much better for
  2053. the reasons listed in the section above about the pluralistic nature of
  2054. shamanic worldviews. So what is the best set and setting?
  2055. Secure and Free From Distractions
  2056. First of all, you will want to feel secure in your environment
  2057. and the people you are with (if anyone). Ideally, you want a location
  2058. Entheogenic Practice 61
  2059. that will not be disturbed by others during the course of your medicine
  2060. work. If you are at home, this means turning off the phone and the
  2061. computer and not answering the door if someone comes over. Have a
  2062. sitter to do that, if necessary. But during the time of your medicine
  2063. work, you want to be able to stay focused on what you are doing.
  2064. Furthermore, your aim is to “go within,” so you will want a
  2065. dark, quiet place in which to do your work. Nighttime is best for a
  2066. variety of reasons. For one, it will be dark so there will be fewer
  2067. distractions so you can close your eyes and focus inward. Second, our
  2068. minds relax more at night. During the day, most peoples’ minds are
  2069. busy thinking about the things they should be doing and should be
  2070. accomplishing. When you are working with entheogens, you want to
  2071. be able to focus your mind entirely on the present moment of your
  2072. experience, not thinking about what you should be accomplishing at
  2073. that time. It is simply easier for people to enter this relaxed state at
  2074. night.
  2075. To help your mind relax, it is also wise to have all tasks and
  2076. chores finished for the day before embarking on your inner journey. If
  2077. something is pressing on your mind, don’t leave it until after. Get it
  2078. done and out of the way so that you don’t have to bother worrying or
  2079. thinking about that issue. This can be especially challenging for people
  2080. in our modern world where our egos are trained to think that they have
  2081. to be accomplishing something at every moment and that we should
  2082. keep ourselves busy and task oriented. Taking up a simple meditation
  2083. practice can help break this pattern. If you find you are not able to be
  2084. present when you work with entheogens, then give meditation a try to
  2085. practice relaxing into the moment.
  2086. The Sitter
  2087. Many people find having a “sitter” to be comforting when
  2088. engaging in entheogenic self-exploration. The sitter is not there to be
  2089. an active participant but rather for support and reassurance, if such
  2090. should be necessary. The sitter can also take care of any unexpected
  2091. events, such as visitors.
  2092. Beyond comfort and reassurance, sitters can be important for
  2093. safety as well. Some entheogens produce such radically altered states
  2094. of consciousness that people may not be aware of their body or body
  2095. movements. This is especially true with inexperienced users. Until one
  2096. 62 Being Human
  2097. is familiar with any particular entheogen and how it affects one, it is
  2098. good advice to have a sitter to make sure that everything proceeds
  2099. smoothly and no one hurts themselves.
  2100. It is also important to keep in mind that one never knows how
  2101. one will react to working with a new and as-yet-to-be-experienced
  2102. entheogen. Though rare, some individuals do have health-related
  2103. reactions and medical attention might become necessary. In such
  2104. cases, having a sitter can make a crucial difference.
  2105. As entheogen users become more experienced, sitters become
  2106. less necessary. People come to know their own limits and their own
  2107. reactions. Many find that doing a journey alone is more rewarding than
  2108. having others present, even if it is just a sitter. But even in such cases,
  2109. it is good to have a friend who knows what is taking place and will
  2110. check in with the explorer at an appropriate time after the journey is
  2111. completed.
  2112. Ritual
  2113. Many people enjoy adding ceremony and ritual to their use of
  2114. entheogens. The only reason to incorporate such practices would be
  2115. personal desire to have ritual. Entheogens are not mysterious, magical
  2116. substances that require arcane rituals, spells, or incantations. They are
  2117. perfectly effective all on their own; no ritual required. Yet, ritual can
  2118. serve to calm nerves, center attention, and create focus. If such is
  2119. deemed necessary, then ritual can be useful. Ritual can also become an
  2120. object of attachment and superstition, however, and can unnecessarily
  2121. obfuscate and muddy the process of working with entheogens. Ritual
  2122. is just a “container” and has no function or meaning outside of helping
  2123. to create the set and setting.
  2124. Prayer
  2125. Prayers are much like ritual: they are great if they help someone
  2126. get in the right frame of mind, but they can also be an object of
  2127. attachment. Prayers do not accomplish anything other than helping a
  2128. person express him or herself and set the tone and feeling for a
  2129. ceremonial action. Prayers have no actual affect on anything “out
  2130. there” in terms of either reality or God or spirits. Consider that you are
  2131. God. So to whom are you praying? Expressing yourself is fine, but
  2132. Entheogenic Practice 63
  2133. don’t become attached to having your prayers “answered” or as
  2134. actually being effective in “calling up spirits” or “energies.” You’re
  2135. only talking to yourself.
  2136. Setting Intention
  2137. Though working with entheogens is largely unpredictable in
  2138. terms of what kinds of experiences they will open anyone up to at any
  2139. given time, going into a session with a clear intention can help one to
  2140. maintain focus through the experience. The most universal intention is
  2141. simply to remain present and aware, but sometimes having more
  2142. specific intentions can be useful. For example, if you’ve become aware
  2143. of an ego-generated behavior pattern that you’d like to explore and
  2144. address, set your intention to do so, and repeatedly remind yourself of
  2145. that intention throughout your session. Though one ultimately does
  2146. have to surrender to the experience, a great deal of influence can be
  2147. exerted through repeated expression of intention. This also means
  2148. cultivating an intention not to be distracted on the journey and
  2149. consciously bringing one’s attention back to the experience and
  2150. question at hand.
  2151. Understanding Your Personal Interface
  2152. Despite appearances, you never actually see, feel, hear, taste, or
  2153. touch anything directly. What we experience as reality is actually all a
  2154. reconstruction within consciousness. In this sense, each individual
  2155. living being has its own personal virtual reality. Consciousness is a
  2156. sophisticated mapping mechanism. Through experience, we learn to
  2157. identify patterns of energy as objects and identifiable phenomena with
  2158. the data we take in through our senses and process in our
  2159. consciousness. Raw data comes into our senses and then we apply our
  2160. internal maps onto that data in order to produce an experience that we
  2161. can be aware of. For example, if you see something that you are not
  2162. able to immediately identify, your consciousness will sort through all
  2163. kinds of possibilities, trying to make a match between internal map and
  2164. external data. You might have had such an experience while out for a
  2165. walk on a dark night. You see a shape off in the distance and you start
  2166. to run through different possibilities as your eyes attempt to discern
  2167. what it is you are seeing. Is it a person? An animal? A rock? A tree?
  2168. 64 Being Human
  2169. Is it dangerous, or friendly? As your mind attempts to process the data,
  2170. your perception and energetic reaction to the data changes rapidly.
  2171. Eventually, you’re relieved that it’s just a rock.
  2172. This process works so smoothly and rapidly that most of the
  2173. time we are completely unaware of how we are actively reconstructing
  2174. our experience of reality from the raw data of our senses in our
  2175. consciousness. But experience always works this way: an internal map
  2176. applied to raw data.
  2177. Buddhism proclaims that this process renders all concepts
  2178. empty of ultimate reality. According to Buddhist teachings, given that
  2179. our experience of reality is a compilation of relative concepts, they are
  2180. empty of all ultimate truth and all things are only conventionally true.
  2181. The only absolute truth is emptiness. For this reason, Buddhists claim
  2182. that all human thought, philosophy, science, religion, etc. are only
  2183. conventional truths and have no real ontological reality.
  2184. This position is fundamentally wrong for a variety of reasons.
  2185. The energy that comprises physical, “external,” reality and
  2186. consciousness work according to the same mathematical and
  2187. geometrical principles. In other words, the underlying energetic matrix
  2188. of both “inside” and “outside” is fundamentally the same. Simply put,
  2189. a square in external reality is the same as a square in internal reality
  2190. because a square is a fundamental geometric shape and the same
  2191. mathematical principles apply. This is also true of more sophisticated
  2192. objects. A tree might be a complicated shape with all of its detail, but
  2193. mathematically, it is a fractal. Our experience of a tree is therefore not
  2194. a matter of a conventional perception as determined by our concepts: it
  2195. is a mapping of an internal fractal construct onto the data of an external
  2196. fractal construct. There is no reason that the mapping can’t be one to
  2197. one, or in other words, a completely accurate representation of
  2198. energetic reality.
  2199. The basic problem with Buddhist philosophy is that it cannot
  2200. account for mathematics or geometry. While culturally-derived
  2201. concepts are conventional and relative to culture and perspective,
  2202. mathematics and geometry are not culturally-derived concepts.
  2203. Mathematics and geometry are “discovered” and are completely
  2204. independent of any cultural perspective or lens. Because of this, they
  2205. are universal. 2+2=4. This is an energetic universal and has nothing to
  2206. do with cultural concepts or relative truth. It is a fundamental aspect of
  2207. Entheogenic Practice 65
  2208. reality. Mathematics and geometry are the ontological underpinnings
  2209. of all of reality. As such, they are not “empty.”
  2210. Consider another example. Music varies from one culture to
  2211. another; so much so that what is considered music in one culture might
  2212. be considered noise in another. Musical tastes and styles are always a
  2213. matter of convention and therefore “empty” of fundamental truth, if we
  2214. were to ask which style of music is “better,” for example. However,
  2215. music itself is the expression of universal mathematical and energetic
  2216. principles. What we think of music and how we experience it might be
  2217. cultural convention, but rhythm, vibration, harmony, melody, etc. are
  2218. all mathematical functions. The energetic constructs of music are
  2219. universal and fundamental expressions of reality.
  2220. Working with entheogens is a means to access the more
  2221. fundamental energetic nature of reality. Consciousness, as mediated
  2222. through your body, is your personal interface with energy. When one
  2223. works with entheogens, consciousness and perception are affected so
  2224. that your interface works in a heightened and amplified fashion. The
  2225. underlying energetic, mathematical, geometric, and fractal structures of
  2226. reality become open to direct perception and experience. The stronger
  2227. the entheogen, the more geometric and fractal one’s experience and
  2228. perception becomes. This is also a major difference between
  2229. meditation and working with entheogens: meditation tends to simply
  2230. clear out and empty your personal interface of content (and thus the
  2231. Buddhist emphasis on emptiness), whereas entheogens open your
  2232. perception to the underlying energetic constructs of reality. Meditation
  2233. is largely about calming and clarifying consciousness. Entheogens are
  2234. a heightened experience of the fundamental nature of reality.
  2235. Key Ideas
  2236. • Entheogens are tools for self-exploration and learning to be in
  2237. touch with one’s energy
  2238. • Working with entheogens can be extremely challenging, so
  2239. proceeded with caution and self-education
  2240. • Avoid attachment to stories that may arise from visionary
  2241. experiences
  2242. 66 Being Human
  2243. • Take ownership of your energy and experience: remember that
  2244. it is all you
  2245. • Set, setting, and context are all important considerations for
  2246. maximizing the effectiveness of your experience
  2247. • Working with entheogens is a method of opening up your
  2248. personal interface with the divine without any intermediaries: it
  2249. is direct experience
  2250. • Your personal interface works according to the same
  2251. mathematical and energetic principles as the rest of nature
  2252. • Your personal interface is ultimately a sophisticated, interactive
  2253. mirror
  2254. Interfacing with the Divine
  2255. The Divine Imagination
  2256. Entheogens primarily do one thing: they open up an
  2257. individual’s ability to perceive and experience energy. This takes many
  2258. forms and can appear as many different kinds of experiences, but all
  2259. entheogenic experiences are energetic experiences in the same sense
  2260. that all of reality is made of energy, yet there is still a great deal of
  2261. diversity.
