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Sunset and Moondancer.

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  1. >You come home to find Moondancer on your couch.
  2. >She's skimpily dressed and seated in a provocative manner.
  3. >Giving you bedroom eyes she shows off her bare butt to you as she crosses her legs.
  4. >"Sunset doesn't have to know Anon"
  5. >"It will just be our little secret"
  6. >Your eyes look away, but you're still just human.
  7. >Moondancer crawls over to where you're standing on all fours.
  8. >Her ass shaking with every movement.
  9. >You're in pure shock.
  10. >Every muscle in your body is frozen.
  11. >Every fiber of your being is screaming at you to run.
  12. >But you can't.
  13. >Moondancer with a sultry look in her eye and cheeks flushed pure crimson grabs a hold of your belt with her hands.
  14. >Just as soon as she begins to loosen it the door swings open.
  15. >"Hey Anon, sorry I'm late you would not believe the day I'm havi-"
  16. >Your body freezes up.
  17. >It feels like icicles are poking your heart.
  18. >Despite your better judgement you build up the courage to turn around
  19. >There stands Sunset Shimmer, your current gf.
  20. >If looks could set you on fire you're pretty sure Sunset could have nuked the whole room.
  21. >Words escape you as the sweat pours down from your face.
  22. >You see Sunset's face shift between shock, and fury.
  23. >Her hands tighten into fists, her brow furrows greatly, and her expression can only be described as "You really fucked up now"
  24. >"S-Suns-Sunset, this is not what it looks like"
  25. >You're pretty sure that just pissed her off more.
  26. >"You have three seconds to explain exactly what the fuck is going on here Anon" Sunset coldly stated.
  27. >"One"
  28. >You felt your heart jump down your chest and into your stomach.
  29. >"Two"
  30. >You close your eyes and prepare for the inevitable
  31. >" Thre-"
  32. >Suddenly, you saw movement from behind you.
  33. >It charged a tackle at Sunset.
  34. >It was fucking Moondancer.
  35. >She manages to tackle Sunset to the floor and pins her arms down.
  36. >Sunset struggles to get the book nerd off her for just a second.
  37. >"You don't deserve him!"
  38. >"Only I can make him happy you...you bacon-haired bitch!"
  40. >You're not sure what scared you more.
  41. >Sunset's blank expression or the fact Moondancer was acting like a complete goddamn psycho for you.
  42. >Moondancer was still on top of Sunset in just a baggy sweater, skirt, and socks.
  43. >Her entire downstairs was exposed and bumping against your carpet and Sunset's pant leg.
  44. >With a roar Sunset flipped Moondancer over onto her back.
  45. >Her glasses thudded against a nearby wall.
  46. >Holding down Moondancer with one arm, and pulling back the other one.
  47. >You see her teeth grit.
  48. >Her eye twitches.
  49. >You recognize that look all too well.
  50. >Her arm is still pulling back as all her anger explodes out on her face.
  51. >Moondancer looks on terrified.
  52. >She struggles as Sunset's grip nearly turns her shoulder to dust.
  53. >Thinking quickly (Or not thinking at all) you do what seems to be rational.
  54. >You run over to Sunset and wrap your arms around her readied fist.
  55. >This draws her fiery gaze to you.
  56. >You hold on for dear life as Sunset's hand scratch your arms trying to free itself.
  57. >"Get the fuck off!"
  58. >Sunset's elbow made contact with your gut as you lurched over, but still hanging on.
  59. >"I said, get the fuck of-"
  60. >With all the strength you can muster you manage to pry Sunset off of Moondancer.
  61. >You know any minute Sunset will get back up so you just yell at Moondancer to run.
  62. >She hobbles towards the door, clutching her shoulder with one hand.
  63. >"Let me go you asshole!"
  64. >Moondancer looked back at you holding back Sunset like she was a rabid animal.
  65. >"Go!" you shout at Moondancer.
  66. >Startled she jogs out of the room and quickly shuts the door behind her.
  67. >Her face was a mess.
  68. >Your attention was drawn back to Sunset who was still clawing her way to an escape.
  69. >"Let...let me go you...you asshole..."
  70. >Sunset's body tenses up as you feel her tremble in your grasp.
  71. >"Sunny..." you whisper to her.
  72. >You look down and see she's buried her face in your arm.
  73. >Her body shakes as you feel her sob.
  74. >"I hate you..." was all you could make out.
  76. >You'd rather her punch you in the face than say that.
