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Oct 7th, 2014
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  1. [Application] Catch All Exceptions.snippet
  2. [Application] Create Exception.snippet
  3. [Application] Get Application Path.snippet
  4. [Application] Get Class name.snippet
  5. [Application] Get Current APP Name.snippet
  6. [Application] Get Type name.snippet
  7. [Application] Get User Config Path.snippet
  8. [Application] Global Hotkeys.snippet
  9. [Application] Hotkeys.snippet
  10. [Application] Ignore Exceptions.snippet
  11. [Application] Is First Run.snippet
  12. [Application] Load Resource To Disk.snippet
  13. [Application] Mouse Is Over Control.snippet
  14. [Application] Multi-Instance limiter.snippet
  15. [Application] Multi-Instance Prevention.snippet
  16. [Application] My Application Is Already Running.snippet
  17. [Application] Restrict application startup if gives condition.snippet
  18. [Application] Set Control DoubleBuffered.snippet
  19. [Application] Set Current Thread Priority.snippet
  20. [Application] Trial Expiration.snippet
  21. [Application] WndProc Example from secondary Class.snippet
  22. [Application] WndProc Example.snippet
  24. [Audio] MCI Player.snippet
  25. [Audio] Mute Application.snippet
  26. [Audio] Play WAV.snippet
  27. [Audio] Rec Sound.snippet
  28. [Audio] Stop sound.snippet
  30. [Bytes] Find Byte Pattern.snippet
  31. [Bytes] Get HiByte.snippet
  32. [Bytes] Get HiDword (As Signed Integer).snippet
  33. [Bytes] Get HiDword (As Unsigned Integer).snippet
  34. [Bytes] Get HiWord.snippet
  35. [Bytes] Get LoByte.snippet
  36. [Bytes] Get LoDword (As Signed Integer).snippet
  37. [Bytes] Get LoDword (As Unsigned Integer).snippet
  38. [Bytes] Get LoWord.snippet
  39. [Bytes] Hex to Byte-Array.snippet
  40. [Bytes] Make Dword.snippet
  41. [Bytes] Make Long (From a Signed Integer).snippet
  42. [Bytes] Make Long (From An Unsigned Integer).snippet
  43. [Bytes] Make Word.snippet
  44. [Bytes] Read MemoryMappedFile.snippet
  45. [Bytes] Round Bytes.snippet
  46. [Bytes] Set HiByte.snippet
  47. [Bytes] Set HiDword (From a Signed Integer).snippet
  48. [Bytes] Set HiDword (From an Unsigned Integer).snippet
  49. [Bytes] Set HiWord.snippet
  50. [Bytes] Set LoByte.snippet
  51. [Bytes] Set LoDword (From a Signed Integer).snippet
  52. [Bytes] Set LoDword (From an Unsigned Integer).snippet
  53. [Bytes] Set LoWord.snippet
  54. [Bytes] Write MemoryMappedFile.snippet
  56. [Colors] ColorTools.snippet
  58. [Console] App Is Launched From CMD.snippet
  59. [Console] Arguments Are Empty.snippet
  60. [Console] Attach console to a WinForm.snippet
  61. [Console] Console Menu.snippet
  62. [Console] Console WindowState.snippet
  63. [Console] Help Section.snippet
  64. [Console] Join Arguments.snippet
  65. [Console] Matrix Effect.snippet
  66. [Console] Parse arguments.snippet
  67. [Console] Read Number.snippet
  68. [Console] Set CommandLine Arguments.snippet
  69. [Console] Write Colored Text.snippet
  70. [Console] Write to console on a WinForm.snippet
  72. [Controls] [ColorDialog] Example.snippet
  73. [Controls] [ComboBox] Priority List.snippet
  74. [Controls] [ContextMenuStrip] Clear All ListView Items.snippet
  75. [Controls] [ContextMenuStrip] Clear Text.snippet
  76. [Controls] [ContextMenuStrip] Copy All Text.snippet
  77. [Controls] [ContextMenuStrip] Copy Selected Text.snippet
  78. [Controls] [ContextMenuStrip] Cut Text.snippet
  79. [Controls] [ContextMenuStrip] Delete Text.snippet
  80. [Controls] [ContextMenuStrip] New ContextMenuStrip.snippet
  81. [Controls] [ContextMenuStrip] Paste Text.snippet
  82. [Controls] [ContextMenuStrip] Remove ListView Item.snippet
  83. [Controls] [ContextMenuStrip] Restore or Hide from Systray.snippet
  84. [Controls] [DomainUpDown] Example.snippet
  85. [Controls] [LinkLabel] New LinkLabel.snippet
  86. [Controls] [ListBox] Colorize Items.snippet
  87. [Controls] [ListBox] Make an Horizontal ListBox.snippet
  88. [Controls] [ListBox] Remove Duplicates.snippet
  89. [Controls] [ListBox] Select item without scrolling to the Item position.snippet
  90. [Controls] [ListView] Auto Scroll.snippet
  91. [Controls] [ListView] Auto-Disable ContextMenu.snippet
  92. [Controls] [ListView] Backup and Recover Listview Items.snippet
  93. [Controls] [ListView] Clear Selected Items.snippet
  94. [Controls] [ListView] Column-Sorter.snippet
  95. [Controls] [ListView] Copy All-Items To Clipboard.snippet
  96. [Controls] [ListView] Copy Item To Clipboard.snippet
  97. [Controls] [ListView] Copy Selected-Items To Clipboard.snippet
