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  1. { CATALLENA }
  3. Birth Name: Han Joo Hee
  4. Other Name: None
  6. Nickname(s):
  7. + Juju: Friends | "OMG! You're name reminds me of JUJU ON THE BEAT"
  8. + Jubs: Friends | Friends say her cheeks are as squishy as the candy
  10. Stage Name: Dream - Her dream has always been to become an idol
  12. Age: 18
  13. D.O.B: October 31st, 1998
  15. Blood Type: O
  17. ethinicity: Korean-Chinese
  18. natinality: Korean
  20. face claim: Gugudan - Sejeong
  21. backup face claim: WJSN - Cheng Xiao
  23. love interest: Astro - Eunwoo
  24. backup love interest: Astro - Moonbin
  26. { AH CHOO }
  28. personality:
  29. Dream is a friendly, funny and cute girl who absolutely loves doing aegyo. At first she can be a bit shy and quiet but in the end she will approach you and try to keep a conversation going. She's very hyper and outgoing and possibly the loudest one. People enjoy her company but once in a while, she can get somewhat annoying. She loves loud stuff like loud music, loud parties and loud friends and feels very weird to be in a room with people who won't talk. She always tries to set the mood to happy and will tell lame jokes that no one ever gets. She's can sometimes be clumsy and funny but when it comes to a time where she needs to concentrate, she can get SO quiet that people question whether she really is Dream or not. Despite her young age, people would say she has good leadership skills. She can be very caring and loves taking care of not only her friends but others too. She's really competitive which mean she's really hard working. Once she decides to do something, there's no going back. That's how determind and stubborn she is. She can never lie and things just come straight out of her mouth. Wanna keep a secret? Great! Just don't tell her or your secret won't be a secret anymore. Also, one more thing. NEVER EVER get on her bad side. Once you get on her bad side, it's super hard to get her back on her good side. If you really want her to love you, buy her bubble tea. If you give her bubble tea, she'll love you for the rest of her life and also she prefers mango and taro bubble tea so yeah!
  31. background: (^^^)
  32. Dream was born in Seoul, South Korea on October 31st a.k.a Halloween. As a child, she didn't have many friends and didn't talk much to many people because of her shy personality. When she was 4, she tried talking to people, wishing for a better outcome but things turned for the worst. At school, she was known as the short, fat and stupid girl so no one would talk to her. When she turned 5, she moved schools and tried talking more which resulted in more friends and greater confidence. At the age of 4, she started dancing and it became her passion and even got accepted to SOPA (School of Performing Arts Seoul) when she auditioned at the age of 14. She did competitive dancing and won many awards and trophies. She decided she wanted to become a professional dancer when she grew up but something made her change her mind. Since her school had many talented people, some companies decided to come to her school and hold auditions. At first she didn't want to but her friend dragged her there. Her friend told her to give it a try so Dream tried for fun and ended up being accepted to JYP Entertainment. She became a trainee at the age of 14 and her life as a trainee started.  After training at JYP Entertainment for a year, she figured the training was too hard so she moved to Fantagio Entertainment later on.
  34. trainee background:
  35.      At first when Dream entered the Entertainment, she was quite scared and a bit intimidated about becoming a trainee of such a big company. For the first few weeks, she kind of had trouble adjusting to the schedule, but as days past, it became her daily routine.
  36.      She did well in her dance class and received lots of compliments from her dance trainer but there were days when she was too tired and her voice wasn't do great when she sang, receiving negative comments from her vocal trainer. As time passed, she got better and better and enjoyed her time there.
  37.       However, she felt as if she was pushing herself to much so she moved to Fantagio Entertainment after training for a year at JYP.
  39. family:
  40. + Han Ji Hoon | 45 | Father | Teacher | 4/5
  41. + Lin Yue Hwa | 44 | Mother | Restaurant owner | 4/5
  42. + Han Joo Min | 16 | Brother | Student | 5/5
  43. + Han Joo Yeon | 14 | Sister | Student | 5/5
  44. + Lucky | (Dog years - 6 months old) (Human years - 7.5 years old) | pet puppy | Dog | 5/5
  46. hometown: Seoul, South Korea
  47. birth place: Seoul, South Korea
  49. { JELLY JELLY }
  51. style:
  55. + Aegyo
  56. + Hugs
  57. + Eating
  58. + Listening to music
  59. + Watching kdramas
  60. + Reading webtoons
  61. + Lame jokes
  62. + Animals
  63. + Sleeping
  64. + Children
  65. + Chocolate
  66. + Coffee
  67. + Puppies
  68. + Dancing
  69. + Photography
  70. + Bubble tea
  72. dislikes:
  73. + Bugs
  74. + Being pranked
  75. + Tight spaces
  76. + Heights
  77. + Sassy attitude
  78. + Spicy foods
  79. + Spiders
  80. + Unorganization
  81. + Horror movies
  82. + Kiwi
  83. + Math
  84. + Rollercoasters
  86. trivia:
  87. + Has Claustrophobia
  88. + Allergic to strawberries
  89. + Favourite color is Red
  90. + Has been in 1 relationship during middle school
  91. + Hates doing anything related to Math
  92. + Loves drinking coffee
  93. + Shoe size is 6
  94. + Absolutely adores puppies
  95. + Has Instagram and Twitter
  96. + Has a West Highland White Terrior puppy at home named Lucky
  98. strong skill: Dance
  100. weak skill: Rap
  102. Ideal Roles: Main Dancer, Lead vocalist
  104. Company: Fantagio Entertainment
  106. dorm: Cherry Blossom
  108. { MR. MR. }
  110. Username: Jins_kookie_jams
  111. Password: Simple (?)
  113. Message to moi: Hi! Hope you liked my form! and I'm not sure if SIMPLE has anything to do with Woozi but yeah! Here's my form!
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