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  1. <style>
  2. @import url('');
  3. @import url('');
  4. @import url('');
  6. body {background: #F1F1F1;margin: 0px;overflow:hidden;
  7. cursor:url(, auto !important;}
  8. .swine {position:fixed; bottom:100px; right:0px; left:0px; margin:auto;}
  10. a {text-transform:none; color:#CCC;}
  11. a:hover {color:#5882FA;}
  13. img.j {height:320px; float:left; margin-right:20px; }
  15. .info {
  16.  position:fixed;
  17.  bottom:220px;
  18.  left:0px;
  19.  right:0px;
  20.  margin:auto;
  21.  width:520px;
  22.  height:322px;
  23.  padding:20px;
  24.  background-color:#fff;
  25.  opacity:0.0; overflow:hidden;
  26.  -webkit-transition: all 0.9s ease-in-out;
  27.  -moz-transition: all 0.9s ease-in-out;
  28.  -o-transition: all 0.9s ease-in-out;
  29.  }
  31. .info:hover {
  32.  opacity:0.9;
  33.  -webkit-transition: all 0.9s ease-in-out;
  34.  -moz-transition: all 0.9s ease-in-out;
  35.  -o-transition: all 0.9s ease-in-out;
  36. }
  38. .top {position:fixed; bottom:610px; left:0px; right:0px; margin:auto; width:560px;  height:80px; overflow:auto; text-align:justify;}
  39. .bottom {position:fixed; bottom:90px; left:0px; right:0px; margin:auto; width:560px;  height:80px; overflow:auto; text-align:justify;}
  41. .top b {text-transform:uppercase; color:000; font-size:8px; letter-spacing:1px;}
  42. .top i {Text-transform:uppercase; color:#000; font-size:8px; letter-spacing:1px; }
  44. .per {float:right; width:100px; height:100px; overflow:hidden;}
  46. ::-webkit-scrollbar {width: 1px;}
  47. ::-webkit-scrollbar-thumb {background-color: transparent;}
  49. .badbaby {position:fixed; bottom:10px; right:10px; text-align:center; color:#000; font-size:11px; font-family: 'Baloo Bhai', cursive; z-index:999;}
  50. .badbaby img{height:50px;}
  52. </style>
  54. <img src="" width="600"class="swine">
  56. <div class="top">
  57. <div style="height:80px; overflow:auto; width:180px;float:left; text-align:left; line-height:30px;">
  58. <font style="float:left;"><b>Name</b></font><font style="float:right;"><i>Jack Thomas</i></font><br>
  59. <font style="float:left;"><b>Age</b></font><font style="float:right;"><i>Twenty Eight</i></font><br>
  60. <font style="float:left;"><b>Gender</b></font><font style="float:right;"><i>Male</i></font><br>
  61. <font style="float:left;"><b>Sexuality</b></font><font style="float:right;"><i>Straight</i></font><br>
  62. <font style="float:left;"><b>Marital Status</b></font><font style="float:right;"><i><a href="profile.php?user=Jack+Thomas" target="_blank">Infatuated</a></i></font><br>
  63. <font style="float:left;"><b>Height</b></font><font style="float:right;"><i>6'1</i></font><br>
  64. <font style="float:left;"><b>Weight</b></font><font style="float:right;"><i>180LBS</i></font><br>
  65. <font style="float:left;"><b>Eye Color</b></font><font style="float:right;"><i>Blue</i></font><br>
  66. <font style="float:left;"><b>Hair Color</b></font><font style="float:right;"><i>Brown</i></font><br>
  67. <font style="float:left;"><b>Markings</b></font><font style="float:right;"><i>Various scars & tattoos</i></font><br>
  68. </div>
  70. <div style="width:340px; overflow:hidden; float:right; text-align:right; font-size:11px; letter-spacing:2px;">
  71. <font style="<hr class="line"><hr class="line"></font>
  72. A well proportioned man.
  73. Tall of height, broad of shoulder, at a glance he is a lean figure, however, upon closer inspection, it is easy to see he is not without muscle.