  98. [Controls] [ListView] Draw ProgressBar.snippet
  99. [Controls] [ListView] Find ListView Text.snippet
  100. [Controls] [ListView] ItemChecked Event.snippet
  101. [Controls] [ListView] ReIndex Column.snippet
  102. [Controls] [ListView] Remove Duplicates.snippet
  103. [Controls] [ListView] Restrict column resizing.snippet
  104. [Controls] [MessageBox] Centered MessageBox.snippet
  105. [Controls] [MessageBox] Question Cancel operation.snippet
  106. [Controls] [MessageBox] Question Exit application.snippet
  107. [Controls] [OpenFileDialog] New dialog.snippet
  108. [Controls] [RichTextBox] Add Colored Text.snippet
  109. [Controls] [RichTextBox] Auto Scroll.snippet
  110. [Controls] [RichTextBox] Colorize Words.snippet
  111. [Controls] [RichTextBox] Copy All Text.snippet
  112. [Controls] [RichTextBox] FindNext RegEx.snippet
  113. [Controls] [RichTextBox] FindNext String.snippet
  114. [Controls] [RichTextBox] Get RichTextBox Cursor Position.snippet
  115. [Controls] [RichTextBox] Highlight RegEx In RichTextBox.snippet
  116. [Controls] [RichTextBox] Link clicked.snippet
  117. [Controls] [RichTextBox] Load TextFile in RichTextbox.snippet
  118. [Controls] [RichTextBox] Select full row.snippet
  119. [Controls] [RichTextBox] Toggle ContextMenu.snippet
  120. [Controls] [SaveFileDialog] New dialog.snippet
  121. [Controls] [Textbox] Allow only 1 Character.snippet
  122. [Controls] [Textbox] Allow only letters and numbers.snippet
  123. [Controls] [Textbox] Allow only letters.snippet
  124. [Controls] [Textbox] Allow only numbers.snippet
  125. [Controls] [TextBox] Capture Windows ContextMenu Option.snippet
  126. [Controls] [Textbox] Drag-Drop a file.snippet
  127. [Controls] [Textbox] Drag-Drop a folder.snippet
  128. [Controls] [Textbox] Password asterisks.snippet
  129. [Controls] [Textbox] Refresh Textbox Text.snippet
  130. [Controls] [Textbox] Show end part of text.snippet
  131. [Controls] [TextBox] Triple Click Select all text.snippet
  132. [Controls] [Textbox] Wait for ENTER key.snippet
  133. [Controls] [ToolStripMenuItem] Create ToolStripItems at execution-time.snippet
  134. [Controls] [ToolStripProgressBar] Customize.snippet
  135. [Controls] [WebBrowser] Block iFrames.snippet
  136. [Controls] [WebBrowser] Block popups.snippet
  137. [Controls] [WebBrowser] Click event.snippet
  138. [Controls] [WebBrowser] Fill Web Form Example.snippet
  139. [Controls] [WebBrowser] Navigate And Wait.snippet
  140. [Controls] [WebBrowser] Set IExplorer Rendering Mode.snippet
  141. [Controls] [Windows Media Player] Examples.snippet
  143. [Cryptography] AES Decrypt.snippet
  144. [Cryptography] AES Encrypt.snippet
  145. [Cryptography] Base64 To String.snippet
  146. [Cryptography] Chromatic Encryption-Decryption .snippet
  147. [Cryptography] Encrypt-Decrypt String Selective.snippet
  148. [Cryptography] Encrypt-Decrypt String.snippet
  149. [Cryptography] String To Base64.snippet
  151. [Custom Controls] [Alvas Audio] Enumerate Devices.snippet
  152. [Custom Controls] [Alvas Audio] Example.snippet
  153. [Custom Controls] [Alvas Audio] [WaveformVisualizer] Example.snippet
  154. [Custom Controls] [Cbutton] Change Cbutton Colors.snippet
  155. [Custom Controls] [ColorDialog_RealTime] Example.snippet
  156. [Custom Controls] [ComboBoxTooltip] Show tooltip when text exceeds ComboBox width.snippet
  157. [Custom Controls] [DeviceWatcher] Example.snippet
  158. [Custom Controls] [DotNetBar] [Ballon] Create a new Ballon.snippet
  159. [Custom Controls] [DotNetBar] [ContextMenuBar] Create a new ContextMenu.snippet
  160. [Custom Controls] [DotNetBar] [DotNetBarManager] Create a new Bar.snippet
  161. [Custom Controls] [DotNetBar] [KeyboardControl] Create a custom Layout.snippet
  162. [Custom Controls] [DotNetBar] [SideBar] Scroll SideBar using MouseWheel.snippet
  163. [Custom Controls] [DotNetBar] [SuperTabControl] Create or remove Tabs.snippet
  164. [Custom Controls] [DotNetBar] [SuperTooltipInfo] Create a new SuperTooltipInfo.snippet
  165. [Custom Controls] [DotNetBar] [SuperTooltipInfo] Show SuperTooltipInfo at coordinates.snippet
  166. [Custom Controls] [Elektro ListView] Customize Item On Item Selection Changed.snippet
  167. [Custom Controls] [Elektro ListView] Monitor Item added-removed.snippet
  168. [Custom Controls] [Elektro ListView] Undo-Redo Manager.snippet
  169. [Custom Controls] [EO WebBrowser] Example.snippet
  170. [Custom Controls] [ErrorProviderExtended] Example.snippet
  171. [Custom Controls] [FastColoredTextBox] Scroll Text.snippet
  172. [Custom Controls] [GeckoFX] Examples.snippet
