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  1. The Drug System
  2. The person who would like to grow weed, would have to get seeds from a hidden area or a gang member. You can start a few people off with a few seeds or a few grams of weed. The weed can be broken down to get the seeds out of the bud. Once the person has the bud they can go inside their house and do /plant weed to plant the weed and it takes a couple of hours to grow. They can then harvest the plant and remove the bud. They can then re do the process and take some bud apart to get more seeds or then can /package the bud into dime bags to sell.
  3. For cocaine the person would have to get some coca seeds and do the same process as with the weed, they plant it /harvest it then they use a chemsity set to finish the coca leaves to make Cocaine. After they use the chemistry set the product will be street ready.
  4. And for crazy drugs like LSD and shit they just have to get common ingreidents from the 24/7 to mix together and get the other drugs
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