  2262. Working with entheogens is a direct method of accessing the
  2263. Divine Imagination, the matrix of all possible energetic permutations.
  2264. The Divine Imagination is accessed directly through your personal
  2265. interface, or your consciousness as mediated through the structural
  2266. network of your body. Given that entheogens function as
  2267. neurotransmitters and that tryptamines are endogenous to the human
  2268. body, when we add a very small amount of additional tryptamines to
  2269. our bodies, our interface begins to function in a heightened manner and
  2270. our ability to perceive and experience energetic forms expands, and
  2271. with high level tryptamines such as extracted DMT or 5-MeO-DMT,
  2272. opens completely.
  2273. The Divine Imagination is best accessed with eyes closed. In
  2274. this way, data is no longer being processed from “outside,” and instead
  2275. one can focus consciousness directly on the play of energetic forms of
  2276. the imagination and consciousness itself. In a very real sense, this is a
  2277. process of looking into a mirror. Everything that one might experience
  2278. 68 Being Human
  2279. in such a state is merely a reflection of the self in one form or another.
  2280. However, given that most people are not prepared to accept themselves
  2281. as God, these mirror reflections take on all kinds of forms and can
  2282. appear as an infinite variety of visionary and psychedelic experiences.
  2283. Experience in the Divine Imagination has a paradoxical quality
  2284. to it in that what one experiences is often taken to be “other,” or “not
  2285. self.” Keep in mind that human existence is itself paradoxical: you are
  2286. both an individual living being in a body with a self-identity and God
  2287. simultaneously. When working in the Divine Imagination, you are
  2288. actually interacting with yourself as God from your perspective as a
  2289. unique individual. Until you learn how to recognize yourself in the
  2290. mirror and accept that it is just you, you will experience the Divine
  2291. Imagination as something else. Rest assured, however, that it is just
  2292. you.
  2293. Archetypal Energies and Fundamental Geometry
  2294. One of the most distinctive features of the Divine Imagination is
  2295. its geometric quality. This is especially obvious during higher-level
  2296. experiences with tryptamines. Behind closed eyes, intricate
  2297. kaleidoscopic images undulate and writhe with stunning radial
  2298. symmetry. Fractals spin their patterns across universal grids.
  2299. Sophisticated images with distinctive bilateral symmetry shimmer in
  2300. translucent light of geometric forms. Patterns overlap and interplay
  2301. with one another. Infinite spectrums of color give form to subtle
  2302. gradations to energy. The living world of pure energy becomes
  2303. immediately apparent and open to observation and inspection.
  2304. Within these visionary energetic structures we find the
  2305. fundamental energetic archetypes of manifest reality. Here, in the
  2306. Divine Imagination, energy exists in potential or archetypal form: that
  2307. which exists prior to embodiment in physical form. These are not
  2308. psychological archetypes. They are more energetic blueprints or basic
  2309. building blocks of reality.
  2310. These are the energetic blueprints from which living beings
  2311. form as well as inorganic physical structures. When observing these
  2312. energies, it is very easy for the mind to recognize basic energetic forms
  2313. and begin to structure them into concrete images of creatures, beings,
  2314. landscapes, etc. When such happens, people tend to describe
  2315. themselves as having a “vision” or as encountering beings in a
  2316. Interfacing with the Divine 69
  2317. visionary realm. These are constructs of the mind, however, and are
  2318. not actual “encounters” with any other beings, for they are just
  2319. reflections of yourself.
  2320. It is easy to be confused by the Divine Imagination and indeed,
  2321. it would seem that most of what we take as religious revelation is the
  2322. product of individuals who have been confused by their experiences
  2323. within the Divine Imagination. When people have visions, a common
  2324. claim is that it must have been “real” because it was so far beyond
  2325. anything that the individual could have imagined that it couldn’t
  2326. possibly be a product of the mind. The problem is that human
  2327. consciousness is not normally open to such a heightened perception of
  2328. energetic possibilities and our engagement with our imagination takes
  2329. place at a very low level of perception. When we work with
  2330. entheogens, these limiting factors are suspended and our experience of
  2331. imagination takes on fantastical qualities. Just keep in mind that you
  2332. are transcending limited, human imagination and entering into the
  2333. Divine Imagination, where anything and everything is possible.
  2334. It is also important to keep in mind that when entering the
  2335. Divine Imagination, you are opening yourself up to an infinite amount
  2336. of potential information that will seem to be far beyond anything that
  2337. you think you personally know or can account for. Remember that you
  2338. are actually God in human form and God is all things and all living
  2339. beings. While your vehicle (your consciousness in this body) is not
  2340. able to process all this information simultaneously, you do have access
  2341. to it in limited form. This means that there is potentially nothing that
  2342. you can’t know or experience, at least in some sense.
  2343. Let’s consider an example. In a visionary state, a shaman
  2344. experiences the spirit of a plant coming to him and telling him how a
  2345. particular plant can be used to treat some ailment. In the shamanic
  2346. context, the shaman takes this experience at face value as a
  2347. communication between two beings. However, this is not what is
  2348. happening. The shaman is God and is therefore the plant, the shaman,
  2349. the patient, and the disease. The communication is experienced as
  2350. something transpiring between beings, but this is a fundamental
  2351. confusion. Really it is just one being interacting with itself in the
  2352. illusory form of different characters with different perspectives. In
  2353. actuality, they are all one. The shaman experiences the knowledge of
  2354. healing as being granted to him by outside spirits and agencies, but they
  2355. are really just visionary versions of himself. He is interacting with
  2356. 70 Being Human
  2357. himself in a mirror. The knowledge he gives himself is something he
  2358. already knows but just doesn’t know that he knows it.
  2359. From the Possibilities of the Divine Imagination to the Actuality of
  2360. Manifestation
  2361. Energy is constantly translating from the realm of infinite
  2362. possibilities into the realm of actuality, or what we collectively call
  2363. reality. The energetic possibilities in the imagination are what are
  2364. playing out here in reality, or what is actually taking place. It is
  2365. important to understand that while there are infinite possibilities in the
  2366. Divine Imagination, reality itself is unitary. Geometric forms can
  2367. rapidly morph into beings that change from one form to another very
  2368. quickly in the Divine Imagination. In reality, such morphing does not
  2369. take place at an imaginary level but rather takes years of evolution to
  2370. actually be achieved. Actual reality does not work according to
  2371. imaginal principles. Reality works according to basic energetic
  2372. principles that interact and evolve over time to create what is actual. It
  2373. is possible for the fractal energetic form of a lizard to transform into a
  2374. human. In the Divine Imagination, this only takes a brief moment. In
  2375. actuality, it takes millions of years of evolution to be accomplished.
  2376. However, human agency plays a direct evolutionary role in this
  2377. process. While “nature” has to work according to evolutionary
  2378. principles as structured by mathematical permutations of fundamental
  2379. energy, there are aspects of the Divine Imagination that humans can
  2380. recreate freely and manifest as aspects of human culture, which is itself
  2381. a transcendent feature of biological evolution. Because humans have
  2382. self-conscious awareness and the physical ability to transform the
  2383. world around us with our hands, we can choose to move energy to
  2384. create what we experience in the Divine Imagination. God is therefore
  2385. no longer limited by physical evolution, but can engage in imaginative,
  2386. cultural evolution as well.
  2387. A great deal of what we identify as human culture is a product
  2388. of this process, and numerous examples abound. Let’s start with art.
  2389. The earliest expressions of human culture took the form of cave
  2390. paintings. A near-universal feature of early cave paintings is geometric
  2391. forms with bilateral and radial symmetry. Lines, grids, and repetition
  2392. of patterns are common as well. So too are animal-human hybrids and
  2393. fantastical animals. These are all things that humans encounter in the
  2394. Interfacing with the Divine 71
  2395. Divine Imagination in the entheogenic experience. The birth of human
  2396. cultures therefore coincides with moving energy from the possibilities
  2397. of the Divine Imagination into physical form through art.
  2398. A curious feature of the Divine Imagination is that it is very
  2399. common for people to perceive patterns of energy that they can
  2400. immediately identify as being culture-specific. For example, Celtic
  2401. knots are a common perception with tryptamines. Similarly, people
  2402. may also encounter what appears to be Meso-American motifs, Islamic
  2403. arabesques, Buddhist symbols, Aboriginal dot paintings, or Egyptian
  2404. hieroglyphics. A common, though entirely mistaken, interpretation is
  2405. that people believe themselves to be having “past life experiences” or
  2406. “traveling in the astral” to these other times and realms. This is a
  2407. fundamentally mistaken interpretation, however. What people are
  2408. experiencing are merely archetypal energy patterns. In other words,
  2409. there’s nothing “Celtic” about seeing a Celtic knot while on
  2410. tryptamines. The visionary is merely perceiving the same formations
  2411. of energy that early Celts perceived in their entheogenic trances and
  2412. then developed as a cultural artistic pattern and aesthetic. The same
  2413. holds true for other “cultural” motifs in visionary states. These forms
  2414. of artistic creation and expression all have their source in the Divine
  2415. Imagination.
  2416. Another example is language itself. In the Divine Imagination,
  2417. all energy is perceived and experienced as being communicative and
  2418. expressive. All energy has a qualitative and affective aspect to it (think
  2419. of the expressive quality of music, for example), because all energy is
  2420. conscious and an aspect of God. Speech and language is the expression
  2421. of energy with the intent of clear communication. Through entering
  2422. into the Divine Imagination, humans learned how to make meaning out
  2423. of energetic expressions and thus the birth of human language.
  2424. Even written language seems to have its origins in the Divine
  2425. Imagination. Ancient societies often claimed that their written
  2426. language was given to them directly by God. The ancient language of
  2427. Sanskrit, as a written form, is called Devanagri, which means
  2428. “language of the city of the Gods.” It is well known that ancient
  2429. Indians used entheogens and it is traditionally claimed that Sanskrit
  2430. was both seen and heard in trance states of consciousness. Thus the
  2431. written as well as the spoken form of Sanskrit comes directly out of
  2432. states of heightened perception of energy.
  2433. 72 Being Human
  2434. Human architecture also has its origins in the Divine
  2435. Imagination. Experiences of temples, palaces, pyramids, and other
  2436. dramatic structures are common in entheogenic visionary states.
  2437. Inspired by their visions, humans have successfully recreated those
  2438. visions in actual architecture. It is no coincidence that, traditionally,
  2439. the grandest examples of human architecture have all been devoted to
  2440. expressions of religious cultures and traditions. It is also no
  2441. coincidence that grand religious architecture tends to exhibit significant
  2442. radial and bilateral symmetry in fractal forms with ratios that reflect the
  2443. golden mean. These are direct products of the Divine Imagination as
  2444. actualized through human hands.
