PSO2 Oß Info Mk12

Apr 20th, 2012
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  1. If you see somebody with the plain PlayerID "Momoyo" that is not me. Do not believe it is me if they claim to be. I'll be using "Momoyo 百代" instead.
  3. PSO2 Beta information
  5. Play with your friends
  6. Don't have friends? Play with your community. Ask them where they play.
  7. Don't have a community? Play with Afin and get AIBOU spammed
  9. Dunno if the server's down or if its just you? Check Sega's twitter for downtime announcements.
  12. Translation files by Agrajag » Mon Apr 23, 2012 8:04 am
  13. Double post (sinful, yes). Very minor update about 15 minutes ago, edited a few enemy/map object names for consistency.
  14. is where he posts about it
  17. Torrent of pre-launch installer. Will need to update.
  20. When you first login after installing the game you'll get a popup with some yellow text. This is asking for your PlayerID. Character names are not unique, PlayerIDs are.
  22. Japanese wiki
  25. HOW TO CHANGE SUBPALLETES - Press F and then G. or try B.
  27. Some good Japanese phrases to copy down
  29. 日本語がわかりません、すみません - "I'm sorry I don't speak Japanese."
  30. 日本語が分かりません、すみません。よろしくお願いします - "I'm sorry, I don't understand Japanese but let's have a good one (mission)."
  31. 「よろしく!」 - "Let's have a good one!"
  32. 「おめでとう。」 - "Congratulations!"
  33. 「おめ~。」 - "Congrats!"
  34. 「ありがとうございます。」 - "Thank you very much."
  35. 「ありがとう。」 - "Thanks."
  36. 「どういたしまして。」 - "Your welcome."
  37. 「いえいえ。」 - "No problem."
  38. 「ドンマイ!」 - "Don't mind!"
  40. いったん休憩しますです - if you want to take a break and leave your moonmen party.
  41. ちょっとまってくださいです - when you want to brb.
  42. 「また、同じミッションをしては良いかな?」 - Would you like to do the same mission again?
  43. 「他のミッションはどうですか?」 - How about another mission?
  45. -End of Quest/Mission/Whatever
  46. 「お疲れ様でした!」
  47. "Thanks for the hard work!"
  48. お疲れさま - "Good work!"
  49. 「また、同じミッションをしては良いかな?」 - Would you like to do the same mission again?
  50. 「他のミッションはどうですか?」 - How about another mission?
  52. Useful translated images
  54. Character click options
  56. Mag info
  58. Premium shop choices. top is room+trading
  60. Xeno and Leda locations - Xeno is in a new location.
  62. Character personality. This is for when other people summon you as an NPC.
  64. Autoword image
  67. ______________________________________________________________________________
  69. Want to run the game in a borderless window?
  71. Go into documents/SEGA/PHANTASYSTARONLINE2 and open user_beta.pso2 in notepad
  72. Windows = {
  73. FullScreen = false,
  74. Height3d = 480,
  75. Height = 1080,
  76. Width3d = 640,
  77. Width = 1920,
  79. Add VirtualFullScreen = true, so it looks like
  81. Windows = {
  82. FullScreen = false,
  83. Height3d = 480,
  84. Height = 1080,
  85. VirtualFullScreen = true,
  86. Width3d = 640,
  87. Width = 1920,
  89. Your numbers don't have to be mine. Mine might even be fucked up I dunno.
  91. _______________________________________________________________________________
  93. First field is your name
  94. Second field is the e-mail you want to send the invite to.
  95. Third field is a message you want to say to them (under 200 characters, no links)
  97. When choosing a mission two drops are highlighted on the right side. We don't know if this means their drop chances are boosted but the items shown are cycled hourly.
  98. *New* - According to Espybuns the kanji mean something along the lines of "items which appear, or common items" So the shown items most likely do have a boosted drop rate.
