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  1. AleraMistLancaster: -Morgana was a typical human from a typical family home, living an ordinary life like any normal individual up until the point her family stumbled upon an ancient Egyptian Burial site during a business trip her father had to take to the arid lands of Egypt. Inside the crypt laid objects of fantastic and dark magical power and ever since her family has been cursed with the Tomb Keeper’s lineage to use those magical items to protect the Pharaoh’s tomb. Morgana herself was given a Millenium Ring that adorned her neck like an amulet. Made of enchanted gold and unbreakable so long as the magic remained intact. The dark power these items possessed were unique to each item. But Morgana’s specifically was by far the one with the most taint and corruption as the wearer’s mind slowly begins to split into twin souls….a Dark side which feeds on the other light side of the original mind until the individual becomes fully possessed. Along with this came the curse of those not powerful enough to control it's dark influence. Upon wearing the ring, those unworthy would find both their flesh and soul burning until the ring was removed. One feature that all of the items possessed though was the ability to call upon a darker dimension that they referred to as the Shadow realm. A world devoid of natural things, like plants and animals, the typical atmosphere was replaced by a choking smog that quickly fed off the willpower, mind, and soul of anyone who stepped inside, including and especially the user. Despite it's terrible risks, it gave the user great power to summon powerful and ancient monsters, along with powerful and forbidden spells. Typically these had to be channeled through some kind of medium like a stone slab or painting for the full design of the monster or effect to take place ...Morgana kept on her belt a deck of 20 cards, each one symbolizes a certain being or spell she could use in junction with the shadow realm making them real...otherwise, outside of this place...they were just normal cards. She stands at the edge of the dojo arena, her mind in a parade of emotions as she struggled to maintain control of her own body. The eye in the center of her ring was glowing bright, brighter and brighter as she tried to fight it off. Suddenly and inexplicably the choking black smog of the Shadow Realm began to fill up the room from the bottom of her feet, light in the dojo would be sipped away slowly as the room got dimmer and dimmer along with them came echoes of tormented voices. The echos would permeate with a chime of disorientation and displacement as air molecules vibrate and shiver. The enclosed space made it impossible for this echo to extend much farther than the walls of this dojo, but this only meant the entirety of the building would now fall under these specific contracts. A zone is created, one that supersedes the fluctuation of space/time, a temporal distortion is formed, one powerful enough to merge realities. Soon the dojo is filled with living smog a ghastly entity void of thoughts or emotions, harmless for the moment...but very very hungry in it's true nature. Morgana eventually had no choice but to give in, the spirit of her ring was simply too powerful and her mind was split in twain. A glowing eye insignia emerges on her forehead as thick veins stressed around her eyes. A maniac of a smile decorated her expression as she laughed to herself. From the deck of cards, five would lift from the pack and hover around her waist. “The shadows are hungry….time to hunt, hahahahahahaha!”-
  2. AleraMistLancaster: (All the cards ill be using and how many of each are on my bio)
  5. SylkMagista: Stepping through a portal, a young woman emerged. She had a slim and trim body like a fencer, and it seemed like she did some kind of light exercise, her muscles being lean and long. This was her natural build, which she did do light exercises to sustain. If you were to measure her height, you would find that she stood an exact 5'9" and she weighed about 130lbs. She was wearing a fancy purple top over a flowing black skirt whose many layers hung around her legs in pleats, coming down to the floor and covering her legs entirely. On her shoulders was a pair of black metal pauldrons that came all the way down her arms, ending in gauntlets. It had been a few years since she had last worn a man's form, being able to transform her vestiges and transform between male and female gender at will. Royal and intricate elegance emitted from her heart, giving her a peaceful and noble presence as she fought to push through into the room against the thick smog. She began to rise in power, very slowly and took a deep breath or two as she created in her adamantine calmness a powerful light; enough to keep the darkness at bay which created a space for her own magic to exist in as she now stood modestly and gently in a corner of the room. She seemed like she was almost timid, usually being of shy and quiet demeanor, but there was an almost hidden power to her that was starting to reveal itself through her heart, which she kept forward, being the source of her deeply serene balance and poise. Magical energy literally dripped from every part of her body, filling her whole aura and pooling around her on the ground. Yes, she was not to be trifled with, having studied [Battle Magic] since she was a young childe... This was long ago before she had been blessed by a forest nymph, who had bestowed upon the then-male Sylk female gender. When she reached a comfortable level of power, which came easily, with a crack, she activated the spell, [Magical Sanctuary!], which caused the light-filled area to immediately displace the darkness in a 10' radius around her in an Earth-shaking snap, the floor sending collumns of light to reach the ceiling and created a square field of protection around her... and because of the origin of these beams, could be seen travelling beyond the ceiling and into the sky if you were standing outside the dojo. As she searched around the room for the source of the corruption, she spotted a woman in the center of the dojo. The disease and taint pouring forth from her was enough to make Sylk feel nauseus. 'This is the worst one yet,' she thought to herself as she flipped through the spellbook that hung around her neck. (cont.)
  6. SylkMagista: She had been trained to hunt devils and other creatures of dark fate by a master hunter, having spent most of her time as a woman doing so. Even though there was no diference in consciousness between her male and female sides, she felt strangely alive as a woman today. It was not her first time here and she had wondered, as she had ~skipped~ through the series of portals that would lead her to the dojo, if anyone would recognize her. 'I wonder if this will be worth it... I've never encountered anything as foul as the evil one I feel in this room, ' she pondered in her mind loud enough for any psychic to listen to, unlike some of the thoughts she kept in the hidden and transcendant corners of her mind, before she asked aloud, "Well, shall we begin the cleansing?"
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