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  3. NAME: Aaliyah Son
  5. NICKNAME(S): by who? why are they called this?
  6. Lia - When she was younger she used to always be teased about how long and complicated her name was, especially having to grow up from the US where it was like any other name, to korea where it was more unusual. Oddly, since then she's gotten used to it and always preferred her nickname. Sometimes she even intrduces herself as lia and forgets her actual, full name
  8. AGE: 21
  10. DATE OF BIRTH: january 18, 1997
  13. NATIONALITY: asian
  15. ETHNICITY: korean
  16. BIRTHPLACE: seoul, south korea
  18. HOMETOWN: madison, wisconsin, united states
  20. LANGUAGES SPOKEN: include fluency.
  21. korean - fluent
  22. english - fluent but not as clean as it used to be
  23. japanese - conversational
  25. HEIGHT: in cm.
  26. 162
  27. WEIGHT: in kg.
  28. 52
  30. straight a student
  32. SLOT: cloudy
  34. BACKUP SLOT: foggy
  36. FACE CLAIM: kim chungha
  38. BACKUP FACE CLAIM: kang seulgi
  40. LOVE INTEREST: jeon jungkook
  42. BACKUP LOVE INTEREST: park jimin
  47. HOBBIES: min. 3 bulleted.
  48. - dancing, she likes listening to a song and like grooving to it, a small freestyle, nothing intense
  49. - taking pictures and videos, capturing moments in her life
  50. - calligraphy & doodling, usually when shes bored she ends up writing random words on the corners and outsides all over her paper
  51. - shes not a big active sporty person, but she does like to play them and run to stay in shape
  53. LIKES: min. 5 bulleted.
  54. - she's gonna get cavities and diabetes some day because she has an absolute sweet tooth, and she loves chocolate and pasteries
  55. - she loves the night, it's when she can calm down and take a break. something about how the sun sets for the darkness relaxes her. she enjoys looking at the empty dark sky sometimes accompanied by the stars
  56. - can i use sleeping? yes? great, lmao this lethargic ass bitch loves to sleep and hug onto her pillows and shit
  57. - she's a sucker for anything cute, this quiet hoe will "awwwww" the fuck out of whatever she thinks is cute. like when babies have a really cute expression, or when a puppy is super fluffy, etc.
  59. DISLIKES: min. 5 bulleted.
  60. - jesus christ get that bug away from her before she squashes it ten times to make sure it's fully dead
  61. - she doesn't like being scared, it makes her feel weaker than she already does
  62. - ironically change is something still quite foreign to her and she's usually really cautious when it comes to it. the change or environment gives her anxiety because there's nothing familiar for her to hang onto and make her feel more comfortable. she learns to deal with it tho, it's getting better but she's still not the most optimistic about it
  63. - who likes rude people? no one, right? so it's not a surprise that she can't stand ill mannered people. it's one of the few times she'll use her voice when she knows something is wrong
  64. - she's impatient as fuck. girl doesn't know how to sit and wait and always worries that something is taking too long because something went wrong or it's not fast enough and it's slow because she's just has no patience
  66. FEARS/WEAKNESSES: min. 2. bulleted. what are your character's fears and weaknesses?
  67. LONELINESS - she doesn't mind being alone but she hates the feeling of loneliness. she depends on the people around her a lot more than she thinks, so when she's alone she yearns for someone to just be with her
  68. FAILURE - she's harder on herself than anyone, and failing means she didn't do something right
  69. TIME - it's something she can't keep track of it passes by so quickly she's terrified that she's gonna miss everything and it'll be too late. ironically she spends more time worrying about missing things rather than getting more involved
  72. STRENGTHS: max. 4. bulleted. what would you say is your character's strength? this is character wise, not necessarily in relation to their magical abilities.
  73. - she's more compeitive than she looks and is pretty stubborn so when she's decided to do something, she does her best to finish the task at hand
  74. - she's a hard worker, and learns quickly, and likes to be a perfectionist and get things right
  75. - her loyalty is so strong that other people are quaking in jealousy
  76. - she's a lot stronger when she's got people by her side, maybe it's because she knows that her back is being watched
  77. - she's got good perspective. she's usually able to see both sides and try to find a middle
  78. - she's considerate, having been left out multiple times, she knows the feeling and would never want someone to feel left out. she can somtimes notice small things about other people and surprise them when bringing it up later. to her it's no big deal since they can be so small that sometimes the other person doesn't even realize until later on