  77. >Stunned you try to comfort her.
  78. >Relaxing your grip on her hand and rubbing her back.
  79. >She reacts like you just poured acid on her.
  80. >Her rage flares again as she turns around and steps away from you.
  81. >Don't you fucking touch me!"
  82. >Her eyes shimmered as the light reflected off her face.
  83. >"Sunny...please, this isn't what you think it is"
  84. >You tried to reason with her, but no matter what she just gave you the "I wish you were dead" stare.
  85. >"Quit calling me that!" her chest heaved with shallow breaths.
  86. >"I'm not your Sunny, I"m not your friend, I'm not your anything!" her eyes lowered to the floor.
  87. >She turns around hiding her face from you.
  88. >You swear she sounds more choked up than before as more sobs come out of her mouth.
  89. >"I hope...I hope she was worth it..."
  90. >Her body shuddered as she wrapped her arms around herself.
  91. >It's what she always did when she was hurt but you've never seen it this bad..
  92. >There are so many words you want to say.
  93. >You just want to tell her it was all a big misunderstanding.
  94. >That she's the only girl for you.
  95. >But, no words come at all.
  96. >You stare at Sunset's back while she just stands there.
  97. >Her hair was disheveled from rolling around on the floor.
  98. >Her leather jacket had scuff marks on the sleeves
  99. >She'd probably have to burn her jeans after what Moondancer did to them.
  100. >With the last bit of effort you reach out your arm to Sunset.
  101. >"Please..."
  102. >In response she doesn't even acknowledge you.
  103. >She gathers her things and slams the door shut behind her. Knocking a photo off your wall.
  104. >You hear the sound of glass breaking.
  105. >Shit.
  106. >You head over to the source of the crash.
  107. >Immediately your heart drops.
  108. >Your blood turns into ice.
  109. >Inside the rose gold colored picture frame was your first date with Sunset
  110. >The day she stole her heart away.
  111. >You lower your head as your hand grasps the picture.
  112. >Your eyes shut as your heart aches in pain as you see her smiling face.
  113. >Fuck
  115. >The next day at school you are practically a zombie.
  116. >Just shuffling yourself to each one of your classes.
  117. >Everything goes in one ear and out the other.
  118. >Nothing on the inside and nothing on the outside.
  119. >In the midst of your angsty saddened state you fail to notice the nerdy, purple girl with her face glued in a book.
  120. >It was like a car crash except if one car was just dented and the other was sent flat on her ass.
  121. >This was enough to knock you out of your stupor.
  122. >You look around and see students heading to their classes.
  123. >You hear a soft voice say "Ow"
  124. >That draws your attention to the floor.
  125. >"Shit, that voice sounds like..."
  126. >The color drains from your face
  127. >There, on the floor, was Twilight Sparkle.
  128. >Sunset Shimmer's best friend, and your kinda sorta acquaintance.
  129. >She moved the hair out of her face as she began to speak "S-Sorry!"
  130. >"I was just so caught up in my book."
  131. >"You see, Captain Laserbright was just about to make an awful life changing decisi-" Twilight stopped cold in her tracks.
  132. >Eyes widening as she realized who she was talking to.
  133. >"A...Anonymous?" she stammered out.
  134. >She groaned as she pushed herself up to her feet.
  135. >Wiping the dust off her purple skirt she could not take her eyes off of you.
  136. >You wish you could tell what she was thinking. Her mouth was taut, and eyebrows slightly furrowed, but you could feel a sense of sadness from her.
  137. >She lowered her face to the floor  still wearing a stern expression.
  138. >Sighing she started to walk around you clutching her hands against her chest.
  139. >For some reason this is when you decide to actually do something.
  140. >You grab Twilight's shoulder.
  141. >"Twilight, wait"
  142. >Her body tensed up.
  143. >"Anon, let go of me"
  144. >Any sign of that demure, little book nerd vanished as soon as you grabbed her.
  145. >You guess hanging out with Sunset was rubbing off on her.
  146. >"Twilight, please" you begged.
  147. >"Just...just tell me how she is"
  148. >It was at this point you noticed that Twilight's shoulder was slightly wet.
  149. >Fuck
  151. >Twilight didn't say a word.
  152. >She turned her head and while you prepared for the worst.
  153. >You winced, but nothing came.
  154. >Curious you look to see what Twilight was doing.
  155. >You wish you hadn't.
  156. >Gone was that neutral expression, gone was the sternness in her eyes.
