Koujaku DMMd re:connect Bad End Translation

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  1. Koujaku Dramatical Murder Re:connect Bad End:
  3. A: Go ahead.
  4. …When I heard those words, my heart jumped.
  5. Aoba accepted me. Because I thought that.
  6. … But.
  7. A: Go ahead.
  8. A: Go ahead.
  9. A: Go ahead.
  10. I noticed that he repeated the same words over and over, like some kind of machine.
  11. This is…
  12. Not reality.
  13. I thought we had returned, but we haven’t.
  14. Then, what is this world? Where am I?
  15. Who….
  16. Is this Aoba?
  17. A: Go ahead
  18. A: Go ahead
  19. A: Go ahead
  20. A: Go ahead
  21. K: You’re wrong…. You’re wrong! Towards you I certainly… but
  22. K: I didn’t ask for this!
  23. A: Go ahead
  24. K: Stop, Aoba…!
  25. A: Go ahead
  26. K: You’re wrong, you’re wrong…! Stop…!!
  27. A: Go ahead
  28. K: Please, stop…!!
  29. A: Go ahead
  30. A: Go ahead
  31. A: Go ahead
  32. A: Go ahead
  33. A: Go ahead
  34. A: Go ahead
  35. A: Go ahead
  36. A: Go ahead
  37. A: Go ahead
  38. A: Go ahead
  39. A: Go ahead
  41. K: …
  42. …. It hurts
  43. It’s a terrible headache.
  44. K: …
  45. When I open my eyes slowly I feel sick.
  46. My innards and blood, everything seems to be strewn out on the floor in front of me.
  47. I can feel something slightly moving inside of my stomach.
  48. This throbbing is also terrible.
  49. My body is throbbing all over making me think that my skin must have been torn.
  50. As I bear a strong, deep throbbing everywhere, I lift only my heavy head to look around me.
  51. An all white floor, wall, ceiling.
  52. This is still…. inside Platinum Jail.
  53. Because I can feel the cold hardness of the floor beneath me I realize I must be sprawled across it.
  54. Just what… what happened?
  55. Somehow I move my gaze around to see people strewn all over the white hall
  56. As I see those garments, I suddenly realize.
  57. Kou. Hagima.
  58. Over there too, they also….
  59. …It’s everyone from the team, isn’t it.
  60. Everyone is fallen.
  61. They’ve probably blacked out.
  62. As I look on in horror, I notice someone who’s fallen right next to me.
  63. K: !
  64. With force, I receive a shock strong enough to make my breath stop.
  65. K: …
  66. K: … Aoba.
  67. There, Aoba is fallen as though he’s cowering from something.
  68. Furthermore, blood is spreading around him.
  69. The one lying face down in the waterfall of blood is…
  70. …Ryuuhou.
  71. That time, I moved in a second, my thoughts having completely stopped.
  72. That’s right.
  73. I chased Ryuuhou here.
  74. With these hands I… killed him.
  75. I pierced my long-time enemy with my sword. I stole the life from him.
  76. But, I don’t have memory from after that.
  77. Just… I feel like I had a dream of the past.
  78. If possible, I don’t want to remember these horrible memories.
  79. In the midst of that I…
  80. Met Aoba?
  81. Certainly, I had a lot of conversations with Aoba…
  82. Then…
  83. K: …
  84. My thoughts churning, I notice a finger move on the fallen Aoba.
  85. K: …!
  86. Aoba…!
  87. When I think to call out his name…
  88. The hall door opens and the sound of many shoes pounding the floor echoes.
  89. The sound of the shoes are coming straight for here.
  90. K: Kh…!
  91. When I finally think to stand, strength won’t enter my body anywhere.
  92. Damn…!
  93. The people who entered from the hall are dressed in all white, with white masks.
  94. Those people, with uninterested movements, carry away my team members and Ryuuhou.
  95. A white hand also reaches out towards Aoba and picks him up to carry him just like an object.
  96. K: ….Ao-ba…
  97. Even if I try to call out my voice is hoarse, sticking to my throat.
  98. Even so, if I don’t stop them…!
  99. Somehow I need to meet Aoba’s eyes, or else they’ll take him away.
  100. To where?
  101. I don’t know their destination.
  102. But not matter how I look at it the people in the white masks are Platinum Jail’s colleagues.
  103. In that case I might not be able to save him.
  104. Anyway, I need to catch Aoba’s eyes…!
  105. While I struggle, Aoba is being carried away by the people in white.
  106. …Then.