  2445. Even science and technology has its origins in the Divine
  2446. Imagination. Though scientists don’t often publicize this, many
  2447. scientific breakthroughs and discoveries were made in dreams and
  2448. visualizations, and even in some cases with entheogens. Mathematics
  2449. and geometry were first developed in ancient Greece, India, and MesoAmerica;
  2450. all places where entheogens were used as a primary means of
  2451. religious and cultural activity. Visionary experiences of advanced
  2452. technology are also common with entheogens. The internet and our
  2453. basic computer software and hardware systems were mostly designed
  2454. by entheogen users on the west coast of California. Technology is
  2455. nothing but the accurate application of knowledge to the energetic
  2456. structures of reality. Our best technology is immediately inspired by
  2457. the Divine Imagination.
  2458. Clearly religion itself has its origins in the Divine Imagination,
  2459. but here we largely find a conflation between imagination and reality
  2460. where the images and experiences in the Divine Imagination are taken
  2461. literally, rather than as the energetic possibilities that they actually are.
  2462. The same can be said for modern-day beliefs in UFOs and aliens –
  2463. imaginal experiences that are taken as literally true.
  2464. Overall, it is easy to see that humans, in their most expressive
  2465. and intelligent forms, are directly inspired by the Divine Imagination.
  2466. Infinity Spectrums
  2467. Different entheogens provide different forms of access to the
  2468. Divine Imagination and can be characterized as infinity spectrums. The
  2469. basic idea here is that while all entheogens potentially open one up to
  2470. an infinite variety of experiences and perceptions, the spectrums of
  2471. Interfacing with the Divine 73
  2472. different medicines are distinct. Let’s consider a few examples to
  2473. understand how this manifests.
  2474. Salvia Divinorum
  2475. Salvia divinorum is an entheogenic sage plant from Mexico and
  2476. remains largely legal to possess and use. Salvia is unique in the
  2477. entheogenic world as its active compound, Salvinorin-A, is not related
  2478. to any other class of entheogen. Its impact on the nervous system and
  2479. brain is limited in the sense that it only interacts with one receptor site,
  2480. as opposed to tryptamines, which interact with a much broader
  2481. spectrum of receptors.
  2482. Experiences with salvia are unique and have an unmistakable
  2483. quality to them that is easily distinguished from other entheogens.
  2484. When compared to other entheogens, especially tryptamines, salvia
  2485. experiences seem thick, sticky, and clownish or cartoonish. In a very
  2486. basic sense, the spectrum of salvia experiences is less expansive than
  2487. tryptamines and as such, by comparison, seem to be comprised of
  2488. “fewer pixels” and are of a lower or slower vibration.
  2489. Take the cartoonish quality of salvia, for example. If salvia is a
  2490. cartoon experience, then by comparison, DMT is high-resolution
  2491. computer graphics. The spectrums of colors in salvia experiences are
  2492. not as varied or as finely detailed as with DMT. Swaths of color are
  2493. darker, less bright, and tend to be more gross – like the difference
  2494. between painting with a large brush versus drawing with a fine-tipped
  2495. pen.
  2496. Similarly, the energy of the experience feels thicker and slower
  2497. than tryptamines. Rather than the buzzing, high-frequency energy of
  2498. tryptamines, salvia feels like one is getting pushed, pulled, and
  2499. stretched out like taffy in a taffy machine. It is very common for
  2500. people to feel pushed over by salvia because of this quality of the
  2501. energetic experience.
  2502. Visually, this often translates into visual images that appear
  2503. cartoonish or clownish in nature. Many people describe salvia as being
  2504. like a “funhouse” or “circus,” and there is often an odd, ironic sense of
  2505. humor and absurdity to the experience. Many who go looking for
  2506. “divine” experiences of angels and heavenly choirs come away from
  2507. salvia sorely disappointed because all they got was clowns and carnival
  2508. rides.
  2509. 74 Being Human
  2510. At high-level salvia experiences, most people report variations
  2511. on the same fundamental theme: reality unzips, turns itself inside out a
  2512. few times, and eventually reassembles back into the familiar. This
  2513. happens quite rapidly and can be uniquely unnerving, especially as
  2514. many people forget they’ve taken salvia when this begins to unfold.
  2515. Even with eyes wide open, one’s immediate environment disappears
  2516. and all one can perceive is this strange fractal of energy that looks a lot
  2517. like a hyper-dimensional zipper (and can also appear as conveyor belts,
  2518. serpents, or “worm holes”) that starts to unzip (it really can be uncanny
  2519. how much this looks like an actual zipper, complete with teeth and all),
  2520. and as it does, begins to fold over on itself and turn inside out in all
  2521. directions at once. As it does so, consciousness fractals out, leaving
  2522. one feeling like there are many “others” present at the same time, and
  2523. physically one feels the sticky, taffy-like quality of the energy moving
  2524. through one’s body in patterned, fractal form.
  2525. Such an experience is a full energetic opening with salvia. One
  2526. is completely immersed in the energetic state of perception and
  2527. experience. However, since salvia has a rather limited infinity
  2528. spectrum, the experience is nearly always the same with the same
  2529. features and qualities.
  2530. Psilocybin Mushrooms
  2531. The infinity spectrum opened up by psilocybin mushrooms,
  2532. which contain forms of DMT, a tryptamine, is far broader than that of
  2533. salvia. With mushrooms, the energy starts to take on a buzzing quality,
  2534. as opposed to the slowly oscillating vibrations of salvia. The difference
  2535. is immediately obvious. What might have appeared as a spectrum of
  2536. five shades of color with salvia appears as a spectrum of a hundred
  2537. shades of color with mushrooms. Especially at higher-level
  2538. experiences, the gradations in color and fine geometry of mushrooms
  2539. become exquisitely beautiful and captivating and can be a rapturous
  2540. experience.
  2541. Given the fine variations in geometry, it is easier for full
  2542. visionary experiences to open up with mushrooms than with salvia as
  2543. there is more structure for your consciousness to work with.
  2544. Fantastical scenes and creatures are common, especially with eyes
  2545. closed. Such visions can also seem uniquely realistic and seem to
  2546. reflect actual reality in a way that salvia often doesn’t. Cartoonish and
  2547. Interfacing with the Divine 75
  2548. clownish are not common descriptions of mushroom experiences
  2549. whereas they are for salvia.
  2550. Energetically, mushrooms can also make your body vibrate,
  2551. especially at higher doses. As crystalline structures, DMT molecules
  2552. amplify your energy, which tends to vibrate your body, especially when
  2553. there is resistance of any kind (mental, physical, emotional). Relaxing
  2554. your body can help minimize vibrations as can an internal willingness
  2555. to let go. They don’t hurt, however, and are not anything to worry
  2556. about, and can actually feel quite good. Relaxing through vibrations
  2557. tends to bring about deeper experiences, though, so it is usually
  2558. beneficial not to try and perpetuate vibrations when they occur.
  2559. Vibrating is also a clear sign that you are opening to your
  2560. energy. As your capacity to manage your energy increases, so will the
  2561. amount of energy that you process. Vibrating helps to break through
  2562. your resistances and the more open you become, the more blockages
  2563. you will remove. Sessions with mushrooms can be very useful for this.
  2564. Ayahuasca and its Analogues
  2565. Ayahuasca is a step up the infinity spectrum scale from
  2566. psilocybin mushrooms. Ayahuasca is traditionally prepared with DMT
  2567. containing plants, but is also mixed with 5-MeO-DMT containing
  2568. plants as well as members of the rather dangerous nightshade family,
  2569. such as datura or brugmansia.
  2570. In terms of sophistication of experience, ayahuasca is very
  2571. similar to psilocybin mushrooms, but often feels more sophisticated
  2572. and of a broader infinity spectrum. Vibrations of energy become even
  2573. more common and stronger with ayahuasca. The feeling of energy
  2574. moving through one’s body and consciousness is even more palpable
  2575. and immediate with ayahuasca, and the digestive action (purging and
  2576. diarrhea) accentuates this. Geometric forms and variations of colors
  2577. and patterns are even more subtle and intricate than with mushrooms,
  2578. and the experience is more enveloping. It is also quicker acting than
  2579. mushrooms, so the rise, peak and decline are more dramatic than
  2580. mushrooms, which also heightens the perception and experience of
  2581. energy. It takes you further, faster, and in greater beauty and
  2582. sophistication.
  2583. 76 Being Human
  2584. Extracted and Synthetic DMT
  2585. Dimethyltryptamine can be extracted from a wide variety of
  2586. plants, and is even present in high enough quantities in some plants that
  2587. they can be smoked directly with no extraction and a full DMT
  2588. experience can ensue. A full DMT experience comes on in about the
  2589. time it takes to take a breath and lasts for only 10-15 minutes if
  2590. smoked, or 30-40 minutes if injected (which is a rather uncommon
  2591. method of consumption of DMT as most vaporize or smoke it).
  2592. Though DMT is the active ingredient in mushrooms and ayahuasca, in
  2593. its extracted form it is absorbed and processed must faster than in these
  2594. other mediums and therefore is far more powerful and intense.
  2595. Because of its extremely powerful and fast acting nature, DMT
  2596. is not necessarily as effective as a “medicine” as are mushrooms and
  2597. ayahuasca. Mushrooms and ayahuasca give the visionary a good
  2598. amount of time to explore themselves and receive lessons in the Divine
  2599. Imagination. DMT, on the other hand, is more of a rocket ride that one
  2600. really just needs to let happen and remember to breathe. In other
  2601. words, mushrooms and ayahuasca are much better for people who have
  2602. “issues” to heal. DMT is best for those who are looking to get
  2603. comfortable with their fully open energetic state. DMT is therefore a
  2604. great tool for learning to manage your energy in a highly expanded
  2605. state.
  2606. Body tremors, vibrations, and seemingly involuntary
  2607. symmetrical movements are common in the wide-open energetic state
  2608. of a DMT experience. Within the span of a breath, most people find
  2609. themselves more profoundly altered perceptually and energetically than
  2610. they ever thought possible as they are flooded with the high-level
  2611. vibrations of energy that DMT makes accessible. Within this state,
  2612. reality becomes a hyper-vivid collection of energy patterns, fractals,
  2613. and geometric kaleidoscopes of radial and bilateral symmetry. These
  2614. hyper-vivid energy patterns can very easily transform into very realseeming
  2615. beings and reports of gods, aliens, alternate realms, and other,
  2616. strange hybrid beings are very common with DMT experiences. These
  2617. are all reflections in the mirror of the Divine Imagination, however, and
  2618. none of them have any ontological reality outside of the immediate
  2619. perceptual experience.
  2620. By comparison, ayahuasca and mushrooms seem like playing in
  2621. the kiddie pool. A full DMT experience is simply so expansive and
  2622. Interfacing with the Divine 77
  2623. total that no amount of work with mushrooms or ayahuasca can really
  2624. prepare one. At lower levels, DMT is similar to a high-level ayahuasca
  2625. or mushroom experience, but once a certain threshold is crossed, the
  2626. range of DMT is just so far beyond these other medicines that
  2627. comparisons quickly break down. The geometry, fractals, and patterns
  2628. are always of a family resemblance, however, yet their complexity and
  2629. sophistication is greater by infinite degrees.
  2630. 5-MeO-DMT
  2631. The crown jewel of all entheogens is 5-methoxydimethyltryptamine
  2632. and can reasonably be called “the God molecule.”