  100. In order to get a Mag you must reach level 5 and take a quest from Koffie to get ten Fongulf horns (I think). She is located behind the right side quest counter. She will now have a brief cutscene after you hit level 5 and go to exit a campship and give you the client order even if you have not done any others yet.
  102. In order to start client orders you seem to need to do Afin's tutorial ones first instead of Xeno's.
  104. Unlocking Free Forest is mostly the same, but the two drops required have a low drop rate from any forest enemy.
  106. If you get a red unknown item you must take it to the Tekker. They have been relocated to the first floor of the shopping area, next to the weapon and skill shops. When tekking you can choose an element and bonus skill for the weapon. Bonus skills are +meseta/exp/drop rate.
  107. Next to the tekker is the equip enhancer. You can upgrade equipment for Meseta, combine equipment for additional effects and combine them for elemental damage. I'll add a section to the bottom soon on this.
  109. PSE are minor field events which give you bonuses like elemental attack or drop rates. If you get them high enough you can achieve a PSE Burst which has rapid enemy spawning and drop rates for at least one minute. PSE Bursts can be extended, can chain into each other and can go a second time. We aren't sure of the exact mechanics but the more people on a field and the faster you kill the better. Making 3 parties and joining each others multiparty map is the best way to go about it. This is an excellent way to hunt rares or just stock things to sell or gain exp.
  111. See the new section at the bottom on in depth PSE details.
  113. _______________________________________________________
  115. Matter board information - Quests in brackets are random and may take several attempts. The Matterboard no longer forces you to advance upon completing a segment, you must do so manually.
  117. To advance the story you need to complete various matters. Each matter in its description will have a Letter and Number combination. For example, in this screenshot B-2 is listed.
  118. B-1 Find a gunslayer drop from an Oodan (Any Forest Mission)
  119. [B-2] Play the mission “ザウーダン討伐” and find a tablet item to see a cutscene.
  120. B-3 Go to the Shop Lobby and find Zeno, down the stairs near the furniture shop, he will assign a client order you must complete. Afterwards go to the quest counter and complete the mission “フォンガルフ討伐”. When you are done go back to Zeno and select the client order again and report the information to him. You should see a client order clear appear on the screen once you are finished.
  121. B-4 Find a “タグバルブ Tag Valve drop from the enemy “Nab Rappy” (Any Forest Mission)
  122. A-3 Find a ワイヤードオーバー WiredOver drop from the enemy “Oodan” (Any Forest Mission)
  123. A-4 Go talk to ウルク Uruk, you can find her downstairs in the shopping lobby opposite of Zeno.
  124. A-5 Find a “クレイモア” Claymore drop from the enemy Fongalf (Any Forest Mission)
  125. C-3: Find a “スプレイン” Sprine drop from the Zaudan enemy. (Any Forest mission)
  126. C-4 Go talk to ジャン Jean, you can find him in the shopping lobby downstairs.
  127. C-5 Find a グレイヴ Grave drop from the Agnis enemy. (Agnis are birds in the last forest mission)
  128. D-1 Find a “リア/ティルトウィンα” drop from the Gorongo. (Forest Missions) Gorongo’s roll up into balls.
  129. [D-2] Play the quest "Rag Nappy Capture"("ナヴ・ラッピー捕獲任務") and look for an event trigger in Area 2. NPC's name is Huey
  130. D-4 Find a “レッグ/デステレンα” from the Dagan enemy. (Any Mission.)
  131. [D-5] Play the quest “ダガン殲滅任務:森林” [Dagan extermination] and look for an event tablet in Area 1 called “スキルマジすげえって”. (It is the third mission in the quest list.)
  132. [E-1] Play the quest "Dagan Extermination: Forest"(ダガン殲滅任務:森林) and look for an event tablet in Area 1. NPCs are Patty and Tea. Yes the translation patch says the Za oodan mission. Yes that is an error.
  133. E-2 Find a “ビーム” Beam from the RockBear Enemy. (Rock Bears are Bosses and random Interrupt Events in Forest Missions, they will appear in Free Field Quests as the boss)
  134. E-3 Talk to “レダ” Leda, he’s on the second floor of the shopping area. Above the weapon shop side at the far end, past the fashion shop.