  107. A: ….
  108. Aoba’s eyes open slightly.
  109. Those eyes that can’t focus flutter repeatedly.
  110. Aoba…!
  111. K: …
  112. My voice just comes out in breaths of air.
  113. Realizing where Aoba is looking I close my eyes again right away.
  114. The light disappears.
  115. K: Uu…. Kh…
  116. Even if I want to stand, the muscles in my arms spasm, unable to gain strength, and give up right away.
  117. Because I can’t speak, I can’t even call his name.
  118. I can’t do anything.
  119. The person in white fixes Aoba on his shoulder and is taking him away.
  120. …Stop, let go.
  121. Let Aoba go.
  122. A man in white comes over to me, struggling like a bug on the white floor, as well and hauls me up.
  123. I don’t have any strength to the extent that I can’t even believe it as I try to fight back, it’s like I don’t have control of my own head.
  124. I don’t care about myself, Aoba is.
  125. Aoba.
  126. Don’t take Aoba away.
  127. Don’t touch Aoba.
  128. Let go of Aoba, let go of him right now.
  129. Release Aoba. I hate this.
  130. Aoba.
  131. Aoba.
  132. Aoba.
  133. Aoba.
  134. Aoba.
  135. Aoba.
  136. ….Aoba!!
  137. K: U….guuu…
  138. The feeling explodes inside of my head, my whole vision being dyed completely red, and the discomfort and nausea surges in my abdomen getting stronger and stronger.
  139. Pain strikes my head over and over as if someone is striking it from the inside.
  140. My blood vessels are raging as though they’re going to break out of my body.
  141. My back is hot.
  142. Like it’s burning.
  143. It’s pounding… as though my heart is being removed from there.
  144. My eyes are open but all I can see in front of me are distorted memories.
  145. Mother.
  146. Ryuuhou.
  147. Father.
  148. Everyone in Benishigure.
  149. Beni.
  150. Ren.
  151. Tae.
  152. Aoba.
  153. …Aoba.
  154. “Don’t lose”
  155. Aoba.
  156. “Koujaku, too. Don’t lose”
  157. Aoba.
  158. In all those afterimages…
  159. A poisonous red flower blooms.
  160. It’s being painted.
  161. All of it.
  162. In red.
  163. In red…
  164. K: Uuu…
  165. K: Uuuu…
  166. K: …GAAAAAAAAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!
  167. K: U…… Kh
  168. R: Does it hurt?
  169. K: …..
  170. R:Even though you’re just a kid you can endure it huh. It’s a pain so strong that it will make adults faint though.
  171. R: Moreover my needle is deeper in you than normal… huh.
  172. K: Gu…..!!
  173. R: Fufu…
  174. R: At first I told your dad that it would merely be like work though,
  175. R: When I look at you I change my mind. I feel like even if I don’t make money it’s okay.
  176. R: Do you know why?
  177. K: ….
  178. R: The eyes you have when you look at your dad. They’re eyes that are overflowing with raw hatred.
  179. R: Hatred is a profound thing, you know, to the extent that it could be more profound even than love.
  180. R: You are certainly kind, reliable, and I think you were probably a child who grew up receiving a lot of love. I knew from one look.
  181. R: You hate your dad, right? Not just dislike, you despise him.
  182. R: Is the reason your mother?
  183. K: ….
  184. R: You dad’s legal wife can’t have children, I heard.
  185. R: Your mother became a mistress, and you were chosen as an heir?
  186. R: That unlikable legal wife bullied your mother a fair amount didn’t she. There were times she even used fire, weren’t there?
  187. R: But your father turned a blind eye, and no matter how many times you went to him for your mother, he ended up hitting you.
  188. R: He never listened to you, and you ended up pushing yourself more and more. To be able to bear the mark of a successor, right?
