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Yuro Anon's Guide to Saltwater

FishingAndTackle Oct 21st, 2016 610 Never
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  1. I live on a little island and do a lot of sea fishing.
  3. I've been out with guys who have £1000 in a rod and reel, and guys who have £25.
  5. Unless you have a multiplier reel and are wanting to hit 200m+ casts pretty much any rod capable of 100g casting weight will do. I've seen guys with 4.2m rods getting 70m casts, but guys with 2.4 mg only getting slightly less- I can get a good 50m+ using a Cuban YoYo. 70m seems to be about as far as most recreational anglers with fixed spool reels seem to be able to hit without someone teaching them what to do and a fair bit of practice with a 100g weight.
  7. a 5000 series reel should be fine, you'll get close to 250m of most 9kg mono on there, way more than you'll ever need really, you'll be able to cast from the beach into the surf nicely. sea fishing, you tend to go for the heavier mono no because you're catching big fish, but for the better abrasion resistance and wear ( over barnacles, rocks, weed and stones ect)
  9. 3.6m rod casting weight between 100-150g, 5000 series reel with 9kg mono. but some 150g weights to just drop off a pier and some 100g 'grip weights' for casting from a sandy beach into surf. size 2/0 wire hooks will catch just about anything from flat wish, pollack ect though it is sensible to have some bigger, heavier hooks just in case (I keep some 4/0 o'shaughnessy hooks in my pocket too for huss or strap conger)
  11. learn to tie an improved clinch knot and a dropper loop knot
  13. for casual fishing it'll cover you in 95% of circumstances- remember fish don't care if you have £1000 rod, they only ever see the hook! Expensive gear is mainly there to catch people and make them part with money
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