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Sep 5th, 2016
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  1. <Profetul> if you are bored and don't know what else to look into ... I and mortlach been looking for streams that generate low doubles and had an interesting finding ;-)
  2. <Profetul> there are cyclical patterns in gaps between elements of a key that would generate low doubles
  3. <Profetul>
  4. <Profetul> e.g. 11 as a gap seems to be a way of generating low doubles ... something in the form 0, 11, 22, 4, 15, 26 ... etc.
  5. <Profetul> though usually the pattern is something in the form of 11, -18, 11, 11, -18, 11, X, etc
  6. <Profetul> where X can be a constant or something that's changing
  7. <Profetul> but 29-18 = 11 as well ... that's why I said 11
  8. <Profetul> I don't think text is enciphered with an OEIS stream
  9. <Profetul> but it could be encoded with a stream that has a base "gap" pattern between elements
  10. <Profetul> actually any +-+- = X work
  11. <Profetul> mortlach tested up to 30
  12. <Profetul> so ... it's possible that the text is encoded using a base cyclic pattern say X1,X2,X3,X4...
  13. <Profetul> where X1 = K2-K1, X2 = K3 - K2, etc
  14. <Profetul> where K is the element in the sequence
  15. <Profetul> in the gist I've pasted some of the results I had ... trying to find such streams on some sample text in blocks of the same size as a section
  16. <Profetul> you can pick some keys, calculate diff between elements and see the pattern ;-)
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