  74. His limbs far reaching, and his torso is long, suggesting a swimmer like body.
  75. </div></div>
  77. <div class="info">
  78. <img src="" class="j">
  79. <font style="font-size:20px; font-family:georgia; font-style:italic;">ˈhey</font>
  80. <font style="font-family:arial; font-size:9px;"><b>he whispered.</b></font><br><br>
  82. <div style="height:270px; overflow:auto; font-family: 'Prata', serif;font-size:10px; line-height:15px;">
  83. The bar had a smoky aura in the air. Out of the few patrons there were, even fewer actually spoke. Their chatter wasn't loud enough to override the the blue infused jazz tunes that played overhead on the speaker system. Overall, the place had a quiet feel to it. It wasn't the sort of bar to go to have a good time, to get wasted. It was the sort of bar to escape reality, to contemplate life in thoughtful silence. It was the sort of bar where you didn't need to be accountable for anything except your money that you bought your drinks with. It was the sort of bar where everyone was a regular, but few were actually acquainted with each other. <br><br>
  85. So it was quite the clamor with a man in a trench coat stepped inside. He disturbed the atmosphere already, his coat was drenched from the rain, the brief opening of the door reminded everyone that sooner or later down the line, they would have to leave the solace of the bar and go back out to the real world. <br><br>
  87. But that wasn't all. The man's face was panic stricken. Hysterical. He made a beeline for the bar, the frantic pace of his step was the most motion in the bar in the past three hours. His lips were quivering, and it wasn't from the slick wetness of rain that covered his face. He remained standing as he reached the bar, directly next to Jack who was seated in a stool. Jack, who had never looked at him, continued to stare into the empty glass in front of him in his own thoughts. The bartender moved patiently to the man to take his order, just waiting and watching without initiating conversation. <br><br>
  89. The man took a seat. Jack shifted his gaze off to the side, looking anywhere but at the trench coat man. He didn't need to look at him to feel his unease. How he shifted in his seat uncomfortably. How his hands didn't stay still over the bar. How his eyes kept looking at every direction, waiting for someone to do or say something. How the pace of his breathing was heavy and labored in the air, audible to Jack's ears. How it felt like at any moment he was going to burst out. He was a ticking time bomb. <br><br>
  91. He managed to restrain himself as he mumbled out an order. "Whiskey. Neat." <br><br>
  93. But it was short lived. Jack felt it coming before it happened. "Is there any fairness in the world?" The man spoke, resting clenched fists over the counter. The bar tender moved to patiently in front of him, waiting for an order. "Any justice? Any equality? Any of it?" He took a deep breath. "Can't a guy keep his head down, work hard and be happy his life without getting shit on by fucking everybody? Huh?" He waited for someone to answer him, his chest heaving up and down, his breathing had increased in its frequency and pace. "Doesn't matter what you do in life, everyone is gonna try to fuck you over!" He was speaking fast now, too, to the point where spit was spewing from his mouth, drenching the bar more than his wet sleeves from the rain had. The bar tender took careful note of this. Nobody answered him.<br><br>
  95. Jack knew the type. The guy probably got laid off of his job. Or caught his wife sleeping with another man. Or some combination of the both. It didn't matter. Something had caused the man to lose it. Even as Jack drowned out his voice, his concentration wasn't enough to cancel him out entirely. <br><br>
  97. "Huh? What do you think man, huh?" He was looking at Jack now. His body positioned to face him. Jack could tell without even looking at him from the direction that his voice projected. "Any fucking fairness at all?" Jack felt spit land over the side of his face. <br><br>
  99. "No," Jack whispered, moving to set money on the counter before he stood up, wandering outside to take his leave of the bar, finding himself in the cold, hard rain. "There isn't."
  100. </div></div>
  103. <div class="bottom">
  104. <div style="width:300px; overflow:hidden; float:left; text-align:left; font-size:11px; letter-spacing:2px;">
  105.  A discharged soldier who now spends his time hopping from bar to pub consuming as much alcohol as he can in his wake.
  106. <font style="<hr class="line"><hr class="line"></font>
  107. </div></div>
  109. <div class="badbaby">
  110. <a target="_blank" href="" target="_blank">
  111. <img src=""></a><br>badbabylayouts</div>
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