Sunset The demon Huntress Chapter 1

Mar 19th, 2016
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  1. >In the dead of night, when no one is around, there are strange things that happen.
  2. >Unusual entities lurk in the shadows, plotting and hunting for whatever may be their next meal.
  3. >Only hidden by the darkness accompanied by a cool night breeze that drowns out their careful footsteps. Not a soul expects them to be around the corner.
  4. >This is why it is unwise to go strolling around at night.
  5. >Very few people have ever dared to take on such a feet, and when they did, each and every of them had instantly regretted making such a fatal decision.
  6. ~
  7. >Sunset Shimmer strides home from school, holding her backpack firmly on her shoulders.
  8. >The green grass next to the sidewalk she walks on is just starting to grow out of the soil. It has been a long and cold winter, and seeing the first signs of warm days ahead brings a smile to Sunset’s face.
  9. >She makes it to her house and enters through the back door. The girl forgot two things: To take the key to the house with her to school, and to lock the sliding back door leading to the kitchen.
  10. >If only duos of mistakes could cancel each other out like this all the time.
  11. >Sunset throws her school supplies into her room and then heads to the kitchen to make herself a sandwich. It takes less than a minute for her to spread the peanut butter and jelly onto two slices of bread, given how many times she’s done it before.
  12. >Sunset’s friend Rarity had promised to come over today to hang out for a little bit. It’s been a while since the two had much time to do anything in the winter.
  13. >The season does tend to slow everything down.
  14. >In preparation for Rarity’s arrival, Sunset begins to go through the house and rearrange the things that Rarity could have possibly stumbled upon.
  15. >From many different rooms in the house, various books with ancient scriptures are returned to the basement until they are needed again. From the upstairs hallway, crucifixes and other types of talismans are removed from the walls and placed into the hall closet. The door to the garage is locked; sure don’t want Rarity stumbling into the things in there.
  16. >And lastly, the door to Sunset’s father’s study is closed. There’s no lock on this door, so Sunset will just have to tell Rarity that her father is in there doing some important paperwork.
  17. >That should just about do it for hiding anything in the house that shouldn’t be seen.
  18. >Sunset has found this process to be remarkably irritating to undergo every time someone comes over.
  19. >At the designated time of 4:00 PM, a knock on the front door sounds. Sunset looks though the tiny window next to the door, and then lets Rarity in.
  20. >”Oh my, I see you’ve kept this place cleaned up very nicely.” Rarity compliments while walking down the front hallway.
  21. >Sunset follows closely behind. “Yeah. My parents are always getting hectic about chores this time of year. Spring cleaning, am I right?”
  22. >”Oh, you should have seen it at my house. We have been scrubbing the kitchen floors literally every weekend. Those nasty specks on the tiles just won’t stop coming back.”
  23. >Rarity takes a glimpse at the floor in Sunset’s kitchen.
  24. >”Say… how do you keep yours so perfectly tidy?”
  25. >”I honestly don’t know how my dad does it. Especially since he usually spends all day outside and then walks straight into the kitchen.” Sunset changes the subject quickly. “Want anything to drink while we’re here?”
  26. >”Oh, just some water would do, darling. Thank you.”
  27. >It’s a good thing she didn’t want anything else; there’s rarely any variable choices of food in the refrigerator.
  28. >Sunset gets a glass out of a cabinet, fills it with water from the fridge and hands it to Rarity.
  29. >”It’s been getting warmer out again.” Sunset brings up the topic of Spring being right around the corner. “I don’t even think I needed my jacket today.”
  30. >Rarity sets the glass down on the kitchen table after a couple of sips. “Oh I know! It’s felt like forever since I’ve walked outside and the air didn’t sting my face every time I took a step forward.”
  31. >”You… don’t have a face mask or anything?”
  32. >”Well, not one of the fleece ones you wear outside. The last time I tried one of those, I could hardly see and it ruined my makeup.”
  33. >”Oh… yeah, those things could get a little irritating.”
  34. >The glass of water Rarity was given is now empty. It’s a little strange that she would take three small sips at first, and then chug the rest of the thing in twenty seconds.
  35. >”At least we don’t have to worry about the cold anymore.” Concludes Rarity as she takes the empty glass over to the sink and starts to rinse it.
  36. >She soon grabs the sponge and proceeds to scrub the glass with some soap.
