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  1. [08:37:29] Itadeki Hyroko asks, "Now that I think about it, we've never actually fought have we?"
  2. [08:37:29] Ren Tseng says, "We have not."
  3. [08:41:45] Shaking his head, Ren reached up to wrap a hand around the handle of the blade on his back, shifting it off as he held it out to the side. Another new opponent, nothing he was...expressley worried about in the end, but it was no reason to take the man lightly/So! In that case, Ren saw no reason to hold anything back. A light thrumming heard from the blade as his tail curled out from under his armor, his antlers sprouting from his head as he worked out a few kinks in his neck.Then--a sudden shift in stance! He went to ready the blade--his knees bending and his form becoming low, tail wraping around him like a viper preparing to lash out. A few small jolts of lightning ran up and down the length of his blade, a few parting breaths escaping him. Before...He was ready. And seemingly--waiting for his opponent to make the first move."
  4. (Ren Tseng)
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  7. [08:44:19] "Since that's the case, and I've had the advantage of actually seeing you fight, if ya don't mind I'll be going all out from the start on this one."The young samurai's words seemed to ring for a moment in the cool morning air, a stiff breeze from the north casting a rather melancholic feel to an otherwise friendly duel between the two. He'd always wanted to get a bout in with Ren, but never could find the time with the three jobs, personal life and relationship he'd been juggling alongside his own training. Honestly, it was a wonder Itadeki had time to do anything let along squeeze in the fights he did.Mind... Body... Spirt....A quick, violent eruption of energy rings out from the young Hyroko, dew thrown from the grass below as he revealed just how far he'd really been pushing himself since Ren had last seen him in action. A wild and vivid aura wrapping itself around his form as the lad crouches, blurred motions taking over his every movement, eyes locked on the ever famous Tseng patriarch.The sheer level of energy burning from his body was definitely noteable, a sudden change in the air easily recognizable as sparks seemed to jump back and forth across his body. For all intents and purposes; he was ready. "Let's see if I can keep up with that blade of yours, lord Ren."
  8. (Itadeki Hyroko)
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  11. [08:44:19] Itadeki Hyroko assumes the Vritra stance!
  12. [08:44:19] Ren Tseng assumes the Vritra stance!
  13. [08:45:10] {combat} Itadeki Hyroko has been defeated by Ren Tseng! They're unable to continue fighting.
  14. [08:49:26] Aine would look towards the man's katana, stopping for a moment in his tracks. He'd call out to the man, who seemed slightly familiar, and ask:"That sword looks a bit like Nagi's. Do you know her at all?"
  15. (Aine Hoku)
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  18. [08:52:00] Time slows...As his opponent began to make their first move, Ren's own movements seemed rather...eased. It would seem like Ren was taking it easy on the sod, but that was not the case. Unless someone asked him explicitly, Ren would never hold back. And it would become oddly apparent as the ring of energy wrapped around Ren, it was not that he was moving slowly--it's that his movements had sped up exponentially. As the bind released itself, Itadeki would find Ren upon him in a flash. ...A literal, flash, as a booming was heard in the skies above them. The greatsword, despite it's size, was wielded with the finese of any longsword, the man swinging the weight around like it caused little impedement to him. Even as Itadeki began to lay into Ren, a slight smile formed."Too risky!"The blade was brought back, and driven into the ground hard. Even if Itadeki was not in the blade's path, he'd find himself getting blown back, even as the beam of energy seared into Ren's armor, he'd withstand it...then resume the offensive, more machine-like then man-like.Eventually, Ren's tail would find a gap in Ita's defenses, curling around their ankle and yanking hard to take their foot out, followed up by a shoulder bash by the warrior to make sure he went down. Before stepping back a few steps. Resting the blade on his shoulder."Again, yes...?" And--back to stoicism, a look being given to the two approachers. "We are aquaintances of her, yes."
  19. (Ren Tseng)
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  21. [08:55:24] Sayu says, "Ah, mister Hoku."