  2633. Infinitely more powerful than DMT, 5-MeO-DMT gives rise to
  2634. probably the fullest possible energetic expansion that the human body
  2635. can process. In terms of infinity spectrums, 5-MeO-DMT opens one to
  2636. the pure infinite nature of all possible energetic permutations. It also
  2637. fairly effectively dissolves the ego within a few moments if the subject
  2638. is willing to let go and trust the experience unconditionally. In this
  2639. sense, for those who are able to let go, an experience of 5-MeO-DMT is
  2640. a near instantaneous expansion into one’s full energetic state as God
  2641. (within the limits of what can be experienced within the human body).
  2642. A near-universal reaction by those who have experienced 5-MeO-DMT
  2643. is that this experience is definitively IT! Though it can be challenging
  2644. to process exactly what that “IT!” is, this conclusion is very difficult to
  2645. deny. Personally, it was my first experience with 5-MeO-DMT that
  2646. permanently moved me out of the agnostic/atheist camp into direct
  2647. knowledge of the existence of God, and in many respects, this entire
  2648. guide is the product of this transformation and the subsequent
  2649. understanding of the nature of reality as a unitary, fractal energetic
  2650. system.
  2651. And for anyone who is still inclined to react by saying, “but
  2652. that’s just a drug experience,” I will remind you that 5-MeO-DMT is a
  2653. natural neurotransmitter that is already present in each and every
  2654. human being on this planet (as is DMT). Given that all of our
  2655. experiences of reality are mediated by neurotransmitters, all of reality
  2656. is a “drug” experience. With different levels of neurotransmitters in
  2657. our system, we are able to perceive and experience the energy of reality
  2658. in different ways. That does not make the perception and experience
  2659. 78 Being Human
  2660. less real or valid – only different (provided that we can remain clear of
  2661. confusion through our interactions with the Divine Imagination).
  2662. Unlike the other entheogens discussed here, 5-MeO-DMT is
  2663. largely non-visual in quality. Though it can give rise to perceptions of
  2664. pure, crystalline fractal rainbow light, visuals are not a defining feature
  2665. of the 5-MeO-DMT experience (and is a major distinction between 5-
  2666. MeO and the hyper-visual nature of DMT). Rather, 5-MeO-DMT is
  2667. more an experience of pure energy beyond any form or representation.
  2668. And it is quite significant that this energy is immediately perceived to
  2669. be not only fundamentally true and the actual nature of reality, but it is
  2670. also experienced as conscious and as being pure, absolute, and
  2671. unconditional love itself. It is your absolute nature as God, a conscious
  2672. energy being that is made out of love. 5-MeO-DMT is simply the most
  2673. pure and clear mirror for experiencing your true energetic nature.
  2674. Key Ideas
  2675. • Entheogens open one up to experiences of energy in the Divine
  2676. Imagination
  2677. • The fundamental matrix of energy in the Divine Imagination is
  2678. comprised of patterns and fractal geometry
  2679. • Visions in the Divine Imagination arise out of the energetic
  2680. matrix
  2681. • Much of what we take to be cultural products are reflections of
  2682. energy patterns within the Divine Imagination
  2683. • Conscious entry into the Divine Imagination drives cultural
  2684. evolution and personal expression
  2685. • Different medicines open one up to different “infinity
  2686. spectrums” and therefore have unique characteristics of energy,
  2687. perception, and experience
  2688. Interfacing with the Divine 79
  2689. The Nature of the Journey
  2690. Though each medicine is different, when working with
  2691. tryptamines, there are some common dynamics of the experience that
  2692. are worth commenting on. Journeys can be broken down into phases
  2693. that are fairly consistent. The first phase is onset. With mushrooms
  2694. this can take up to the first couple hours of the experience. With
  2695. ayahuasca, the first thirty minutes or so. For DMT the onset is less
  2696. than 5 minutes. With 5-MeO-DMT it is about 10 minutes. This is the
  2697. phase where the medicine is building up to its peak, or the most intense
  2698. and expansive part of the experience. During this onset phase the
  2699. experience grows in waves. With DMT and 5-MeO, the onset begins
  2700. with the first breath, but with mushrooms and ayahuasca, it can take up
  2701. to an hour before the actual onset even begins.
  2702. Onset is followed by the peak. This is the most expansive and
  2703. intense part of the experience. With DMT, and especially 5-MeODMT,
  2704. the peak is so massive and so total that it defies description. It is
  2705. brief, however, and then the experience begins to return back to
  2706. baseline. With ayahuasca and mushrooms the peak lasts longer and
  2707. then there is a gradual return to baseline, with mushrooms taking the
  2708. longest. It is during the peak that the ego is the most relaxed and
  2709. people experience their energy in its most expansive state. It is also
  2710. when most people feel the greatest mystical awareness of themselves as
  2711. the divine.
  2712. To make it successfully through these first two phases, it is
  2713. important to relax, trust, and let go. Egos can initially react with a great
  2714. deal of discomfort and distress at the experience of energetically
  2715. opening up, and these early phases can produce a considerable amount
  2716. of fear and anxiety. Really, all that can be done is to surrender to the
  2717. experience, let it unfold as it will, and trust that you will be able to
  2718. handle it and that you will eventually come back, even though it might
  2719. not feel like it at the time. Generally, if there is resistance, once it is
  2720. overcome, it has been dealt with for that particular session and is
  2721. unlikely to return until sometime after the peak, if at all.
  2722. After the peak, the next stage of return then begins to unfold.
  2723. This is another important transitional moment, for this is when egos
  2724. start to reassert themselves once more after the initial transcendence
  2725. through the expansion and peak. At this point, egos start to realize that
  2726. they are “coming back” and might try and bring the session to a
  2727. 80 Being Human
  2728. conclusion prematurely. For example, when working with DMT, salvia,
  2729. or 5-MeO, many people begin to try and vocalize about their
  2730. experience at this time, commenting on how beautiful, strange, or
  2731. profound it is. If a sitter is present, this is a good time to remind the
  2732. person not to rush the experience and continue to focus inwards. The
  2733. temptation is for egos to bring themselves out of the experience and get
  2734. back to “normal.” However, some of the most important personal
  2735. revelations can come at this time. The voyager has just been through a
  2736. radically altered perspective and now has fresh insights to bring to their
  2737. personal issues and choices. This is a great time to integrate and bring
  2738. the lessons home and own them. Also, it can be particularly
  2739. challenging to try and articulate what one has just been through at this
  2740. time and trying to do so can be distracting from the process that is still
  2741. at work.
  2742. The return is also another phase that can feature significant
  2743. vibrations. As egos are becoming more present at this time, individuals
  2744. may begin to feel their resistances and blocks start to reform and this
  2745. can translate into vibrations in the body, especially of the limbs. This is
  2746. particularly the case with DMT and 5-MeO-DMT. At this time people
  2747. may feel that they are unable to manage the high level of energetic
  2748. vibrations. In extreme cases, this can manifest as purging. More often,
  2749. however, release is achieved through physically vibrating.
  2750. The key to the process of the journey really is the ego. In order
  2751. for the journey to successfully begin, the ego has to surrender to the
  2752. process. When egos refuse to surrender, it becomes a “bad trip” as
  2753. one’s God self will happily oblige to work the refusing ego over.
  2754. Generally, however, egos get the point and relax during the onset phase
  2755. of the journey. During the peak, the ego is more or less transcended
  2756. and the voyager is fully enveloped by the experience. As soon as the
  2757. peak has passed, however, the ego can sense that it is no longer
  2758. necessary for it to surrender, for the wave have cashed and now the
  2759. journey back begins. The ego jumps on this opportunity and will
  2760. attempt to begin reasserting itself immediately. To get the most out of
  2761. the experience, it is important to remember to continue to surrender and
  2762. relax the ego. One of the primary ways this can be achieved is through
  2763. body posture and movement.
  2764. Interfacing with the Divine 81
  2765. Posture and Movement
  2766. Though it is popular to describe entheogenic experiences,
  2767. especially high-level ones, as “out-of-body” experiences, it is important
  2768. to note that no such thing actually exists or occurs. Keep in mind that
  2769. while consciousness is not a product of the physical body, your
  2770. perspective as a living vehicle for God is dependent on your body.
  2771. When one works with entheogens, one is opening up to an energetic
  2772. experience. By immersing oneself fully in the energetic experience,
  2773. one enters the Divine Imagination. Here all kinds of experiences and
  2774. perceptions are possible, and it is very easy for one to forget that one is
  2775. in a body. Keep in mind that when in the Divine Imagination, one has
  2776. potential access to any aspect of the divine. Always remember that
  2777. God is all things and all beings. There is an infinite variety of
  2778. experiences that await one in the Divine Imagination. All of the energy
  2779. of the experience is mediated through one’s vehicle, however, and
  2780. energetic experiences are always experiences in the body, which is the
  2781. locus of your energetic matrix. An “out-of-body” experience, in the
  2782. literal, as opposed to experiential sense, is an impossibility. (Correlated
  2783. with this fundamental truth is that there is no such thing as disembodied
  2784. consciousness or beings – all true beings exist in a body. All
  2785. experiences of “spirits” or “disembodied beings” are just that –
  2786. experiences in the Divine Imagination.)
  2787. A phrase that is more useful than “out-of-body” is “full
  2788. energetic opening.” When one surrenders and opens fully to one’s
  2789. energy, one is able to energetically experience oneself as not being
  2790. identified with just the physical body. However, unless one is centered
  2791. in the core of one’s being, a full energetic opening can certainly send
  2792. one wandering about in the Divine Imagination in such a manner that
  2793. one has the impression of having left the body behind. However, it is
  2794. only attention and awareness that has left the body behind.
  2795. Consciousness itself hasn’t actually “gone” anywhere. Reality is
  2796. always a local phenomenon that is mediated through the physical body.
  2797. Relax into your center. This is your primary energetic goal
  2798. when working with entheogens. When the energy opens up, it is easy
  2799. to get carried away by it. The Divine Imagination turns into a
  2800. maelstrom of flowing, shifting geometric forms, patterns, and energy.
  2801. Images arise and stories begin to form. As long as you are not in your
  2802. center, it will be challenging to recognize all that reveals itself to you as
  2803. 82 Being Human
  2804. yourself. When you are firmly relaxed into your center, the mirror of
  2805. self is clear and you can easily recognize yourself in all that you
  2806. perceive and experience. Maintaining your center in these experiences
  2807. and throughout your journey is training for maintaining the integrity of
  2808. your energy in everyday life. Monitoring your body can help
  2809. tremendously in this process.
  2810. Movement and Working with Energy
  2811. Give your ego the goal of staying still. This means that you
  2812. make an agreement with yourself that you will only move when it is
  2813. absolutely necessary, or if you feel inspired by the medicine to do so.
  2814. This is a way of keeping your ego in check. Egos want to find ways to
  2815. distract you from the work that you are doing. Remember that the
  2816. function of the ego is to maintain the illusion of separation at all costs,
  2817. and it will use every trick it can think of to pull you back into its sphere
  2818. of influence. This can translate into fidgeting, physical discomfort,
  2819. itches, twitches, etc. If you can recognize these distractions and keep
  2820. your attention focused on the task of exploring your energy, then you
  2821. can avoid unnecessary movement or adjustments that only serve to
  2822. bring you out of the moment.