  37. >”If anything, I can’t wait until it’s summer. We don’t even have to get up early for school then.” Sunset brings up, walking towards the stairs and hoping Rarity will take the cue to follow.
  38. >”Ugh, I don’t know about you, but summer weather has always been a burden on most days. The humidity is just too much for my hair to handle.”
  39. >”Ah, well that sucks.” Sunset is already halfway up the stairs.
  40. >Rarity follows her, and follows Sunset into her bedroom. It is at this point where Sunset can stop worrying about the things she hid and comfortably talk with Rarity.
  41. >The two girls cover all sorts of topics, mostly just sitting there talking like typical high school students after going through a whole day of classes. They turn on the TV after 45 minutes, as it would have felt too boring in the room otherwise.
  42. >It’s a good thing that Sunset’s room has a pretty good distance from the sliding glass door from the kitchen. Sunset’s father eventually comes home from his long day out in the woods and begins doing his usual routine of attempting to cook store foods in the kitchen.
  43. >He usually gives up after a half an hour or so, as he’s more used to preparing food he had hunted himself.
  44. >The man eventually comes back home, returns his hunting gear to its designated rack in the garage. It’s hard to hear what he does after that, due to the distance of Sunset’s room from the kitchen.
  45. >If he had been lucky today, he’d begin preparing his meal from whatever it was he killed out there. If not, then he’d just prepare some hamburger helper or order a pizza.
  46. >Either way, he’s back in his study by the time Sunset and Rarity finally leave the bedroom.
  47. >It’s about 6:30 PM, a little close to dusk.
  48. >”You should really be heading home now.” Sunset tells Rarity. “It’s starting to get dark.”
  49. >”Of course, darling. Maybe I could paint your nails next time.” Suggests Rarity. “I’m sorry I didn’t think of doing that before it got too late.”
  50. >She starts to head for the door before turning back around.
  51. >”Oh, and Sunset?”
  52. >”Yeah?”
  53. >”Say hello to your father for me.” Rarity fights back a smile and turns back to head out the door. “See you tomorrow!”
  54. >”Yeah, I’ll do that. See you tomorrow.”
  55. >Sunset’s father emerges from his office about a minute after Rarity leaves the driveway. He fixes his collar and sighs quietly.
  56. >”Good job remembering to lock the garage door this time.” He says to Sunset.
  57. >”Thanks, dad. Sorry if it took you longer to get in there.”
  58. >”Ah, don’t worry about it. It’s fine.” He then turns to go upstairs. “Let’s get everything back in place before it gets too dark.”
  59. >”Okay.” Sunset follows him.
  60. ~
  61. >At about 9 PM, Sunset’s mother finally parks her car in the driveway after a long day at the office.
  62. >She heads inside to greet her family, asks Sunset how her day at school was, and asks her husband if he got any good kills today.
  63. >This is usually how each day for the Shimmer family goes. Mr. Shimmer spends most of the days in the woods hunting with his buddies while Mrs. Shimmer works as an accountant in town.
  64. >It’s been a pretty well working system for the family, and Sunset has picked up on this.
  65. >Her mother is the one who works all day and makes the majority of the money.
  66. >But the family doesn’t need much money for groceries, as Sunset’s father brings back a few days’ worth of food every week or after a successful hunt.
  67. >The garage is filled with a variety of different weapons and other tools, primarily used for hunting in the woods.
  68. >Well, at least on Sunset’s father’s side. Sunset’s mother’s side is kept clear for the car she drives to work every day.
  69. >The other things that Sunset had hidden from Rarity exist in the house for a hardly related purpose.
  70. >Over the years, Sunset’s family had become more and more interested in looking into the idea of supernatural presences being in the surrounding world.
  71. >This is mostly on Sunset’s father’s side, with the man being very religious and interested in learning more about the supernatural.
  72. >Sunset’s father may be a die-hard Christian while her mother is agnostic, but the two do not see that difference as any reason for them not to be together. To put it in simpler terms, they’re “chill about it”.
  73. >But as for Sunset herself, she has an even closer connection with the paranormal than either of her parents.
  74. >She’s never told either of them this, as there’s pretty much no way they will be able to find out anyway. But after the town falls completely under the darkness of night, Sunset uses her connection to the paranormal in certain ways.
  75. >All thanks to the books that Sunset’s dad had collected over the years, Sunset has been exposed to material in which one can learn how to perform certain rituals that pertain to interacting with the supernatural world.
