MagiReco Azusa Mifuyu story translation

Jun 30th, 2018
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  3. I Want to Meet You
  5. 1.1
  6. [in an abandoned building]
  7. Tsukuyo: "Mifuyu-san! I cannot apologize enough."
  8. Tsukasa: "Nanami Yachiyo-san erased the rumor we were guarding again!"
  9. Mifuyu: "I see..."
  10. "..."
  11. [fade to black]
  12. Mifuyu: *Yacchan...*
  13. *Right now, my duty is to go between the Magius and the Feathers.*
  14. *As well as to assist in the raising of witches, protection of rumors, and the gathering of energy.*
  15. *Everything... is for the sake of releasing magical girls.*
  16. *However...*
  17. [we see a white and a black feather]
  18. Mifuyu: *There are so many magical girls gathered...*
  19. [fade to black]
  20. Mifuyu: *Yacchan... I...*
  21. *Was I mistaken to involve this many magical girls?*
  22. [back to the abandoned building]
  23. Tsukuyo: "U-um... Mifuyu-san..."
  24. "A-Are you perhaps angry with us?"
  25. Mifuyu: "...huh?"
  26. (Oh, I mustn't get lost in my thoughts...)
  27. Tsukasa: "Y-You are angry with us!?"
  28. Mifuyu: "That's right, I am angry with you."
  29. "The protection of rumors is a duty that is necessary to achieve our goal."
  30. Tsukuyo & Tsukasa: "W-We're sorry!"
  31. Mifuyu: "However..."
  32. "If you reflect on it and learn from your mistakes, I won't be angry any further."
  33. Tsukuyo: "Next time, we will certainly protect the rumor!"
  34. Tsukasa: "Right?"
  35. Mifuyu: "Well then, that's enough of this topic."
  36. "I will report on this to Magius."
  37. Tsukuyo & Tsukasa: "Yes..."
  38. Mifuyu: "Well then, it's time to go home for the day."
  39. Tsukuyo: "..."
  40. Mifuyu: "What's wrong?"
  41. Tsukuyo: "Umm, at this rate, are we truly going to be able to achieve our goal?"
  42. "Are we really going to be released?"
  43. Mifuyu: "!?"
  44. "..."
  45. "It will be alright."
  46. "That's what everyone is working towards."
  47. "The Magius are also coming up with plans for this."
  48. "You have no reason to worry."
  49. Tsukuyo: "...I see now."
  50. "I apologize for asking a strange question."
  51. Mifuyu: "Now, get on home."
  52. Tsukuyo: "Yes."
  53. Tsukasa: "Then, excuse us."
  54. Mifuyu: "..."
  55. (...We'll be released. But...)
  56. (Somewhere in my heart I have some doubts about our methods...)
  57. (But despite that, I have even deceived someone...)
  59. 1.2
  60. [black screen]
  61. Mifuyu: *Magical girls are constantly crossing dangerous bridges.*
  62. *I have known about this ever since becoming a magical girl.*
  63. *So ever since I teamed up with Yacchan, every year we exchanged letters.*
  64. *For us, it's something of a will.*
  65. *Since we could die at any time, we left a will to our one and only friend, saying what we would like to do, or to make sure any feelings we harbored didn't go forgotten.*
  66. *Even though we are apart, I still remember what those letters said... Every one of them.*
  67. Yachiyo: *To Mifuyu*
  68. *Having turned 14, I have someone I like now. However, I don't know... what to do.*
  69. *We aren't normal girls. Even if our feelings reach each other, we might not be able to be together.*
  70. *However, ended up writing a letter to that person. *No matter what, I don't want... to pretend that these feelings never existed.*
  71. *However, I don't know if I want you to deliver that letter in the worst case. A letter from a dead person... They might not be happy about that, right?*
  72. *Mifuyu, if it were you, what would you do?*
  73. *From Yachiyo, age 14*
  74. [in a house]
  75. Mifuyu: (Isn't it mysterious?)
  76. (Even though we, as magical girls, should have understood this since long ago...)
  77. (Even so, Yacchan...)
  78. (The love troubles that you overcame at age 14...)
