The Vibe Story

Aug 19th, 2019
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  1. "Okay... here we go."
  3. Kira breathed out as she hoisted her right breast and held up an 8 inch vibrator in her left hand. She placed the vibrator against her nipple and started prodding gently. After bit of trial and error, she had finally managed to get penetrable nipples, something she had an unusually hard time of achieving. Her nipples resembled large donuts as they constantly dribbled off white milk.
  5. With a bit of gentled pushing, Kira managed to push the head of the vibrator into her nipple, sending waves of goosebumps all over her skin. Not being deterred by the sudden surge of pleasure, she pushed the vibrator further in, shuddering the entire time until her nipple managed to swallow the entire thing. Kira had pre-emptively worn a bikini before her lewd experiment, with the front parts of the bikini meant to cover the breasts pushed aside. Once her breast had fully swallowed the vibrator, Kira quickly donned the bikini so that the sex toy wouldn't slip out inadvertantly.
  7. Kira began giggling maniacally as she proceeded to do the same with the other breast. She can scarcely believe how well this is working out!
  9. Once Kira had inserted both vibrators into her breasts and fully donned the bikini, she fished around for the vibrator controller and set it to "low," for now. Almost immediately, the buzzing sensation eminating from her tits sent shockwaves of pleasure all throughout her body.
  11. "Haaah~... oh my god, this feels so good! <3" Kira moaned.
  13. She placed her hands above her head and wiggled her torso left and right, just to see how well her bikini would hold. Surprisingly well, even when Kira jumped up and down, the boobs would stay in their bikini, despite all the vicious shaking and sloshing around. Even as she jumped, the sensation of vibrators buzzing inside her tits grew tremendously.
  15. "Oh my goodness, how'd I get so sensitive?"
  17. She squeezed her tits together as a final test and nearly came as a result. Lances of breast milk would squirt out of her bikini as girlcum dribbled from her panties. A near orgasm wouldn't be enough for Kira, however. She continued to squash her breasts, each squeeze sending a wave of milk all over her desk, until she eventually orgasmed. Milk sprayed all over the walls and desk before Kira collapsed, a pool of pussy juice collecting around her waist.
  19. The orgasm eventually subsided and Kira breathed a sigh of pleasure in the afterglow of such a tremendous orgasm.
  21. "Oh my god!" Kira sighed, "That was amazing! <3 I've gotten so sensitive even pushing my breasts together makes me cum! Oh, I'm so playing around with this tonight!"
  23. Before Kira could continue fondling herself, her stomach loudly rumbled.
  25. "... I need a snack first."
  27. Kira donned her shirt and pants before she headed out to the kitchen. She doesn't wanna upset Wren in a time like this. Just in case she happened to bump into her, Kira pocketed the controller so that she could turn it off.
  29. The walk from her room to the kitchen has gone safely, as was procuring a fudgecicle from the freezer. Just as she was about to unwrap the treat, Wren walked in on her.
  31. "Hey Kira." Wren said, hardly paying attention to her.
  33. Kira yelped, almost dropping the ice cream bar.
  35. "O-Oh, Wren!" Kira stuttered, "Uhh, I wasn't doing anything!"
  37. Wren turned to look at Kira, raising an eyebrow and staring inquisitively at her.
  39. "Uh huh..." Wren said.
  41. Kira's shirt had been soaked with milk, as was her pants. It's not really unusual, though. Sometimes Kira walked around with sex stained clothes and had to chatise her for it.
  43. "Dammit Kira. I keep tellin' you not to ruin your clothes like that."
  45. "Oh, u-uh sorry!" Kira stammered.
  47. Kira needed to focus on getting out of this. She took out the controller to turn the vibrators off, but her milk soaked hands had caused it to slip out and land on the floor, right in front of Wren.
  49. "...What's this?" Wren asked, picking up the pink capsule shaped device.
  51. "Aaah! It's nothing! Don't touch it!" Kira begged.
  53. "Kira, is this a-"
  55. Before Wren was able to accuse Kira of being a massive pervert outside of her room again, she accidentally set to vibrators to max while finagling with the device.
  57. Kira screamed in pleasure as her breasts began to violently shake. Milk splattered absolutely everywhere. On the floor, countertop, walls, even on Wren. The sudden shock of Kira moaning like a madwoman caused her to drop the controller.
  59. "WwWrRrEeEeEeEeEnNnNnN!" Kira moaned, loudly, "TuH.... TuRn It OfFfFf!"
  61. Wren was basically panicking at this point, "Aaaah! Kira! I-I dropped it! Uh..." She dropped down to her hands and knees, searching for where the controller could've gone, all the while muttering, "Fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck" under her breath.
  63. Kira, meanwhile, had collapsed on the floor, shuddering as she tried to control her vibrating breasts. She was stuck in a constant state of orgasm. Her boobs gushed out like a fountain, covering her and the floor in a growing puddle of breastmilk. Every few seconds, her pussy would spray femcum all over the floor, adding to the puddle of sexual fluids. In an attempt to alleviate her near torturous state of pleasure, she pulled off her shirt, revealing her wildly shaking titties being constrained by a tight bikini. It appears her breasts had grown in size in response to her intense state of pleasure. The bikini had gotten so taught that she wasn't even able to pull it off.
  65. "WwWrRrEeEeNnN!!!" Kira shrieked in ecstasy.
  67. Wren was still searching for the little controller. It must have skittered under the countertops or something.
  69. "Aaaah! Kira, I'm trying, I'm trying!" Wren yelled, desperation in her voice.
  71. Kira's breasts continued to expand, growing larger and larger until the bikini was unable to contain the expansive mass of mammaries. It snapped off, flying accross the room. Kira's breasts exploded out, her nipples forcefully ejecting the two violently buzzing vibrators along with a huge lance of milk. Kira continued squirting milk until her orgasm had finally subsided. Wren could only look on in shock at what she just saw.
  73. "Kira?" Wren spoke, finally snapping out of it, "Holy shit, are you alright?"
  75. "Wuh... Wreeennnn... you.... dummy... hehe.... let's... do that again... sometime..."
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