Two Wives Ch.2

Apr 11th, 2018
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  1. Two Wives Ch.2
  2. This is an app. base translation might not be that accurate {Thought}[Narration]
  3. MC:Jung Han
  4. FMC:[Black hair Joo Hee The best friend of the MC Wife] [Soo Jin The Wife]
  6. Chapter start MC after saying his greetings with his Wife after a business trip a long haired lady bow to say "Hello" He also bow and greeted her back.Wife tells him "What the come on you said you will left for a week now you suddenly comeback" MC answer her with "Huh about that their some problem about the contract that's why I'm back early" Wife tell him "then why didn't you call did you lost it" Mc last his word after that he think {What she got angry on me I didn't do wrong} The Black hair speak "I'm sorry its bcoz of me" our house need to be fix so I stay here for a while Sojin say you will left for a time being so I decided to stay with her here. MC scratch his head thinking {So my wife got angry bcoz I came without notice} and MC ask her wife "So you ask her to stay here when I'm gone" Wife tells him Yes She is my friend so I let her stay for a while the two couple got into a debate and Black hair try to stop them saying "No No I will spend time at the hotel now" The Wife "tells her No you will not leave" Black hair reply but if I stay here Soo Jin and Jung Han I will feel uncomfortable I go somewhere else" After hearing Black hair condition the husband agree to let her stay.
  8. [After that the couple decided to let her stay for a week] Husband ask her wife if Black is leaving alone wife reveal that she is divorce for 1 year now.Husband scolded her wife because she is naked and they have a visitor at home but she just tell him its irritating her if she wears to many including underwear.Husband just let her do what she wanted and remind her he needs to get up early for tomorrow so he need to sleep now The Wife didn't like what MC said and she goes near him naked.Husband ask what she wants the Wife grabs his "D" telling him that her friend maybe drunk already so she wont heard them. MC doesn't want it coz they have visitor but the wife started the blowjob telling him its already this hard and yet you saying that.
  10. The couple started to have sex [Moaning sound] while wife keep saying "Ah fuck me more" then suddenly the door opens and the Black hair peeks on them doing it. While the MC reminding his wife to be silent The best friend Joo Hee started to touch herself and she moan. Moments later
  12. Husband looks at the clock and its already 4am [Because of the times diff in U.S the MC wakes up to early] and he notice his phone is low battery so MC looks around to find a charger MC think {Maybe he should wake her wife to ask her but he remember his wife doesn't want that} So he go on the other room {thinking that the Fmc is awake or still sleeping} MC slowly enter the room were the fmc is staying saying "Are you sleeping?" MC opens the door and see her sleeping "He ask that he wanted to get something in this room" MC looks at her and notice no movement so he slowly walks inside and find the charger after finding its MC say "I need to quickly leave here" and He looks back with that shocking facial expression.
  14. TBC...
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