  157. >Instead it was replaced by hurt.
  158. >That's how you would describe it.
  159. >It was like how you felt last night.
  160. >You remove your hand from Twilight's shoulder.
  161. >You swear you see a tear drip down her right cheek.
  162. >She shields her eyes with her arm and starts to back up.
  163. >"I...I have to go" a sob got caught in her throat.
  164. >She ran down the hall and turned the corner to the science wing.
  165. >It was then you realized your hand was still open and outstretched.
  166. >Goddammit.
  167. >Your hands clenched into fists.
  168. >Your breathing became ragged and heavy.
  169. >"Getting all hot and bothered for me?"
  170. >That voice.
  171. >"Get the fuck out" the whirling pit of pissed off ness and sadness in your heart was growing.
  172. >A pale, white arm draped around your shoulder.
  173. >"She wouldn't" you thought
  174. >You were squeezed slightly.
  175. >You thought it must have been a nightmare.
  176. >So you closed your eyes and tried to calm your breathing.
  177. >"Daww, anything for you handsome" you wondered what the hell she meant, but before you could react her mouth locked with yours.
  178. >You went from angry to straight up "What in the fuck" in like ten seconds.
  179. >Her face was mashing against yours.
  180. >Her tongue lapping at your lips like a deranged dog.
  181. >You grab both of her shoulders and pull her away from you.
  182. >"Oh Anon, if you just wanted to look longingly into my eyes you only had to say so" Moondancer teased with an eyebrow flutter.
  183. >You had reached your boiling point and were about ready to lay the law down.
  184. >But a reflection on a nearby locker grabs your attention.
  185. >Orange, red, and yellow.
  186. >"No..." your heart thumped in your ears"
  187. >You turn around and see Sunset.
  188. >Fresh tear streaks on her face.
  189. >Looking like someone twisted a knife straight into her back.
  191. >Fuck.
  192. >You still grasped Moondancer's shoulders with your hands while still staring at Sunset.
  193. >Her eyes were empty.
  194. >Devoid of any emotion
  195. >You saw her lip quiver and her eyelids fall slightly.
  196. >Her head hung low.
  197. >She didn't even have it in her to run.
  198. >She just walked away like it didn't really matter.
  199. >Turning a corner she left your field of view, but her face was burnt into your mind.
  200. >That sting of betrayal etched onto her expression.
  201. >"Oh come on Stud" a voice that made your stomach twist itself up like a balloon animal said.
  202. >"We should go find ourselves a "private" room" she said as she trailed a finger down your chest. with that same sultry look in her eyes.
  203. >You could have bit a bullet in half with how hard your teeth were clenching.
  204. >Each beat of your heart like a war drum.
  205. >Pounding in your ears.
  206. >Your hands gripped Moondancer tighter.
  207. >"Oooh, I knew you liked it rough." every breath out of her mouth turns the vice around your heart even tighter.
  208. >You kept squeezing her shoulders unable to think straight.
  209. >"C'mon babe, let me have i-" she winced in pain.
  210. >You were squeezing the same spot Sunset was last night.
  211. >Her shoulder must still be sore.
  212. >"Hey, not so rough!"
  213. >You didn't hear her
  214. >Anger traveled up your blood stream.
  215. >All you could see was red.
  216. >"Ow, cut it out Anon that's really starting to hurt! she yelped.
  217. >You saw tears well up in her eyes.
  218. >You didn't care.
  219. >"A-Anon please, you're going to really hurt me"
  220. >You didn't care.
  221. >Moondancer looked into your eyes possibly hoping to find some shred of mercy.
  222. >"P-please A-A-non-anon, I-I-I love you" she blubbered out.
  223. >And with that confession you find yourself letting go of Moondancer.
  224. >She falls on the hard tile landing on her butt.
  225. >Her arms to the side of her.
  226. >She brought her knees up to her chest and folded her arms over them.
  227. >You could hear her sob
  228. >"I...I love you...Anon"
  229. >You don't react, you just stand over her. Your mind faraway.
  230. >Moondancer cries.
  231. >Goddammit.
  233. >Moondancer still sat on the floor sobbing her eyes out.
  234. >She rocked back and forth trying to comfort herself or get your attention..
  235. >You had more important things to worry about.
  236. >You turn away from Moondancer and walk a few steps, you stop and tense up.
  237. >A bubble of anger rose through your throat.
  238. >"If you ever, ever do something like that again" you began to threaten.