  76. >Sunset’s father does indeed believe in all of this, from a Christian point of view, but he has never actually seen it for himself. Unlike his daughter.
  77. >It has become apparent to Sunset in recent times that astral projection is indeed possible with the right knowledge and equipment.
  78. >Sure, the whole “relax and let your body feel the vibrations” technique was a good start for Sunset, but that just so happened to be the beginning of this.
  79. >Years before, Sunset would slowly begin to become used to astral projecting. She had read it in one of her father’s books and wanted to find a way to control her dreams.
  80. >And she had gotten remarkably fond of the practice by the time she entered high school.
  81. >But everything changed when she found out what had gone on at another high school: Canterlot High.
  82. >From what she heard from other students at the school she still currently goes to, there were a total of three occurrences at Canterlot High.
  83. >First, and apparent clone of Sunset Shimmer from a parallel universe crossed over into this realm and tried to take over Canterlot High with a magical crown. And she was only stopped when magical princess from the same parallel universe followed her to this realm and stopped her.
  84. >Second, Canterlot High was brought under the control of a group of sirens through some sort of musical power, which was again stopped by not only the same princess from the first time, but apparently the clone of Sunset as well.
  85. >Lastly, and the most recent occurrence so far, the top student from another school called Crystal Prep apparently got caught up in one of Canterlot High’s major events. And she had to be stopped by the clone of Sunset from a parallel universe.
  86. >All of these things that Sunset heard about could only intrigue the girl more about the paranormal. She’s been trying to find out how to enter parallel universes ever since.
  87. >And so came her more complex attempts to astral project.
  88. >Sunset has been astral projecting every night, normally going to be a lot earlier than most of her peers at school. And it has been working effectively, but to an extent where Sunset soon learns how dangerous it is.
  89. >As it turns out, there are a lot of terrifying things about the paranormal. And every day people do not normally see these things.
  90. >Sunset has discovered the presence of demons all around her as she had entered a realm separate from the one she had been used to for many years.
  91. >And some of these demons, unfortunately, have been observed to interact with real world objects and people in a negative way.
  92. >This caused Sunset to be nearly afraid to enter the realm of the supernatural ever again, as she was under the impression that she might not return.
  93. >But Sunset’s fear was no match for her ambition.
  94. >The more of the dark side of the spirit world that Sunset saw, the more she wanted to interact with it in a strange way. She wanted to be able to make massive changes i the realm of the supernatural.
  95. >For her sixteenth birthday, Sunset did not receive a car, but a shotgun with the front sawn off. Her father wanted to teach her the value of self defense, and he was aware of the fact that she was maturing into a young lady.
  96. >He didn’t want any of those bad boys out there messing with his daughter, so the gun was hers to keep.
  97. >Sunset’s interest in the supernatural only heightened as she heard more and more tales about the fables Canterlot High. It soon came to the point where she would occasionally visit there.
  98. >And when she got there, that fateful moment when she met her parallel self became something she will never forget.
  99. >The Sunset Shimmer from the parallel universe told her of endless things involving traveling between dimensions, magical powers and so many more things. It was as though everything in Sunset’s past was brought to life by this clone of herself she had just met.
  100. >The two, of course, got to know eachother really quickly. As well as parallel Sunset’s friends.
  101. >Sunset’s father would ask her about who she met at the other school. To which, Sunset would reply with the notion that she met someone just like herself. Her parents were largely kept in the dark about all of this… up until this very day.
  102. >And now, Sunset has not only learned how to astral project herself, but some of her belongings as well.
  103. >This knowledge, after one thing led to another, ended up composing the activity that Sunset partakes in during this present day. This is where it all truly begins.
  104. >…
  105. >In Canterlot High, there is a magic portal that leads to a magical land called Equestria. Sunset’s parallel self has traveled through that portal, accidentally taking some of the magic with her the first time around.
  106. >But little does anyone at CHS know that the magic there is not completely under the control of those who wield it.
  107. >Along the dividing line between the living world and the spirit world of this realm outside of Equestria, there is a lack of certain filters. Certain filters that Sunset soon learns that exist in Equestria.
  108. >This realm includes a very slight passageway between dimensions, that allow the paranormal to connect with physical objects with little to no detection. Magic from the Equestrian dimension seems to have a higher potency than pretty much anything that can be tangible to the mortals of this realm.
  109. >This is where the danger comes in.