  173. [Custom Controls] [GeckoFX] Fill Web Form Example.snippet
  174. [Custom Controls] [GeckoFX] Navigate And Wait.snippet
  175. [Custom Controls] [GeckoFX] Remove All Cookies.snippet
  176. [Custom Controls] [GeckoFX] Set Navigator Preferences.snippet
  177. [Custom Controls] [GeckoFX] Set Proxy.snippet
  178. [Custom Controls] [GTrackBar] Progressive Scroll MultiTrackbars.snippet
  179. [Custom Controls] [GTrackBar] Progressive Scroll.snippet
  180. [Custom Controls] [LogicNP.ShellObjects] [SystemHotkey] Example.snippet
  181. [Custom Controls] [LogicNP.ShellObjects] [SystemIDLETimer] Example.snippet
  182. [Custom Controls] [ObjectListView] Add ListViewItems into a ObjectListView.snippet
  183. [Custom Controls] [Ooki VistaFolderBrowserDialog] New dialog.snippet
  184. [Custom Controls] [PopCursor] Class.snippet
  185. [Custom Controls] [PopCursor] Example.snippet
  186. [Custom Controls] [RadListControl] Select item without scrolling to the Item position.snippet
  187. [Custom Controls] [RichTextBoxEx] Insert FileLink.snippet
  188. [Custom Controls] [Telerik] Create a list to monitor the current running processes.snippet
  189. [Custom Controls] [Telerik] Disable RadControl.snippet
  190. [Custom Controls] [Telerik] Enable RadControl.snippet
  191. [Custom Controls] [Telerik] Language Localization Providers.snippet
  192. [Custom Controls] [Telerik] Set ToolTip.snippet
  193. [Custom Controls] [Telerik] Themeselector.snippet
  194. [Custom Controls] [Telerik] [RadContextMenu] Show RadContextMenu on NotifyIcon.snippet
  195. [Custom Controls] [Telerik] [RadDropDownButton] Distinguish an Arrow click without a Default Item set..snippet
  196. [Custom Controls] [Telerik] [RadDropDownList] Align text after selecting an item..snippet
  197. [Custom Controls] [Telerik] [RadDropDownList] Priority List.snippet
  198. [Custom Controls] [Telerik] [RadDropDownList] Select next item with the Mouse Wheel.snippet
  199. [Custom Controls] [Telerik] [RadForm] Add button in TitleBar.snippet
  200. [Custom Controls] [Telerik] [RadForm] Example.snippet
  201. [Custom Controls] [Telerik] [RadGridView] Example.snippet
  202. [Custom Controls] [Telerik] [RadGridView] Export as CSV..snippet
  203. [Custom Controls] [Telerik] [RadGridView] Export as HTML.snippet
  204. [Custom Controls] [Telerik] [RadGridView] Export as XLS.snippet
  205. [Custom Controls] [Telerik] [RadListControl] Show RadContextMenu when pressing right-button click over an Item.snippet
  206. [Custom Controls] [Telerik] [RadMessageBox] Example.snippet
  207. [Custom Controls] [Telerik] [RadPageView] Select next page with the Mouse Wheel.snippet
  208. [Custom Controls] [Telerik] [RadSplitButton] Distinguish an Arrow click without a Default Item set. .snippet
  209. [Custom Controls] [Telerik] [RadSplitButton] Set a Default Item.snippet
  210. [Custom Controls] [WindowsAPICodePack] Helper.snippet
  211. [Custom Controls] [WindowsAPICodePack] [CommonOpenFileDialog] New dialog.snippet
  213. [Custom Libraries] [.NET Reactor] Example.snippet
  214. [Custom Libraries] [ABC OCR .NET] Example.snippet
  215. [Custom Libraries] [AForge.Imaging] Find Image.snippet
  216. [Custom Libraries] [Aspose Imaging] Add Watermark.snippet
  217. [Custom Libraries] [Aspose OCR] Example.snippet
  218. [Custom Libraries] [Aspose Words] Example.snippet
  219. [Custom Libraries] [AutoUpdater.NET] Example.snippet
  220. [Custom Libraries] [BoxedAppPacker] Helper.snippet
  221. [Custom Libraries] [ColorCode] Color Code.snippet
  222. [Custom Libraries] [CoreConverter] Helper.snippet
  223. [Custom Libraries] [CryptoLicensing] Helper.snippet
  224. [Custom Libraries] [DiffLib] Examples.snippet
  225. [Custom Libraries] [dnlib] Helper.snippet
  226. [Custom Libraries] [DotNetZip] Compress SFX.snippet
  227. [Custom Libraries] [DotNetZip] Compress.snippet
  228. [Custom Libraries] [DotNetZip] Extract.snippet
  229. [Custom Libraries] [DotNetZip] Helper.snippet
  230. [Custom Libraries] [EASendMail] Helper.snippet
  231. [Custom Libraries] [Excel Package] Examples.snippet
  232. [Custom Libraries] [FFMPEG] Helper.snippet
  233. [Custom Libraries] [Framework Detection] Examples.snippet
  234. [Custom Libraries] [FreeImage] Helper.snippet
  235. [Custom Libraries] [FTPClient] Helper.snippet
  236. [Custom Libraries] [HtmlAgilityPack] Example.snippet
  237. [Custom Libraries] [HtmlAgilityPack] Get Html XPaths.snippet
  238. [Custom Libraries] [IconLib] Helper.snippet
  239. [Custom Libraries] [IlMerge] Helper.snippet
  240. [Custom Libraries] [ImageDraw] Helper.snippet
  241. [Custom Libraries] [Kellerman CSV Reports] Example.snippet