  79. (I am troubled in the same way, at age 19...)
  80. (Feeling my power weakening, finding someone I like...)
  81. (I felt shaken...)
  82. (And sought release from being a magical girl, sought salvation...)
  83. (But I wanted that not only for myself...)
  84. [We see Touka]
  85. Mifuyu: "..."
  86. (But, is it really fine to believe in Magius?)
  87. Touka: "Hey! Mifuyu! You listening!?"
  88. Mifuyu: "Uh, yeah... more or less."
  89. Touka: "Reeeealllly?"
  90. "Then can you solve this problem? Take the derivative."
  91. Mifuyu: "Umm..."
  92. math problem: *Take the derivative of the following function: f(x) = 3x(x-6)* [it's 6x-18]
  93. Mifuyu: (I don't know...)
  94. Touka: "Jeez! You're hopeless. You need to concentrate on studying!"
  95. "I was the one who arranged it so you could leave your home, right?"
  96. "And had you apply for the scholarship from my papa's foundation."
  97. "And even got a place for you to live alone, right?"
  98. "It was a huuuuge hassle!"
  99. "So you need to properly study!"
  100. Mifuyu: "...I'll do my best."
  101. "In any case, how do you plan on moving forward?"
  102. Touka: "Moving forward? First is the mock exam..."
  103. "Oh, not that. Magius?"
  104. Mifuyu: "Yes."
  105. Touka: "We'll expand our staff and make more rumors, and simultaneously move forward with the capture of witches."
  106. "We'll accelerate the growth of the Eve."
  107. Mifuyu: "...Do we have to rush so much?"
  108. Touka: "The longer we wait, the latent risk goes up, you know?"
  109. "So if the risk of hurrying is less than the risk of waiting..."
  110. "Then we should hurry, right?"
  111. Mifuyu: "However..."
  112. Touka: "Right now, in this world we're talking in..."
  113. "There are lots of girls becoming witches."
  114. Mifuyu: "..."
  115. Touka: "Ah, that's right!"
  116. "We're going to have regular meetings in order to tell the Feathers what to do."
  117. "So we're leaving that to you, Mifuyu."
  119. 1.3
  120. [Mifuyu is calling Alina]
  121. Mifuyu: "I apologize, but I'm not feeling very well..."
  122. "So please let me sit out today's meeting."
  123. Alina: "..."
  124. "Hmm.... Well, okay?"
  125. "I guess even you have bad days too, Mifuyu."
  126. "Then, take care. See you."
  127. [in the house]
  128. Mifuyu: "sigh..."
  129. (It seems like she realized I was pretending...)
  130. "But, today, I don't want to go..."
  131. *The creation of rumors and raising of witches by the Wings of Magius...*
  132. *I realize that the result will be reduced victims."
  133. *But... is that truly the right thing to do?*
  134. "Yacchan... For me right now, you are..."
  135. (I might as well...)
  136. (Leave here and tell...)
  137. (I'd feel bad for Touka who helped me prepare for leaving home, though...)
  138. (I want to tell Yacchan everything.)
  139. [her phone rings]
  140. Mifuyu: "A call from Tsukuyo-san..."
  141. "..."
  142. [in the call]
  143. Mifuyu: "Yes?"
  144. Tsukuyo: "There is big trouble! Please come as soon as you can!"
  145. Mifuyu: "Huh?"
  146. [in an abandoned building, we see Touka, Nemu, and a black feather]
  147. Touka: "I'm telling you! Logically, we're the ones who are correct!"
  148. Nemu: "That's right. Our position makes more sense."
  149. [on the other side we see Alina flanked by two black feathers]
  150. Alina: "Huh? You're saying that I'm the one who's wrong?"
  151. "You're getting overexcited, saying that you're the ones who are right."
  152. Touka: "That's not true! I'm perfectly calm right now."
  153. Nemu: "Alina, you're a selfish ball of ego. I must say I'm dissatisfied to be associated with you."
  154. [screen wipe]
  155. Mifuyu: "What are you doing!?"
  156. [screen wipe]
  157. Touka: "Ah..."
  158. Nemu: "Uh..."
  159. Alina: "Mifuyu."
  160. [battle]
  161. Mifuyu: "So Touka and Nemu want to distribute our numbers among the rumors..."
  162. "And prioritize the securing of emotional energy."