  239. >Moondancer looked up at you expecting to meet your cold glare, but only saw your back to her.
  240. >The tension was thick enough you could cut it with a knife.
  241. >"Next time I won't stop" and on that note you walked away.
  242. >Where to?
  243. >You don't know.
  244. >All you knew was you had to get away from Moondancer.
  245. >She choked out another "I love you" but you didn't bother to give her a reaction.
  246. >You felt nothing for that girl.
  247. >No anger, sadness, or even pity.
  248. >You just walk away.
  249. >Once you round the corner and no longer hear Moondancer's sickening cries you breathe for what feels like the first time in hours.
  250. >Your head begins to clear.
  251. >You still feel like a sack of shit, but you can't just mope around.
  252. >You refuse to allow Moondancer to ruin one of the best things to ever happen to you.
  253. >But you'll need to come up with a plan.
  254. >You're not really good at those.
  255. >But you remember who was good at those.
  256. >Twilight.
  257. >You don't know how you'll convince her to trust you.
  258. >But you have to be able to do the impossible to get Sunset back.
  259. >"Where would Twilight be this time of the day?" you thought.
  260. >Without a moment's notice you just headed to the library.
  261. >And sure enough there she was.
  262. >Books all around her of various types.
  263. >Notebooks, textbooks, , and e-books you name it.
  264. >You never really got that close to Twi, but you admired her intelligence.
  265. >Just like Sunset except a bit less...streetwise you'd say.
  266. >Excuse me, may I ask why you're just staring at my friend?" came a posh, eloquent voice.
  267. >The hairs on the back of your neck stand on end.
  268. >Your forehead begins to sweat.
  269. >"Fuck, anyone but her."
  271. >You glanced to the side of you.
  272. >The instant you saw that royal purple curl you nearly shat a brick.
  273. >She raised an eyebrow and frowned.
  274. >"Excuse me?"
  275. >Your pupils shrink and body shakes.
  276. >Your eyes dart all around the library trying to figure out a scapegoat.
  277. >That's when you decide to throw caution to the wind.
  278. >You straighten yourself up and confidently say
  279. >"Fuck, anyone but her and they wouldn't be able to pull off such an amazing look." you gave a big fake smile as you looked into Rarity's eyes.
  280. >She crossed her arms and makes a disapproving sound.
  281. >"Mmm-hmm"
  282. >"Flattery can't get you everywhere darling"
  283. >"Now, why are you just standing here watching my friend?"
  284. >Her piercing gaze ignites and you find yourself frozen in place.
  285. >"Fuck it, you already made three girls hate you today what's one more going to hurt? you thought.
  286. >You audibly gulp, and take in a deep breath and let it out.
  287. >"Alright, I'll start from the beginning..."
  288. 5 minutes later
  289. >Rarity's expression doesn't really change.
  290. >Her eyes are glued to yours as if trying to see beyond them.
  291. >"So you didn't want to-"
  292. >"Yup" you answered.
  293. >"But she did and now you're-"
  294. >"Yup" you say again
  295. >"And now you're trying to win her back by-"
  296. >"Yes." your eyes drifted to the floor away from Rarity's
  297. >You hoped she would believe you.
  298. >Out of all of Twilight's friends she was almost always the one to give the benefit of doubt, even to a stranger.
  299. >Suddenly you felt something touch your shoulder.
  300. >You look up from the floor and see Rarity wearing a warm expression.
  301. >Her eyes give you comfort and her smile shows she trusts you.
  302. >"I...I believe you Anonymous" she softly spoke.
  303. >You return the smile back to Rarity.
  304. >Finally, something goes your way.
  305. >All of a sudden she drags you in for a back-crushing hug.
  306. >"Don't you worry Anon, your tale of love and romance will not end today!" she shouted into your ear.
  307. >"Not with Rarity on the case!" she beamed.
  308. >The librarian shushed you both.
  310. >Rarity's face blushes as she nervously giggles.
  311. >"Heh-heh, sorry dear" and lets you out of her vicegrip hug
  312. >You brush yourself off and look over at Twilight.
  313. >Despite Rarity's bombastic overreaction to your crisis she still remains stuck in her books.
  314. >Not even a glance away from them.
  315. >Rarity brushes a piece of her hair to the side and calmly struts in front of you.
  316. >" Just let me handle this part Anon" she says as she puts her game face on.
  317. >You watch her take a seat beside Twilight.
  318. >Twilight doesn't even notice until Rarity starts saying something.
