Operation Mystery Man

Mar 24th, 2017
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  1. >It was a Friday during home ec
  2. >Since it was the last class of the day, your teacher had decided to let you all bake something like he usually did on Fridays
  3. >You'd all bake some crappy cake, the teacher would give you A's, and you'd all leave with something sweet to eat for the weekend
  4. >You and the girls would flirt with a couple of guys while Pinkie made some crazy ten-tier cake
  5. >Usually it'd be fun
  6. >But not today
  7. >Today was a special day, one that you and your sis's had been planning out for weeks
  8. >It had been a pain in the ass getting everything ready, and there were variables that could mean trouble for you all, but you were as ready as you’d ever be
  9. >Operation Mystery Man was a go
  10. >You, Pinkie, Fluttershy, and Rarity were in the class
  11. >Fluttershy had gone to the bathroom to get ready and Pinkie was putting the finishing touches on your group's cake
  12. >You and Rarity were sitting in the corner with your phones out, getting into contact with the other girls
  13. "Rarity, is Rainbow getting the van ready?"
  14. >Rarity, whose fingers were typing so quickly that they were a blur, nodded
  15. >"She just texted me, darling. She's waiting in the back of the school with the doors open."
  16. "Good, good," you said with a nod. "We're going to have to get out of here fast if we don’t want anyone to stop us.”
  17. >A message popped up on your phone
  18. >Opening it up you saw that it was from Twilight
  19. >//I opened his locker and have his bag//
  20. >Some of the tension left your shoulders
  21. >Thank Celestia...
  22. >You didn't think she'd manage to do it in time...
  25. >//Great. Rainbow's in the back of the school. Send Applejack down here so she can distract the teacher. You go and get the van ready.//
  26. >//Alright. Good luck.//
  27. >//Thanks.//
  28. >You slipped your phone into your pocket and took a deep breath
  29. >Alright...
  30. >All you needed to do was wait for Shy to come back and you could start...
  31. >Looking over at Pinkie, you saw that she was almost finished with her cake
  32. >Like usual, it was a massive thing
  33. >At least eight-tiers high, with at least a dozen roses covering it and a wavy pattern on each side
  34. >You couldn't help but shake your head
  35. >Only Pinkie could manage to make such a huge cake in less than twenty minutes...
  36. "Hey Pinkie, come over here for a sec."
  37. >Pinkie, partially covered in icing, perked up
  38. >Her eyes snapped over to you for a moment before they jumped over toward your target
  39. >”Okie dokie, Sunny” she said, slowly setting down her sack of icing
  40. >Thunderlane, who was standing a few feet from her, flinched
  41. >Almost every guy in the room was staring at your group warily, huddled in a corner next to the teacher
  42. >They could tell something was up
  43. >A few of them had their phones out, no doubt texting their girls to leave class early to come get them
  44. >But you weren't out for any of these guys
  45. >Your target was the one guy that had his back turned toward you
  46. >Anon, the exchange student
  47. >Unlike every other guy here, he seemed oblivious to the tension in the air
  48. >He was too busy focused on his cake, bent over the thing while he did his best to ice it
  49. >To be honest, he wasn't doing a very good job...
  50. >The cake really didn't look like a cake, and you were pretty sure icing wasn't supposed to look all crumbly like that...
  51. >Still, he looked cute concentrating as hard as he was
  52. >And if he kept his focus on his cake for a few minutes longer it was going to make your operation a LOT easier
  55. >The door to the classroom opened, revealing a flustered Fluttershy
  56. >She was hugging her arms close to her chest, and her face was as red as a fire hydrant
  57. >A quick once over showed you that she was ready
  58. >Now all you needed to--
  59. >"Honk!"
  60. >You twitched as you felt someone reach under your shirt and grab your tit
  61. >Since you weren't wearing a bra, this person was able to take your nipple and give it a pinch with no effort
  62. >"Gawh!"
  63. >You gritted your teeth to keep from yelling
  64. >Violently slapping at the hand, you looked up to see a grinning Pinkie
  65. >Because OF COURSE it was fucking Pinkie...
  66. "Pinkie, what the fuck are you doing?!" you hissed, your eyes darting toward your teacher
  67. >Thankfully, he was too focused on his computer to notice what happened
  68. >Pinkie giggled
  69. >"I was giving your sun cups some lovin', Sunny," she chirped, trying to give your boob another squeeze
  70. >You slapped her hand away
  71. "Will you quit it, you dyke? We're about to start this whole operation and--"
  72. >"But I want to play with your boobies!"