  163. "And on the other side, Alina wants to notify magical girls of the witch transformation..."
  164. "And secure energy by promoting the manifestation of doppels..."
  165. "While simultaneously raising powerful witches and using them for defense..."
  166. "Is this correct?"
  167. Nemu: "Basically..."
  168. Touka: "That's right."
  169. Alina: "I can't say it's wrong."
  170. Mifuyu: "The Feathers who you have involved are uneasy."
  171. "If you three aren't keeping it together, then what will you do when they grow anxious?"
  172. "First, Alina."
  173. "You're basically saying that a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush."
  174. "We mustn't be greedy."
  175. Alina: "..."
  176. Mifuyu: "Then, Touka and Nemu."
  177. "I understand that you want to gather energy with rumors."
  178. "However, weren't you getting a bit too heated before?'
  179. Touka: "That's not true..."
  180. Nemu: "Right."
  181. Mifuyu: "As much as you are normally rational..."
  182. "When it comes to rumors, I can see that you become emotional."
  183. "While it isn't exactly my place to say so, you need to be careful."
  184. Touka: "..."
  185. Nemu: "..."
  186. Mifuyu: "However, neither of your claims is incorrect."
  187. "This is only my opinion..."
  188. "But I think we should be constantly spreading new rumors."
  189. "Unlike witches, they aren't well-known."
  190. "If they aren't bad rumors, then for now, they won't be erased."
  191. "As for personnel, we should only assign those who have been effective at collecting energy."
  192. Touka: "Yes..."
  193. Nemu: "It's worth considering."
  194. Mifuyu: "And next, regarding witches..."
  195. "In order to raise the Eve, grief seeds are necessary."
  196. "But wouldn't spreading knowledge of the witch transformation be in bad taste?"
  197. "It would only cause unnecessary despair."
  198. "We only take in those who already know the truth about witches."
  199. "Do you think we should change that?"
  200. Alina: "Well, for me, I wouldn't mind seeing a few doppels from their despair..."
  201. "But out of consideration for you, I'll concede this point."
  202. Mifuyu: "Thank you very much. Can you two also agree on this?"
  203. Touka: "Well, I think your point is reasonable."
  204. Nemu: "I was being immature. I have no objections."
  205. Mifuyu: "Thank you so much."
  206. Mifuyu: "Then, I'll explain what we'll be doing to the Feathers."
  207. [screen wipe]
  208. Mifuyu: "sigh..."
  209. (Somehow I got through that...)
  210. (It's a problem how selfish those three are...)
  211. (If I weren't here to stop them, they might collapse from the inside out...)
  212. Tsukuyo: "That was excellent work explaining everything to the Feathers."
  213. "If you would like, please take this..."
  214. Mifuyu: "A grief seed?"
  215. Tsukuyo: "It appears that your soul gem is clouded..."
  216. Mifuyu: "Ah..."
  217. (Because I was wondering whether or not to go back to Yacchan...)
  218. Tsukuyo: "Mifuyu-san?"
  219. Mifuyu: "Thank you, I'll take it."
  220. [she purifies her gem]
  221. Tsukuyo: "I apologize for disturbing you when you weren't feeling well."
  222. "Please relax and take the day off. Excuse me..."
  223. [Tsukuyo leaves]
  224. Mifuyu: "..."
  225. (I was the one who involved Tsukuyo-san in the Wings of Magius...)
  226. [fade to black]
  227. Mifuyu: *Most of the other Feathers joined the Wings of Magius trusting me, since I'd lived longer as a magical girl.*
  228. [back to the abandoned building]
  229. Mifuyu: "If I were to run away now, they would never forgive me..."
  230. [fade to black]
  231. Mifuyu: *When they'd find out I'd left, some of them might feel like I'd betrayed them and fall to despair.*
  232. *Most of the Feathers were never very strong in the first place... so... they might not be able to bear it.*
  233. [back to the building]
  234. Mifuyu: "...sigh"
  235. "I... can't go back to Yacchan..."