  189. R: You’ve been living a rather interesting life, haven’t you?
  190. K: …..Shut… up…
  191. K: ….e… quiet
  192. R: N?
  193. K: I told you to shut up and carve, didn’t I! You shitty Buddhist!!
  194. R: …
  195. R: Ahahahha! This is good!
  196. R: My eyes weren’t wrong after all. You’re just as I thought.
  197. R: Fufu…
  198. R: Raise it well with this body. This tattoo, you know, I have plans to make it my best masterpiece.
  199. R: From now on take in everything, receive it, store it, raise it… Then.
  200. R: Return to where I am…. Look.
  201. K: U! Gua….! Aa…!
  202. R: Remember it well. The guy who carved your soul and made you feel true pain.
  204. K: U…
  205. My deeply buried consciousness surfaces.
  206. My eyelids are so heavy to open I wonder if they’re really mine.
  207. Within the dull pain, what fills my vision are a number of blurry, cylindrical round, wall like tubes.
  208. What is that?
  209. K: …
  210. When I try to move, I’m pulled back strongly from behind.
  211. The sound of chains echoes in both of my ears.
  212. And with that I recognize the situation I have been put in.
  213. The cylindrical like tubes are iron bars, and I’m sitting with my hands bound behind my back.
  214. This is…
  215. I’m locked up?
  216. Am I still inside Oval Tower?
  217. Even if I understand my current situation, I still can’t sort through what’s happened due to the chaos in my head.
  218. Moreover, I feel horribly sick.
  219. My head and body are heavy, and my back is so hot it feels like it’s burning.
  220. My heart is in pain as if something is constricting it.
  221. K: …Ha…
  222. My breaths are ragged and I try to think through what happened.  
  223. … Oval Tower.
  224. Ryuuhou.
  225. The guys in Benishigure and…
  226. Those guys who wore the white clothes…
  227. After that…
  228. K: …Aoba.
  229. That’s right, Aoba.
  230. Aoba is…!?
  231. Those guys in the white took him, and what happened after that?
  232. K: …
  233. I look around my surroundings, looking for Aoba’s figure.
  234. Beyond the cold bars is nothing but darkness, so I can’t see far into the distance.
  235. There isn’t really the presence of a human, either.
  236. Where is… Aoba?
  237. Where is…
  238. Everyone in Benishigure, too!
  239. K: Dammit…!
  240. I struggle in my restraints, trying to escape them, but the sound of chains only sounds annoyingly.
  241. If I move my breath becomes short and the world in front of my eyes shaky with vertigo.
  242. My whole body is covered in sweat and falls from my forehead, dropping onto the cold floor.
  243. The blood in my back pulses as though it will explode.
  244. Just like… it’s acting violently, as if a snake filled with heat is chewing through my heart.
  245. K: Ku…
  246. My breath is hot.
  247. It hurts so much it’s like my lugs have begun to furl up into my shoulders and…
  248. I hear a sound from somewhere.
  249. K: …!
  250. I lift my head and from the crack in my disheveled bangs I turn my head to look  towards the sound.
  251. Someone is coming closer to here.
  252. I glare as the sound of the shoes comes closer, and from the darkness behind the bars a white figure emerges.
  253. Who is it?
  254. Those guys in the white…
  255. K: …
  256. … There, my thoughts stop dead.
  257. That face stares at me from between the bars.
  258. …Aoba?
  259. My first thought is that I’m wrong.
  260. That’s because…
  261. Aoba’s hair, skin, clothes, everything of his is pure white.
  262. A different person with the same face?
  263. I think that, and that my impression is wrong.
  264. The face looks the same but…
  265. Is it really Aoba?
  266. A: … Koujaku.
  267. Aoba smiles thinly and calls my name gently while unlocking the cage and coming in.
  268. His movements are smooth like a cat’s and his footsteps make no sound.
  269. The cuffs of Aoba’s clothes slide across the ground, and that is the only sound I can hear.
  270. The Aoba who stands in front of me now…
  271. He doesn’t look like the Aoba I know, after all.
  272. A: Koujaku.
  273. Aoba calls my name again.
  274. But something is wrong.
  275. He certainly has the same face as Aoba but…
  276. When I look through the darkness to get a better look at his face, my heart pounds and I can’t get a good look through my bloodshot vision.
  277. K: …Are you Aoba?
  278. A: Fufu
  279. A: That’s right, I’m Aoba.
  280. K: …
  281. Aoba answers the question loosely.
  282. But… It’s strange.
  283. Something…
  284. A: …What’s wrong?
  285. Without saying anything I look at him with a stiff, distrustful face and he inclines his head towards me.
  286. A: Is there something wrong with me?
  287. Aoba lowers himself slowly in front of me and reaches out a hand to touch my face.
  288. The finger that touches me is as cold and smooth as porcelain.
  289. A: I’m the Aoba who loves Koujaku dearly.
  290. A: Koujaku, you love me too, right?
  291. K: …!
  292. K: …What.
  293. … Wrong.
  294. K: What… are you saying…
  295. …This guy is wrong.
  296. A: What’s wrong?
  297. Aoba inclines his head while smiling thinly.
  298. …This guy isn’t Aoba.
