Rozo's letter

Jul 19th, 2020
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  1. To the 'Master' Of Yggdrasil,
  3. Salutations. It has been quite some time since we spoke, hasn't it? At least, it will be if this letter reaches the one I am imagining. I do not think we have met in person since the beginning of this Age. I realize I have been fairly reclusive myself for over a millennium now, but as you may have noticed or been informed by our recently appropriated visitors that will be changing shortly. Originally, I had never contemplated giving you all the courtesy of a warning until I was in a better position to bargain.
  5. However, given recent events and inspired by the courage of the ones who carry this letter, I have decided to see if I might end a good bit of trouble for both sides. I shall start by sharing what information the Equestrians (yes, I am aware of it, moving on) must have gleamed and shared with you by now. I now head an organization known as 'Revas', with the goal of reinvigorating this stagnant world stuck in its ruts, and creating an ideal nation to lead it. While my methods may seem extreme and forceful now, I originally did so under the impression that there would be no alternatives. That there would be no means of achieving our goals through diplomacy considering your biases. However, in the interest of peace, I am willing to make an attempt. I will be interested in seeing if you feel the same.
  7. Since all good things come in fours, I shall list out four things I am hoping we can come to some sort of agreement upon.
  8. 1. A territory, roughly in the size of 200,000 sq miles that I might claim sovereignty as its ruler to use in the creation if this nation. I imagine you might point out that the Rosemary Woods was technically a land bequeathed to the Fae already, but Revas' ambitions go beyond the Woods, and I have not been its Lorde in quite some time. Surely, among the untamed stretches of the massive Vanaheim, Osterlich, or Cambrian territories there must be a land you'd be willing to offer us.
  9. 2. Sanctuary for this new nation and any of its inhabitants: I am not interested in being gifted a new nation only to have it taken from me in its first few weeks, and as confident as I am even I do not entertain the delusion I could fight a united front against two or three angry anti-Tainted armies at once. In at least its turbulent beginnings, I would ask the assistance of Yggdrasil's spirits and the other nations in recognizing our borders, and secure a truce for our nation that might protect it in the short-term.
  10. 3. The introduction of Tainted as an available Path for reincarnation, at least solely within the confines of this new nation. One aspect I wish to uphold that you may find concerning is the complete allowance of Tainted within its territories, potentially ridding other nations of an irritant while providing mine with a stable population. However, given Tainted populations are only able to grow through corrupting others, the best means of circumventing this (and removing their need to spread their Taint in the first place) is simply allow for them to return to the Taint upon reincarnating.
  11. 4. One day every year, access to the Bifrost within this nation's borders. I have made many a stride in researching the nature of the Bifrost, realizing its importance to the Cycle and the operation of Tetra. However, my research can only take me so far, as I know the Bifrost, as is, is ultimately linked to Yggdrasil and its authority. I need not stress its resources however, in any more than a single day a year to accomplish what I wish to do, at least until I have realized its function for myself. If you should find this point agreeable, I would ask for this singular day of control to be as soon as possible to expedite my operations and mitigate any damage caused.
  13. While I understand these may seem like much to ask for, I imagine they are well, WELL within your power to grant, and are far less than what I would consider ideal in the first place. However, compromise is the cornerstone to diplomacy, and so if you wish to negotiate these terms, then I will meet with your agents to discuss any necessary alterations you may require.
  15. And lastly: do make sure you thank the carriers of this letter. It is through their actions alone that we may have avoided many a disaster of egos clashing. Wronging them I will consider the same as wronging myself.
  17. Here's to a brighter Tetra,
  18. Lord Rozo
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