  135. E-4 Find a “アーム/ティタスティンα” unit from the Galf enemy (Any Forest mission)
  136. E-5 Find a “ストライカー” drop from the Vriada. (Breeada/Breeder dark spawn) (Later Forest Missions, city and caves. Wait til caves for an easier time)
  138. For those of you wondering how to do Echo's third quest:
  139. 1) Begin Capture Nab Rappy as a passworded party
  140. 2) Call in Echo from the wall communicator
  141. 3) Do the quest and get an S-Rank
  142. It's alright if she dies - you just need to get an S-Rank.
  145. _______________________________________________________
  147. Arks Cash Price List- Outdated, will be updated when OBT/Release occurs
  149. Premium Set 30 Day プレミアムセット30日  (10AC)
  150. Premium Set 60 Day プレミアムセット60日(15 AC)
  151. Premium Set 90 Day プレミアムセット90日 (20 AC)
  152. My Room 30 Day マイルーム利用30日 (10 AC)
  153. My Shop 30 Day マイショップ出店30日 (10 AC)
  154. Expanded Storage 30 day 拡張倉庫1利用30日 (10 AC)
  155. Expanded Storage 90 day 拡張倉庫1利用90日 (20 AC)
  156. Expanded Storage 30 day 拡張倉庫2利用30日 (10 AC)
  157. Expanded Storage 90 day 拡張倉庫2利用90日 (20 AC)
  158. Expanded Storage 30 day 拡張倉庫3利用90日 (10 AC)
  159. Expanded Storage 90 day 拡張倉庫3利用90日 (20 AC)
  160. Item Pack Expansion アイテムパック拡張 (10 AC)
  161. Item Pack Expansion x5 アイテムパック拡張 (40 AC)
  162. Additional Skill Tree スキルツリー追加券 (10 AC)
  163. Skill Tree Reset スキルツリーリセット券 (10 AC)
  164. Mag Ticket (lets you have an additional mag) マグ獲得チケット (10 AC)
  165. Mag Reset Device マグリセットデバイス (10 AC)
  166. Esthetic (Makeup) Counter Pass エステ利用パス (10 AC)
  167. Scape Doll スケープドール (10 AC)
  168. Scape Doll x3 スケープドール (20 AC)
  169. Scape Doll x5 スケープドール (30 AC)
  170. Cosmo Atomizer x3 コスモアトマイザー (20 AC)
  171. Cosmo Atomizer x5 コスモアトマイザー (30 AC)
  172. Creating a new character (11AC)
  174. • Premium Set, 30 days (Allows you to trade, open a shop, and own a room)
  175. • Premium Set, 60 days
  176. • Premium Set, 90 days
  177. • My Room Ticket, 30 days
  178. • My Shop Ticket, 30 days
  179. • Storage 1 Ticket, 30 days (Allows you to use Storage Box 1)
  180. • Storage 1 Ticket, 90 days
  181. • Storage 2 Ticket, 30 days (Allows you to use Storage Box 2)
  182. • Storage 2 Ticket, 90 days
  183. • Storage 3 Ticket, 30 days (Allows you to use Storage Box 3)
  184. • Storage 3 Ticket, 90 days
  185. • Inventory Expander 10 (Increases your maximum inventory by 10 up to a total of 100)
  186. • Inventory Expander 10 x5
  187. • Addition Skill Tree Ticket (Adds an extra skill tree)
  188. • Skill Tree Reset Ticket
  189. • Mag Ticket (Gives you an extra mag, up to 10 max)
  190. • Mag Reset Device
  191. • Scape Doll
  192. • Scape Doll x3
  193. • Scape Doll x5
  194. • Cosmo Atomizer x3
  195. • Cosmo Atomizer x5
  196. • 100% Exp Boost Ticket x3
  197. • 100% Exp Boost Ticket x5
  198. • Beauty Shop Ticket
  199. • AC Scratch Ticket x11
  201. _______________________________________________________
  203. Mag Feeding Guide:
  204. S = Slash, R = Range = T = Force
  205. Monomate - Low S-ATK Raise, Very Low S-DEF Raise
  206. Dimate - Medium R-ATK Raise, Low R-DEF Defense Raise
  207. Trimate - High T-ATK Raise, Medium T-DEF Raise