  2823. Ironically, the more one relaxes, the more one might feel
  2824. “moved.” This is very different from the physical distractions created
  2825. by ego. The ego distractions almost always come in the form of “I
  2826. need to attend to this,” “I need to adjust this,” “If I can just take care of
  2827. this, then I’ll feel better,” etc. Being moved does not have this
  2828. “personal” quality to it, and in fact, more often feels like one is literally
  2829. being moved by forces that appear to come from outside oneself. Of
  2830. course there is nothing outside of oneself, but this is a manifestation of
  2831. the fundamental paradox of being: You are both a unique individual
  2832. and God simultaneously. In this sense, your self as God can interact
  2833. with yourself as “you” in a way that appears as though something
  2834. exterior is interacting with you. In other words, when working with the
  2835. medicines, people sometimes feel “possessed” by spirits or energies
  2836. that seem to compel them to move their bodies or make various sounds.
  2837. Though such an experience can be disturbing, it is actually a
  2838. sign of healthy progress. The key to integrating it successfully and
  2839. realistically is to own the energy. There is a very serious potential ego
  2840. trap here. Remember that egos don’t want to own the energy. Egos
  2841. Interfacing with the Divine 83
  2842. want to convince you that the energy is “other” and will create all kinds
  2843. of stories and experiences to convince you of this “reality.” For
  2844. example, it is much easier for an ego to convince itself that it was
  2845. possessed by the “Holy Spirit” that “descended into it” than it is for the
  2846. ego to accept that you were merely experiencing yourself. Similarly, it
  2847. is easier for an ego to accept that it was possessed by a demon rather
  2848. than own up to the fact that all that negative energy is the result of the
  2849. individual playing too many ego games that have prevented the
  2850. individual from properly and honestly expressing itself. To truly
  2851. integrate yourself and your experience and reside in your energetic
  2852. center, you have to own all of this energy – the “good” and the “bad.”
  2853. It is all you, so own it. Don’t put the responsibility off on someone or
  2854. something else, even God. It’s all you!
  2855. The more you own the energy and take responsibility for it, the
  2856. closer you will get to your energetic center (which is also the center of
  2857. all things and the “location” where God resides). Physically, this is
  2858. the center of your heart, which is also from where the strongest
  2859. electromagnetic field of your physical body emanates in the form of a
  2860. torus (another torus of electromagnetic energy is produced by the brain,
  2861. but it is far weaker than the torus of the heart). To get to the center of
  2862. your heart, there could be a great deal of energy you need to work
  2863. through. If you have lived a life of suffering, pain, judgment, fear,
  2864. anxiety, frustration, dissatisfaction, etc., then chances are you’ve built
  2865. up all kinds of personally harmful patterns of behavior, choice, and
  2866. reaction. You’ll need to unwind all of these patterns and energetic
  2867. residues in order to successfully relax in the center of your heart and
  2868. being. Given that most people have these patterns, most people have
  2869. some work to do to discover and own their true center.
  2870. Coming to own your energy is like doing a dance or playing a
  2871. game with yourself. When you begin, your energy can definitively feel
  2872. like something outside and exterior to you, as does the deepened level
  2873. of consciousness that comes with it. The more you work with it, the
  2874. more your sense of personal identity can expand outside the usual
  2875. confines of your ego. As you do this, the “distance” between “you”
  2876. and the energy you perceive and experience as coming from outside of
  2877. you collapses. When you eventually reach the center of your being, the
  2878. difference is completely obliterated and you are able to take
  2879. responsibility and ownership for all of your energy, not just the energy
  2880. that your ego tries to convince you is “you.”
  2881. 84 Being Human
  2882. Perceptually, one’s “visions” will change as this process
  2883. progresses. The more you own your energy, the more likely you are to
  2884. see fractals, geometry, and energy patterns as opposed to visions of
  2885. beings, creatures, landscapes, and other specific imagery. Remember
  2886. that all “visions” arise out of a fundamental matrix of fractal geometry.
  2887. The more you can stay focused on the energetic matrix, the less prone
  2888. you are to being caught by ego-generated illusions. Visually, the
  2889. geometry tends to exhibit more coherency and symmetry when you are
  2890. in a centered state. This is a more accurate reflection of yourself in the
  2891. mirror of the Divine Imagination than any “vision” that contains
  2892. specific imagistic content. God, after all, is not any thing. It is the
  2893. energy from which all things arise, and that energy functions according
  2894. to the parameters of fractal geometry. When you are able to perceive
  2895. yourself clearly, this is what you will see.
  2896. The perfect symmetry of the centered state is also reflected in
  2897. body movements and posture in that centered individuals tend to
  2898. exhibit mirrored bilateral symmetry in their physical movements (when
  2899. letting themselves be moved by the energy without resistance).
  2900. Movements also take on a flowing character, usually after one has
  2901. processed through their resistance in the form of vibrating or
  2902. convulsing. Once the body has been accustomed to the energy and
  2903. resistance has broken down, then the vibrations can manifest as
  2904. smooth, fluid, mirrored, symmetrical movements. This can only occur
  2905. when the ego is suspended or transcended. Vibrations indicate that the
  2906. ego is still struggling with the energy. Smooth movements indicate that
  2907. the struggle has been released.
  2908. Maintaining Posture
  2909. How you hold your body has a direct and immediate impact on
  2910. your entheogenic experience and should always be kept in mind in
  2911. order to maximize the effectiveness of any entheogenic session.
  2912. Consider the following guidelines:
  2913. Uncrossed appendages
  2914. Keep arms and legs uncrossed at all times. This is simple
  2915. energetics and there is no deep metaphysical secret here. Your central
  2916. core of energy is found along your central axis and runs from your head
  2917. Interfacing with the Divine 85
  2918. to the base of your torso. It is along this axis that your central energy
  2919. centers are located in your physical being. Your arms and legs are then
  2920. conduits and energy channels, but not energy centers. Always keep in
  2921. mind that your bio-physical energy is electromagnetic and therefore
  2922. carries a positive and negative charge. When you cross your arms or
  2923. legs, you are actually crossing over energy currents. There isn’t
  2924. anything necessarily “wrong” with this, other than that it can make the
  2925. energy of the experience more convoluted, like crossing over two wires
  2926. that really shouldn’t be touching. You’ll have a far easier time
  2927. remaining centered in your natural flow if you keep your arms and legs
  2928. uncrossed. Remember: your energy is perfectly symmetrical in a
  2929. bilateral fractal expression. Crossing arms and legs perturbs your
  2930. natural bilateral symmetrical expression. It can also create muscle
  2931. cramps and physical discomfort due to the confused energy flow. This
  2932. is easy to avoid: just remain uncrossed and symmetrical.
  2933. Sitting
  2934. When working with medicines in a seated position, your main
  2935. concern is to keep the above issue of uncrossed appendages in mind in
  2936. order to maximize your smooth energy flow. This means if you are
  2937. seated in a chair, keep both feet planted firmly on the floor, ideally
  2938. keeping your feet flat. Energy grounds out through your feet and
  2939. keeping your feet flat allows for a smoother transfer of energy, as
  2940. opposed to being on tip toes, for example. Keep in mind that large
  2941. energy discharges can create “energy burns” on your toenails. It
  2942. doesn’t hurt (though it might prick and tingle), but it can make toenails
  2943. look pretty ugly. Keeping your feet flat can help minimize the
  2944. possibility of this happening. If it does, don’t worry – your toenails
  2945. will eventually grow out and look pretty again!
  2946. Also, when seated in a chair, keep your back straight and your
  2947. arms at your side. It is best to keep you hands on your lap with palms
  2948. facing up. Remember that body posture communicates receptivity at an
  2949. energetic level. Having your palms facing up energetically says, “I’m
  2950. ready to receive.” Putting your hands down says, “I’m keeping to
  2951. myself.” Also, putting your hands on your legs can cause energy to
  2952. flow from your hands into your legs and can make discharging and
  2953. grounding through your feet more of an issue than it might otherwise
  2954. 86 Being Human
  2955. be. Always keep in mind that your hands are powerful conduits and are
  2956. extremely sensitive to energy.
  2957. When sitting on the floor, many people want to sit in a
  2958. meditation position (lotus, half-lotus or crossed legs) as this is what
  2959. they are accustomed to through their mediation practice. Meditation is
  2960. about calming the mind and transcending the concerns of the body,
  2961. however, whereas medicine work is about opening to energy. While
  2962. meditation and medicine work have some similarities in practice, they
  2963. are actually quite different modalities of work, and thus the postures of
  2964. one modality don’t necessarily translate into the other. For medicine
  2965. work, crossed legs are not recommended for the energetic reasons listed
  2966. above. Thus, when sitting on the floor, legs should be kept out straight
  2967. or legs can be bent with the soles of the feet pressed together. This last
  2968. posture makes for a nice, contained energy circuit. Your legs will
  2969. make a diamond shape in front of you. This provides a nice base to sit
  2970. on and does not confuse the energy at all.
  2971. When sitting in this manner, you might be tempted to hold your
  2972. feet with your hands. There is nothing wrong with this, but be aware
  2973. that you can created an intense energy loop by doing so and can build
  2974. up a significant charge in your body. This can manifest as serious
  2975. muscle cramping and a feeling of overheating in your core. If this
  2976. occurs, crouch down and place your feet and hands flat on the ground
  2977. and take some deep breaths, letting your breath pass out of you slowly.
  2978. This will help to ground out the energy. As soon as you feel better,
  2979. resume your position and continue your journey.
  2980. As with sitting in a chair, when sitting on the floor, be mindful
  2981. of your hand positions. The best position, and most reflective of
  2982. openly receiving, is keeping hands at your sides or lap, palms up, ready
  2983. to receive. This is passive reception, however, and not grasping or
  2984. desiring. It is a body posture that says, “I’m not necessarily looking for
  2985. anything in particular, but am ready and willing to receive whatever
  2986. comes my way, regardless of what I think about it.” This is a body
  2987. posture that helps put the ego in its place.
  2988. While it is your goal to avoid fidgeting, be mindful of how the
  2989. energy is moving you. If you feel the energy moving your hands or
  2990. arms, set your ego aside and let it happen. You may find that your
  2991. hands spontaneously start forming into what Buddhists and Hindus call
  2992. mudras (think of statues of Buddhas and Hindu deities and their hand
  2993. gestures). It might be tempting to think that such a phenomenon means
  2994. Interfacing with the Divine 87
  2995. something. Don’t give into the temptation. It does not mean that you
  2996. are a bodhisattva or an avatar or anything else! All it means is that you
  2997. are being willing and open to letting the energy move you.
  2998. Another spontaneous hand gesture is the “prayer” gesture of
  2999. hands open and pressed together before the heart. If you feel you need
  3000. to center yourself, this is a good gesture to make. When you feel
  3001. centered, return your hands to the neutral position on your lap. Don’t
  3002. be surprised when, as you naturally become more centered, your hands
  3003. seem to float into this position all of their own accord as you open to
  3004. the energy flowing through you. This is a good sign, but don’t get
  3005. attached to it!