  80. HABITS: min. 3. bulleted. is there something she does whenever she's nervous or happy or in general?
  81. - she smiles a lot when she's happy and when she's laughing really hard her laugh sometimes end up squeaking
  82. - she sits with her legs open a lot, some say she sits and slouches like a guy but she crosses her arms and legs a lot
  83. - for a quiet girl she got some loud ass sneezes and she never sneezes just once. she freezes when she's about to sneeze and just lets it all out, she scares people a lot
  84. - she likes to hold, touch, or play with something when she's unsure of what to do or feels awkward. it could be the end of her shirt or her own fingers, she either avoids any eye contact or just stares from a distance since she feels like shes unable to do anything
  85. - when she gets mad she usually gets really quiet and she's just got this pissed off look on her face that lets you know she's mad. she usually walks away or something because she knows that she needs to get out and think. she usually ends up being vague when questioned
  86. - this bitch cries too much lmao sad movie scene? someone dies? give her a tissue box. she got yelled at? watery eyes people, you gon drown in them
  88. ACHILLES HEEL: what is your character's greatest flaw?
  89. she doesn't pay enough attention to her surroundings. she could be scared and her eyes would be darting everywhere but she doesn't exactly pay attention to what she's looking at which leads to her missing out on key information or she ends up being in a vulnerable spot. it doesn't help that her memory sucks either
  93. PERSONALITY: min. 10 sentences. paragraphs or detailed bullet points. how your character behaves generally. how they act with others, when threatened, when with friends etc.
  94. she's shy, timid, often pessimistic and reserved. she's always worrying and wants to please others. she's not exactly a doormat, but she is friendlier than she needs to be. she's really funny though, it could just be in her active facial expressions, or her short comments that make people laugh. she "fakes" her confidence a lot and often jokes about how fucking amazing she is. (example: "omg this flower is so pretty" "i'm prettier"). to others she's quiet but intelligent, to her friends she's dumb and funny. she's not really good at expressing her feelings, and is really bad at saying "i love you", but she does her best to show how she feels with actions. she likes to please others, so when she's trying to open up to new people she tries to spit out relatable comments, or smile to seem friendlier. but she feels as if there's a wall between her and others, and she's not as genuine as she could be. a lot relies on how open the other person may be, but she almost completely relaxes when she's with her friends. she's more happy, jokes around more, and feels more comfortable, and is open to tons of skinship. she's generally a pretty simple person though when she doesn't overthink. it's troubling for her when she's threatened. she knows she's not in the wrong, but she can find it hard to use her voice. it's a process that takes a few seconds but in those few moments she can pretend like she's strong and is unaffected, she fights more with her words. fuck, i wish i knew how to write this better. highkey character is based on myself, so she swears too lmao and um is quirky??
  96. FAMILY: name | age | relation| brief description | closeness 1-5| relationship with slot | status (dead or alive)
  97. SON MIN HYUK - 45 - father - quite friendly and extroverted, he's pretty bright and smiles a lot but has a bad temper and he's traditional so he's got expectations - 2 - they're okay, not as close as they could be but he supports her, he just wasn't there for her all the time when she needed it = alive
  98. PARK HANA - 44 - mother - she's a hard worker and laughs a lot, but she's more reserved around others. she's got a strong personality - 3 - she spent the most time with her mother so they're naturally closer. she's been there for her until my character started getting older and she assumed that it was time to give her daughter independence - alive
  99. SON EUNHAE - 16 - sister - bright but shy girl, she looks up to her sister a lot, but she's still quite careless and reckless when it comes to resposibilites - 5 - they're really close, best friends, and they know each other best. they have a lovely relationship and always make each other laugh. it was just the two of them when their parents weren't there, so they've grown close - alive
  101. BACKGROUND: min. 10 sentences. paragraphs or detailed bullet points. details on your character's childhood past and history, experiences, growth as a witch, how she was brought up, pivotal moments that shaped her personality and made her into the person she is now etc.
  102. she was born in seoul and spent a few years there before her family moved to the united states for work. since she was still young it wasn't hard for her to pick up english, but she did get teased a lot which made her slowly become insecure in who she was at such a young age. it wasn't a totally bad experience since she made friends and learned a bit how to stand her own ground, but a few years later she started her high school experience back in korea when her parent's work was finished. her parents are good at what they do, so she has grown up with great influences, she just lacks practice. she grew up very frustrated because she knew so much but was unable to properly show case them. her parents didn't support her emotionally, or mentally, but physically they were there for her, which was nice but hard for her. she's expected to do well and be a good inflence to her younger sister so she's worked hard to get where she is now. she still has a long way to go, but she's working hard and doesn't want to fail people. for her own satisfaction, she likes knowing her stuff and feeling proud.
  104. CLAN: min. 7 sentences. summary of the clan they come from. the traits members of the clan usually possess. the powers that are hereditary in that clan. certain traditions considered peculiar to their clan. your character's family's status within the clan (are they an influential family or less known one?) the clan's crest/insignia.