  242. [Custom Libraries] [Kellerman Email Validation] Example.snippet
  243. [Custom Libraries] [Kellerman Encryption] Example.snippet
  244. [Custom Libraries] [Kellerman Ftp] Example.snippet
  245. [Custom Libraries] [Kellerman Logging] Example.snippet
  246. [Custom Libraries] [Kellerman Word Reports] Example.snippet
  247. [Custom Libraries] [MagicGraphics] Example.snippet
  248. [Custom Libraries] [Magick.NET] Examples.snippet
  249. [Custom Libraries] [MediaInfo] Helper.snippet
  250. [Custom Libraries] [MKVMerge] Helper.snippet
  251. [Custom Libraries] [mp3gain] Helper.snippet
  252. [Custom Libraries] [mp3val] Helper.snippet
  253. [Custom Libraries] [Nasososft Transform] Helper.snippet
  254. [Custom Libraries] [NAudio] NAudio Helper.snippet
  255. [Custom Libraries] [NCalc] Example.snippet
  256. [Custom Libraries] [nDDE] Examples.snippet
  257. [Custom Libraries] [NDde] Get Firefox Url.snippet
  258. [Custom Libraries] [NPOI] Examples.snippet
  259. [Custom Libraries] [OSVersionInfo] Examples.snippet
  260. [Custom Libraries] [Rebex.Security] Encrypt-Decrypt File.snippet
  261. [Custom Libraries] [ResHacker] Helper.snippet
  262. [Custom Libraries] [SautinSoft] Document Converter.snippet
  263. [Custom Libraries] [SETACL] Helper.snippet
  264. [Custom Libraries] [SevenZipSharp] Compress SFX.snippet
  265. [Custom Libraries] [SevenZipSharp] Compress.snippet
  266. [Custom Libraries] [SevenZipSharp] Extract.snippet
  267. [Custom Libraries] [SevenZipSharp] FileInfo.snippet
  268. [Custom Libraries] [SevenZipSharp] Helper.snippet
  269. [Custom Libraries] [TagLib Sharp] Helper.snippet
  270. [Custom Libraries] [Thresher IRC] Bot example.snippet
  271. [Custom Libraries] [TypedUnits] Examples.snippet
  272. [Custom Libraries] [UltraID3Lib] Helper.snippet
  273. [Custom Libraries] [VistaCoreAudioAPI] Fade Master Volume.snippet
  274. [Custom Libraries] [VistaCoreAudioAPI] Helper.snippet
  275. [Custom Libraries] [WinAmp Control Class] Examples.snippet
  276. [Custom Libraries] [WinAmp Control Class] [CLASS].snippet
  277. [Custom Libraries] [Windows Input Simulator] - Examples.snippet
  278. [Custom Libraries] [XnaFan ImageComparison] Examples.snippet
  280. [Date and Time] Convert Time.snippet
  281. [Date and Time] Date Difference.snippet
  282. [Date and Time] DateTime To Unix.snippet
  283. [Date and Time] Format Time.snippet
  284. [Date and Time] Get Local Date.snippet
  285. [Date and Time] Get Local Day.snippet
  286. [Date and Time] Get Local Time.snippet
  287. [Date and Time] Get Today Date.snippet
  288. [Date and Time] Unix To DateTime.snippet
  289. [Date and Time] Validate Date.snippet
  291. [Files] Can Access To File.snippet
  292. [Files] Can Access To Folder.snippet
  293. [Files] Compare Files.snippet
  294. [Files] Copy File With Cancel.snippet
  295. [Files] Copy File.snippet
  296. [Files] Delete File.snippet
  297. [Files] Directory Exist.snippet
  298. [Files] File Add Attribute.snippet
  299. [Files] File Exist.snippet
  300. [Files] File Have Attribute.snippet
  301. [Files] File Remove Attribute.snippet
  302. [Files] File Splitter.snippet
  303. [Files] FileDater.snippet
  304. [Files] Get Directory Size.snippet
  305. [Files] Get Files.snippet
  306. [Files] InfoDir.snippet
  307. [Files] InfoFile.snippet
  308. [Files] Make Dir.snippet
  309. [Files] Move File.snippet
  310. [Files] Open In Explorer.snippet
  311. [Files] Open With.snippet
  312. [Files] Preserve FileDate.snippet
  313. [Files] Rename File.snippet
  314. [Files] Rename Files (Increment method).snippet
  315. [Files] Save File To Disk.snippet
  316. [Files] Send file to Recycle Bin.snippet
  317. [Files] Set File Access.snippet
  318. [Files] Set File Attributes.snippet
  319. [Files] Set Folder Access.snippet
  320. [Files] Shortcut Manager (.lnk).snippet
  322. [Fonts] Change font.snippet
  323. [Fonts] Font Is Installed.snippet
  324. [Fonts] Get Installed Fonts.snippet
  325. [Fonts] Use Custom Text-Font.snippet
  327. [GUI] Add controls at execution-time.snippet
  328. [GUI] Animate Window.snippet
  329. [GUI] Append text to control.snippet
  330. [GUI] Capture Windows ContextMenu Edit Options.snippet
  331. [GUI] Center Form To Desktop.snippet
  332. [GUI] Center Form To Form.snippet
  333. [GUI] Change Form Icon.snippet
  334. [GUI] Change Language.snippet
  335. [GUI] Click a control to move it.snippet
  336. [GUI] Control Iterator.snippet
  337. [GUI] Control Without Flickering.snippet
  338. [GUI] Control-Hint Helper.snippet
  339. [GUI] Detect mouse click button.snippet