  22. [08:56:16] With the loud clattering of cold steel slamming into the ground, Itadeki seemed to only groan for a moment, before eventually kipping himself back up with that same gusto he usually held mid-battle. He'd learned one trick in his time against opponents like Ren. Bide your time and let them tire out if anything, but even with his flurried rush in the first round, Ren could take some serious hits from the young Samurai. "This time, hopefully I don't go down so easy. The rest of the retainers ain't that much trouble right now, Shin'Ra gets lucky now and then but... Being able to keep up with a Shenlong, keep up with you and Dai as a mere human. That's a goal I'm not givin' up on so easily."It seems the young lad had a true fighter's spirit, he wasn't one to give up easily; and even if he was, it wouldn't be against an opponent with enough raw power to not only shatter him should he want to, but to truly inspire Itadeki to grow even stronger than he already was for such a young age. "Ready when you are, boss."
  23. (Itadeki Hyroko)
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  26. [08:56:16] Itadeki Hyroko assumes the Vritra stance!
  27. [08:57:07] Aine Hoku says, "Ah, hey there. Need something, friend? Sorry for bothering your intense match, by the way. I was just curious, as Nagi's a good friend of mine."
  28. [08:57:58] Sayu says, "Glad to run into you two. I might have some work for you, actually."
  29. [08:59:40] Yuina Qinglong says, "Ah, we meet again."
  30. [09:00:32] Sayu pulls out a rucksack from her back, looking heavy and full. She shoves a hand inside and pulls out a glimmering piece of steel ore, holding it out for the man. "I was hoping to get a set of armor made. I have all the pieces of steel necessary, but Im not sure if anything else is needed aside of that." She says firmly, shaking her bag around a bit, making a loud clinking sound.
  31. (Sayu)
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  34. [09:02:14] Sayu says, "Oh huh, someone who also uses the same magic I do."
  35. [09:03:56] Aine smiled, nodding towards Sayu as he said in a fairly enthused voice:"Oh, that's perfect timing Sayu, I was actually just about to start smithing a few things. IF you give me the steel, i'll begin crafting your armor right away!" He said, jovially, before turning once more to the two fighters.Geeze they were strong. It would likely be useful for him to test himself against one of them at some point, though he knew he was busy for now. He also doubted he could stand up to them.But how would he grow as a combatant if he didn't challenge himself time to time? His face as a result would wear a frown.
  36. (Aine Hoku)
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  39. [09:06:30] The sparks of battle between the two caught her attention, as the roar of the clashing of blades would resound dramatically across the field. . !She could feel the powerful gusts blowing her way, having to close her eyes at the aftereffect of each devastating impact. . What the hell was this. . She had lost confidence in her own strength, if that was how real combat was meant to be.". . I've a long way to go.", she'd murmur to herself quietly - after witnessing the battle's end
  40. (Yuina Qinglong)
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  43. [09:07:21] And once more, Ren would go to press the advantage. However--this time Itadeki seemed to do better! Weaving in and out better against Ren's blows as he smavked the blade into the man's guard. Itadeki seemed to get ample ground this time, much more landed hits. Much more mistakes on Ren's part. Much more succesful changes, on Itadeki's part, all of this bundled together made the second round...noticably closer then the last.But that was to be expected, from what Ren knew of energy magic, it was a situation of 'the more you beat them down, the more they stand back up', an admirable art to say the least, stretching your body to such limits for the sake of power....But it was also one Ren knew well to keep his distance from, it was a self-destructive art which used one's own pain as a motivator, in Ren's mind he thought it best to avoid any pain possible, and instead fight to come out on top with minimal injuries.....Monologue aside, Ren had to give Itadeki some credit for his improvements, whatever his magic may be the man was without a doubt shaping up to be a fine warrior.However, Ren was still superior in the 'arts of the blade', as Itadeki stepped back Ren pushed the advantage, using Itadeki's lost ground against him as he slammed the flat of his greatsword against Itadeki's own blade. Shifting Itadeki's blade to the side of his body, before Ren reeled his head back--And headbutted Itadeki straight on, making sure to avoid skewering the man with his antlers.