  105. GRECO is known for wisdom, success, propserity, and a deep understanding of the self and the soul. Traits of the members are usually headstrong, reliable, and knowledgeable. Powers in that clan are mostly related with the mind and body: telepathy, psychokenisis, extrasensory perception, etc. Her father is up there as an important person, so the status is a bit higher due to that and the respect that the people have for her father. the clan's crest is a golden star. it represents the spirit, piercing the darkness as an expression of their triumph against the overwhelming odds of oblivion.
  110. OTHER POWERS: max. 5. bulleted. other powers besides their special powers that they possess.
  111. - astral manipulation
  112. - slight telepathy
  113. - clairvoyance to an extent but it's spotty
  114. - and because shes a badass bitch she can also dip her feet into mind control but she's less familiar with this and doesn't like doing it
  116. MAGIC LEVEL: on a scale of 1-10. 1 being the lowest and 10 being the highest.
  117. - ehhhh she's like 19. KIDDING she's more of a 6.5 cause she a boss that started from the bottom now she here
  119. TALISMAN: piece of jewellery/stone she carries around for protection/good luck/extra powers. could be a bracelet, necklace, ring, anklet, earrings or whatever you please. if it's a stone, indicate what stone it is (is it a ruby, sapphire, opal? is it inscribed with runic alphabets only she or family can understand or use?)
  120. - it's a gold necklace shaped into a heart with an unbloomed flower carved into the middle. it's said to fully bloom when she's at her top potential, but it occasionally opens up the better she gets. on each petal theres a runic word(?) and with the petals that are currently unfolded she can use those and there's like six in total and she's got 3 of them fully out. they're known to just her, but her family is aware of it.
  122. FAMILIAR: what is your character's animal companion? it could be a dog, cat, bird, even a butterfly. be creative! don't forget to give them a name.
  123. i feel like this totally clashes with my character, but i think it's a nice contrast because when the time comes she's as courageous and strong as her companion. i think their relationship could be funny too, and it helps keep her in check when she's being too nice or something. a golden eagle is her companion, it's one of the largest, fastest, and nimblest birds, which i think would nicely correlate with her astrial projection (no it wouldn't lmao but it would be a nice twist). it keeps and eye on her especially when she's so bad at being precise with her eyes. lmao idk i think it's pretty badass, and she's gonna go through some character development ya know hahah. for a name, sunny, lmao maybe cause it's golden, bright, like the sun fuck idk or like it's talons burn you like the sun. if not a cat would work fine lmao.
  126. PREFERRED CLOTHING STYLE: optional. does your character have a particular dress sense? does she have a liking for a particular clothing? is there a type of clothing/accessory she's always seen in? eg, FOGGY may have a preference for hooded cloaks.
  127. OOF um i'm thinking about this in the modern sense? but she likes tucking in her shirts, like you bet she gon tuck in her black shirt into her blue ripped dark jeans. her style's pretty simple, a plain or simply decorated shirt and dark colored jeans or shorts. she's always wearing comfortable tennis shoes so her feet don't hurt.
  129. TRIVIA: min. 4. random facts about your character.
  130. - she got glasses but she wearin her contacts more, she a blind mofo
  131. - she can be really touchy with people she's close to, like she for some reason will suddenly feel the need to have physical contact and hug onto the arm of one of the girls or something
  132. - fake ass hoe gets like, meaner(?) with guys but it's all just joking so its fine pshhhh
  133. - when she laughs or chuckles it's like a silent laugh? so it looks like she's heaving but she's all good cause she's just laughing. she probably can't see when she's laughing either. damn sometimes she hits people or like leans all over the place cause she doesn't know where to put her body as she's dying of laughter and building abs
  134. - short attention span homegirl gets bored real quick
  136. SUGGESTED SCENES: optional. any scenes you would like to see between your character and her love interest, or the other witches.
  137. - maaan i feel like she would be so offended with jungkook and how he is, like omfg you dumb hoe get yourself straight, but he'd really like run her out flat. they're both hard workers and all, but he could like help her out of her bubble and she could help contain him a little. they ain't gonna get along the best at first cause they're gonna annoy each other like he thinks she's too much and she thinks he's so lacking. idk if that made sense. i've also just realized that this isnt' a scene but i'm keeping it anyway
  138. - i love me some witch friend group fun. i guess there'll be a lot of scenes with SUNNY so she can improve(?)
  140. USERNAME: gukphoria
  142. PASSWORD: fenty
  144. NOTE TO AUTHOR: anything you'd like to tell me here.
  145. dude dm me if you need more info im a vague bitch
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