  340. [GUI] Detect mouse wheel direction.snippet
  341. [GUI] Disable ALT+F4 Combination.snippet
  342. [GUI] Enable-Disable Drawing on Control.snippet
  343. [GUI] Extend Non Client Area.snippet
  344. [GUI] Fade IN-OUT.snippet
  345. [GUI] Find Dynamic Controls.snippet
  346. [GUI] Form Border Manager.snippet
  347. [GUI] Form Docking.snippet
  348. [GUI] FullScreen.snippet
  349. [GUI] Get Non-Client Area Width.snippet
  350. [GUI] Lock Form Position.snippet
  351. [GUI] Minimize to systray.snippet
  352. [GUI] Mouse-Click Counter.snippet
  353. [GUI] Move Control Scrollbar.snippet
  354. [GUI] Move Control.snippet
  355. [GUI] Move Form.snippet
  356. [GUI] Round Borders.snippet
  357. [GUI] Secondary Form Docking.snippet
  358. [GUI] Select all checkboxes.snippet
  359. [GUI] Set Control Border Color.snippet
  360. [GUI] Set Control Hint [API].snippet
  361. [GUI] Set Global Hotkeys using ComboBoxes.snippet
  362. [GUI] Set opacity when moving the form from the TitleBar.snippet
  363. [GUI] SystemMenu Manager.snippet
  364. [GUI] Toogle FullScreen.snippet
  365. [GUI] Undo-Redo.snippet
  367. [Hardware] DriveWatcher.snippet
  368. [Hardware] Format Drive.snippet
  369. [Hardware] Get CPU ID.snippet
  370. [Hardware] Get Free Disk Space.snippet
  371. [Hardware] Get Motherboard ID.snippet
  372. [Hardware] Get Printers.snippet
  373. [Hardware] GetDrivesOfType.snippet
  375. [Hashes] Get CRC32.snippet
  376. [Hashes] Get MD5 Of File.snippet
  377. [Hashes] Get MD5 Of String.snippet
  378. [Hashes] Get SHA1 Of File.snippet
  379. [Hashes] Get SHA1 Of String.snippet
  381. [Image] Create Solid Bitmap.snippet
  382. [Image] Drag-Drop a image.snippet
  383. [Image] Extract Icon.snippet
  384. [Image] Fill Bitmap Color.snippet
  385. [Image] For each Image in My.Resources.snippet
  386. [Image] Get Image HBitmap.snippet
  387. [Image] Get Image Sector.snippet
  388. [Image] GrayScale Image.snippet
  389. [Image] Image Has Color.snippet
  390. [Image] PixelUtil.snippet
  391. [Image] Region Selector.snippet
  392. [Image] Resize Image Resource.snippet
  393. [Image] Resize Image.snippet
  394. [Image] Save ImageFile.snippet
  395. [Image] Scale Image.snippet
  396. [Image] Take Desktop ScreenShot.snippet
  397. [Image] Take Form ScreenShot.snippet
  398. [Image] Take Region ScreenShot.snippet
  400. [Math] Calculate Percentage.snippet
  401. [Math] Double To Single.snippet
  402. [Math] Format Number.snippet
  403. [Math] Get Difference Expression.snippet
  404. [Math] Get Numbers Not In Range.snippet
  405. [Math] Get Percentage.snippet
  406. [Math] Get Random Number.snippet
  407. [Math] Hex To Integer.snippet
  408. [Math] Hex To VBHex.snippet
  409. [Math] Integer To Hex.snippet
  410. [Math] Integer to VBHex.snippet
  411. [Math] Number Is Divisible.snippet
  412. [Math] Number Is In Range.snippet
  413. [Math] Number Is Multiple.snippet
  414. [Math] Number Is Negavite.snippet
  415. [Math] Number Is Positive.snippet
  416. [Math] Number Is Prime.snippet
  417. [Math] VBHex To Integer.snippet
  419. [Miscellaneous] Add an WPF Control in a WinForms project at execution time.snippet
  420. [Miscellaneous] Add Item Array 2D.snippet
  421. [Miscellaneous] Add or remove application from Windows Startup.snippet
  422. [Miscellaneous] Add ResX Resource.snippet
  423. [Miscellaneous] Array ToLowerCase.snippet
  424. [Miscellaneous] Array ToUpperCase.snippet
  425. [Miscellaneous] Betfair Util.snippet
  426. [Miscellaneous] Blinker.snippet
  427. [Miscellaneous] BubbleSort Array.snippet
  428. [Miscellaneous] BubbleSort IEnumerable(Of String).snippet
  429. [Miscellaneous] BubbleSort List(Of DirectoryInfo).snippet
  430. [Miscellaneous] BubbleSort List(Of FileInfo).snippet
  431. [Miscellaneous] BubbleSort List(Of String).snippet
  432. [Miscellaneous] Captcha Generator.snippet
  433. [Miscellaneous] Caret Class.snippet
  434. [Miscellaneous] Clear Debug-Console Output.snippet
  435. [Miscellaneous] Contacts Database.snippet
  436. [Miscellaneous] Control Panel Launcher.snippet
  437. [Miscellaneous] Convert Bytes.snippet
  438. [Miscellaneous] Convert To Disc Size.snippet
  439. [Miscellaneous] Count Array Matches.snippet
  440. [Miscellaneous] Create Dummy File.snippet
  441. [Miscellaneous] Create ResX.snippet
  442. [Miscellaneous] Desktop Visibility.snippet
  443. [Miscellaneous] Detect Virtual Machine.snippet
  444. [Miscellaneous] Dictionary Has Key.snippet
  445. [Miscellaneous] Dictionary Has Value.snippet
  446. [Miscellaneous] Enum Parser.snippet
  447. [Miscellaneous] FileSize Converter.snippet
  448. [Miscellaneous] FileType Detective.snippet
