More roles for kings and traitors

Oct 19th, 2020 (edited)
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  1. Setups with extra roles.
  2. This pastebin lists all the possible game setups
  3. In all of the setups the roles of "Prophet" and the role of "Ninja" will be present. The extra roles are
  4. --
  5. 1. "Basic" Setup
  6. In this setup there are no extra roles, just the "Ninja" and the "Prophet" Roles. Pick any civ for p7(AI) that is NOT "Incas", "Aztecs", or "Mayans" to use this setup
  8. --
  9. 2. "Intrigue" Setup
  10. 5 Additional roles will be added if you pick the AI as the "Incas" civilization:
  11. * In this setup, each good king gets one special role, there will never be a king without a special role.
  13. The Spymaster: The 2nd traitor will get a "Spymaster" unit spawning near the pyres at the south. Whenever the spymaster unit is between the pyres, the king of the 2nd traitor will cause gatherings to pass instead of fail.
  15. The Saint: One random good player will be chosen as "The saint". Golden statues will generate in front of his walls, proving his innocence. The saint will die the 2nd time he attends a gathering, yet will cause it to pass not matter what - even if there are traitors inside.
  17. "The Royal Executioner": One random good player who isn't the prophet will start as "The Royal Executioner". If you are The Executioner, your view will scroll up to the monument at the top of the map when the game begins, no one else will know that you are the executioner but yourself. The executioner can bring his king with 2 military units to one of the flagged gallows around the center of the map, the king of the matching color to those flags will then die immediately.
  19. "The Warlords": If both of the traitors delete their ninja and spymaster units, they change their role to "The Warlords". Everyone will be notified that the traitors have turned into warlords. Becoming warlords grants you immunity from being executed by the executioner. In addition, a special unit called "Undead Legionary" will spawn from your starting TC every 10 seconds if you are at the imperial age and if you have killed over 60 units.
  21. "The Advocate": One good king will be chosen as "The Advocate". At the beginning of the game, the advocate will be able to see the gate of the ninja and the gate of the prophet revealed, but will not know which is which. When the advocates builds a wonder for the first time, the good kings gain 12 task points as if 12 flags were captured.
  22. --
  23. 3. "Warlords" Setup
  24. Pick the "Aztecs" civilization for p7(AI) in your game lobby to play with the following roles:
  25. In this setup, 2 extra roles called "The Spirit" and "The Dark lord" will be added to the game along with "The Ninja" & "The Prophet".
  27. "The Spirit": One random good player who is not the prophet will be playing as "The Spirit". Players will know they are the spirit if they can see the frozen lake at left side of the map revealed when the game starts. If the king of the spirit player dies, he will not lose the game and continue playing without their king.
  29. "The Saboteur": The 2nd traitor will start with a "Saboteur" unit at the bottom of the map near the pyres. Once per game, the 2nd traitor can place the saboteur unit between the pyres while there is an ongoing gathering. This will make the gathering fail as if one of the kings inside was a traitor, even if none of them were.
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