Doumi - 50

Aug 6th, 2019
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(DISCLAIMER: App Translations so not everything is accurate)

Doumi - 50 Thanks to Markues

Characters in this chapter:

Name (Nickname) Situation / Job Relationship
Jae Wook (MC) Employee Single
Seo Joo-yeon (Boss) Chief of MC's section Single
Cho Kwang-ki (Joe) Team Leader of MC Single

Chapter - 50

Hotel Room Boss x MC

She lights up a cigarette and takes a puff of smoke before continuing, she warns him about 'Joe team leader'.

MC asks her what's the problem with Joe, she tells him how if he wants to have a good and easy life in this company he had to please two persons; her and Joe, she says how he already pleased her (Passing her test, pretty weird sentence here) and now he need to please Joe too, she finally asks him if he wants to know how to please Joe, he asks her how, waiting for the answer..

MC narrates how the way to be 'loved' by Joe was very shocking..


Hotel Room Boss x MC

Boss is smoking while asking to MC if he knows what their real job are (Her and Joe Team Leader), MC nods telling her how he learnt about it recently, she tells him how Joe and her are doing the same job but she is on a upper rank than him, she finishes her cigarette telling telling to keep what she will say for him because nobody in the company are aware about it. He tells her how she already know him and hell keep his mouth shut.

She begins her story saying it's a secret she's only sharing with Joe..
(His name is 'Cho', but who cares..)


Company - March 2007

One of the Chief of the company is introducing Joe and Boss as their two newcomers, Boss narrates how they joined the company in 2007 at the same time.
She keeps narrating their story saying how she couldn't believe it but strangely they pretty much get along together.. She says how when she was going to the rooftop to smoke he always followed her, she tells to MC how they relied a lot on each other.

Bar Boss x Joe

Joe lifts his pint congratulating Boss for her promotion, they clink their glasses and begins to drink a lot.. Boss is telling to MC she didn't know it happened but that day.. They were really drunk and she still doesn't know who made the first move..

Joe is lamenting to Boss how he doesn't any good kid in his team so he want to be dead drunk today, she agrees with him and they continue drinking til being dead drunk.. After the beer comes the soju.. They taunt each other about their resistance to alcohol and if they keep going after the soju..

They are kissing and get to a motel nearby, Boss tells to MC how because they were to drunk they kissed each other and came to a motel, she tells him how he can believe her or not but this night they did nothing, she tells him how she woke up on the bed with Joe laying on the floor. She adds how at this time she was a bit angry because she thought she has no charm since Joe didn't make a move on her. She narrates to MC how she was disappointed the next morning because Joe was paying more attention toward his soup than her but after thinking about it she thought they'll be best friend and it's already a good thing.

She says to MC how she thought Joe was a neat / respectful person, she tells him how she understood later how she was wrong and it was a big mistake from her to think about Joe that way..

Salon Bang Management Team x Boss x Joe

Boss is narrating how one year later they got another promotion and they attended to a party with the direction.
One of the the guys says how thanks to Boss and Joe the company has a bright future and tells her to drink a lot because its their party.. Joe thanks him and says how he'll work even harder in the future.. (he says that to his director 'managing [an executive] director 상무 sangmu')

Boss says to MC how this night they drank a lot and get drunk quite early, Boss asks to Joe if everything is alright he tells her how he's okay and can drink more.. She tells to MC how Joe was particularly drunk and says how their director confessed his sexual orientation this night..

The director says he doesn't want to fuck his wife tonight (The woman in his harms is his wife) and asks if someone want to do it, he says how he had enough of fucking his wife and got bored of her but he still like her so he doesn't want her to cheat on him he only want her to fuck someone else with his permission and in front of him. He tells to the team to not judge him and to respect his taste, he asks them if he's a pervert.

Boss tells to MC how after hearing this Joe became crazy, Joe stands up and tells to the director how he's not a pervert he's doing this for the sake of his couple and how he's a person similar to him and he respect him because you need a lot of courage to tell that to them. Joe says how when he thinks about the woman he love to fuck with someone else in front of him he feels much more excitation, Boss looks at him utterly shocked understanding how it's the only reason why he didn't touch her the other night in the motel.

Director is happy because there is someone like him in his company and asks to Joe if he's okay to fuck with a woman in her fifties he tells him how his wife has a huge age gap compared to Joe and says how despite her age she's still in good shape and says how she'll turn him on. He tells him how tonight he'll share his wife with him and to take a drink with him.

Boss looks at them thinking they're a bunch of pigs..


Hotel Room Boss x MC

She tells him how it's only the first part and asks him what he thinks about it, MC is shocked and thinks about what happened in the parlor massage and at his conversation with Joe in his car (Fucking Joe's favorite girl).. he thinks how he wasn't aware of Joe having such tendencies and feels a bit weird but understand now why it was a bit awkward after he fucked the girl..

Boss looks at his expression and tells him how he doesn't need to be shocked because she still didn't tell him the worst..


Salon Bang Direction team x Director's Wife x Boss x Joe

Boss is watching Director's wife rubbing her pussy against Joe's crotch, she thinks how Joe is doing this to please the Director. The Director likes what he's watching and tells to Joe to fuck her in front of them, Boss is shocked thinking how the Director wants it to happen in front of everyone.. One of the manager says how Joe is an ambitious guy while fondling the breasts of one of the girl. Wife takes out Joe's dick from his pants and begins to ride him.. A lot of moans and cheers..

Boss is silent looking at them thinking how not while ago she wanted to ride him too but gave up because she wanted to keep their friendship and how she was interested to his Joe's dick. But she never dreamed to see it in those circumstance.

To be continued..
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