  110. >In the realm of the supernatural, vicious demons lurk around every corner, desperate to inflict pain and suffering unto anything they can. Equestrian Magic, almost like radiation, has spread throughout the world from the portal and has become detectable by these… utterly nasty creatures.
  111. >If what Sunset had recently studied is correct, it’s potency allows them to gain energy and come into contact with the human world much more easily than without magic. And reports around town have been documenting a sharp increase of strange occurrences overnight.
  112. >For some reason, that’s when the demons come out. Whether it’s because there aren’t as many souls around to take up all fo the effects of the magic, or simply because they are harder to see, the demons use the darkness between dusk and dawn to carry out their mischievous deeds.
  113. >Whenever they are reported, no one ever believes the story. And Sunset is told that Canterlot High is not supposed to talk about this sort of thing. But she knows that the things that happen at night are true. She has seen it herself when she was astral projecting.
  114. >Which brings us to the current night.
  115. >Like every other night, Sunset gets into bed early. The girl dives under the covers with an object she has grown to know and love very well.
  116. >That object: her sawn-off shotgun. A… different kind of teddy bear.
  117. >Sunset goes through the usual routine and falls asleep, though, she says a few specific words and phrases in her head to make sure that her astral projection goes correctly. The girl chants the memorized words in her head.
  118. >Not many verses are needed to remember. To be honest, Sunset had the entire routine down by the time she had been astral projecting for a year and a half.
  119. >The girl slowly falls asleep, and soon finds herself surrounded by an aura or darkness.
  120. >She clutches onto her sawn-off shotgun, ready to use it the very second it becomes apparent that she’ll need it. And soon enough, she finds herself standing upright, but no longer in her daytime of nighttime clothes.
  121. >These clothes… are usually worn for something quite different than day and night. It’s a full-body leather suit, thick and protective. Meanwhile, where Sunset rises to her feet, it is not day, or night, or morning or evening.
  122. >This is the realm of the supernatural.
  123. >The girl s already prepared for anything she might have to face right off the bat. She points the shotgun directly forward everywhere she looks, having learnt her lesson from previous visits to here.
  124. >And it was for a good reason.
  125. >In the distance floats a thick mist, but not thick enough to hide the four legged figure barreling right in Sunset’s direction.
  126. >She takes aim, keeping her hand steady.
  127. >The trigger is pulled, and the blast from the barrels resounds throughout the open space where Sunset stands in the middle of.
  128. >The creature is blown back; head first. At least… back during the half second when there still was a head.
  129. >Sunset, not even slightly fazed, slowly squints her eyes and keeps her ears set on any more possible footsteps. She spins in a complete circle with her gun drawn, only to find no other challengers.
  130. >The demon huntress has returned.
  131. >The air falls quiet around the sounds of Sunset’s footsteps.
  132. >She keeps herself alert as she heads into a cluster of trees, ready to respond to any sound she might hear. She’s been here before, so there really shouldn’t be too many surprises.
  133. >But this place has been known to change, so the huntress will never let her guard down.
  134. >The places in this realm have been observed to somewhat represent the locations in the human world. Sunset had learnt this during her first few times exploring here.
  135. >Where she started out was an empty space replacing where her house in the human world exists. She has begun to head towards the woods behind her house’s location to see if anything waits behind the tree trunks.
  136. >The friends she had made from Canterlot High are really important to Sunset; and they are the one who are in the most danger. Magical auras, hardly ever seen by the human eye, seem to gravitate towards them the most.
  137. >It’s not surprising that Sunset tends to catch them trying to make their way to the houses of the main six and try to possess them through the easy connection between the two worlds.
  138. >The walk over to their houses usually tend to be long ones, especially since Sunset must go out of town in order to make it to Canterlot High.
  139. >A trail through the woods typically does the trick. Plus, Sunset manages to get a few kills along the way. Following in her father’s footsteps in a spiritual way as she heads deeper into the forest.
  140. >In an act of possible preparation, Sunset uses all of her strength to rip off the end of the sleeve on her right arm. It takes her foot pinning the leather material down and over a minute of pulling before a tear finally appears.
  141. >The long strand is eventually separated from the sleeve, and Sunset uses it to tightly tie the sawn-off shotgun to her hand.
  142. >This has proven to save Sunset on multiple occasions in the past. And she plans to survive a lot longer this time.
  143. >No time for talking, Sunset must keep her eyes peeled and her sawn-off shotgun at the ready.
  144. >And this proves to be a wise move as well.