  449. [Miscellaneous] Find Dictionary Key By Value.snippet
  450. [Miscellaneous] Find Dictionary Value By Key.snippet
  451. [Miscellaneous] FrameWork Compiler.snippet
  452. [Miscellaneous] Get Debug-Console Output.snippet
  453. [Miscellaneous] Get Enum Name.snippet
  454. [Miscellaneous] Get Enum Value.snippet
  455. [Miscellaneous] Get Enum Values.snippet
  456. [Miscellaneous] Get FrameWork Of File.snippet
  457. [Miscellaneous] Get Keyboard Layout.snippet
  458. [Miscellaneous] Get KeyCode.snippet
  459. [Miscellaneous] Get Nearest Enum Value.snippet
  460. [Miscellaneous] Get Random Password.snippet
  461. [Miscellaneous] Get ResX Resource.snippet
  462. [Miscellaneous] Get ResX Resources.snippet
  463. [Miscellaneous] Get the calling Form.snippet
  464. [Miscellaneous] Hide method from Intellisense.snippet
  465. [Miscellaneous] Hosts File.snippet
  466. [Miscellaneous] INI File Manager.snippet
  467. [Miscellaneous] Invoke method through reflection.snippet
  468. [Miscellaneous] Is .Net Assembly.snippet
  469. [Miscellaneous] Is Object Serializable.snippet
  470. [Miscellaneous] Is Registry File.snippet
  471. [Miscellaneous] Is Type Serializable.snippet
  472. [Miscellaneous] Join Array.snippet
  473. [Miscellaneous] Join Lists.snippet
  474. [Miscellaneous] KeyLogger.snippet
  475. [Miscellaneous] Match Dictionary Keys.snippet
  476. [Miscellaneous] Match Dictionary Values.snippet
  477. [Miscellaneous] Minimize VS IDE when APP is in execution.snippet
  478. [Miscellaneous] Money Abbreviation.snippet
  479. [Miscellaneous] Mouse Hook.snippet
  480. [Miscellaneous] MRU.snippet
  481. [Miscellaneous] Performance Watcher.snippet
  482. [Miscellaneous] Playlist Editor.snippet
  483. [Miscellaneous] Randomize Array.snippet
  484. [Miscellaneous] Record Mouse.snippet
  485. [Miscellaneous] Reg2Bat.snippet
  486. [Miscellaneous] Remove Array Duplicates.snippet
  487. [Miscellaneous] Remove Array Matches.snippet
  488. [Miscellaneous] Remove Array Unique Values.snippet
  489. [Miscellaneous] Remove Item From Array.snippet
  490. [Miscellaneous] Remove List Duplicates.snippet
  491. [Miscellaneous] Reverse RegEx MatchCollection.snippet
  492. [Miscellaneous] Reverse Stack.snippet
  493. [Miscellaneous] Scrollbar Info.snippet
  494. [Miscellaneous] Send Inputs.snippet
  495. [Miscellaneous] Serializer.snippet
  496. [Miscellaneous] Set Windows Position.snippet
  497. [Miscellaneous] Sharing memory across different running applications.snippet
  498. [Miscellaneous] SizeOf.snippet
  499. [Miscellaneous] Sleep.snippet
  500. [Miscellaneous] Splash Form.snippet
  501. [Miscellaneous] Symbols.snippet
  502. [Miscellaneous] SystemParametersInfo Class.snippet
  503. [Miscellaneous] Telecommunication Bitrate To DataStorage Bitrate.snippet
  504. [Miscellaneous] Time Elapsed.snippet
  505. [Miscellaneous] Time Measurer.snippet
  506. [Miscellaneous] Transparent Controls Form.snippet
  507. [Miscellaneous] TypeWritter.snippet
  508. [Miscellaneous] WinAmp Info.snippet
  509. [Miscellaneous] Window Flasher.snippet
  510. [Miscellaneous] Window Sticker.snippet
  512. [Multi-Threading] Begin Invoke Control.snippet
  513. [Multi-Threading] Delegate Example.snippet
  514. [Multi-Threading] Invoke Control.snippet
  515. [Multi-Threading] Invoke Lambda.snippet
  516. [Multi-Threading] New BackgroundWorker.snippet
  517. [Multi-Threading] New Thread.snippet
  518. [Multi-Threading] Raise Events Cross-Thread.snippet
  519. [Multi-Threading] Task Example.snippet
  520. [Multi-Threading] ThreadStart Lambda.snippet
  522. [Process] App Activate.snippet
  523. [Process] Block Process.snippet
  524. [Process] Close Process.snippet
  525. [Process] Flush Memory.snippet
  526. [Process] Get Process Handle.snippet
  527. [Process] Get Process Main Window Handle.snippet
  528. [Process] Get Process Path.snippet
  529. [Process] Get Process PID.snippet
  530. [Process] Get Process Window Title.snippet
  531. [Process] Get x64 Process Path From x86 Application.snippet
  532. [Process] Hide Process From TaskManager.snippet
  533. [Process] Hide-Restore Process.snippet
  534. [Process] Kill Process By Name.snippet
  535. [Process] Kill Process By PID.snippet
  536. [Process] Monitor process executed-exited.snippet
  537. [Process] Move Process Window.snippet
  538. [Process] Pause-Resume Thread.snippet
  539. [Process] Process is running.snippet
  540. [Process] Resize Process Window.snippet
  541. [Process] Run Process.snippet
  542. [Process] SendText To App.snippet
  543. [Process] Set Process Priority By Handle.snippet