  73. "I don't give a fuck, we--"
  74. >"I have a fever, Sunny."
  75. "Pinkie--"
  76. >"And the only prescription is more big, beautiful boobies!"
  77. "..."
  78. >"And you got just what I need!"
  79. >...
  80. >What the fuck were you going to do with this girl?
  81. >Shaking your head, you grabbed her by the shoulder and forced her to sit down next to you
  82. "Just TRY to act normal for a couple more minutes. Applejack is coming."
  85. >The door suddenly opened
  86. >You and half of the class turned to see Applejack poke her head through the door
  87. >Speak of the devil...
  88. >"Mr. Hooves?"
  89. >Your teacher, Mr. Hooves, looked from his computer with a bored expression
  90. >"Can I help you, Applejack?"
  91. >Your friend nodded, stepping into the room
  92. >"Yeah, Principal Celestia sent me ta tell ya that somethin' happened to one o' yer cats."
  93. >In an instant, your teacher's bored expression was replaced with a look of fear
  94. >"One of my cats?" he said, sitting up
  95. >"Yessir. The Principal. said somethin' about dogs..."
  96. >"The neighbor's dogs finally came over my fence to get at my babies!" Mr. Hooves yelled, leaping to his feet in panic. "Well, I’m not going to stand for it! I don’t care what I’m doing to have to do, I’m getting those BEASTS put down! Daddy’s gonna avenge his babies! Class dismissed!"
  97. >With that, the teacher ran out of the room as fast as he could, not bothering to ask why the principal would send Applejack to tell him
  98. >The jackass...
  99. >The second he was gone, your fellow students began getting up and leaving
  100. >The guys in particular were quick to rush out the door
  101. >One of them tried to reach out to touch Anon, but another guy grabbed him by the collar, shook his head, and lead him out of the door
  102. >Anon, thankfully, was so focused on his cake that he probably didn't even hear the teacher leaving
  103. >Good...
  104. >You nudged Rarity then Fluttershy as the last student left and Applejack closed the door behind them
  105. "Alright girls, we're live."
  107. ~_~_~_~_~_~_
  109. >Be Anon
  110. >Making a bomb-ass cake
  111. >But not just any bomb-ass cake—this was going to be the best cake that your shithead teacher had ever SEEN!
  112. >He was going to be so impressed by it that he'd give you an A
  113. >The first fucking A that you got in this shitty, piece of shit, stupid ass faggot class!
  114. >You were going to do it!
  115. >It was going to happen!
  116. >You were going to show everyone that you could cook something edible
  117. >You didn’t need your group
  118. >You didn’t need a recipe book
  119. >You didn’t need ANYTHING!
  120. >God. Fucking. Dammit!
  121. >You licked your dry lips, carefully applying the last bit of icing
  122. >You had come in early this morning to make it with the finest ingredients that you could find in the back of the home ec fridge
  123. >It was delicious; just the right amount of egg, food coloring, and salt!
  124. >Oh yeah...
  125. >This was going to fucking be it...
  126. >That A was yours...
  127. >You--
  128. >"U-Um, A-Anon?"
  129. >You tensed, lifting the knife in your hand away from the cake so that you didn't disturb the icing
  130. >You then carefully stood up and stepped away from your masterpiece
  131. >Only when you checked to see if anyone was around to harm your baby did you turn around to see who was bothering you
  132. >Didn't they see that you were in the zone?
  133. >The fucking philistine...
  134. >To your surprise, you saw that it was Fluttershy
  135. >She was tracing a circle on the floor with the tip of her shoe, her hands behind her back and her face as red as you've ever seen it
  136. >You frowned
  137. >What the heck did she want...?
  138. "Hello Flutt--tits!"
  139. >Through some unknown, comic force, your gaze slowly slid down from yellow quiet's face to her chest
  140. >There, you noticed something very interesting
  141. >Flutters wasn't wearing a bra, and her thin, white shirt did nothing at all to hide her massive tits
  142. >You could see everything; the curvature of her breasts, the size and color of her areolas, her nipples poking up against the fabric
  145. >Like a deer in headlights, you froze, just taking a second to enjoy the view
  146. >...
  147. >Nice...
  148. >To your delight, Fluttershy jutted her chest out, causing her boobs to bounce in the most delightful of ways
  149. >"A-Anon? C-Could you look at m-me a little l-longer please?" she mumbled
  150. >Ever the smooth criminal, you answered her to the best of your ability
  151. "Thssjebrejll."