  299. K: …
  300. … The Aoba I know won’t say things like this.
  301. Then, this guy is…
  302. Who is this guy?
  303. K: Who… Are you?
  304. A: What are you saying? I’m Aoba.
  305. A: I’m glad we could meet again.
  306. A: Because I love Koujaku.
  307. …Wrong.
  308. A: Koujaku talked a lot about the past... like about your house. When I heard that I was really surprised but.
  309. A: But my feelings won’t change. No matter what happened to Koujaku, I don’t mind.
  310. A: I’ll include everything because I love everything about Koujaku.
  311. …Wrong.
  312. A: I’ll accept all of you.
  313. Accept all of me?
  314. …That’s right.
  315. I wanted Aoba to accept me.
  316. A: No matter what sins Koujaku is burdened with, I’ll accept it.
  317. That’s right.
  318. I wanted to have Aoba to accept the past and the me who even I can’t accept.
  319. …Wrong.
  320. That’s wrong. That’s not it.
  321. I…
  322. I’m scared that Aoba will reject me if he knows of my past.
  323. There are a lot of other guys who are important to me too.
  324. But Aoba is special.
  325. For instance even if he isn’t by my side, he is an important existence who I always keep in mind.
  326. This isn’t just a feeling regarding childhood friends or friends, I’m aware that these feelings go past that.
  327. Moreover, we’re males.
  328. Even so it can’t be helped, these are my true feelings.
  329. We’re friends, but I hold Aoba in my heart with one-sided feelings.
  330. Because I spent those days with Aoba, I was able to live until today.
  331. I thought that I had no reason to tell him these feelings, that’s why I didn’t want to tell Aoba.
  332. Because I really do cherish him… I was scared of him knowing.
  333. Would Aoba turn his back on me if he knew my past?
  334. Would he, even a little, knit his brow and look at me as though he were rejecting me?
  335. Aoba’s not that kind of person. Of course I feel like I want to believe that, too.
  336. But, no matter what…
  337. Only bad things happened around me and I couldn’t get rid of the fear.
  338. Even I thought I was pitiful and effeminate. I think I’m a coward.
  339. Even with those feelings… I knew that Aoba was special.
  340. I was weak, enough to not be able to do anything.
  341. I wanted Aoba to laugh without knowing anything, and not turn away from me.
  342. That’s why I didn’t want him to know.
  343. Just Aoba…
  344. A: I won’t refuse you. Because I love you.
  345. Certainly… I was afraid of Aoba refusing me.
  346. …but.
  347. K: Wrong… You’re wrong…
  348. A: What is?
  349. This thing isn’t Aoba.
  350. K: You… aren’t Aoba.
  351. Aoba won’t say something like this.
  352. He would definitely say something different.
  353. Surely, if it’s Aoba…
  354. A: Don’t give in!
  355. K: …
  356. A: Koujaku?
  357. K: …Who are you?
  358. A: Like I said, I’m…
  359. K: You’re not the Aoba I know…!
  360. A: …
  361. I spit out the words and Aoba’s expression fades.
  362. He becomes expressionless, like a mask…
  363. A: Aha hahah
  364. A: Ahahahaha
  365. Suddenly, he laughs as though he caught on fire.
  366. A: A~a
  367. A: It’s bad after all, it’s boring.
  368. K: …
  369. The previously fleeting atmosphere disappears and Aoba suddenly releases an arrogant laugh.
  370. A: I thought you would give in if I threw the words you wanted to hear at you but.
  371. A: Like I thought you aren’t that much of an idiot, huh.
  372. K: You…
  373. A: What you’re saying is half right and half wrong.
  374. A: I’m really Aoba. But.
  375. A: I’m not the Aoba you know.
  376. K: …!?
  377. A: That’s right… To make it easier to understand, it’s like I’m another Aoba.
  378. A: I’ve always been with the Aoba you know, I’ve always been inside this body.
  379. What… is he saying?
  380. He’s not the Aoba I know?
  381. He’s been together with Aoba in his body…?
  382. I can’t understand what Aoba… no, this guy, is saying.
  383. What is the meaning of this…?
  384. That there are two hearts coexisting inside Aoba?
  385. A: Up until now the Aoba you knew was out in the open but he disappeared. That’s why I came out.
  386. K: Disappeared…?
  387. A: That’s right, he disappeared. What did you think?
  388. Then Aoba’s lips opened slightly as if he is really enjoying himself.
  389. A: It’s because your scrap failed.
  390. A: Scrap failed and broke you and Aoba blamed and blamed and blamed himself, and sunk into an abyss.
  391. K: No…
  392. A: In reality, the time that you didn’t have your consciousness got longer and longer.
  393. A: Don’t you feel like someone is eating you?
  394. A: Even now you can only open your eyes sometimes and you don’t remember when the last time you opened your eyes was, isn’t that right?