  208. All mates - Low Ability/technique Decrease
  210. Sol Atomizer - High Ability Raise
  211. Moon Atomizer - 1/2 level All DEF Stats
  213. Hunter Weapons - High S-ATK Raise, Medium S-DEF Decrease
  214. Ranger Weapons - High R-ATK Raise, Medium R-DEF Decrease
  215. Force Weapons - High T-ATK Raise, Medium T-DEF Decrease
  217. Hunter Armor - High S-DEF Raise, Medium S-ATK Decrease
  218. Ranger Armor - High R-DEF Raise, Medium R-ATK Decrease
  219. Force Armor - High T-DEF Raise, Medium T-ATK Decrease
  221. All Weapons and Armor - Medium Ability Increase
  223. _______________________________________________________________________________
  226. *Autoword Guide*
  227. Event:
  228. -Quest Start
  229. -Quest Clear
  230. -Emergency Trial Outbreak
  231. -Emergency Trial Complete
  232. -Emergency Trial Failed
  233. -PSE Outbreak
  234. -PSE Level UP
  235. -PSE BURST
  236. -Accept a Quest
  237. -Join Mid-quest
  239. Member:
  240. -Level Up
  241. -Ally Level Up
  242. -Recieve a heal
  243. -Receive Buff
  245. Action:
  246. 戦闘不能になった -Incapacitated
  247. 復活した -Revived
  248. 残りHPが30%未満 -Remaining HP less than 30%
  249. 残りHPが10%未満 -Remaining HP less than 10%
  250. 回復アイテム使用 -Used healing item
  251. レアアイテム取得 -Rare item dropped
  252. 小ダメージ -Take light damage
  253. 中ダメージ -Take medium damage
  254. -Take heavy damage
  255. -Attacking
  256. -Activate Photon Arts
  257. -Just Guarded
  258. -Evasion
  259. -Using a skill
  261. _______________________________________________________
  263. Skill board translations.
  265. HUNTER
  267. HPアップ HP Up Increase HP
  268. 打撃アップ1 Striking Up Increase Striking Power
  269. フューリースタンス Fury Stance: A Stance skill that raises your Striking and Range Power, but reduces your Defense
  270. JAボーナス1: JA Bonus: Other than Technics, you get a damage bonus for Just Attacks
  271. アタックPPリストレイト Attack PP Restoration: When a normal attack hits an enemy, the PP restored is higher.
  272. フューリークリティカル Fury Critical: When you are in Fury Stance, it increases the critical hit rate.
  273. 打撃アップ2 Striking Up 2
  274. 打撃防御アップ1 Striking Defense Up 1
  275. ウォークライ War Cry: Attract Enemy’s attention
  276. アイアンウィル Iron Will Occasionally your HP will stay at 1 when you receive damage that would have incapacitated you.
  277. ガードスタンス Guard Stance: Reduce Striking and Range Power but increases Defense
  278. HPアップ2 HP Up 2
  279. フラッシュガード1 Flash Guard 1 Striking, and Ranged Damage is reduced
  280. ガードスタンスポイズン Guard Stance Poison: Poison is restored when you do the Guard Stance
  281. ガードスタンスバーン Guard Stance Burn: Burn is restored when you do the Guard Stance
  282. フラッシュテックガード FlashTechGuard: Tech Damage is reduced
  283. ガードスタンスアップ1 Guard Stance Up1 Guard Stance’s defense power is increased
  284. オートメイトハーフイン Automate Halfline, use -mates automatically when your HP is 50%
  285. オートメイトデッドライン Automate Deadline use -mates automatically when your HP is 25%
  286. ガード Guard Hold weapon in front of you and guard
  287. 射撃防御アップ1 Range Defense Up:
  288. ジャストガード Just Guard Greatly reduces damage when you guard at the right moment.
