Anon>Pine Needle (Mental TF only)

Jul 12th, 2020
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  2. > "Your name is Anon, your name has always been Anon..." The thought frantically repeats itself in your mind over and over, like a record skipping.
  4. >Earlier this morning you had awoken to discover that you were a seafoam green pastel pony with a darker pine colored mane. Not to mention that you had woken up in Ponyville of all places!
  6. >You were ecstatic at first, that is, until you forgot where you originally lived. You were pretty sure it someplace called "The United States", but you couldn't remember the context behind the name now.
  8. >You just knew that your name was Anon, that you used to be a human, and that you lived in the United States.
  10. >"Your name is Anon... Your name has always been Anon..."
  12. >You've always lived in Ponyville, but there are no other humans in Ponyville, so that just... It just doesn't make any sense.
  14. >"Your name is Anon. Your name has always been Anon."
  16. >You knew your name was Anon, you were a pony, and you lived in Ponyville.
  18. >You should probably go home, you don't know how you got in this alleyway, or why you were even here in the first place. Your roommate, Green Hoof, was probably worried about you right now.
  20. >"Oh, Pine Needle, there you are! You ran out so quickly, I didn't know where you had gone!"
  22. >You stop your rocking. Green Hoof? How did she find you...? Why did you run out of Haymaker's Hayburgers so quickly?
  24. >"I-I just had to get some air Greeny!" You lied, you don't know why you were here.
  26. >"Your name is Pine Needle, your name has always been Pine Needle." You repeat to yourself, but why would you repeat that to yourself? You knew your own name, silly filly.
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