  395. K: …
  396. A: It’s already too late.
  397. That’s… it’s certainly exactly as this guy says.
  398. Truthfully, I don’t know how many times I’ve woken up before this.
  399. While I was unconscious I forgot where I was and I might remember when I wake up again.
  400. My memories are fuzzy to that extent, and the pain assaulting my whole body is terrible.
  401. Especially my back... my skin is so hot and painful that I want to tear it off.
  402. It throbs.
  403. A: But, Aoba hasn’t completely disappeared. He is breathing faintly deep in this heart.
  404. A: …Aaa, When he realized I was talking to you he acted frantic, like he wanted to do something.
  405. Aoba pastes a smile on his face and comes close to me with that face.
  406. A: Unfortunately, I won’t let you come out again.
  407. A: I’m going to pulverize and erase you.
  408. K: …!
  409. A: It’s a reward for looking after me up until now.
  410. A: In your hopeless and despair, while crying, just disappear.
  411. A: There isn’t really a problem, is there? Because I, too, am Aoba.
  412. A: Ahahahahhaaha!!!
  413. K: Ku…!
  414. …Aoba.
  415. He said that you haven’t fully disappeared yet…
  416. So if I call out, will my voice reach you?
  417. Will my voice reach Aoba?
  418. K: Aoba!!
  419. A: Kuku
  420. K: Aoba…!!
  421. A: Ahahahha
  422. K: Aoba, can you hear me…!? Aoba!
  423. A: It’s useless.
  424. Aoba seizes my chin in one hand and lifts it up with a jerk.
  425. In the closeness of his face I can see…
  426. That his eyes are cold enough to make me shudder.
  427. A: This world has, you know, Koujaku. Gotten extremely boring.
  428. A: Everything is done as Toue says. There is no front or back, no ups and downs. It’s gradually becoming a plain world.
  429. A: That’s why the most fun thing for me right now is playing with you.
  430. A: I want to enjoy watching you fall apart.
  431. A: It’s only a little more until you’re completely broken. I will come here like this every day to play with you.
  432. A: At the least, I look forward to the time when Aoba is completely confined.
  433. A: Ahahahahah!!
  434. Aoba slowly stands as he laughs.
  435. One step, two steps. Little by little he separates himself from me.
  436. K: Aoba!!
  437. As I muster my strength to let my voice out, my vision flashes red.
  438. I’m going mad… With anger, regret, and despair.
  439. Large beads of sweat fall from my body and my back throbs, hot with pain.
  440. I struggle despite knowing it’s useless.
  441. I want to cut these chains off right now and go to Aoba’s side.
  442. I’ll go to his side and then…
  443. …Then.
  444. …What will I do to Aoba?
  445. I…
  446. A: …
  447. Aoba turns his head back just beyond the bars.
  448. The coldness has disappeared from his expression and his eyebrows have come together just a little bit.
  449. A: …Koujaku.
  450. A: …I’m sorry.
  451. K: !!
  452. Just now was…
  453. …Aoba?
  454. K: Aoba!!
  455. Aoba turns his back on me and goes up the stairs just beyond the bars.
  456. The sound of a door locking echoes.
  457. That white back won’t turn around.
  458. It’s already…
  459. K: Aoba… Aoba!
  460. K: Aoba…!!
  461. K: Uu…
  462. K: Uuu…
  463. K: Uuuuaa…
  464. K: UGAAAaaaaaa…!!
  466. After that, Koujaku’s reason disappeared completely.
  467. It seemed like Koujaku pursued the “Aoba” he knew until the end, but his wish didn’t come true.
  468. Well, that’s to be expected.
  469. I will definitely never let “Aoba” rise to the surface again.
  470. But it’s strange.
  471. I thought I gave Koujaku the words that he had been wishing for.
  472. No, he definitely wished for it.
  473. That Aoba would accept all of him.
  474. The fact that no matter what happened, Aoba would not decide to hate Koujaku.
  475. I told him all that, but Koujaku wouldn’t accept that I was “Aoba”.
  476. I thought that that was the Aoba that Koujaku wished for but… was I wrong?
  477. The words I told Koujaku were not lies or anything.
  478. Actually, the me right now really thinks of Koujaku as dear.
  479. The Koujaku who has been released from everything and who has become subject to nothing but naked instinct.
  480. … Well, whatever Koujaku is thinking now doesn’t have any relevance anymore.
