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  1. It was the sun that woke her, it's rays beaming through the open window of the limousine. She brought her hand to pull stray strands of her long, purple hair from her mouth, and sat up. She blinked a few times at the morning sun and looked around her.  
  2. There was a couple, or what she'd assumed to be a couple to the side of her, their limbs drunkenly intertwined with one another as they slumped on the leather seat. The nice suit on the one in the horse mask was clearly a designer label, he came from money.  Perhaps it was his limo?  The girl, an otherwise anonymous face beneath a unicorn mask, was blonde. She was thinner in build than Emma, so Emma assumed that she was passed out from alcohol. Alcohol explained a lot of this predicament. Was it a predicament?
  3. It was then that her eyes fell on a familiar face. She knew those steely brown eyes, slicked brown hair, and thoroughly unimpressed expression across his face. She let a small huff of amusement loose and smiled at him. "So, how much trouble are you getting me out of this time?"
  5. "Miss Valentino," he nodded. Hearing her unmarried name was still new to her, and she visibly frowned at it. The lawyer moved to open the door to the limo and stepped outside, holding the door for her and offering his hand to help her out. She smoothed her skirt, her blouse, and her hair, looking to him --for a nod that she looked presentable.
  7. "Emma Valentino, I've been looking for you," a gruff voice came from further down the alleyway. Her gaze looked toward it, to the detective leaning against the hood of his undercover car. "You're not an easy woman to find."
  9. Emma smiled, and looked to her lawyer again. She was smart enough not to say anything further. She extended her wrists and stood, silently complying with the routine. The silver cuffs closed around her wrists as the detective pulled her arms behind her and escorted her to his car. "You're going away for a long time."
  10. She let the silence linger in the air until they pulled away from the alleyway and smiled again. "We'll see."
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