  152. >Someone giggled behind you
  153. >Before you could tear your gaze from the beautiful mounds in front of you to see who have having a giggle, a pair of arms wrapped around you, pinning yours in place
  154. >Hey now...
  155. >What's all this then?
  156. >Naturally, you began to struggle
  157. "Hey! What the fuck is--tits!"
  158. >Yours eyes widened as Sunset, completely topless, stepped into view
  159. >Her boobs might not have been as big as Fluttershy's, but they were still pretty awesome
  160. >You could see a heft in them, and her nipples looked like they were the perfect size to suck on
  161. >Her boobs were also out in the open
  162. >Right where you could see them
  163. >You didn’t have to pay her or anything...
  164. >Another pair of hands quickly undid your belt and began unzipping your pants, but you were too busy ogling to do anything more stare
  165. >...
  166. >Nice...
  168. ~_~_~_~_~_~_~
  170. >You couldn't help but chuckle at Anon's expression
  171. >Aw, what a little cutie...
  172. >Taking a step forward you bounced on your heels
  173. "So how's it going, Anon?" you asked, puffing your chest out. "Are you ready for a nice, long weekend?"
  174. >Anon's brow furrowed as Rarity slipped down his pants, revealing a pair of bright green boxers
  175. >He then opened his mouth
  177. >You tensed
  178. >Oh shit!
  179. >He was about to scream for help!
  180. >Darting forward, you quickly grabbed the back of his head and forced his face in between your boobs
  181. "Applejack, hold him tight! Rarity, get those pants off and do your thing!"
  182. >Anon wiggled, his nose brushing across your bare breasts
  183. >Shivering, you looked over at Fluttershy
  184. "Flutters, get that shirt off.You need to help me keep Anon quiet."
  185. >Somehow, Fluttershy's race reddened
  186. >"A-Are you sure? M-Maybe I could--"
  187. "If you don't help he's gonna start yelling!"
  188. >"Eep!"
  189. >As Fluttershy began pulling off her top, you looked down at Rarity
  190. >She had a small smile on her face as she slipped her hand down Anon's boxers
  191. >Anon, feeling this, began to squirm harder, but thankfully Applejack was able to hold him in place
  192. >"Will ya quit messin' around and get ta work, Rare," she demanded with a huff. "I wanna get outta here 'fore someone walks in on us!"
  193. >Rarity rolled her eyes
  194. >"Applejack, my dear, you simply CANNOT rush perfection," she said, her hand wrapping around Anon's length.
  195. >Anon tensed, mumbling into your tit
  196. "Things like this take time."
  197. >"Yer just jerkin' him off, Rare."
  198. >Rarity gasped, looking up at Applejack in shock
  199. >"I am doing no such thing! A lady such as myself does not JERK; I stroke, please, pleasure."
  200. >Anon grunted as she gave his length a squeeze, his knees knocking together
  201. >The fashionista smiled at his reaction
  202. >"Now, you ladies just sit back and watch a master ply her trade."
  203. >Without another word, Rarity slipped her other hand into the slit in front of Anon's boxers and went to work
  206. >There was always something almost otherworldly about Rarity's handjobs
  207. >Sure, since you were a pony not so long ago, it WAS otherworldly because you didn't have hands back home, and it wasn’t like you’ve seen her do this all that many times.
  208. >But even so it was something else
  209. >Rarity's hands were small, soft, nimble
  210. >She had a craftwomen's touch
  211. >Each movement was purposeful
  212. >In just a few strokes, she was able to get Anon to full hardness
  213. >"Oh, well that's a handful," the fashionista commented, one of her hands slipping down to fondle Anon's balls
  214. >Anon groaned, his hips bucking
  215. >While this would be usually hot--like, really hot-- the moan was LOUD
  216. >Loud enough that your tits didn't muffle it
  217. "Shy, is your shirt off yet?"
  218. >There was some shuffling to your left
  219. >"Y-Yes."
  220. >Looking over, you saw that Fluttershy was indeed topless
  221. "Good. Now get over here and help me."
  222. >Anon groaned again, his cock throbbing through his boxers
  223. "Hurry up! Before someone hears!"
  224. >With another "eep!" Fluttershy rushed over to you
  225. >Stepping to the side, you lifted Anon's face from your cleavage
  226. >Anon, looking dazed and confused, blinked owlishly
  227. >"I have the right to an attorne--"
  228. >Before he could finish, you shoved his head in between Flutter's boobs
  229. >Anon's knees buckled, and if it weren't for Applejack holding him he might have fallen over
  230. >"Oh! He seemed to like that, dears!" Rarity said, her hand teasing his cockhead
  231. >You nodded, stepping away
  232. "Fantastic. Flutters, press your tits together! Make sure to engulf his face with them!"
