Thailand 2013 itinerary 2 weeks

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  1. friday evening – arrival
  2. saturday+ sunday – BKK
  3. Monday- wednesday - kanchanaburi, erawan NP, hellfire pass+sai yok noi WF, around KB
  4. Wednesday/thursday - ayuthaya, evening transfer to BKK and thursday night bus to ko phangan or friday night
  5. saturday-tuesday - ko phangan
  6. wednesday or thursday morning - arrival to bangkok, shopping
  7. thursday evening midnight - flight to beijing
  9. FRIDAY 2013-02-01 BANGKOK
  10. 9:20PM arrival to Bangkok
  11. airport rail link 0600-2400 level B1 - to Phaya Thai (30min, 45B), change for taxi other side of road heading south to KSR (60-70B, 5.5km, 20mins)
  12. TANAO area - 30 Donna GH, alley next to post office, AC 350-400THB with pr. BR, quiet
  13. 20 At home GH - 50m south from CGH, same alley tanao, 400-450THB double, bed bugs?
  14. 24 Live Good GH – 250-350B
  15. 29 new central GH - 300-400THB, receptionist, window?
  16. 25 central GH – 160B double fan
  17. 28 Ban pun thong – 300B
  18. 27 Baan Mai tai
  19. RAMBUTRI AREA – ~19/22 Lamphu house – 440-560B (sh br), 600B double AC
  20. 20 new my house GH – 350B double
  21. 25 Merry V GH – 400-500 double pr. Br
  22. 1 villa orchid villa – 600B economy double sh. Br.
  23. 32 New Siam I – double fan sh br. 370B
  25. SATURDAY 2013-02-02 BANGKOK
  26. temples - no shorts (knees hidden, but possibleto lend sari), no sleeveles shirts
  27. Sanam Luang - 0THB, big square across from KSR
  28. Wat Pho - 100THB, reclining Buddha, ferry to other side 3THB from Tha tien and Nagaraphirom park on river bank
  29. Wat Arun - 50THB?, different temple like pyramid on other side of river
  30. bicycles at sanam luang and then:
  31. Saranrom park - across road east from Wat pho
  32. Giant swing & wat suthat - 20THB, no need to go inside, across from city hall square
  33. Golden Mount & wat saket - 0THB, view over BKK
  34. Metal temple (Loh prasat) & wat ratchanatdaram - 0THB, different temple with view next to GM, at main road, across from GM
  35. Democracy monument
  37. SUNDAY 2013-02-03 BANGKOK
  38. Wat bonnonivet - 0THB, north from central GH, until 5:30PM, Tanao rd
  39. Thammasat university, maybe river express to saphan taksin (sathon) or chinatown (tha ratchawong)
  40. thai massage KSR - 120B 0.5hr, 220B 1hr (~same in ko phangan, mae haad, NW beach)
  41. Chinatown (street Thanon yaowarat, river ferry tha ratchawong) -
  42. Lumpini park - free, paddleboats (80THB/hr)
  43. pratunam
  45. MONDAY 2013-02-04 KANCHANABURI
  46. morning transfer by train 7:45 (arrive 10:20, or dep. 13:45) from Thonburi to Kanchanaburi – 100B
  47. kanchanaburi - bridge over river kwae, JEATH museum south + heritage street + city pikllar, allied and chinese cemetery, evening local market railway station, relax at river
  49. TUESDAY 2013-02-05 KANCHANBURI
  50. Erawan NP (200B + motorbike 20B + rent MB 180B+petrol) – 7 tiers waterfall, 1-4 easy, 5-7medium, bring swimwear, careful monkeys camera, bus 8170 (every hour 8-5PM, 90min ride, 50B *4 = MB cheaper)
  53. Hellfire pass + sai yok noi waterfall on motobike (180B+petrol), evening or next day morning transfer to Ayuthaya (minivan 2.5hr 400B OR bus to suphanburi  2hr 45B and from suphanburi-AYU 1.5hr 40B)
  55. THURSDAY 2013-02-07 AYUTHAYA
  56. historical park/temples on island – all for 220B ticket, bicycle 40B (Soi 2), afternoon AC bus to BKK Mo Chit 50B (1.5-2hrs + 1hr from MC to KSR), minivan 100B to Victory monument, train to Hualampong 2.5hrs 15B and transfer to ko Phangan (550 joint ticket from KSR Chakraphong)
  58. FRIDAY/SATURDAY 2013-02-07/08 KO PHANGAN – WEDNESDAY 2013-02-13
  59. accommodation NW Haad Yao or North Chaloklum/Haad Khom
  60. HAAD YAO – Benjawan bungalows (on northern end/hill, behind Bay View) 200B+, Bounty island (next to Absolute island) 350B+, Seaboard bungalows 350B+, Sandy Bay 350-500B+, Shiralea backpackers 500B+, Dream hill resort 500B+, JB Hut 400B+, Silver beach 300B+, Ibiza bungalows 200B+
  61. CHALOKLUM – Fanta bungalows (300?), Wattana (250?), Nanthawan (150-450), Sarisa place (200-500)
  62. HAAD KHOM – Haad khom resort (PR BR, nice, 300B+), Coral Bay (SH BR, 200B+ (400 nice)), Coconut beach resort (PR BR, 250B+), Ocean View (PR BR 300B+), Belvedere resort (on mountain 200-300B+)
  63. DO - beaches, temple, sauna, elephants, hill hike, tour from tomas?
  65. WEDNESDAY – leaving to Bangkok to arrive Thursday
  67. THURSDAY 2013-02-14 BANGKOK
  68. arrival, shopping, leave to airport, flight at 23:59
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