  145. >Stalking creatures make the slightest noises when they see something they want, and Sunset knows exactly what these noises sound like.
  146. >Out of element, in a sense that it’s trying too hard to be quiet.
  147. >A subtle crack of a twig to Sunset’s right, nothing else is needed to be heard.
  148. >The flaming round echoes through the trees less than a half second later, but the first thing it reaches is the rugged forest floor. With the timeframe being but a split second, Sunset had no clear shot.
  149. >The new beast knows it’s being shot at, and escapes its hiding place in the direction of Sunset’s bright and fiery hair.
  150. >It makes heavy footfalls, stirring up enough sound for Sunset to accurately guess where the target in the darkness charges from.
  151. >She fires two more rounds, both of which strike the creature in the center of its torso. This time, now more like the first time, the creature made its location apparent before it got too close.
  152. >Sunset actually takes a longer look this time, given that this one didn’t fall back into a cloud of mist.
  153. >Whatever it was that just came at the girl doubles over to its side with an agonized grunt. The bullet lodged into its lung can almost be heard in its shaky breathing.
  154. >A quick snarl of the beat’s protruding teeth isn’t enough to convince Sunset to back off. She only raises the double barrel once more in response, aiming for right between the eyes.
  155. >Even though the darkness, Sunset can make out the canine-like features on this thing that nearly reached her. She would have guessed that this thing is a werewolf if it weren’t for the dog-shaped body. At least, she can’t say it’s an anthropomorphic werewolf.
  156. >With this one kill comes a slightly horrifying hint that the wolves here travel in packs.
  157. >Right before the trigger is pulled, Sunset can faintly hear more approaching footfalls in the distance. Her ears pick them up right before the blast from the shotgun drowns out all other sound. The girl tries to remember where she heard the footfalls came from as she promptly turns her weapon away from the shattered head.
  158. >A couple of moving shadows emerging from behind a bush catch Sunset’s eye… and her bullet. The girl would have been screwed at this very moment if shotgun rounds weren’t infinite in the supernatural world.
  159. >A deafening blast sends the first gargantuan wolf tumbling back into a second one’s path. Sunset’s finger rapidly presses on the trigger, sending as many bullets out of the weapon as possible.
  160. >Of course, the frequent recoil sends Sunset’s arm flying back and the gun pointed up at the sky as the trigger is still being pulled.
  161. >Sunset re-positions her aim at the last living wolf she can spot in front of her, only praying that there aren’t any in the other directions.
  162. >But praying has little to no effect here.
  163. >After one more successful torso shot, Sunset is tackled from the side by yet another wolf. The one her bullet just hit can hardly limp forward with much speed.
  164. >The wolf that tackled Sunset aims its biting teeth for the face, but finds itself gnawing on the metal barrels of Sunset’s sawn-off shotgun. Its orange eyes brightly glowing in the darkness with rage as its razor sharp teeth clamp down onto the metal.
  165. >Tying the gun to her hand couldn’t have been a smarter move for Sunset this situation.
  166. >Sunset pulls the trigger and sends the creature’s brains splattering in every direction. Some of it… lands on the fur of yet another wolf.
  167. >The wounded one is right behind it.
  168. >Sunset points and shoots as many times as she possibly can, this time remembering to hold the gun steady and set on the target. Somewhere in the barrage of flaming bullets, each of the beasts were pelted with crushing blows.
  169. >After no other sounds than the wind can be heard, Sunset stands herself back up. The wolves slowly vanish into thin air, and Sunset knows that if they are permanent residents of this realm, then they will re-spawn somewhere else in this world.
  170. >Sunset has learnt this after seeing the same beings multiple times after killing them. But that’s no reason why she shouldn’t come in here to keep things in order when creatures with bad intent start contacting the human world.
  171. >If anything, it’s a dangerous job that no one would want to have the burden of doing. But so far, Sunset hasn’t seen anyone else come in here to bring discipline to the paranormal. If Sunset sees the wolves again, she won’t hesitate to shoot them down one more time.
  172. >She continues deeper into the woods, now even more alert after a couple of close calls.
  173. >The terrain starts to become gradually more hilly as Sunset proceeds. With each climb to the higher ground, she stays at the top for a while and scouts the surrounding clusters of trees and bushes for anything that might be watching her.
  174. >A couple of deer are spotted at one point, and they flee at the first dight of the huntress. She lets them escape to wherever it is they need to go.