  233. >"O-Okay," Fluttershy mumbled, using her arms to push her boobs together. "I'm sorry, A-Anon. I hope y-you're not u-uncomfortable..."
  236. >Anon's hips bucked, and he let out another loud, long, muffled moan
  237. >You bite your lip
  238. >Unf...
  239. "How's it going, Rare?"
  240. >Rarity let out a hum
  241. >"This poor boy seems to be pent up. He's already leaking all over my hands," she said, giving Anon's side a nip. "It shouldn't be much longer now, dears~"
  242. >The fashionista quickened her pace
  243. >You could hear her hands wetly pumping his shaft, see pleasure-filled eyes poking just above Flutter's boobs
  244. >Your nostrils flared, taking in the scent of an aroused male
  245. >A shiver ran through your body at its potency
  246. >Oh yes...
  247. >He was going to do just fine...
  248. >Fluttershy let out a little giggle
  249. >"H-He's licking me," she said, using one hand to push Anon's face deeper into her cleavage while the other played with his hair
  250. >Anon grunted, bucking his hips again
  251. >You could see his body tensing
  252. >His hands slowly balled into fists and his breath quickened
  253. >Rarity, humming a little tune to herself, pulled Anon's pre-soaked cock out of the slit in his boxers
  254. >Applejack let out a whistle
  255. >"Ya weren't kiddin', Rare. That boy's leaking more 'an a broken pipe..."
  256. >Rarity licked her lips, one hand stroking his shaft while the other drew circles around his head
  257. >"Come on dear, let it all out. Give it to momma~..."
  258. >Anon groaned again, humping Rarity's hands
  259. >You could see his cock pulsing from here
  260. >He wasn't going last much longer...
  261. >And from how much pre he was leaking you could already tell that this was going to be a big one...
  263. >A few strokes later, Anon showed you just how pent up he was
  264. >With a muffled shout, he bucked his hips one last time
  265. >His cock twitched hard in Rarity's hands, and his head ballooned
  266. >And then he was cumming
  267. >"Watch yourselves girls," Rarity called as the first load flew from his tip
  268. >Fluttershy, still holding Anon close to her chest, tried to move away but she was too late
  269. >Anon's cum hit her bare stomach, making her flinch
  270. >"O-Oh my..."
  271. >"Come on, Rare. At least aim a little," Applejack said, clearly annoyed
  272. >Rarity huffed just as the second load came
  273. >"I'm trying my best darling, but Anon here has quite the kick."
  274. >This time, the cum flew between Flutter's legs to hit the floor with an audible splat
  275. >Then came the third, then the fourth, then the fifth
  276. >Anon came again and again and again
  277. >And each load was heavy, and thick, and potent
  278. >It coated the floor, parts of Flutter’s legs and the sides of her shoes
  279. >It wasn't until the fifteen spurt did he finally stop, and even then he was dribbling into Rarity's hand as she continued to dutifully stroke him
  280. >...
  281. >Holy fucking shit...
  282. >Applejack let out a low whistle
  283. >"Now that was a mighty fine load," she said
  284. >Rarity nodded slowly, eyeing Anon's slick, glistening cock with unrestrained hunger
  285. >"Yes, he was very... GIVING wasn't he?"
  286. >Leaning over, you swiped a bit of cum dripping from Flutter's belly and popped it into your mouth
  287. >Huh...
  288. >It was sweet...
  289. >You guess that Twi was right when she said that he ate a lot of fruit...
  290. >A quick glance at Anon showed that all of the fight had been jerked out of him
  291. >All of the tension in his body was completely gone
  294. >Applejack was the only thing keeping him standing
  295. >There was a thin sheen of sweat on his body, and you could see his chest heaving as he desperately tried to catch his breath
  296. >Heh...
  297. >He wasn't going to be yelling any time soon...
  298. >"S-Sunset?"
  299. >You looked over at Fluttershy, who had taken a sudden interest in the cum-covered floor
  300. >"Is t-there anymore c-cum? I want t-to t-taste it..."
  301. >You smiled
  302. "Sure, Shy," you said, wiping the last bit of cum on her belly with a finger and offering it to her. "Have a taste."