  236. Mifuyu (aloud): "I've come to have too much responsibility to leave the Wings of Magius..."
  239. You Never Change
  241. 2.1
  242. [in the abandoned building]
  243. Touka: "Why are they getting in our way!?"
  244. "We're just trying to release magical girls."
  245. Nemu: "This one is the Rumor of the Breakup Rule, right?"
  246. "What a shame."
  247. "Nanami Yachiyo..."
  248. "How many rumors do you have to erase before you're satisfied..."
  249. Touka: "Isn't she searching for Mifuyu?"
  250. Mifuyu: "...Yes, that seems to be the case."
  251. Nemu: "And this time she seemed to be taking a newbie, Tamaki Iroha, with her."
  252. Touka: "Who's that?"
  253. Nemu: "Who knows. Some magical girl who I don't have the faintest memory of."
  254. Touka: "Hmm..."
  255. "But it's a problem that there are more people investigating rumors."
  256. Mifuyu: (According to reports from the Feathers...)
  257. (In addition, Momoko-san, and her current team...)
  258. (Became involved in this rumor...)
  259. (Bit by bit, magical girls are becoming more aware of the existence of rumors...)
  260. Mifuyu: "That's why I told you to stop making rumors that stand out."
  261. "The more rumors stand out, the more people will start poking their noses around."
  262. Nemu: "I understand your logic..."
  263. "But even so, I don't think this rumor was a failure."
  264. "When bound by the word 'risk', my power of creation grows weaker."
  265. "It's because I'm free that I can create things that move people's feelings."
  266. Touka: "That's right!"
  267. "I really liked that one too..."
  268. Mifuyu: "..."
  269. (Their brains may be first-rate, but their hearts still have yet to mature...)
  270. Touka: "We can't do anything now that it's already been erased, though."
  271. "But we can't let this go on."
  272. Nemu: "That's right. We can't let Nanami Yachiyo interfere any further."
  273. "If she keeps erasing rumors, I'll be using up my life."
  274. Mifuyu: "Yacchan..."
  275. (We've been apart for a while, but she's still searching for me.)
  276. (Somehow... I must make her give up...)
  277. Nemu: "...Hm."
  278. "Mifuyu, you can't stay like this."
  279. Mifuyu: "I'm sorry."
  280. Nemu: "If you'll be satisfied that way, then why don't you entice Nanami Yachiyo to join us?"
  281. Mifuyu: "Have Yacchan join the Wings of Magius?"
  282. "You two can reunite, and the rumors will stop being erased."
  283. "It'd be a fitting conclusion."
  284. Mifuyu: "Please let me think about it until tomorrow."
  286. 2.2
  287. [black screen]
  288. Mifuyu: *Getting Yacchan to join the Wings of Magius...*
  289. *...Would Yacchan really come to our side?*
  290. [in her house at night with the blinds drawn]
  291. Mifuyu: "...sigh..."
  292. *ding-dong*
  293. Mifuyu: "I didn't have anything scheduled tonight..."
  294. Tsukuyo (offscreen): "I apologize for disturbing you so late in the evening. This is Tsukuyo."
  295. Tsukasa (offscreen) "I'm here too!"
  296. Mifuyu: "Oh my..."
  297. [the Amane sisters come in]
  298. Mifuyu: "Are things alright at home for you two?"
  299. Tsukuyo: "It will not be a problem."
  300. Tsukasa: "I finished everything before I came!"
  301. "By the way, have you not had dinner yet?"
  302. Mifuyu: "Huh? Well, yes."
  303. Tsukuyo: "Then, we shall borrow your kitchen."
  304. Tsukasa: "Otherwise you'd just get convenience store food or order out, right?"
  305. "You need to eat home-cooked food from time to time."
  306. [they go to prepare food]
  307. Mifuyu: "I suppose it's obvious to you two that I'm no good at housework..."
  308. [flashback to the abandoned building]
  309. Nemu: "Mifuyu, you can't stay like this."
  310. Mifuyu: "I'm sorry."
  311. Nemu: "If you'll be satisfied that way, then why don't you entice Nanami Yachiyo to join us?"
  312. [back to the house]
  313. Mifuyu: (And it's to the point that I'm worrying them...)
  314. (I'm such a useless senpai...)