  175. >The smaller streams aren’t too hard to cross. Sunset just jumps over them with ease and continues along the path she has chosen. With some of the streams, the girl follows along the length in the direction of the flow of the water.
  176. >If she remembers correctly, all of the water flows in the direction of the town where Canterlot High would be in the human world. Sunset can’t wait until she makes it out of these trees where she’s completely alone.
  177. >Maybe she can find a couple of teammates like a few of the other times.
  178. >The lights of a few nearby homes can be spotted through the trees after a few more minutes. Sunset moves slowly, constantly turning around with her gun pointed. Just in case.
  179. >During a few of her other visits, Sunset had gone into these homes. The doors are rarely locked, and the inhabitants within never seem to mind intruders or surprise visitors.
  180. >Sunset examines the houses as she makes it on the to suburban streets. Walking up and down the sidewalks in search for any suspicious activity.
  181. >These people… dead from long ago, have lived in these homes long before the current year. Some of them had died in their homes for various reasons. Others in hospitals, or other places. One middle-aged man with a tragic story made it all the way back to his house on foot after his death on the highway.
  182. >So many different stories, and yet, most of them decided to go back home to their families after death.
  183. >It’s hard for any of them to tell who has moved into these homes in the human world so many years later. They can hardly see the things that happen from this realm. And it’s probably the same the other way around.
  184. >If the people in the human world are lucky, they might be able to see some of the inhabitants that Sunset walks past at this very moment. Though, they might not feel so lucky.
  185. >Not many people like to encounter ghosts haunting their homes.
  186. >The funny part is, some of the houses have multiple families living there at the same time. From different generations and time periods. They’ve strangely enough found ways to coexist in their homes. Sunset has seen it for herself.
  187. >It’s not like they need to eat or save electricity or anything. Just live there in the places they’ve grown to know for so long. They were generally nice to Sunset, inviting her in and talking to her about what they wished they had done while they were still alive.
  188. >Sunset even considers paying them a quick visit right now, knowing that they’re always waiting with open arms.
  189. >But she sees something on the far side of the street.
  190. >The girl takes aim, wary of the fact that some of the demons she hunts can move considerably quickly. The figure, this time more human looking, disappears behind one of the houses’ corners. This prompts Sunset to rush in the direction where she saw the figure and keep a sharp eye out for anything that might jump out at her.
  191. >It’s pretty apparent that this thing probably hiding. If it weren’t then it might have still been in plain sight.
  192. >Sunset says not a word, setting her mind solely on eliminating anything that might make attempts to negatively interact with the human world. The spaces between the houses are relatively easy to scavenge.
  193. >Each dark corner is being cleared with nothing there. Sunset eventually reaches a group of houses at the tip of a cul-de-sac that she hasn’t reached before. She usually passes by this area to get to Fluttershy’s house, as it’s ironically the closest.
  194. >It would be terrible if that girl caught a glimpse of Sunset’s father in action.
  195. >Sunset wishes that it was this easy to go around her own neighborhood in the supernatural realm. It’s too bad the houses are too new.
  196. >It is only when the huntress enters one of the backyards when she sees something lying in the center of the grass before fading away. Right when Sunset approaches where the thing disappeared, a soft voice sounds from a dark corner of the backyard.
  197. >”You’re welcome.”
  198. >Sunset gets ready to raise her gun, but refrains from doing so due to the nature of the voice and what it said. She only turns in the direction from which the voice sounded. Not even responding to it, even after a few more seconds pass of whoever it is waiting for her to say something.
  199. >”Ah… I get it. You’re not much of a talker.” The voice now sounds almost like that of a male. “Didn’t think you would be all the other times I saw you around these parts.”
  200. >Is… is this the voice of a child?
  201. >”Well anyway, I hope you’re more of a listener. We’ve got another one up in that window over there.” The one speaking suddenly emerges out of the shadows.
  202. >It’s a young boy, not looking much older than his preteen years. Sunset notices a sports jacket and blue jeans on the boy along with white sneakers. She stares at him with a questioning look, before he pulls out a baseball bat from behind his back.
  203. >Now Sunset raises her weapon, finger ready to position itself on the trigger.
  204. >”I said up there. At the window.” The boy points with the bat towards a window on the back of the house this backyard belongs to.
  205. >Sunset takes a glance towards where the boy’s bat points, and discovers a troubling sight.
