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LA Noire problem

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  1. I have bought and installed LA Noire from steam and when I tried to play it I received the error below. One thing that could cause problems (but shouldn't) is the fact all programs on my machine are automaticly installed on a different drive (My Windows is installed on a SSD). How can I fix this problem?
  3. I have tried the following things without any succes:
  4. - Check game intergrity (steam)
  5. - Reinstalling Social Club
  6. - Installing Social Club to the same drive as Windows (copying + regedit)
  7. - Copying the socialclub.dll from Social Club/ to l.a.noire/
  9. Relevant information about my set-up:
  10. - Windows 7 (C:/Windows)
  11. - Social Club (D:/Rockstar Games/Social Club)
  12. - LA Noire (D:/Steam/steamapps/common/l.a.noire)
  14. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  15. Error: SC1: Missing dll. Please reinstall Social Club. (info: socialclub.dll)
  17. Callstack Information:
  18. 0x11EAC820540D7D7 Cant get line (LANoire)
  19. 0x11EAC820540D7D7 Cant get line (LANoire)
  20. 0x11EAC820540D7D7 Cant get line (LANoire)
  21. BaseThreadInitThunk Cant get line (kernel32)
  22. RtlInitializeExceptionChain Cant get line (ntdll)
  23. RtlInitializeExceptionChain Cant get line (ntdll)
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