  3006. The more relaxed you become and the closer you get into your
  3007. center, the more likely you are to spontaneously move in mirrored
  3008. symmetry with your arms, and making the “prayer” gesture is just the
  3009. beginning. Energy is always flowing by its very nature and is never
  3010. static. In terms of body movements, this means that your arms will
  3011. start to move in flowing, fluid movements the more centered you are in
  3012. the energy. When you are truly centered, all of your movements will
  3013. exhibit total mirrored bilateral symmetry. In other words, your hands
  3014. and arms will mirror each other and will function together as a unit.
  3015. However, your arms will not cross over each other and at most your
  3016. hands will come together and meet in the middle to mirror each other.
  3017. When energy is working naturally and spontaneously, energy currents
  3018. do not cross over one another: they mirror each other.
  3019. Lying Down
  3020. The same conditions that apply to sitting apply to lying down.
  3021. Arms should be kept at your sides with palms open, facing upwards.
  3022. Legs should be kept uncrossed and slightly spread apart. Don’t move
  3023. unless you feel inspired to do so.
  3024. The temptation, when lying down and things become difficult
  3025. or challenging, is to move from a relaxed and open position to a closed
  3026. and protective position. Generally, this takes the form of the fetal
  3027. position. People curl up and try to energetically close themselves off
  3028. from the experience. Given that it is impossible to close yourself off
  3029. from the energy once you’ve taken a medicine, resorting to the fetal
  3030. position is a means of trying to ride out the experience in a protective
  3031. state. Chances are, this will make for a bad trip. Though it can seem
  3032. 88 Being Human
  3033. frightening, bring yourself back to an open and receptive position
  3034. whenever this happens.
  3035. Another common form of resistance takes the form of rolling
  3036. from side to side or repeatedly turning over in place. This happens
  3037. when people resist letting the energy flow in symmetrical movements.
  3038. The rolling allows the energy to move, but it is in a confused and
  3039. “unnatural” way as the movements are a product of resistance. If you
  3040. are able, once more bring yourself back to a symmetrical posture and
  3041. hold your body in a state of openness, rather than resistance.
  3042. Fractal Energetic Yoga
  3043. Though I am currently the only person that I know of who can
  3044. do this, what you are eventually headed for is the ability to perform
  3045. what I call fractal energetic yoga. Once you have cleared away all of
  3046. your resistance and fully taken ownership and responsibility for your
  3047. energy, you should be able to perform fractal energetic yoga. I perform
  3048. these exercises on a daily basis, and when I work with the medicines as
  3049. well. As a regular exercise, I find that they help keep me centered and
  3050. authentic with my energy.
  3051. To begin, I sit on the floor with the soles of my feet and palms
  3052. of my hands pressed together. I then begin flowing with the energy by
  3053. rolling onto my back. Using a minimum of muscle and a maximum of
  3054. energy, I then lift my legs into the air, with my arms making fluid
  3055. motions at my sides and my heels pressed together. When I do so, I am
  3056. able to balance on a single point on my spine and do not need to use my
  3057. muscles to hold myself up. In other words, this is something of an
  3058. energetic balancing exercise through the authentic use of bio-physical
  3059. energy. I then go through free-form series of fluid movements using all
  3060. of my body as a mirrored symmetrical energetic system. It’s fantastic
  3061. exercise and is a genuine expression of my innate fractal geometry and
  3062. energy.
  3063. The more centered you become in your energy, the more you
  3064. should be able to do such exercises and the more natural and normal
  3065. they should feel. Don’t hurt yourself, but try experimenting! You can
  3066. do this with or without the medicines. (A video sample of Fractal
  3067. Energetic Yoga is available for viewing on my webpage,
  3069. Interfacing with the Divine 89
  3070. Voicing
  3071. Another key area where energy is expressed is through voicing
  3072. and vocalizing. As with body movement, the same fundamental
  3073. distinction applies in terms of making an agreement with yourself not
  3074. to speak or say anything unless you feel inspired to do so. This is a
  3075. method for learning how to distinguish between the expressive
  3076. impulses of your ego and the expressive impulses of your genuine
  3077. energy.
  3078. Voicing and expressing energy linguistically can take different
  3079. forms for different people. A common experience is to “speak in
  3080. tongues.” Such an experience has no “religious” meaning whatsoever
  3081. and is not a “sign” of anything, other than that the person exhibiting
  3082. this behavior is letting themselves express their genuine energy. In this
  3083. sense, glossolalia can be understood as pure “energy language.” It is a
  3084. direct translation from one form of energy into another without any
  3085. specific meaning or linguistic intent.
  3086. Others experience vocal energetic expression in the form of
  3087. “mediumship” or “channeling.” With such behaviors, people generally
  3088. feel that their consciousness is being inhabited by some kind of being
  3089. or intelligence that exists outside of it and wants to express itself
  3090. through the vehicle of the person having the experience. Many
  3091. religions and spiritual traditions promote such kinds of experiences as
  3092. valid contact with “spirits,” “ancestors,” “ascended masters,” and other
  3093. such related interpretations. These “channeled” beings and voices are
  3094. merely part of the subject’s consciousness, however, and no matter how
  3095. “other” they seem, this is only an ego projection. When a person takes
  3096. ownership of their energy, this projected distinction dissolves.
  3097. In cases of unresolved energy, “mediumship” experiences can
  3098. become more like possession experiences. These are extreme cases
  3099. where people are not owning their energy and taking responsibility for
  3100. themselves. Voices, body posture, and movements can all alter
  3101. radically, giving the strong impression that “something” has taken
  3102. someone over. These are all just ways that energy expresses itself,
  3103. however, and should not be taken to be a literal possession in any
  3104. sense. If a person can take ownership of their energy, the “possession”
  3105. will dissolve in an instant.
  3106. Though it can feel silly to one’s ego, a perfectly effective
  3107. method for dealing with vocal phenomena is to have conversations with
  3108. 90 Being Human
  3109. yourself. If you find that you start to manifest strange voices that seem
  3110. to compel you to speak when you work with the medicines, take the
  3111. opportunity to speak with the voices. It is actually quite easy to get into
  3112. a conversation with yourself in this manner and you might be surprised
  3113. at how easily your voice switches between what you would normally
  3114. identify as “your” voice and the voice of the “being” inside you. The
  3115. two voices can sound completely unlike each other. They are both you,
  3116. however, and this should be understood as a game or as role-playing.
  3117. Just like in a dream, the character of “you” can interact with other
  3118. characters that you experience as “not you,” but they are you, just the
  3119. same. Taking responsibility for your energy means learning how to
  3120. own those expressions of energy that seem to be “not you.” Vocalizing
  3121. and speaking in different voices is just one of several mediums through
  3122. which to practice this.
  3123. Speaking in voices and feeling inspired to say things is not the
  3124. same as hearing voices in your head. Some people hear voices when
  3125. they work with medicines or enter into altered states of consciousness.
  3126. In general, my advice is not to listen to the voices. Voices heard in the
  3127. head are projections of the ego. They are not genuine expressions of
  3128. innate energy. For example, when considering what to do in ordinary
  3129. life, you may hear a voice in your mind giving you advice in
  3130. considering your question. That voice can easily lead you astray by
  3131. playing off of your ego. Rather, when considering what choices to
  3132. make, center your attention on what you feel, not the voices in your
  3133. mind. This will always give you a clearer reading on the actual state of
  3134. your energy. The same holds true for working with the medicines.
  3135. Don’t pay attention to the voices in your head, but rather focus on what
  3136. you feel. Remember that it is the role of the ego to convince you of the
  3137. reality of its illusions at all times, and one of its primary methods to do
  3138. so is through internal dialogue and projection.
  3139. Purging
  3140. Occasionally, energy needs to be released through purging.
  3141. Some medicines, such as peyote and ayahuasca, lend themselves to
  3142. such experiences more than others. However, virtually any medicine
  3143. can lead to purging, depending on what is happening at a personal,
  3144. energetic level.
  3145. Interfacing with the Divine 91
  3146. In traditional shamanic cultures, purging is generally
  3147. understood to be a cleansing and purifying act to remove negative
  3148. energy from a person. This is not necessarily the case. Purging tends
  3149. to occur when people resist the energy of their experience, in one way
  3150. or another. Even the most cosmic sense of needing to purge or vomit
  3151. can be turned around in an instant if resistance can be let go of. If one
  3152. is not able to let go of the resistance, then the medicine could force it
  3153. out of the individual through purging. It is not necessary to go through
  3154. a purge, however, in many cases. For example, though ayahuasca
  3155. makes many people purge, some people rarely, if ever, purge with this
  3156. medicine.
  3157. Purging also occasionally occurs with DMT and 5-MeO-DMT.
  3158. With these medicines, purging is most likely at the very beginning of
  3159. the experience where the ego may still be trying to resist and hold on,
  3160. or at the transition between the peak and the return to baseline. After
  3161. the peak, the ego gets the idea that it can eventually regain control, so it
  3162. starts to reassert itself after the temporary suspension during the peak.
  3163. At this time, your ego may try and convince you that “this is too big,”
  3164. or “this is too much energy” and “you can’t handle this.” Your body
  3165. may then react by purging or vomiting.
  3166. Many people start to release energy before working with
  3167. medicines as well, due to anxiety and anticipation, especially before
  3168. working with such overwhelmingly powerful medicines as DMT and 5-
  3169. MeO. Here people may find that they need to use the restroom several
  3170. times before beginning their journey. Defecation and urination are both
  3171. ways of releasing pent up energy and freeing yourself up energetically.
  3172. Others may find that they suddenly have a great deal of gas and they
  3173. need to burp or break wind. If any of these things happen to you, don’t
  3174. judge yourself and just give yourself the time and space to let the
  3175. energy work itself out. There’s nothing to be embarrassed or selfconscious
  3176. about.
  3177. 92 Being Human
  3178. Key Ideas
  3179. • Ego responses determine the quality of an entheogenic journey
  3180. • Ego resistance produces difficult journeys
  3181. • Egos will begin to reassert themselves immediately after the
  3182. peak of the experience
  3183. • Remember to relax and let go
  3184. • Body posture can significantly affect your experience
  3185. • Be mindful of your body
  3186. • Avoid distracting yourself with unnecessary movement or
  3187. sound
  3188. • Let the energy of the experience move you, not your ego
  3189. • Let the energy of the experience inspire your voice and choice
  3190. of words, not your ego
  3191. • Working with entheogens is a method of practicing letting your
  3192. natural energy express itself without the constraints of the ego
  3193. Interfacing with the Divine 93
  3194. Trust
  3195. Ultimately, working with entheogenic medicines is about
  3196. coming to know yourself and your energy. Though entheogenic
  3197. experiences can be frightening and intimately challenging, it is
  3198. important to rest in a state of trust. You can trust that transcending
  3199. your ego is the only genuine path to liberation and true personal
  3200. happiness, and that whatever work you require yourself to go through
  3201. in order to attain this is worth it. In the end, there is no difference
  3202. between trusting God and trusting yourself, for you are, after all, one
  3203. and the same. You can rest assured that whatever “God” puts you
  3204. through on your journey to claiming personal responsibility is exactly
  3205. what “you” need.