  303. >As she popped your finger into her mouth with a delighted smile, you looked at the other girls
  304. "Hey, if you girls want a taste you better get one now. We need to meet up with the others in two minutes."
  305. >Licking her lips, Rarity leaned forward and planted a kiss on the tip of Anon's semi-hard cock
  306. >"Don't mind if I do~"
  307. >Huffing, Applejack frowned down at the fashionista
  308. >"Hey! Don't ya go lickin' all o' that up! I want some too!"
  309. >Turning around, you looked for Pinkie, who had been strangely silent
  310. "What about you, Pinkie? Do you--"
  311. >You paused when you saw Pinkie standing over what was left of Anon's cake
  312. >Her face was covered in frosting, and she had a handful of cake in each hand
  313. >A quick glance over toward your work zone showed that the giant cake was missing
  314. >...
  315. >Fucking Pinkie...
  316. >Pinkie, feeling your gaze on her, looked up, swallowing her mouthful of cake
  317. >"Do you want some, Sunny?" she asked. "I know that it doesn't look all that good but it's pretty yummy!"
  319. ~_~_~_~_~_~_~_
  322. >"Come on. Go, go, go! Watch those corners, Flutters!"
  323. >You are...
  324. >Whoo...
  325. >You're fucking someone...
  326. >The green guy...
  327. >You wore a suit...
  328. >Your name starts with an A…
  329. >Anny or something like that...
  330. >It's really hard to think after someone pulled down your pants and made you cum your brains out in less than two minutes
  331. >In fact, it made it hard to do anything other than breathing
  332. >You could feel a few pair of hands on you
  333. >One set was lifting you by your belt, while the other was wrapped around your middle
  334. >From the way that you were bouncing, you could tell that you were being carried somewhere
  335. >You couldn't see where you were going of course, since Sunset had decided to mash your face into her tits
  336. >While they weren't quite as big as Fluttershy's, they did a hell of a job blocking your vision
  337. >They were also a bit softer than Flutter's, and smelled like peaches
  338. >All-in-all, you had had your face in worse places
  339. >"The coast is clear!"
  340. >"Alright, ladies, get those asses moving! We have thirty seconds till evac!"
  341. >You tried to lift your head from Sunset's cleavage, to get a look at where you were being carried, only for a hand to force you back down
  342. >"Oh no you don't. You keep your face right there, cutie," Sunset said, running a hand through your hair
  343. "THnofndlk," you said, your voice muffled by tit flesh
  344. >"Don't you worry your pretty head. Me and the girls are gonna take real good care of you for the next couple of days. Pinkie, the door."
  345. >You heard as a set of doors were thrown open
  346. >The air became chilly and windy
  348. >They were taking you outside of the school...
  349. >But why...?
  350. >"Come on!" someone that sounded awfully like Twilight said, "We need to be point six-two-three kilometers away before the final bell rings!"
  351. >...
  352. >Yep...
  353. >That was Twilight alright...
  354. >Without a bit of warning, you face was lifted from Sunset's jugs
  355. >You blinked as sunlight invaded your senses
  356. "I plead the fifth," you mumbled, still very much out of it even as the girls lifted you into some random white van. "I didn't do nuffin..."
  357. >Sunset, still completely topless, climbed in first, making sure to lock the door on her side
  358. >Rarity and Applejack climbed in the seats behind you, buckling up
  359. >Pinkie, almost before you were fully seated, plopped her big, round, soft ass into your lap, straddling you
  360. >"Hiya, Nonny!" she chirped, wrapped her arms around your neck as you let out a groan. "This seat isn’t taken is it??"
  361. >Reaching over, Fluttershy, who had slid in next to you and who was also still topless, closed the van's door with a slam
  362. >"The egg is in the basket. The egg is in the basket," Sunset said, giving Rainbow--who was driving this van for some reason-- a slap on the shoulder. "Now let's get him to market."
  363. >Nodding, Rainbow threw the car into gear
  364. >The tires squealed, and your stomach sunk down into your ass as the car suddenly and violently propelled forward
  365. >The momentum drove you forward into Pinkie's sizeable chest
  366. >She giggled, holding you close while she grinded her big ass against you
  367. >"You wanna give Ponyville's premier party girl a hug, Nonners? Well, don't mind if I do!"
  370. >You groaned, feeling your cock starting to stiffen under her skillful ass-ault
  371. >"Whoooooo! He's already getting hard again!"
  372. >The other girls perked up
  373. >"Really? I thought Rarity uncorked those balls of his," Sunset said
  374. >Rarity, leaning over the seat, reached down and fondled your dick
  375. "Fuccccccccccccck..."