  315. (I can't stay like this, huh.)
  316. [screen wipe]
  317. Mifuyu: "Thanks for the food."
  318. Tsukasa: "How was it?"
  319. Mifuyu: "It was really delicious."
  320. Tsukuyo: "I am so glad you liked it!"
  321. Tsukasa: "Right?"
  322. Mifuyu: "hehe"
  323. "Now I can work hard again..."
  324. "For a future where both of you can live together like this without worrying."
  325. "That's my duty as one of the Wings of Magius."
  326. Tsukuyo & Tsukasa: "Mifuyu-san..."
  327. Tsukasa: "...That reminds me, what did you wish for, Mifuyu-san?"
  328. Mifuyu: "Huh?"
  329. Tsukuyo: "I have never heard the reason for why you became a magical girl."
  330. Mifuyu: "Oh, is that so?'
  331. "It's not a very good story, but I'll tell you as thanks for dinner."
  332. "Allow me to begin."
  334. 2.3
  335. "Like Tsukuyo-san, I come from an old Mizuna family."
  336. "As a result, ever since I was little, I had no freedom."
  337. "So I always aspired to have freedom from my family."
  338. "I wanted to be free, like all the other kids."
  339. Tsukuyo: "I completely understand that feeling."
  340. Tsukasa: "I get it too..."
  341. Mifuyu: "..."
  342. "And then, Kyubey appeared before me."
  343. "It wasn't hard to decide on a wish."
  344. "'I want to live freely.'"
  345. "However, I found myself unable to wish that..."
  346. Tsukasa: "Why?"
  347. Mifuyu: "At the time..."
  348. "I didn't have the will to make the most of freedom."
  349. "Having grown up merely obeying my parents, I could not comprehend it."
  350. "What would I do with freedom..."
  351. "So instead of that, this is what I wished for:"
  352. "'At least, let me be free while I'm dreaming.'"
  353. "As a result, I received the power to dream freely..."
  354. "Basically, I became able to cast illusions upon myself."
  355. "Although, I became a magical girl..."
  356. "And I was shocked to find myself even less normal than before..."
  357. Tsukasa: "Please don't be so despondent!"
  358. Tsukuyo: "That's right."
  359. "Once we are released..."
  360. "You will be able to be a normal woman."
  361. Mifuyu: "That's right..."
  362. Tsukuyo: "On top of that, now, the witches and rumors are running smoothly."
  363. Tsukasa: "Your best friend too..."
  364. "Once she knows the secret, she'll surely come to join us!"
  365. Mifuyu: "I hope that is the case..."
  366. (But Yacchan...)
  367. (Probably won't come.)
  368. (Right now... Yacchan wouldn't forgive me.)
  369. [battle]
  370. [black screen]
  371. Yachiyo: *To Mifuyu*
  372. *At age 16, I continue to be a model. Thanks to my work as a model, I am reminded that this is my origin as a magical girl.* [see Main Story 6.6]
  373. *I'm sure that as long as I live, I'll be able to at least scrape by doing this.*
  374. *Perhaps I came to think of that because, after a long time, I once more let someone die while fighting a witch.*
  375. *I was the reason she died. I think that from coasting through everyday life as a magical girl, I unwittingly let myself relax.*
  376. *That can't possibly make her come back, but I will not let this happen again.*
  377. *I'll return to my original resolution. As one who faces down the coming darkness, fair and square, directly and just, I will save people.*
  378. *I swear that I will never forget that.*
  379. *So if perhaps I let my guard down, if I stray from human logic, at that time, I want you to correct me.*
  380. *And if you make a mistake, if your hands become stained with that which goes against logic, even if I am your enemy, I will stop you.*
  381. *From Yachiyo, age 16*
  382. [along the water in Minagi Ward]
  383. Mifuyu: "'Even if I am your enemy, I will stop you,' huh..."
  384. (Since then, you haven't changed, Yacchan.)