  3206. Entheogenic experience is a heightened experience of energy
  3207. and therefore is a heightened experience of your life. All of your
  3208. “issues” become amplified and exaggerated in the entheogenic
  3209. experience so that you may become aware of their true nature, and how
  3210. you are personally exercising choice and free will to create your reality.
  3211. While a great deal of reality is a given, there is a tremendous amount of
  3212. room for us to express free will and choice, and nowhere is this more
  3213. apparent than in how we choose to take responsibility for our energy
  3214. and for our reactions. Shit happens. We can’t control that. However,
  3215. we can control how we choose to react when shit happens, and this is
  3216. how we master our energy and take responsibility for it. You, as God,
  3217. are never a victim. Only egos are victims.
  3218. Working with entheogens is about learning how you are
  3219. actively creating illusions and ego dramas in your life through the
  3220. failure to take responsibility for yourself, your energy, and the games
  3221. that you create through your ego. Diving into the energetic world is
  3222. diving into the patterns that make up your life. It is a process of
  3223. looking into the mirror of who and what you are in order to get clear on
  3224. precisely how you are choosing to create your experience. This is not
  3225. easy work. It is much easier for egos to blame others for their problems
  3226. or look to outside sources for resolution – indeed, virtually all religions
  3227. and political and social systems play off this weakness of the ego.
  3228. Liberating yourself from your ego means not only liberating yourself
  3229. from yourself, but also from religion and social manipulations as well.
  3230. This is a process of developing true freedom. But true freedom comes
  3231. 94 Being Human
  3232. with complete personal responsibility. Freedom and responsibility are
  3233. two sides of the same coin, and one cannot be achieved without the
  3234. other.
  3235. Working Through Your Lessons
  3236. Everything that you experience at every moment holds a
  3237. potential reflective lesson for you. All of reality is a mirror – no
  3238. exceptions! I guarantee you that you have lessons to learn and issues
  3239. to work on. Transcending the ego does not make your lessons and
  3240. issues disappear. In fact, in most instances, the ego is transcended for
  3241. only a brief period of time, such as when actively engaged with the
  3242. medicines, but then quickly reasserts itself as soon as it is able.
  3243. Working with medicines is therefore a practice. It is about learning
  3244. what it feels like to transcend your ego and take responsibility for
  3245. yourself while resting in the trust of your innate energy. This is easy to
  3246. do when 5-MeO-DMT blows your ego out of the water, but it is much
  3247. harder to maintain during everyday experiences when our egos are
  3248. confronted by illusions, dramas, and fantasies on all sides by every
  3249. single person we meet. Maintaining a state of transcendence and
  3250. liberation from the ego takes constant attention, honesty, integrity, and
  3251. willingness to trust your energy, even when it makes you or others
  3252. uncomfortable (people who have transcended their egos tend to make
  3253. those who are trapped in their egos uncomfortable for the basic reason
  3254. that egos habitually live in illusion and do not like to have their
  3255. illusions challenged).
  3256. It is therefore important to understand that the ability to
  3257. maintain a state of ego transcendence is not the product of a single
  3258. experience of transcendence, or even many. In other words, merely
  3259. working with entheogens won’t accomplish this goal in-and-of-itself.
  3260. Plenty of people have worked with entheogens for millennia but are
  3261. still caught in all kinds of ego-generated illusions. To return to an
  3262. earlier example, Terence McKenna explored all kinds of entheogens
  3263. but still got thoroughly entrapped by his projections of UFOs, aliens,
  3264. and machine elves. By the analysis presented in this guide, he
  3265. completely failed to recognize himself in the mirror and instead got
  3266. drawn in by fantasy and projection. Entheogens are by no means a
  3267. “magic bullet.”
  3268. Interfacing with the Divine 95
  3269. Entheogens do produce relatively reliable instances of
  3270. transcending the ego, or at least setting it aside temporarily as fear and
  3271. self-protection are suspended for the duration of the onset and peak of
  3272. an entheogenic experience. This is simply practice, however, and a
  3273. medium for becoming familiar with the experience, and with the nature
  3274. of one’s energy. People must actively choose to remain in trust and
  3275. suspension of the ego through constant attention to their energy and
  3276. their choices in all moments. The task of staying present with your
  3277. energy is a constant requirement of perpetuating and achieving your
  3278. personal liberation. Commit yourself to trust and honesty and you can
  3279. do it for yourself, but remember that you are the only one who can do
  3280. it. No one else can ever do it for you. It’s 100% up to you.
  3281. When you work consciously with the medicines, what you will
  3282. find is that you will move through various stages of lessons and
  3283. experiences. Even though different medicines give rise to different
  3284. kinds of experiences, remember that all uses of entheogens are an entry
  3285. into your own mind and energy. You, as God, know everything about
  3286. yourself and know everything that you need to face as an individual to
  3287. get clear on how you are responsible for your reality. You cannot hide
  3288. from what you already know about yourself!
  3289. Many people who work with medicines comment on how the
  3290. medicine seems to know everything about them – even things they
  3291. didn’t remember actively. The medicines seem to know exactly what
  3292. to show you and what kind of experience to bring to you and when. It
  3293. is as though you have entered a schooling program built with
  3294. interactive media that is designed perfectly just for you. It is simply
  3295. astounding how personal and intimate the experience can be. This is
  3296. only surprising if you think that it is merely a “drug” experience, or if
  3297. you think that the medicine has some mysterious spirit in it that
  3298. somehow knows everything about you. When you understand that you
  3299. are God and that the medicines allow you to look at yourself in the
  3300. mirror of the Divine Imagination, then none of this should be surprising
  3301. in any way. In fact, it is precisely what one would expect to find and it
  3302. works exactly as one would expect it to. Working with the medicines is
  3303. simply an entry into your personal interface with yourself as God.
  3304. There’s nothing mysterious, magical, or supernatural about it. It is just
  3305. the way that it works!
  3306. Through their lessons, what entheogens reveal is that our
  3307. authentic energy is just beneath the surface of our egos. Lessons into
  3308. 96 Being Human
  3309. our true energy are present and with us all the time and it is the ego that
  3310. attempts to obscure this. This energy is always present and always
  3311. looking to express itself authentically. God is not something distant,
  3312. far away, or other. God is within you, is you, right here, right now, in
  3313. all moments. Transcending your ego is merely about relaxing the hold
  3314. your ego has on you and living authentically in the reality that you are a
  3315. vehicle for the expression of God’s innate energy. Though such a
  3316. realization changes everything, it really isn’t such a big change, given
  3317. that you already are God. It is not about developing new abilities or
  3318. becoming some kind of spiritual super-human. You already are
  3319. everything that you will ever be and you already have all the talents and
  3320. abilities you will ever express. In other words, being awakened to
  3321. being God in a body is identical to being fully human by taking
  3322. complete responsibility for yourself.
  3323. The thought of taking responsibility can seem overwhelming.
  3324. Egos don’t like to take responsibility. They’d rather dish out blame,
  3325. claim rewards, and indulge in illusion. Many people expend a great
  3326. deal of energy simply avoiding as much responsibility for themselves
  3327. as possible, especially religious fundamentalists and dogmatic politicos.
  3328. The idea of taking responsibility seems daunting, challenging, and
  3329. ultimately, not much fun (for some reason, egos seem to equate fun
  3330. with release from responsibility). Though it may seem this way,
  3331. actually, the opposite is true.
  3332. For one, being responsible is not about being responsible for all
  3333. things all at once. Rather, it means taking responsibility for your
  3334. energy and expression in each moment. In each moment, there is only
  3335. a limited amount of energy present that anyone needs to attend to. For
  3336. example, when you think about your responsibilities in your life, if you
  3337. consider them all at once, it can seem like a lot. However, the reality is
  3338. that in each moment, there are only certain things that need to be
  3339. addressed and dealt with authentically. To be responsible for all things,
  3340. all you need to do is be responsible with what is before you right now.
  3341. It’s like the saying, “a thousand mile journey begins with one step.”
  3342. When in the moment, all you’re actually concerned about is taking one
  3343. step. Then one more. Then one more. Then one more. Eventually,
  3344. you will have walked a thousand miles. Or consider writing a book.
  3345. Taking on the task of writing a book is a big responsibility and
  3346. commitment. However, every book is written one word at a time, and
  3347. that’s where you put your focus. Stay present in the moment and
  3348. Interfacing with the Divine 97
  3349. before you know it, you’ll have accomplished your task! If you are
  3350. confused about what to pay attention to in the moment, go back to the
  3351. medicines. Through them, you’ll show yourself what you need to pay
  3352. more attention to. Receive your lesson, apply it to your daily life, and
  3353. stay focused and committed to your path of authenticity and personal
  3354. responsibility.
  3355. The Fruits of the Work
  3356. The ironic truth of being human is that, aside from the
  3357. challenges of being a physical being in a physical reality where shit
  3358. happens (earthquakes, floods, disease, famine, physical accidents, etc.),
  3359. the vast majority of problems that humans suffer from are caused by
  3360. humans themselves. Through technology and science we can gain
  3361. some limited mastery over the effects of natural disasters and physical
  3362. and biological problems. As physical beings, protecting our bodies,
  3363. our vehicles, is a natural and necessary activity. Fear of physical
  3364. suffering and avoidance and prevention of pain are reasonable, rational
  3365. measures for us to take.
  3366. Yet humans cause far more trouble for themselves than nature.
  3367. Has there ever been a period in human history when we have not fought
  3368. each other? Have religions actually brought peace and happiness, or do
  3369. they fill people with fear, judgment, self-righteousness and selfloathing
  3370. that then leads to discrimination, genocide, slavery, and war?
  3371. Have any political systems actually brought about an end to human
  3372. suffering and created equality for all? Have our economic systems
  3373. brought happiness and satisfaction, or do they promote exploitation,
  3374. manipulation, and the fabrication of needs, goods, and services for the
  3375. gratification of the ego? Is there any culture on Earth where people are
  3376. truly free? Do any cultural, political, or religious systems actually
  3377. teach people to take responsibility for themselves and their happiness
  3378. and authenticity, or do they instead create divides between “us” and
  3379. “them,” “self” and “other,” “good” and “bad,” “right” and “wrong” and
  3380. avoid responsibility in the process? Do societies encourage people to
  3381. be themselves, or some socially-determined and ego-manipulated
  3382. version of how people “should be” or “should” express themselves?
  3383. Nature and the basic facts of physical reality come with being
  3384. human. There will be suffering and there will be physical pain. Shit
  3385. will happen. However, none of the problems caused by humans or
  3386. 98 Being Human
  3387. human societies, religions, cultures, and political systems are
  3388. necessary. All of these problems are the product of confused and
  3389. illusion-bound egos. Therefore all of these problems have the potential
  3390. to be transcended. Just imagine if every single person on this planet
  3391. took responsibility for him or herself to get clear on their authentic
  3392. energy. No more ego games or dramas. No more fear, judgment, or
  3393. manipulation. No more illusions propped up by religious and cultural
  3394. institutions. Though it would take a collective effort to reorganize how
  3395. society actually functions, the foundation for the vast majority of
  3396. causes of human suffering could vanish in a very short period of time.
  3397. In other words, if everyone could take responsibility and actually live
  3398. in reality and not ego-generated illusion, this would be a profoundly
  3399. transformed world. It would be a world of radical freedom, and radical
  3400. responsibility. It would be a completely different world from the one
  3401. we collectively inhabit now. It would be a world of peace and
  3402. happiness for all.