  481. It doesn’t matter.
  482. Today, too, I’m going to my beloved Koujaku’s place to play.
  483. To love his beautiful appearance and to spoil him.
  485. A: …Koujaku.
  486. K: Guu…
  487. K: It hurts… Koujaku.
  488. As he bites me, I stroke Koujaku’s face with one hand, and then embrace him.
  489. A: Look…
  490. K: U…
  491. Koujaku slurps and licks the blood flowing from my arm.
  492. A: …Haa
  493. That feeling gives me pleasure and a sweet sigh escapes my lips.
  494. With both hands I remove Koujaku’s restricting clothes and take hold of Koujaku’s straining, hard cock.
  495. I brush it gently to stir him up.
  496. A: …Koujaku. Just like you wished, I’m yours.
  497. K: Uuu…
  498. A: Because we’re always together.
  499. I whisper it over and over.
  500. The words that Koujaku wished for.
  501. Even though I don’t know if he can understand it or not anymore.
  502. A: So… Come here.
  503. I loosen my own clothes, lowering them to expose my bare chest, and hold Koujaku’s head in both hands with all my strength.
  504. K: U Gu... Gaaa!!
  505. Koujaku raises his voice in excitement and abruptly thrusts his teeth into my bare chest.
  506. The sharp fangs relentlessly make holes in my skin, and in a flash blood is oozing from me.
  507. His long tongue licks it like something delicious, mixing blood and saliva.
  508. A: Ha…
  509. Raw heat shivers through me and after I kiss his forehead, and like I’m mimicking him, I place my teeth there.
  510. K: Gururu…
  511. Koujaku opens his mouth wide and bites down hard on one of my pectoral muscles, chewing on my hard nipple.
  512. A: Aa…!
  513. It’s a much stronger pain than just chewing on my skin, and the blood slips over and down my chest.
  514. That smooth feeling hurts, tickles, and feels good all at the same time, making me breathe heavily as I take Koujaku’s raging cock in my hand once again.
  515. While enduring the pleasure, I stroke Koujaku.
  516. K: Uu…
  517. A: Haa… Koujaku…. More….
  518. Koujaku bites my other nipple and trails his tongue down to my abdomen.
  519. He leaves a trail of saliva mixed with blood and this time bites my stomach.
  520. A: Naaa! A… ha….
  521. Shocking pain, enough to make you want to sleep, runs through me, but to me that pain is nothing but extreme pleasure.
  522. He bites me thoroughly from my chest to my stomach, and my body is completely covered in blood.
  523. The past bites haven’t fully healed over yet so there are still scabs and bruises all over.
  524. He bites me over those remnants and cuts up my body over and over with twice the pain.
  525. That’s right… More, carve into me more.
  526. Like that blooming tattoo on your back.
  527. Deeper, stronger.
  528. A: Ha… Haa….
  529. I want to receive Koujaku quickly. I want him so bad I can’t stand it.
  530. Just then Koujaku throws his body forward.
  531. His long, dripping tongue slides over my stomach and curls around my hot, hard cock.
  532. He’s like a monster who is being lured by defenseless bait.
  533. A: Aa…!
  534. When the pain comes a feeling sweet like sugar blooms in me and I put my hands on Koujaku’s shoulders.
  535. This, just like this, feels good.
  536. But…
  537. Like I thought, it’s not enough.
  538. A: A… Koujaku…
  539. Like I’m teasing him, I press my hips close to Koujaku’s mouth.
  540. I want more stimulus.
  541. More…
  542. I don’t know with what intent he does this with, but Koujaku emits a low growl, opens his mouth, and bites my cock without holding back.
  543. A: UAaa!! A…!
  544. My body jumps in shock, white flashing before my eyes.
  545. I’m choked with enough pain to make my whole body stiffen, convulsing.
  546. …It hurts.