  544. [Process] Set Process Priority By Name.snippet
  545. [Process] Set Window State.snippet
  546. [Process] Shift Process Window Position.snippet
  547. [Process] Shift Process Window Size.snippet
  548. [Process] Wait For Application To Load.snippet
  550. [String] Binary To String.snippet
  551. [String] Byte To Character.snippet
  552. [String] Byte-Array To String.snippet
  553. [String] Character Is Diacritic.snippet
  554. [String] Character To Byte.snippet
  555. [String] Convert Diacritic Character.snippet
  556. [String] Convert Diacritic Characters.snippet
  557. [String] Count Agrupations In String.snippet
  558. [String] Count Character In String.snippet
  559. [String] Delimit String.snippet
  560. [String] Expand Environment Variables Of String.snippet
  561. [String] Filename Has Non ASCII Characters.snippet
  562. [String] Find Characters.snippet
  563. [String] Find RegEx.snippet
  564. [String] Find String Ocurrences.snippet
  565. [String] Get Biggest Letter Of String.snippet
  566. [String] Get Biggest Number Of String.snippet
  567. [String] Get Lowest Letter Of String.snippet
  568. [String] Get Lowest Number Of String.snippet
  569. [String] Get Random String.snippet
  570. [String] Get WhiteSpaced String.snippet
  571. [String] Hex To String.snippet
  572. [String] Multiline string.snippet
  573. [String] Permute all combinations of characters.snippet
  574. [String] Read string line per line.snippet
  575. [String] RegEx Match Base Url.snippet
  576. [String] RegEx Match htm html.snippet
  577. [String] RegEx Match IPv4.snippet
  578. [String] RegEx Match IPv6.snippet
  579. [String] RegEx Match Tag.snippet
  580. [String] RegEx Match Url.snippet
  581. [String] RegEx Matches To List.snippet
  582. [String] Remove Last Char.snippet
  583. [String] Replace String (Increment method).snippet
  584. [String] Replace Word (Increment method).snippet
  585. [String] Reverse String.snippet
  586. [String] Rotate String.snippet
  587. [String] String Is Alphabetic.snippet
  588. [String] String Is Email.snippet
  589. [String] String Is Numeric Of Type.snippet
  590. [String] String Is Numeric.snippet
  591. [String] String Is URL.snippet
  592. [String] String Is Value Of Type.snippet
  593. [String] String Renamer.snippet
  594. [String] String to Binary.snippet
  595. [String] String to Byte-Array.snippet
  596. [String] String To CharArray.snippet
  597. [String] String To Hex.snippet
  598. [String] String To HtmlDocument.snippet
  599. [String] Validate RegEx.snippet
  601. [Syntax] Array 2D.snippet
  602. [Syntax] Convert Sender to Control.snippet
  603. [Syntax] Create events and manage them.snippet
  604. [Syntax] Dictionary.snippet
  605. [Syntax] DirectCast.snippet
  606. [Syntax] For Each Control....snippet
  607. [Syntax] Handle the same event for various controls.snippet
  608. [Syntax] Hashtable.snippet
  609. [Syntax] IDisposable.snippet
  610. [Syntax] If .Net Runtime conditional.snippet
  611. [Syntax] If Debug conditional.snippet
  612. [Syntax] If Debugger IsAttached conditional.snippet
  613. [Syntax] Inherited Control.snippet
  614. [Syntax] InputBox.snippet
  615. [Syntax] ISerializable - IXmlSerializable.snippet
  616. [Syntax] List(Of FileInfo).snippet
  617. [Syntax] List(Of Tuple).snippet
  618. [Syntax] Overload Example.snippet
  619. [Syntax] Own Type.snippet
  620. [Syntax] Prevent two instances of the same class using the same parameter..snippet
  621. [Syntax] Property.snippet
  622. [Syntax] Range Property.snippet
  623. [Syntax] Read and Parse a Process StdOut-StdErr.snippet
  624. [Syntax] Select Case For Numbers.snippet
  625. [Syntax] Select Case For Strings.snippet
  626. [Syntax] String Compare.snippet
  627. [Syntax] String Format.snippet
  628. [Syntax] StringBuilder.snippet
  629. [Syntax] Summary comments.snippet
  630. [Syntax] ToString.snippet
  631. [Syntax] Type Of Object.snippet
  633. [System] Add User Account.snippet
  634. [System] Associate File Extension.snippet
  635. [System] Current User Is Admin.snippet
  636. [System] Delete User Account.snippet
  637. [System] Environment Variables Helper.snippet
  638. [System] Get Current Aero Theme.snippet
  639. [System] Get Current Process Architecture.snippet
  640. [System] Get Cursor Pos.snippet
  641. [System] Get Extended Screen Resolution.snippet
  642. [System] Get IExplorer Version.snippet
  643. [System] Get NT Version.snippet
  644. [System] Get OS Architecture.snippet
  645. [System] Get OS Edition.snippet
  646. [System] Get OS Version.snippet
  647. [System] Get Primary Screen Resolution.snippet
  648. [System] Get Service Status.snippet