  206. >A second floor window reveals the horrifying silhouette of a person wearing a full gown with their hair crazily sprouting out in all directions from their head. The two faint dots of their eyes slightly glow as they stare down at Sunset from the second floor window.
  207. >That glare… there’s no way it’s not malicious.
  208. >”I take it you haven’t seen that one before.” The boy tells Sunset as she redirects the shotgun’s aim up to the lanky figure in the window. “I knew her.”
  209. >”Her?” Sunset speaks for the first time in the presence of this boy.
  210. >”Creepy old lady used to live there in the 50’s. Terrorizes anyone who tries to move into the house on the other side. Very territorial.” the boy explains. “You have a nice voice, by the way.”
  211. >Sunset finds herself too far away to get a good shot of the lady in the window. “Yeah, well don’t get too ahead of yourself, kid.” She walks over to the house.
  212. >”Let me know if you need help.” The boy then follows Sunset up to the side of the house as she tries to find a way. “Just so you know… I can’t die here.”
  213. >”Oh?”
  214. >”Yeah… if I get run over by a car or something here, I just come back somewhere else. Like in the woods or something.”
  215. >”Like a video game?”
  216. >”I… don’t really know what that is. You’re probably from the future, aren’t you?”
  217. >”You died, didn’t you?”
  218. >”Yup, back in ’57. Don’t wanna talk about it, though.”
  219. >”Fine by me.”
  220. >”Anyway… yeah. I can’t really die in here. So we should probably… pair up. If ya know what I mean. Since you might need me and all that.”
  221. >Sunset chuckles to herself. “Not if I have this.” She points the sawn-off shotgun directly at the ghost boy and blows his head off. “Nothing personal, kid.”
  222. >She opens a side door on the house and steps into a garage. She can feel the lady from the window ominously waiting for her.
  223. >The door leading to the kitchen from the garage is already unlocked. Sunset soon finds herself approaching a dark hallway leading to nothing but blackness.
  224. >She keeps her gun at the ready.
  225. >Perhaps Sunset should have kept that kid around to get any information regarding any other people who might be living (actually alive or dead) in this house.
  226. >But then again, she does remember him saying that this old lade, whoever she is, has a knack for driving people “on the other side” away from this place. That technically counts as something earning a flaming bullet.
  227. >The lady’s pretty much a poltergeist, not much more. At least, not too much for Sunset to handle.
  228. >A poignant whistling stops Sunset in her tracks.
  229. >It started up so suddenly, catching the girl by surprise. But only for a split second, as Sunset heads in the direction of the sound that abruptly comes to a stop just as quickly as it had begun.
  230. >The end on the hallway leads to a sitting area, presumably a living room. In here, Sunset immediately sees two people sitting on a couch together and one person standing upright. The two on the couch, a balding middle aged man and a young lady in her early twenties. The man holds a newspaper up to his face with his lips puckered.
  231. >Sunset briefly wonders why the man with the newspaper is making this face until the whistling she heard from before escapes his mouth.
  232. >The on standing up, even closer to Sunset, has an ironing board spread out in front of her. Sunset would have thought that this middle aged lade was the poltergeist of this place if it weren’t for the hair being nowhere near as strewn about.
  233. >She keeps a close eye on all three of these people, not wasting any time with preliminary introductions. None of the people move, not even the man whistling.
  234. >A long moment of silence passes as Sunset slowly walks by the family, hoping that they don’t see her as too antagonistic with her gun raised at them. But then again, people with guns raised don’t tend to look very friendly.
  235. >”How long have you lived here?” Sunset makes the slightest attempt to reason with them, just in case se sees these people again. “I’m not here for you. There is someone upstairs that has been terrorizing the living world.”
  236. >They do not answer Sunset. Not even appearing to acknowledge her presence.
  237. >”Do you know her?”
  238. >Still not a peep comes out of any of the three except for further whistling from the balding man. But right as Sunset lowers her barrels, another sound accompanies the man’s whistling.
  239. >The two clicks of a gun being cocked.
  240. >Sunset can already tell that this doesn’t add up, as her own gun has unlimited ammunition and doesn’t need to be reloaded. She instinctively spins around.
  241. >But she spun around a second too late.
  242. >The only thing Sunset catches a glimpse of is the most crazed face she’s seen under a light source before a bullet from another gun pierces through the center of her head.
  243. >Sunset can only assume that this was the lady she saw in the window.