  376. >"Oh my. It looks like we have a live one, girls," she said, giving you a few strokes before pulling away
  377. >Pinkie grinned, leaning down and licking your nose
  378. >"We're gonna have so much fun, Nonners! You're gonna love it!"
  379. >Looking up at her, you drew in all of your verbal skill and opened your mouth
  380. "The cookies are in the oven, grandma..."
  381. >Pinkie’s eyes widened
  382. >"Oh! What kind of cookies? Did your granny make chocolate, Nonny? Can I have s--"
  383. >"Pinkie," Sunset said, clearly annoyed
  384. >Pinkie sat up in your lap
  385. >The movement sandwiched your cock between her buttcheeks
  386. >Though your lower body was covered, the feeling still made your eyes cross
  387. >Wew lad...
  388. >Wew...
  389. >"What? I'd save you some, Sunny," the party girl said with a little bounce. "Sharing is caring."
  391. ~_~_~_~_~_~_~_~_~
  393. >Rainbow made it to your house in ten minutes and thirty-two seconds, just like during your practice runs
  394. >Pinkie managed to keep Anon quiet and docile for the whole ride, nuzzling and hugging and kissing him
  395. >Every once in awhile Fluttershy would help out by reaching underneath Pinkie's ass and giving him a couple of strokes
  396. >You, meanwhile, were sitting back with a big ol' smile on your face
  397. >The operation was a complete success
  398. >You had extracted a desirable male from school without anyone stopping you
  401. >All you need to do was carry Anon here into your house and you could call it a day
  402. >You and the girls would fuck his brains out
  403. >You'd mark him with your scents so that other girls would know to fuck off
  404. >He probably wasn’t going to be much of a cook, but if he kept cumming like he had then you were looking forward to him being in the herd
  405. >And, from the groans he was making whenever Fluttershy stroked him, and the way he was kissing Pinkie, you were sure he'd be happy with the arrangement sooner rather than later
  406. "Alright, Rainbow. Just park us in the front. Get ready girls. We'll need to get him in there quick."
  407. >You leaned over, giving Anon a pat on the cheek
  408. "Are you doing alright there, Nonny?"
  409. >Anon slowly lifted his face from Pinkie's boobs and looked over at you with half-lidded, glazed eyes
  410. > “I am very, very erect.”
  411. >...
  412. >Alrighty then...
  413. >Giving the silly man a kiss on the cheek, you readied yourself
  414. >The other girls tensed as well, their hands reaching for the doors
  415. >When Rainbow skidded in front of your house Fluttershy threw open the door
  416. >You wrapped an arm around Anon's back
  417. "Go, go, go, go!" you said, pushing him toward the door
  418. >With military-like precision, all of you scrambled out of the van
  419. >Rainbow and Applejack grabbed Anon, hauling him out through the door
  420. >You, ignoring Pinkie giving your bare tit a squeeze, mashed his face into your cleavage to keep him calm
  421. "Twilight, hurry up and--!"
  422. >"Oh, hello Sunset dear!"
  425. >All of your heads whipped around to see your neighbor Matilda watering her roses, a straw hat on her head
  426. "Afternoon, Matilda!" you called, wincing when you felt Anon wrap his lips around your nipple
  427. >For a second, you thought he was going to bite you, but to your relief he only started sucking
  428. >Matilda looked at each and everyone of you
  429. >Her smile widened when her eyes settled on Anon
  430. >"Oh, did you guys finally find yourself a man?"
  431. "Yep."
  432. >Matilda nodded, brushing a bit of dirt onto her blue jeans
  433. >"Well, you girls have fun. Make sure to be good to that boy."
  434. >You and the other girls nodded
  435. >"Yes ma'am," you all said at once
  436. >At this moment, Anon decided to lift his head from his cleavage
  437. >He looked over at your neighbor
  438. >”These girls made me cum really, really hard,” he said. “I like the pink one’s butt, and the yellow and bacon one have really nice boobs, Mrs. Donkey…”
  439. >”That’s very nice dear,” Matilda said, smiling. “Sunset and the girls are a couple of fine women. You won’t find a better herd.”
  440. >Looking over at you, your neighbor winked as you placed Anon’s face back here it belonged
  441. >"Make sure to give him a good ol' ride, hon."
  442. >You grinned, a shiver running through you when you felt Anon sucking on your nipple like a pacifier
  443. >Oh, were you going to give it to this silly boy...
  444. "Yes ma'am..."
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