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  1. Anyone here looking for a full time administrative assistant position? My company is looking for a hard working assistant that will handle all incoming calls for network/computers/internet/phone services, manage service vendors/contacts (easy shit), processed the vouchers with the accounting department for equipment and services.
  3. This is an entry level job that is needed a high school diploma or an associates degree preferably. You have to have a good communication/written skills while dealing with clients. Of course, good people skills are needed. Your job also includes dealing with Verizon since everyone in america uses fios now. You'll need the knowledge working with Microsoft Office that includes word, but mostly excel and outlook. Multitasking is a must and have a strong organization, time management, and problem solving skills.
  5. Pros: This isn't a high level position so don't expect to know everything. You'll gain experience, learn from the supervisor how to handle things without being pressured. You'll eventually learn about technology and which cable does what or how computers work. If you don't own a Mac, we work with 100% Windows unless you request to use a Mac. You'll also be with me from 9 - 5 everyday from Monday to Friday so we can talk about anime, gaming, networking stuff, and why we hate everything.
  7. Cons: Yes, we will talk about upcoming cons we will attend. Colossal, AnimeNext, NYCC, MAGFest, and other lit stuffs!
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