  385. (Even now, you are simply trying to save people...)
  386. (Like this, Yacchan wouldn't come to our side...)
  387. (I'm sure she'll stand in our way as an enemy...)
  388. (But I don't mind...)
  389. (After all, this is what I chose.)
  390. (If I end up meeting her...)
  391. (I probably will be no match for her...)
  392. (But even so, I have things I must protect.)
  393. (As the one who got all of the Feathers involved...)
  394. (I must protect their dreams.)
  395. (I need to build my resolve.)
  396. (The resolve to unflinchingly oppose Yacchan.)
  397. "..."
  398. "...I must meet with Nemu, huh."
  399. Mifuyu (aloud): "If I cannot hope that Yacchan will come to our side, then I..."
  402. In Order to Save You As Well
  403. 3.1
  404. [in some fancy mansion room]
  405. Nemu: "You want me to make a rumor? What do you mean?"
  406. Mifuyu: "Yes. I've been thinking since yesterday..."
  407. "Yacchan probably will not come join the Wings of Magius."
  408. "In fact, if she's aware of our existence, I think she will antagonize us."
  409. Nemu: "Even if you try to convince her?"
  410. Mifuyu: "Yes. I don't think the result will change."
  411. "So I want you to make a rumor to stop Yacchan."
  412. Nemu: "I understand your feelings, Mifuyu."
  413. "I too want to fight against a veteran as little as possible."
  414. "However, for me to create a rumor..."
  415. "It's the same as using up some of my life."
  416. "If at all possible, I'd like to use it to spin one of my own stories."
  417. Mifuyu: "I'm not going so far as to suggest the contents."
  418. Nemu: "You just want to give me an idea?"
  419. Mifuyu: "Yes."
  420. Nemu: "Hm, you have my interest. I might as well hear it."
  421. Mifuyu: "Thank you very much."
  422. "What I wish for..."
  423. "Is something that will keep her from turning up until our plans have been accomplished."
  424. "That is all."
  425. Nemu: "I see now. That might be interesting."
  426. Mifuyu: "Then!"
  427. Nemu: "Yep, I'll try it. It does seem worth thinking about."
  428. Mifuyu: "Thank you so much!"
  430. 3.2
  431. [on a hilly street in Hokuyou]
  432. Alina: "Well, have you decided?"
  433. Mifuyu: "About Yacchan, right?"
  434. Alina: "Is there anyone else?"
  435. Mifuyu: "...I've decided."
  436. "If Yacchan gets in our way, I will stop her."
  437. Alina: "Haaa! Ah, man! This is the best!"
  438. "It sure is tragic to have best friends fighting one another!"
  439. "It gives me the shivers!"
  440. Mifuyu: "..."
  441. "That aside, how is the witch raising going?"
  442. "We're still raising just one while checking how useful it is for defense."
  443. "It's kinda cute, so it'd be a waste if it gets defeated."
  444. "If not for this trouble..."
  445. "I'm angry that I'm not going to be able to raise it more."
  446. Mifuyu: "Do you resent me?"
  447. Alina: "Me, resent you? Are you joking around for once?"
  448. "I very well understand..."
  449. "If you hadn't stopped me there, it all would have collapsed."
  450. Mifuyu: "I see..."
  451. Alina: "But, if you feel bad, then model for me again."
  452. "Then we'll be even."
  453. Mifuyu: "It can't be helped, if it's just a little."
  454. Alina: "What the heck, you're being stingy."
  455. Nemu: "Found you, Mifuyu."
  456. Mifuyu: "Nemu... It's unusual to see you out here."
  457. "Do you need me for something?"
  458. "I'm looking for a shrine."
  459. Mifuyu: "A shrine?"
  460. "I need it to draw up a rumor based on your idea."
  461. "Ideally, an unpopular place that's hard to pin down."
  462. "Somewhere with intense power would be good."