  649. [System] Get TempDir.snippet
  650. [System] Get UserName.snippet
  651. [System] Get UserNames.snippet
  652. [System] Get Users.snippet
  653. [System] Get Windows Explorer AddresBar Paths.snippet
  654. [System] Is Aero Enabled.snippet
  655. [System] Mouse Click.snippet
  656. [System] Move Mouse.snippet
  657. [System] RecycleBin Manager.snippet
  658. [System] RegEdit.snippet
  659. [System] Set Account DisplayName.snippet
  660. [System] Set Aero Theme.snippet
  661. [System] Set Cursor Pos.snippet
  662. [System] Set Desktop Wallpaper.snippet
  663. [System] Set PC State.snippet
  664. [System] Set Service Status.snippet
  665. [System] Set System Cursor.snippet
  666. [System] Set UserName.snippet
  667. [System] SID To ProfilePath.snippet
  668. [System] SID To Username.snippet
  669. [System] System Notifier.snippet
  670. [System] SystemRestarter.snippet
  671. [System] TaskBar Show-Hide.snippet
  672. [System] User Is Admin.snippet
  673. [System] Username To ProfilePath.snippet
  674. [System] Username To SID.snippet
  675. [System] Validate Windows FileName.snippet
  677. [Textfile] Copy from clipboard.snippet
  678. [Textfile] Copy to clipboard.snippet
  679. [Textfile] Count Blank Lines.snippet
  680. [Textfile] Count Non Blank Lines.snippet
  681. [Textfile] Cut First Lines From TextFile.snippet
  682. [Textfile] Cut Last Lines From TextFile.snippet
  683. [Textfile] Delete Clipboard.snippet
  684. [Textfile] Delete Empty And WhiteSpace Lines In TextFile.snippet
  685. [Textfile] Delete Empty Lines In TextFile.snippet
  686. [Textfile] Delete Line From TextFile.snippet
  687. [Textfile] Detect Text Encoding.snippet
  688. [Textfile] For each TextFile in My.Resources.snippet
  689. [Textfile] Get Non Blank Lines.snippet
  690. [Textfile] Get Text Measure.snippet
  691. [Textfile] Get TextFile Total Lines.snippet
  692. [Textfile] Get Window Text.snippet
  693. [Textfile] Keep First Lines From TextFile.snippet
  694. [Textfile] Keep Last Lines From TextFile.snippet
  695. [Textfile] Randomize TextFile Array.snippet
  696. [Textfile] Randomize TextFile String.snippet
  697. [Textfile] Read textfile line per line.snippet
  698. [Textfile] Read TextFile Line.snippet
  699. [Textfile] Remove All Characters Except.snippet
  700. [Textfile] Replace All Characters Except.snippet
  701. [Textfile] Replace All Characters.snippet
  702. [Textfile] Replace Line From TextFile.snippet
  703. [Textfile] Resize TextFile.snippet
  704. [Textfile] Reverse TextFile.snippet
  705. [Textfile] Sort Textfile Array.snippet
  706. [Textfile] Sort Textfile String.snippet
  707. [Textfile] Split TextFile By Number Of Lines.snippet
  708. [Textfile] TextFile Is Unicode.snippet
  709. [Textfile] TextFiledParser Example.snippet
  710. [Textfile] Write Log.snippet
  711. [Textfile] Write Text To File.snippet
  713. [WEB] Connectivity Helper.snippet
  714. [WEB] Download File Async.snippet
  715. [WEB] Download File.snippet
  716. [WEB] FTP Upload.snippet
  717. [WEB] GeoLocation.snippet
  718. [WEB] Get Google Maps Coordinates URL.snippet
  719. [WEB] Get Google Maps URL.snippet
  720. [WEB] Get Http Response.snippet
  721. [WEB] Get Method.snippet
  722. [WEB] Get My IP Address.snippet
  723. [WEB] Get Url Image.snippet
  724. [WEB] Get WebPage-SourceCode.snippet
  725. [WEB] GMail Sender.snippet
  726. [WEB] Google Translator.snippet
  727. [WEB] HostName To IP.snippet
  728. [WEB] HTML Decode.snippet
  729. [WEB] HTML Encode.snippet
  730. [WEB] Html Entities To String.snippet
  731. [WEB] Html Escaped Entities To String.snippet
  732. [WEB] IP To Hostname.snippet
  733. [WEB] IRC Bot.snippet
  734. [WEB] Is Network Avaliable.snippet
  735. [WEB] Mail To.snippet
  736. [WEB] Parse HTML.snippet
  737. [WEB] Ping.snippet
  738. [WEB] Port Range Scan.snippet
  739. [WEB] Port Scan.snippet
  740. [WEB] Read Response Header.snippet
  741. [WEB] Send POST.snippet
  742. [WEB] String To Html Entities.snippet
  743. [WEB] String To Html Escaped Entities.snippet
  744. [WEB] URL Decode.snippet
  745. [WEB] URL Encode.snippet
  746. [WEB] Validate IP.snippet
  747. [WEB] Validate Mail.snippet
  748. [WEB] Validate URL.snippet
  749. [WEB] WebProxy Example.snippet
  751. [XML] Convert XML to Anonymous Type.snippet
  752. [XML] Convert XML to IEnumerable(Of Tuple).snippet
  753. [XML] Get XML XPaths.snippet
  754. [XML] XML Beautifier.snippet
  755. [XML] XML Delete Duplicated Elements.snippet
  756. [XML] XML Sort Elements.snippet
  757. [XML] XML Writer Helper.snippet
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