  547. But.
  548. A: A Ahaha… Ahh faa…
  549. It feels good.
  550. Koujaku’s fangs pierce into my cock as though he’s trying to eat it, his head moving here and there.
  551. His teeth sink deeper and deeper into the stretched, hard flesh.
  552. That oscillation again hurts and feels good, and let out my held breath in a huge gasp.
  553. It’s terrible pain.
  554. I could faint.
  555. But it’s good like that.
  556. Because I’m the one who broke Koujaku’s spirit, it’s okay if Koujaku breaks my body.
  557. Destruction and destruction clashing together.
  558. It’s just plain fun.
  559. Break me more.
  560. More…!
  561. A: Haa Ahaha Aa n….
  562. As Koujaku bites me, transparent liquid and blood drip, mixing together, and he licks it up.
  563. If he completely bites it off it will be bad.
  564. It will end up not being fun if he does that.
  565. I grab Koujaku’s hair in both hands and tug it upwards as hard as I can.
  566. K: Guu…
  567. A: A…!
  568. I raise my voice as his fangs separate from my cock and press my forehead against Koujaku’s.
  569. Koujaku tries to hold back as he breathes a rough sigh and he looks at me with eyes devoid of reason.
  570. He’s completely a monster.
  571. I want to hold that Koujaku dear.
  572. A: Haha…
  573. I trace Koujaku’s fangs with a finger and press my fingertip hard against the unbelievable sharp tip.
  574. I feel the skin tear, and blood run down my finer.
  575. Koujaku licks up that blood with his long tongue and reacting to the iron and flavor, bites down on my finger.
  576. I pull Koujaku’s head back just as he’s on the verge of biting my finger, and press my lips to his.
  577. A: N mu….
  578. Koujaku’s body has thoroughly gone through a change, his muscles bulging and his tongue being longer. His five senses are also sharpened.
  579. A: Fua… It hu-…
  580. He entangles that long tongue of his with mine, and bites down.
  581. It’s different from when he bit my cock, a numbing pain runs through me.
  582. Wanting the blood that flows from my tongue, Koujaku once again entangles his tongue in mine.
  583. A: Ha fu… mu
  584. When I go to bite that tongue for revenge, Koujaku growls and snaps at my teeth and lips.
  585. A: Fufu… a… ha
  586. I play with those fangs, and entice Koujaku with the blood from my tongue.
  587. A: …puha
  588. While sucking on Koujaku’s lips, I slowly separate from his mouth.
  589. Both of out breaths are mixed with the smell of blood, making me giddy.
  590. A: Koujaku… I want it fast.
  591. Deep inside my lower back is throbbing so much I can’t take it.
  592. I want his hot cock right now, so much that I could come from just imagining it.
  593. I sit on top of Koujaku, straddling him, and cling to his shoulders.
  594. Angry, I grab Koujaku’s cock and bring it closer to the gap in my ass.
  595. Like that… I lower my hips on to him.
  596. A: A haa… Haa….
  597. K: Uu…
  598. Koujaku growls deeply, filling me up inside.
  599. That place has had no preparation but because this is an everyday thing I’m able to accept Koujaku immediately.
  600. Moreover… It’s better to have pain so strong that it’s like tearing me apart.
  601. When he pushes into my body and wells inside of it the blood will, in contrast, become lubricant.
  602. A: Ua aa… aa….
  603. Koujaku’s cock spreads the closed walls and enters deep inside of me.
  604. While enjoying that stiffness inside of me I cling hard to Koujaku’s neck and push down all the way.
  605. A: I’m moving…
  606. After I whisper in his ears, I start moving my body up and down.
  607. A: Haa u… fu ua….
  608. K: …
  609. Because I’m moving on my own there’s nothing to worry about.
  610. Moving my body erratically up and down, I can feel Koujaku fully inside of me.
  611. A: Ku… Ha ah…. N
  612. A: Ah… Just like that… break through.....inside…of me…. Fufu
  613. But if he does that we won’t be able to play anymore.
  614. A: Ahaha….
  615. K: Guuu…!
  616. A: …A!
  617. Moving on my own, Koujaku bites my shoulders.
  618. Pain like electricity shoots through me and fills me up, and in a daze, with my head resting on Koujaku’s shoulder, I thrust my hips up and down.
  619. The smell of overflowing blood seeps into my brain.
  620. A: I won’t let go, it’s okay if you bite me up just like that… A ah ha…!
  621. The sweetness of him rubbing me on the inside and the pain of his fangs piercing me.
  622. Those two together give me great pleasure.
  623. I feel like I’m going to melt…
  624. I move my hips recklessly, tightening around Koujaku.
  625. K: …
  626. When I do that, I elicit a little bit of a response from Koujaku.
  627. Koujaku’s neck bulges, pounding, and he lets out a long moan.
  628. I don’t know if he is feeling good or not.
  629. A: N aaa a haa…!
  630. Koujaku stirs his tongue around in the holes he’s just bit into my shoulders.
  631. I hear the sound of water, and with that sound comes a stinging pain, making me unable to think.
  632. While biting relentlessly at Koujaku’s ear poking through an opening in his hair, I focus strength in my stomach and tighten as hard as I can around Koujaku.