  463. Alina: "What's with the greedy demands?"
  464. Mifuyu: "It's for something I asked for. I'll take a look around."
  465. Nemu: "Thanks."
  467. 3.3
  468. [on the streets of Mizuna in the evening]
  469. Tsukuyo: "A shrine..."
  470. Mifuyu: "Yes, do you know anywhere that may be good?"
  471. Tsukasa: "Tsukuyo-chan!"
  472. Tsukuyo: "Yes, Tsukasa-chan!"
  473. Tsukasa: "If that's what you want, we know just the place!"
  474. Tsukuyo: "Right?"
  475. Tsukuyo: "Ready, and..."
  476. Tsukuyo & Tsukasa: "The Mizuna Shrine!"
  477. Tsukasa: "Would be good!"
  478. Tsukuyo: "Would be the place!"
  479. Tsukasa: "A long time ago, we went there to secretly meet..."
  480. Tsukuyo: "People do not often go there..."
  481. "And they close it off at night."
  482. Tsukasa: "Depending on the rumor, I think it could be a good front!"
  483. Tsukuyo & Tsukasa: "Right?"
  484. Mifuyu: "Thank you very much. I will go take a look."
  485. [at the shrine, now nighttime]
  486. Mifuyu: "..."
  487. "It's been a while since I've been here, but this is the first time I've come at night."
  488. "Here, I think it would work out well."
  489. (Here we'll trap Yacchan so she cannot escape.)
  490. (Until everything... until our salvation is complete. Until that day...)
  491. (When Yacchan wakes up, then surely...)
  492. "I will be able to achieve my objective..."
  493. "Sorry, Yacchan..."
  494. [battle]
  495. [black screen]
  496. Yachiyo: *To Mifuyu*
  497. *I am now 18 years old. I've survived until this age as a magical girl.*
  498. *But... I didn't realize that about witches...*
  499. *I hate Kyubey from the bottom of my heart. I feel so frustrated that I never realized that.*
  500. *...But I have one more worry.*
  501. *There's a chance... that my wish is killing everyone.*
  502. *It's my fault that she became a witch. So I could live on. I'm afraid that my wish to be a survivor might have been granted in this form.*
  503. *In truth, I feel like I mustn't get involved with anyone.*
  504. *But you, Mifuyu...*
  505. *You alone... are more than a teammate, but a partner. I want to be with you until the end.*
  506. *Please forgive me for being so weak as to wish this.*
  507. *From Yachiyo, age 18*
  508. [on the grounds of Mizuna Shrine]
  509. Mifuyu: "It's alright. It's going to be fine, Yacchan."
  510. "You don't have to suffer from your wish anymore."
  511. (For my own sake...)
  512. (So that I can return to being a normal woman, I will complete our release.)
  513. (I must do it for the sake of everyone I've involved...)
  514. (But you won't forgive me, right, Yacchan?)
  515. (So, you will sleep here.)
  516. (Here inside a rumor, until it's all over...)
  517. [Nemu shows up in costume]
  518. Nemu: "I'm ready."
  519. "I will now spin the rumor."
  520. Mifuyu: "Yes, thank you."
  521. [Nemu takes out her book]
  522. Nemu: "Then, let's begin."
  523. [fade to white, then to gray with the rumor dude]
  524. rumor dude: *Oh, you've already heard? Who did you hear it from? The rumor of the Kuchiyose Shrine?*
  525. *Family? A lover? Just a stranger? If you want to meet someone from the bottom of your heart, leave it to your god here!*
  526. *If you write the name of that person on an Ema, and politely worship, then the person you wish to meet will come.*
  527. *However, however, take care! They say if you are too happy, you will never return, according to the rumor flying between people in Mizuna Ward.*
  528. *Kyaa! How scary!*
  529. [back on the shrine grounds]
  530. Mifuyu: "Nemu! ...Oh, she just fainted."
  531. (Yacchan...)
  532. (Please may you dream a happy dream with the fantasy me.)
  533. (When the time comes for you to awaken...)
  534. (You will be free from the suffering of your wish.)
  535. [in the rumor barrier]
  536. Yachiyo: "Are you... really Mifuyu?"
  537. Mifuyu: "It makes me sad to hear you say that..."
  538. Mifuyu (aloud): "Please... when everything is over, both of us will be saved..."
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