  289. ジャストカウンター Just Counter After you Just Guard successfully, the next attack you perform becomes a Just Attack
  290. ステップ : Step: Nimbly rush short distances
  291. ステップアドバンス Step advance: While stepping, your invincibility time increases.
  292. ステップアタック Step Attack: Attack during Step
  293. ジャストリバーサル Just Reversal: When you fall down from an attack, use jump to get up quickly.
  296. RANGER
  298. 技量アップ1 : Ability Up: increases ability stat.
  299. ウィークヒットアドバンス1 Weak Hit Advance: Your damage given to the weak spots on enemies increases.
  300. ウィークバレット Weak Bullet, exclusively for Assault rifles, loads a weakening bullet.
  301. 技量アップ2: Ability Up 2: increases ability stat.
  302. 射撃防御アップ1 Range Defense Up
  303. ウィークヒットアドバンス2: Weak Hit Advance 2: Your damage given to the weak spots on enemies increases a lot.
  304. ツールマスタリー Tool Mastery: Tool type skills increases
  305. ポイズントラップ Poison Trap: Set a Poison trap
  306. アッパートラップ: Upper Trap: Set a trap to launch enemies in the air.
  307. スタングレネード: Stun Grenade: Throw a grenade that stuns the enemy.
  308. アッパーTカスタム Upper T Custom: Increase the power of Upper Traps
  309. ポイズンTカスタム: Poison T Custom: Increases the chance of poison in poison traps.
  310. 射撃アップ Range Up: Range stat power goes up.
  311. 射撃アップ2: Range Up 2
  312. スタンディングスナイプ1: Standing Snipe: Ranged damage increases when you stand still.
  313. バインドバレット: Bind Bullet: Exclusively for Assault Rifles, loads a Binding bullet
  314. ダイブロール: Dive Roll, Dive a short distance.
  315. ダイブロールアドバンス: Dive Roll Advance: Extended Invincibility time through dive rolling.
  316. ジャストリバーサル: Just Reversal When you fall down from an attack, you can use Jump to get up quickly.
  319. FORCE
  321. 法撃アップ1: Tech up 1, tech power rises.
  322. テックチャージアドバンス1 Technic Charge Advance1: Charged Technic Damage increases
  323. テックチャージアドバンス2: Technic Charge Advance2 Charged Technic Damage increase
  324. チャージPPリバイバル Charge PP Reversal. While charging PP restores.
  325. フォトンフレア Photon Flare: Temporarily Increases Tech Power but decreases max hp
  326. フレイムマスタリー1: Flame Mastery I: Fire Technic power rises
  327. フレイムテックSチャージ: Flame Tech S Charge: Fire Technic charging time decreases
  328. フレイムマスタリー2: Flame Mastery 2: Fire Technic power increases.
  329. アイスマスタリー1 Ice Mastery 1: Ice Technic Power increases
  330. フリーズブースト: Freeze Boost: Increases the rate of freezing.
  331. アイスマスタリー2: Ice Mastery 2: Ice Technic Power increases
  332. フリーズイグニッション: Freeze Ignition Gives heavy damage through an explosive blast to frozen enemies.
  333. ボルトマスタリー1: Bolt Mastery Lightning Tech power rises.
  334. ボルトテックPPセイブ: Bolt Tech PP Save: Lightning Tech PP usage decreases.
  335. ショックブースト: Shock Boost, increases rate of shock.
  336. ボルトマスタリー2: Bolt Mastery, Lightning Tech Power increases
  337. ノーマルテックアドバンス: Normal Tech Advance. Uncharged Tech damage increases
  338. PPアップ1: PP Up 1
  339. PPアップ2: PP Up 2
  340. テックJAアドバンス Tech JA Advance: Tech Just Attacks get a damage bonus.