  244. ~
  245. >Sunset jolts awake in her bed, shotgun in hand.
  246. >It’s a good thing she never puts any bullets into the thing in real life, otherwise, she might have ended up loudly making swiss cheese out of herself.
  247. >She looks around for a few seconds before gathering her thoughts and returning her mind to reality. She realizes what just happened.
  248. >”Dammit.” Sunset wishes she could have at least lasted a little bit longer this time.
  249. >This was the first time in a while she was killed by something behind her. Sunset can’t help but get the feeling that her defense mechanisms might be slipping.
  250. >There are still a few hours of night left to sleep through.
  251. >But Sunset decides that she’s seen enough for one round. She’ll just remember the route she took next time and work her way to the same house from there.
  252. >She’s already planning to go see what the house is like today.
  253. >The girl just decides to regularly sleep for the rest of the night. It isn’t often when she takes breathers like these.
  254. >A few more hours pass before the sky outside begins to lighten up.
  255. >Sunset is awoken by her alarm at 6:30. She promptly gets out of bed and gets ready to go to school.
  256. >The cold morning air has returned, and Sunset couldn’t be happier to get onto the warm bus.
  257. >And since none of her friends go the the same school as her, not even her parallel clone, Sunset doesn’t have much to look forward to in the school day.
  258. >…
  259. >By the end of the day, Sunset has already texted a couple of her Canterlot High friends. She’s gotten used to traveling over to their town to hang out. Whenever the main reason to visit Canterlot was to investigate any places over there that might have been haunted, Sunset usually goes over there early enough to be able to spend time with her friends for a little bit after doing whatever she can to save them from the supernatural.
  260. >Whenever they would ask her why she was so out of breath, she’d just explain that she was running around in her own town running errands.
  261. >It’s really the least she can do for the main six.
  262. >School eventually lets out, and Sunset arranges to meet Rarity and Rainbow Dash behind Canterlot High at around 5:00 PM. Before this, she’s going to find the house she was spiritually in a few hours ago.
  263. >Sunset takes her phone with her, expecting to be able to catch a few strange things on camera - video or still shot.
  264. >It takes the girl around ten minutes to drive over to Canterlot.
  265. >She uses the map on her phone to eventually locate the neighborhood she was walking through last night. It doesn’t take long when she can see all fo the different routes she used to take from other times on the map.
  266. >Chills begin to run down Sunset’s spine as she makes it onto the black she used to be on. It’s 4:32, about a half an hour before she is supposed to meet up with her friends.
  267. >She takes her camera out and scans for the lonely cul-de-sac she remembers. It turns out to be the longest one in the neighborhood, making the house even more secluded from the street. Sunset keeps her eyes glued to the house as she drives up to it, almost scratching the sides of five cars as she passes by the other homes.
  268. >Sunset pulls up to the place and takes her phone out. It looks like there haven’t been any people living here for at least a decade. The tall grass in front wild and littered with dandelions and other weeds.
  269. >A few pictures are snapped, and Sunset is able to take a look at them right away since this is her phone she’s using.
  270. >What she finds does settle some uneasiness into the girl, but doesn’t all too much surprise her.
  271. >Human-looking blurs can be seen lurking in the windows and around the house. This somewhat makes Sunset glad she didn’t take any pictures from the backyard, given that it’s the place where she saw the worst spirit of them all in the paranormal realm.
  272. >She finishes taking pictures and gets back into her car. A slight urge to rush away from the house comes over Sunset as she steps on the gas pedal. She can’t quite put her finger on it as she drives away, and pretty much just brushes it off as nothing.
  273. >But still keeps a hope in her heart that whatever was lurking in that house didn’t choose to follow her. She’s had an incident like that happen before.
  274. >Sometimes, the demons like to somewhat spawn camp those who choose to hunt them. But they rarely get that bold, so Sunset doesn’t feel too much worry about a simple uneasy feeling she gets one time.
  275. >She drives on.
  276. >Rarity and Rainbow Dash are already standing at the front of the school when Sunset pulls up at 4:54. They apparently had after school activities to attend, which is why Sunset believes they agreed to meet up here instead of at one of their houses.
  277. >And little does Sunset know, this was probably for the best. Something unseen sits in the backseat of her car.
  278. >Rainbow Dash waves the car down as Sunset parks it. She and Rarity watch the fiery haired girl step out of the car with nothing visible following behind her.
  279. To be continued.
  280. —END OF EPISODE 1—
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