  633. Koujaku’s cock inside of me is so strong it feels like it’s tearing me apart.
  634. A: Haa Koujaku… Haha… It feels good…
  635. I lick Koujaku’s ear as I whisper.
  636. Koujaku, while still chewing on my shoulders, slurps and licks at the blood inside the wounds.
  637. When he does this I feel like I’m accepting Koujaku’s emotions thoroughly.
  638. This violentness… I feel like it’s Koujaku’s true essence.
  639. If that were true, Koujaku would devour me right away, but he doesn’t.
  640. Does that mean that there is something still remaining inside of Koujaku?
  641. Remnants of the past Koujaku.
  642. …but if Koujaku were to truly devour me, I would, on the other hand, probably end up killing him.
  643. No, if it’s Koujaku I might not mind dying as he devoured me.
  644. Which it it.
  645. …No matter which it is it’s fine.
  646. No matter which it is, it’s the best to me.
  647. If it’s enjoyable, anything is fine.
  648. A: A Aa… Ku aa…
  649. In any case I move to lift myself and drop myself on top of Koujaku over and over again.
  650. As I do that, pain from Koujaku devouring my shoulder builds up and accumulates as pleasure.
  651. K: U guuu…!
  652. Koujaku raises his voice in a sigh mixed with a grown and swells more inside of me, giving me more pleasure than I can stand.
  653. A: A ah aha… Koujaku Kou-jaku…!
  654. Me and Koujaku. I move higher for both of us to reach our limits.
  655. Koujaku’s overswelling cock digs around inside of me and he continues to eat at my flesh.
  656. The pain from the blood dripping is enough to make me go mad, and when I feel like I’m going to come I bite Koujaku’s chin.
  657. A: Fuaa a.. ku…
  658. My teeth sink into Koujaku’s chin.
  659. It would be nice if Koujaku could feel the same amount of pain that I am…
  660. K: Guu…!
  661. A deep voice sounds from Koujaku’s throat, releasing my shoulder from his teeth and now taking my neck into his jaw.
  662. A: A….!
  663. A: Ah Koujaku…!
  664. I go numb with the feeling of great pleasure, and am cornered in a flash.
  665. My head fills with a flash of complete whiteness…
  666. A: …U ku Aaa….!!
  667. I bite his shoulder strong enough that I could bite it off, and come as my body shakes.
  668. A: Ha ah….
  669. I gasp from the pleasure of coming and almost unconsciously bite Koujaku’s neck.
  670. K: Gu uu…
  671. Koujaku moans, and shakes a few times like he’s scared.
  672. Koujake came too, right? I feel him fire hotly inside of me, and I fall into a trance of ecstasy while licking Koujaku’s thick neck.
  673. A: Ahaha
  674. With Koujaku still inside of me I move up and down on him slightly while holding his shoulders and look into his face.
  675. Eyes filled deep with dark lust move leisurely and capture me.
  676. But I can’t tell if he recognizes me or not.
  677. A: Koujaku…
  678. Both of our mouths, faces, and bodies are covered in blood, and kiss those lips that fangs stick out of.
  679. ----This isn’t what Koujaku wished for----
  680. K: …
  681. ….Now.
  682. I heard a voice inside my head.
  683. I heard my voice.
  684. …him.
  685. Is his strength still remaining?
  686. In any case he’ll disappear soon.
  687. But more than that there is something else I’m worried about.
  688. Now, it looked like Koujaku reacted to his voice.
  689. Was I imagining it?
  690. Maybe it was a coincidence.
  691. ----This isn’t what Koujaku wished for----
  692. K: ….U…Gu…
  693. K: …A
  694. K: …A…o… ba…..
  695. A: !
  696. A: ….Hee
  697. ----This isn’t what Koujaku wished for----
  698. Be quiet.
  699. Shut up, Aoba.
  700. A smile warps my lips and I hold Koujaku’s head in my hands, covering his ears.
  701. So that he can’t hear that voice.
  702. Because…
  703. This is the result of what Koujaku wished for.
  704. There’s no way I’m wrong.
  705. A: Isn’t that right? Koujaku.
  706. A: Because I, too, am “Aoba.”
  707. K: Gururu…
  708. A: Fufu…
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