  341. ジャストリバーサル: Just Reversal When you fall down from an attack, use Jump to get up quickly.
  343. ________________________________________________________________
  345. Character personality raw data
  347. キャラクター性 : Character-type:
  349. 勇者気質 : brave-spirited
  350. 目立ちたがり : show-off
  351. 突っ込み思案 : tsukkomi
  352. リーダーシップ : leadership
  353. ドジッコ : clumsy
  354. 病弱 : sickly
  355. 命知らず : reckless
  356. 天真爛漫 : innocent
  357. 天然 : spontaneous, airhead
  358. 理知的 : intellectual
  360. 特性 : Special Trait:
  362. 朝型 : morning person
  363. 夜型 : nocturnal
  364. 晴れ好き : likes clear weather
  365. 曇り好き : likes overcast weather
  366. 大型狙い : attacks large targets
  367. 少型狙い : attacks small targets
  368. 逆境好き : likes adversity
  369. スロースターター : slow starter
  370. さびしがり屋 : lone wolf
  371. だーがー狙い : goes for dargars(sp?)
  372. 原生狙い : attacks anything
  373. メカ狙い : attacks mechs
  374. 龍種狙い : attacks dragons
  375. ツンデレ : tsundere
  377. 特殊補正 : Special Bonus
  379. 起死回生 : revival
  380. 臨戦態勢 : battle-readiness
  381. 徹底防御 : thorough defense
  382. 激昂 : berzerker
  383. 復活支援 : healing support
  384. ヒューマン好き : likes humans
  385. キャスト好き : likes casts
  386. ニューマン好き : likes newmen
  387. オトコ好き : likes men
  388. オンナ好き : likes women
  389. コンディションマスター : condition master
  391. ______________________________________________________________________________________
  393. Weapon Customization.
  395. There's 3 kinds of weapon customization. The first is just to grind the weapon. The second is to change or build elements. The third is to add and upgrade abilities.
  397. Weapon Grinding - A weapon can be anywhere from +0 to +10. +1 is a 4% boost with +10 being a 50-75% See below. +1-3 have no risk. 4 and 5 have a minor risk of failure and a lower risk of deleveling. 5+ all have a growing risk of failure and a chance at deleveling. I've now had a failure that dropped three levels, happened from +9 to +10 and dropped down to +6.
  398. You need an item called グラインダー or simply a Grinder to upgrade. It takes one per attempt. Rappies drop them frequently, I'm unsure if you can buy them. There are also AC items you can have to increase success rate, prevent failure or prevent de-levels on failure from scratch cards.
  399. 1 star and 2 star grind at 150% rate
  400. 4 star grinds at 160% rate
  401. 7 star grinds at 175% rate
  403. Elementals - First if you want to do anything with these the base weapon must already have an element. Along with that you can only use other weapons with the same name to build or change elements. So a アルバパルチザン cannot be used with a バシレイオン at all.
  404. Normally you can only add elements. I've got to do some testing on if it's better to use like elements or not, but you don't have to. The gains are small but constant. If you wish to change the element entirely you need AC items, I believe they are Synthesizers シンセサイザー but I could be wrong. They're the ones that look kind of like a fat cup with a funnel on top. Different colors represent different elements and their inventory icons make that obvious.
  406. Abililies - For these you do not need to use the same weapon, infact they don't even need to be the same type. The only restriction I've notices is that a weapon with X abilities can only be combined with another weapon with X abilities. So a weapon with 3 abilities or 1 ability won't show up when using a 2 ability as the base.
  407. You seem to be able to pass every ability besides the 3 rare box bonus abilities and mutation. Souls DO NOT require the item to be any specific grind, just that two weapons with the soul are used.
  408. If you repeat abilities they can upgrade. For example two Power I's will give you the option of Power II when selecting abilities. Two Power II's provide Power III. I'm unsure if this goes as far as IV or V or beyond.
