SERBIA/CROATIA/SLOVENIA 18/11/2015 Wednesday 23:20 evening

Nov 18th, 2015
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  1. SERBIA/CROATIA/SLOVENIA 18/11/2015 Wednesday 23:20 evening
  3. GENERAL: 6 400 refugees crossed the border in Idomeni today. ONLY SYRIANS, IRAQIS AND AFGHANIS ARE NOW BEING ALLOWED ON THE BALKAN ROUTE! Others (Cca 10% according to the latest November numbers from UNHCR) are being held. This separation starts in Idomeni and continues to be applied up to Slovenia.
  5. Managing a crowd - useful guide and lessons learned in working with refugees at Balkan route
  7. Follow for detailed info (but be careful about the last updated date, compare info with this update).
  10. ===============
  12. PREŠEVO - Situation stable, calm in the morning, more refugees arrived in the afternoon. People still waiting in the queues. Officials reorganizing camp and surrounding areas - new entrance to the camp from the railway track. Boots, socks, jackets, blankets needed. Financial help needed to arrange the food for refugees. Good amount of volunteers outside the camp.
  13. Contact UVP - United Volunteers of Preševo: Jessica Collins - Tel. +381 62 1499 561.
  15. MIRATOVAC - Volunteers (Polish and Czech team) handing out food, water and clothes, need some more volunteers for following weeks. Please contact Xhelal Hasani from the Center of Solidarity and Advancement - Tel. +381 633 74 034,
  17. ŠID/ ADAŠEVCI - Baby (0-1 years) clothes welcomed. Buses and trains bring refugees here from Presevo, train brings refugees also from Beograd. Refugees stay just half an hour at the train station, buses are stopped earlier (on highway close to Adaševci) and refugees wait in the bus (6 - 14 hours) until the next train is ready. Serbian side has got capacity up to 1500 people in higway, Sid train station and Principovac in case the trains are not able to transport all refugees. Czech volunteer team helps in Adaševci in two shifts (16-24h, 0-8h), we give information, hand out water and some basic clothes too. Situation is stable there.
  19. SLAVONSKI BROD - 2100 refugees entered Croatia by 9 am in the morning, no information since then. Trains come here from Šid, refugees spend several hours here. Refugees from other countries than Syria, Afghanistan and Iraq are not allowed to the camp! They were sent elsewhere. Railway tracks will undergo regular inspection between 23rd November and 8th December - trains will stop in Gračin station and will be brought to the camp by buses. Volunteers welcome - accreditation required and more in-depth security checks especially for foreign volunteers in place now - contact Maja Znika on FB or number below before you come (waiting time cca 48hrs)! Contact: +385-99-5021-926. Also - no material aid needed now!
  21. DIMITROVGRAD - Situation stable today, camp closed, volunteers helping outside. Refugees: several hundreds come daily, more families arriving in the last days. Needs: shoes, jackets, gloves, hats, socks. Medical help would be appreciated. Volunteers - 12 volunteers currently on site, including 5 from the Czech team (being replaced by new volunteers from CZ now). 3 shifts daily, new volunteers welcome from Thursday - ideally to stay 1 full week. Contact: coordinator Tarek on site +381 628954577.
  23. BEOGRAD - Refugees here have the option to go to the Asylum Center at Krnjača, where they have access to hot meals, showers and a place to rest. From Belgrade, they can take the bus to Šid.
  25. At "Miksaliste" Volunteers are still NEEDED. Join us distributing clothing, shoes, food and hygienic items and creating a welcoming atmosphere for the stop-over in Belgrade. They're still accepting and also redistributing donations to border points, which requires help in sorting and packing. Find out more and please register at Volunteer Spot to see what is needed there and to sign up for timeslots.
  28. =================
  30. DOBOVA - 4000 refugees arrived to Slovenia today, 6600 left to Austria (number as of 18:00). 1300 waiting in Dobova in the evening. Slovenian police is in control of the area, with ADRA and Caritas as head NGO's on the spot. Several thousand people cross Dobova Train Station per normal day. All of them are boarding directly on trains going to the Austrian border (Sentilj/Spielfeld) after spending a couple of hours there with the registration procedure. Hungarian volunteers also on site, they are asking for small size fruit yogurts, oranges, small size juice and milk with straws, croissants, candy and lollipops, bubble makers.
  32. SPIELFELD/SENTILJ -Problems reported in the no man´s land during the last night as Austria was not ready to accept the refugees during the night. Less than 1000 refugees waiting in Sentilj at 6 pm.
  34. Sentilj volunteers may also sign up with Slovenska Filantropija through their online form (, currently they need volunteers in Vrhnika. Volunteers welcome in Spielfeld, but only have access if registered with the Red Cross (Team Österreich) - See timetable to register for a shift here: For donations, please check this FB site:
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  38. - November average for Greece is 4 500 people per day.
  40. - If you have enough time and sources to travel to Lesvos, Greece (or other islands) do that. Volunteers are saving lives from sea and helping out in the camps - Moria and Kara Tepe. Read this volunteering guide to Lesvos:
  42. - MACEDONIA - they prepare to build wire-fence at the border, but they say, they will not close the border completely. Official NGO's helping. Independent volunteers NOT able to help, accreditation with official NGO necessary!
  44. - Large amounts of supplies could be picked up in Zagreb, please call Lejla +385 91 456 77 05 if you are able to bring any supplies from Zagreb to any of the borders.
  46. - and don't forget to act:
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