  3403. Key Ideas
  3404. • Trust in yourself and your experience
  3405. • Be willing to surrender to whatever arises
  3406. • Everything you encounter is a mirror reflection
  3407. • You will present lessons to yourself
  3408. • These lessons are always relevant to your everyday life,
  3409. choices, and actions
  3410. • By becoming aware of your choices, you can learn how to
  3411. choose differently to better serve your higher good
  3412. • Taking ownership of your experience brings you closer to your
  3413. center and to actual reality
  3414. • You always have free will: how you choose to express your
  3415. energy and live your life is completely your choice
  3416. • Being authentic leads to increased self-responsibility, and
  3417. ultimately, radical liberation from all illusion
  3418. • Liberation is the key to peace and happiness for all
  3419. Responsibility
  3420. Taking Responsibility
  3421. It all begins with you. No one can sort out your ego for you, or
  3422. the ways you make yourself suffer at the hands of your ego. No one
  3423. can express your authentic energy for you. You are the only one who
  3424. can help yourself. Others can inspire you and give you good advice
  3425. and maybe even provide you with a good model for your own choices
  3426. and actions, but you have to do the work for yourself.
  3427. A corollary to the above is, if you want to make the world a
  3428. better place and help others, attend to yourself. You can achieve a lot
  3429. of “good” in the world and help alleviate suffering through social
  3430. action, politics, and the “good works” of religious activities, but none
  3431. of these are real solutions. Your ego may react by saying this is
  3432. narcissistic or egotistical, but this is just your ego talking – feel free to
  3433. ignore it! The only authentic path to helping the world is by helping to
  3434. free yourself from the illusions and limitations you have placed on
  3435. yourself through participation in ego-generated illusions and fantasies.
  3436. Everything else is just an ego game.
  3437. Authentic action is self-motivated action. For example, I am
  3438. writing this guide, which I sincerely hope will help you and potentially
  3439. change the world in profound and beautiful ways, but I am not
  3440. motivated by the thought of actually helping you. You are not my
  3441. responsibility. Your choices are your own, as is your life. What you
  3442. choose and what you do with your life is completely up to you and
  3443. 100 Being Human
  3444. makes no real difference to me. I am not, then, actually trying to help
  3445. you in any way or make your life any better. You are your own
  3446. problem, not mine.
  3447. However, for me to be authentic and true to my energy, I simply
  3448. must write this guide. Anything less would be being untrue to myself
  3449. and my own personal energy. In other words, my motivation for
  3450. writing this guide and providing this true account of the nature of
  3451. reality and human experience is because this is important to me,
  3452. personally. I care about the truth, and because I am committed to being
  3453. authentic with myself, I care about expressing the truth. Because I care
  3454. about others (and because I also understand and accept that we are all
  3455. one being), I care whether others are able to live in truth and reality or
  3456. not. I care that people suffer from the products of their own egos and
  3457. illusions. Because I care, not acting on that would be inauthentic of
  3458. me. I would not be being true to myself. My primary concern is to be
  3459. true to myself. It’s the only thing that I can truly take any responsibility
  3460. for, and I care about doing my part to take responsibility. My
  3461. motivation is 100% self-motivation. And keep in mind that since we
  3462. are, in reality, all the same being, being true and authentic with yourself
  3463. will naturally be of benefit to others, though it will be up to them to
  3464. take responsibility to realize those benefits for themselves.
  3465. Responsibility for Evolutionary Integrity
  3466. While humans are neither personally nor collectively
  3467. responsible for evolution itself, given that our actions have such a
  3468. dramatic impact on the ecology of the planet, we are collectively and
  3469. individually responsible for the evolutionary integrity of the biosphere.
  3470. As an individual human, it is reasonable to take actions and precautions
  3471. to protect your vehicle. After all, you can’t lead much of a life if your
  3472. body is severely physically damaged or compromised. The same holds
  3473. true, at another scale, for evolution itself. God is all living beings
  3474. collectively and simultaneously. It was all of evolution that brought us
  3475. to the point where we are now. Since we are God, too, then we are also
  3476. all of evolution. Therefore, protecting the integrity of the evolutionary
  3477. system is on par with protecting the physical integrity of our personal
  3478. vehicles. Evolution is a collective process and we are products of that
  3479. process. Protecting evolutionary integrity is therefore ultimately
  3480. Responsibility 101
  3481. protecting ourselves. It is part of our responsibility to be true and
  3482. authentic to ourselves.
  3483. Currently, given the state of the world and its patterns of
  3484. economic development, environmental destruction, and pollution, we
  3485. are doing an extraordinarily poor job of protecting the integrity of the
  3486. evolutionary system. Countless numbers of species have already been
  3487. lost as a direct result of our disruptive actions at rates that far surpass
  3488. anything that might occur naturally. And, with our technology, we
  3489. have the stunning capacity to virtually wipe out all life on this planet in
  3490. the blink of an eye. We have collectively reached a potentially
  3491. disastrous point in time. To put it very bluntly, we could really fuck
  3492. up this little project called life that God has been busy working on for
  3493. the past few billion years. To put a new spin on an old theological
  3494. question: Can God create itself as a physical being with so much
  3495. capacity to affect reality that it could potentially ruin the evolutionary
  3496. project? Apparently, the answer is yes. We are living proof, as is the
  3497. world we currently live in.
  3498. Through our collective choices and actions, we have made the
  3499. integrity of the evolutionary system our responsibility. With the
  3500. development of science and technology, coupled with ego-generated
  3501. illusions and fantasies, this was perhaps inevitable. Now that the
  3502. effects of our choices and actions are obvious, the only responsible
  3503. thing to do is to actively take responsibility. This is ultimately no
  3504. different from taking personal responsibility. Evolution is the natural
  3505. expression of energy as expressed through living beings in physical
  3506. form. Being authentic with ourselves means allowing our natural
  3507. energy to express itself and being true to that. Being true and authentic
  3508. with evolution means letting the system run its course, naturally. Just
  3509. as ego games interfere with our personal expression of our energy, so
  3510. too do human activities interfere with the expression of evolutionary
  3511. energy by radically altering environments, polluting them, and causing
  3512. the widespread extinction of species. We are creating unforeseen
  3513. consequences for ourselves and for all living beings on this planet. As
  3514. conscious embodiments of God, it’s time to take responsibility. No one
  3515. and no thing will do it for us. It’s up to us.
  3516. 102 Being Human
  3517. Children and Responsibility
  3518. Children present a special case of personal responsibility. Most
  3519. parents see it as their job to shape and mold their child into a “good
  3520. person” and a “good citizen,” and also maybe a “good” member of a
  3521. particular religion. Ultimately, these are misguided goals and are
  3522. locked into ego-projections of what is “good.”
  3523. As a parent, you have two primary jobs in relation to your child.
  3524. This first is to care for it and protect it physically, as it is not able to
  3525. assume this responsibility itself. It is a child, after all, and needs the
  3526. care and protection of adults in order to insure its safety and well-being.
  3527. Your second job as a parent is to do everything you can to
  3528. support your child in discovering, owning, and being itself. This does
  3529. not mean that you actively mold the child to come out the way you
  3530. personally want. Who and what your child is in terms of his or her
  3531. own personality may have nothing to do with how you think he or she
  3532. should be. Your job is to provide the context and environment that will
  3533. allow the child to discover him or herself for him or herself, and, if you
  3534. are able, present a responsible model for the child.
  3535. Other than these two things, parents do not really have any
  3536. other valid responsibilities toward their children. When children grow
  3537. up and mature, they become responsible for themselves, just like
  3538. everyone else, and then it is no longer the parents’ responsibility to
  3539. physically care for the child or provide a context for the child to be him
  3540. or herself. Upon maturity, these responsibilities then shift to the young
  3541. adult.
  3542. Realistically, most parents expend a great deal of energy trying
  3543. to make their children be what the parents want them to be. Our
  3544. societies are even built on such an expectation. Virtually all religions,
  3545. educational systems, and cultures promote shaping children into predetermined
  3546. expectations of who and what they should be and how they
  3547. should behave or act. Children are not encouraged to be themselves
  3548. and are not given adequate context or guidance for exploring their own
  3549. self-natures and energy. In turn, children learn how not to take
  3550. responsibility for themselves and are indoctrinated into ego-projected
  3551. fantasies and illusions, often forcefully at the hands of parents, clergy,
  3552. and educators. Is it any wonder that people in the modern world have
  3553. such a challenging time getting to know themselves or taking
  3554. responsibility for their energy? Virtually everything is working against
  3555. Responsibility 103
  3556. them, including their parents, those who could play the greatest role in
  3557. helping them to be themselves and take responsibility for their lives.
  3558. Being Yourself
  3559. In the end, it all comes down to being yourself and taking
  3560. responsibility for who and what you are. There is no grand destiny or
  3561. purpose waiting for you to discover. You came into this world with
  3562. free will, and so shall it always be. What you do with yourself and
  3563. your life is always and forever your choice. Looking for purpose or
  3564. answers outside of yourself is a distraction from who and what you
  3565. truly are. You have the ability to liberate yourself and take
  3566. responsibility for your life. You have the ability to claim your own
  3567. peace, happiness, and fulfillment. You have the capacity to do the
  3568. personal work that will help bring about world peace and universal
  3569. liberation. The energy is inside you and the tools to help you see
  3570. yourself clearly in the mirror, the entheogens, are there to help you and
  3571. guide you along your path. Everything you need is right here, right
  3572. now.
  3573. So what are you waiting for?
  3574. Step up and take responsibility. Be yourself. Be free.
  3575. Be the Divine Being that YOU ARE!
  3576. It is the greatest thing you could ever do for yourself or anyone
  3577. else.
  3578. Be bold, take chances, be yourself, and most of all, have fun!
  3579. Welcome, at long last, to reality.
  3580. Entheogenic Affirmations
  3581. I’d like to end with a few entheogenic affirmations to help remind
  3582. you to keep it real. They’re meant to be fun and a little whimsical.
  3583. “Spirituality” is so often presented with such earnestness that the absurdity
  3584. of reality gets overlooked. Egos take everything so seriously! Life is
  3585. serious, but it’s also the most ridiculous game ever, and a great deal of
  3586. fun, too. So whenever your ego steps and in starts getting all dramatic and
  3587. serious on you, give it a little reminder with one of these entheogenic
  3588. affirmations, or ones of your own creation.
  3589. Guess what? You are GOD! Now get over it =)
  3590. You are GOD’s altered state!
  3591. GOD doesn’t take you seriously, so why should you?
  3592. Your sense of humor is DIVINE!
  3593. Mirrors mirrors, everywhere . . . Enjoy the Funhouse!
  3594. Everything is an Illusion . . . Except Reality!
  3595. If you won’t be your True Self, then who will?
  3596. Other Books by Martin W. Ball, Ph.D.
  3597. Available at and on-line retailers
  3598. • Mushroom Wisdom: How Shamans Cultivate Spiritual
  3599. Consciousness (Ronin Publishing, 2006)
  3600. • Sage Spirit: Salvia Divinorum and the Entheogenic Experience
  3601. (Kyandara Publishing, 2007)
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