  409. Trying to inherit an ability the weapon did not already have has a lower rate of inheritance. For example Power III is 60% if the weapon has it, but only 30% if not. The exception to this is souls as they seem to always be 50%.
  410. If you try and add an ability past the amount of slots the weapon has all chosen abilities have a lower inheritance rate of about 20%. For example Power III's 30% turns into 24%.
  411. Each ability chosen has it's own success pass so you can try and put 3 abilities at a time but any one of them could pass or fail. You can only force one additional slot from the ones that already exist so a 2 slot weapon can only try and gain 3 abilities, not 4 or more.
  412. There are cash items that look like cylinders with (HP) and (PP) in the name. They give Spiritua and some other ability i forgot as options to inherit no matter what the chosen ingrediants have. I believe they're also at a default 100% rate but can still lower if an extra ability is forced.
  413. The item has been found. 能力追加成功率+5%. Gives 5% bonus success rate. There may be better versions, this one comes from FUN scratch.
  415. ______________________________________________________________________________________
  417. Photon Sensitive Effects (PSE) and PSE Bursts
  419. Probably one of the coolest, yet most confusing additions to PSO are PSEs. Photon Sensitive Effects are buffs that are earned while killing enemies in a multi-party instance. They are signified by a ray of light emitted from the enemy, then a light aura that surrounds the player. The type of PSE can be told by the light ray.
  421. Yellow: Usually PSE Meseta Drop UP and lightning buffs. This'll boost the Meseta you get from drops. Looks like XX+Y
  422. Blue: Ice elemental buffs.
  423. Red: Experience UP and Dark/Fire elemental buffs.
  425. These buffs last for about a minute, unless you earn the PSE again, which'll level up the buff and reset the counter.
  427. The probability of triggering a PSE is an unknown fixed amount. It seems to be often enough.
  429. PSE Bursts occur when a Photon Sensitive Effect levels to MAX. At that point it triggers an event where you have a minute with extremely raised enemy spawns and drop rates. A few things can occur here to increase the time of the PSE Burst.
  431. Cross Burst - This gives you the most time, but can only be triggered in the beginning. Cross Bursts happen when you max out a few PSEs in succession. Each Cross Burst seems to give you a minute and change.
  432. ONE MORE - an event that can occur at the end of the PSE Burst. It is unknown how to trigger this but it seems like it relates to killing enemies. This'll give you an extra minute to kill which after that ends will either end the Burst or give you another minute
  433. Time Bonuses - These occur during the entire boost, either granting +10 or +20 seconds. These seem to be triggered by earning PSEs in the Burst, unsure about this though.
  435. PSE Bursts generate a lot of items, it's really good for earning Meseta or possibly dropping that rare drop you're looking for.
  436. Another factor that is uncertain at the moment is that after A long PSE/Cross Burst, it is significantly harder to trigger PSEs.
  438. PSE Burst Farming aka Burst Parties
  440. When you reach the max level of CBT, there isn't much to do. So try out Burst Parties. These are highly coordinated Multiparties to try and farm PSE Bursts/figure out the mechanics to trigger them. So far this is how Burst Parties are being ran.
  442. Running in 4-4-4. Right now we're running with the theory that NPCs negate PSEs. We ran a 4-4-4-4-4-4 group, every party with 2 NPCs, and it seemed hard to earn PSEs, whereas the Party after that, 4-4-4, a PSE Burst was triggered in the first 2 minutes.
  444. Sticking together. All 3 parties mob rush through the area instead of splitting. This is an idea being worked on, but mobbing seems to be effective.
  446. One Element Only. This one is way in the testing phases, but we're trying out if it's easier to trigger Burst if everyones on the Same Element. Weapon or Spell. The theory is that when we kill, it'll take in account the element that you kiled the enemy with and either give a PSE for that or one of the Meseta Drop/etc. PSEs. Focus on one, trigger more Bursts faster? We'll find out.
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