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  1. * Joins: Scot (
  2. * Scot was kicked by n00p (The fuck out of here...)
  3. -
  4. Scot is * scot
  5. Scot on #LinuxHelp
  6. Scot using * The Undernet Underworld
  7. Scot is an IRC Operator
  8. Scot is logged in as Scot
  9. Scot has been idle 1min 55secs, signed on Sat Jul 31 06:11:41
  10. Scot End of /WHOIS list.
  11. -
  12. * Joins: Scot (
  13. <@n00p> Hi
  14. <@Sir_Burpalot> Scot: out, you peasant.
  15. <@n00p> May we help you?
  16. * * sets mode: -ooo Sir_Burpalot s00p n00p
  17. <n00p> WHAT THE?
  18. <n00p> What reason do you have to be here?
  19. * * sets mode: +o Scot
  20. <Sir_Burpalot> Scot: YOU EEL-MANNERED LITTLE EEDIOT!
  21. <n00p> What reason do you have to be here?
  22. <Sir_Burpalot> Scot: we weel obliterify you from the yewniverse!!!
  23. <n00p> Scot: Please state your reason for being here.
  24. * Scot sets mode: +tin
  25. <Sir_Burpalot> No one can escape their past, Scot...
  26. <n00p> Scot: What is your reason for taking control of my channel?
  27. <Sir_Burpalot> With the chicken flying under the bridge singing the sonts of yesterday while they get buttfucked by the kangaroo.
  28. <Sir_Burpalot> You must DIE!
  29. <Sir_Burpalot> *songs
  30. <n00p> Sir_Burpalot: Let the man answer.
  31. <Sir_Burpalot> Let zee man suck my beeg, BEEG lollipop!
  32. <Sir_Burpalot> I like zat!
  33. <n00p> Scot: What's your purpose for being here?
  34. * Scot sets mode: +b *!*@
  35. * Sir_Burpalot was kicked by Scot (Scot)
  36. <n00p> Scot: Can I have some justification?
  37. <@Scot> to complain about it feel free to mail and state your case.
  38. <n00p> What have I done wrong?
  39. <@Scot> Do you mean apart from being a retard and kicking me on join ?
  40. <n00p> Is that a reason to take over my channel?
  41. <@Scot> you know that was not the reason
  42. <n00p> I was joking.
  43. <n00p> Well, what was the reason?
  44. <n00p> Do you even have one?
  45. <n00p> I see, so it's fair enough to just take someones channel... but why #nexgen?
  46. <n00p> What do you see in it?
  47. <n00p> Why does it intrigue you?
  48. <@Scot> n00p depending on the outcome of our investigation you'll either be banned from this network, for backdoor-ing users or not, until then, just be quiet, and if your friend doesn't stop pestering me, he'll be banned sooner.
  49. * Joins: aekeeper (
  50. * Scot sets mode: +o aekeeper
  51. * Joins: aekeeper4 (
  52. <n00p> Scot: Do you see any evidence of backdoors here?
  53. * Scot sets mode: +m
  54. <@Scot> to complain about it feel free to mail
  55. * Parts: @Scot (
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