  44. (Ren Tseng)
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  47. [09:09:55] Sayu felt much less affected by the duel ongoing next to them, as she had little ago had the displeasure of facing someone quite absurdly strong, just like that. She had felt first hand what the difference of strength between them was, and how much effort she was going to have to put in to get herself up to that level.As such this trade was an important step. She smiles at the duo and nods firmly as was usual for her. "Ah! That would be lovely, thank you very much. Im willing to pay for the work hours you put into it. Also, out of curiosity, what exactly is the price for each ingot of steel? Ive been wondering about that ever since I considered the possibility of buying them for the armor."
  48. (Sayu)
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  51. [09:13:20] Aine Hoku says, "I sell mine a bit overpriced, because its so valuable to my work, at seventy five each. The average market price is fifty five to fifty each. So people would probably buy it for that, maybe a bit cheaper for a deal."
  52. [09:13:20] Aine Hoku asks, "Shall we head to the forge, then?"
  53. [09:13:20] Sayu says, "Mhm."
  54. [09:14:11] Aine Hoku exclaims, "Well fought you two!"
  55. [09:15:02] A smile... Even in defeat, a smile. Even in the moment Ren's head reeled back and poor Itadeki recieved the full excruciating blow to the face he was smiling; it seemed Ren also knew the lilac lad's little trick. The more he was broken, the more he was beat down in a fight, the stronger he came back, the faster he seemed to be when the next came. And Itadeki for one knew then that if he could come so close to causing Ren some harm, maybe he truly did stand a chance of achieving his goal after all.Even as his body crumples under the pressure of the patriarch, face hitting the dirt and surprisingly still lit cigarette mushes into the ground below he couldn't help but feel that sense of pride in himself. All that time in seclusion, all that training and focus he'd put into bettering himself, to become equal to the Tseng for the sake of serving them seemed to be paying off at long last. No matter the pain he'd put himself through, the physical and mental exhaustion; in that moment it simply seemed worth it.Slowly, he rises back to his feet, patting Ren on the shoulder with a casual smirk as he wipes a casual few droplets of blood from his nose, the full brunt of that last blow seemed to have drew blood at least, but such could be expected from a battle between two powers such as theirs. "And ya figured me out, damnit. Can't use the element of surprise like that in our next one, Ren. Who knows though, maybe I'll finally land that last lucky blow next time."He chuckles slightly, reaching into his pocket to produce another smoke. How many he was actually carrying was a mystery, but he surely wasn't running out any time soon. "Thank you, by the way. I never got to say that after the wedding... Not just for bein' there, or for this little bout but... For the opportunity for a lowly commoner like me to prove my worth to your family. I don't know what I did to deserve such an honor, but my servitude to the Tsengs is one I plan on fulfilling until you decide I'm no longer needed. Besides, I gotta stick close if I plan on eventually repayin' that headbutt, huh?"
  56. (Itadeki Hyroko)
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  59. [09:23:34] As the man stood, Ren went to give the blade a small flourish--somehow, despite it's size. Then go to slide it into the leather bindings on his back, settling into them despite the strained creaks heard from the weathered boar skin.None the less, the man's stoicism faded just a bit, at Itadeki's words. A soft smile forming as he went to pat the hand on his shoulder."It is of no big deal, Itadeki. Remember--it was Dai who brought you in, not I. I deserve no credit for such--your own strength has proven you to be a worthy member of our little family here. Though--these days it's not so little."He'd bring a hand up to rub his neck. "Speaking of...I may be gone for a while, soon. I plan on taking a trip down south with Nagi for some...buisness dealings, but it must be kept to a small group, I plan on informing Yue and a few others as to not stir panic. But I trust you all to hold down the fort."
  60. (Ren Tseng)
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  63. [09:26:59] With a quick scratch at the back of his neck, Itadeki simply nods to Ren. He knew that business down south could potentially spell some trouble if cards weren't played right, so to speak. Still, it wasn't his place to question it, simply hold the fort as requested. "No parties, I promise... Unless Mayumi decides she wants one, then there's a party I'm afraid." he chuckles a little, knowing that was about as likely as him wanting to throw one himself. Ever the social recluse he was these days. "Still, we'll hold fort while you're away. I'm sure I can manage if things get a bit too shaky. But, hopefully things fall in line with your trip and we get some new enterprise or whatever."
  64. (Itadeki Hyroko)
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