  319. >You decide to stay back until some sign from Rarity shows you won't upset Twi again.
  320. >Out of the blue you hear a sound that makes your heart skip a beat.
  321. >The familiar sound of leather bouncing off a tiled floor becomes the only thing you can hear.
  322. >Thinking on your feet you duck behind a nearby reading couch.
  323. >The footsteps grow louder, and louder. Each one makes you grip the fabric of the couch even tighter.
  324. >One more foot step and it stops.
  325. >Curious you sneakily peek out from behind one of the couch's arm rest towards the main library entrance.
  326. >Yellow, orange, and red.
  327. >Your heart skipped another beat.
  328. >You saw a frown you were all too familiar with seening.
  329. >It was Sunset but you saw she was focused on the table Rarity and Twilight were at.
  330. >Before you knew it you saw the corners of her mouth go upward slightly.
  331. >She was finally smiling.
  332. >You saw her let out a big sigh and as quick as she appeared she turned around and walked away.
  333. >You swear you saw a shadow follow her from where you were hiding, but you brushed it off you had bigger fish to fry.
  334. >Soon you'll make her smile again.
  335. >And things will get better.
  336. >Right?
  338. >You shake your head and push any negative thoughts to the back.
  339. >"Focus on Sunset" you told yourself.
  340. >Looking over to the table you catch sight of Rarity waving both her hands at you.
  341. >You guess that's the signal to come over.
  342. >Nervously you approach the table and take the seat over by Rarity just to be safe.
  343. >As you get seated you hear Rarity ask
  344. >"Darling, why were you behind that chair?"
  345. >For some reason you didn't want to say you saw Sunset.
  346. >"I-It was uhh...Moondancer!" you think on the spot.
  347. >Rarity and Twilight exchange a nervous look.
  348. >"Y-Yeah, I heard her coming and I, uhh" your brain stalls..
  349. >"Hid behind a chair?" finished Rarity.
  350. >"Yes!"
  351. >"That!" your big fake smile comes back in full force.
  352. >"Why did you lie you dumbass?" you berated yourself.
  353. >Rarity blinks her eyes a few times confused.
  354. >"Ooooooookay Anon, uhh anyway" Rarity changed the subject.
  355. >"I told Twilight here everything you told me, and I have good news!" she beamed.
  356. >"She believes you now too!" Anon beamed with her, but he slowly connected the rest of Rarity's sentence.
  357. >"What's the bad news?" you felt your spirits die down a little.
  358. >Rarity waves her hands back and forth in front of herself as if to calm you.
  359. >"Nonono, not so much bad news, but rather...your end of the bargain" her voice becomes shrill and high pitched towards the end.
  360. >You wondered what this crazy dress obsessed psycho had in store for you.
  361. >You remember Sunset's smile from earlier.
  362. >Whatever she agreed for you to do was going to be worth it.
  363. >"I...I just need to hear something from you Anon" Twilight glumly said with her eyes locked on the table.
  364. >"From your own mouth"
  365. >"Tell me you didn't do it"
  366. >Twilight looked up from the table into your eyes.
  367. >Innocence and sincerity filled you to the brim.
  368. >Without missing a beat you placed your hand on your heart.
  369. >"Twilight, I swear on my life that I have been faithful to Sunset."
  370. >Your words cause you to smile.
  371. >Twilight returns it
  372. >One down and one to go.
  374. >You couldn't believe it.
  375. >Things were actually looking upwards.
  376. >Hope fills you up to the point of almost bursting out from you.
  377. >It creeps into your smile and you find yourself grinning ear to ear.
  378. >"I love the enthusiasm Anon!"
  379. >"Keep that up and you will without a doubt be reunited with Sunset" Rarity was as giddy as an elementary schooler with a new toy.
  380. >The librarian shushes her again.
  381. >The three of you share a hushed giggle.
  382. >"So...where would she be?" you said giving a look Twilight's way.
  383. >Twilight brought a hand up to her chin and her eyes narrowed as she looked down at one of her many notebooks.
  384. >"Well, if I had to take a guess she'd more than likely be in the gymnasium"
  385. >You smack your forehead.
  386. >"Of course, fencing practice" You remember a few times going to see Sunset fence.
  387. >Say what you will about her appearance.
  388. >The girl knew her way around in a sword fight.
  389. >"What are we waiting for then?" you say as you all stand up from the table.
  390. >The three of you exit the library and you're not going to lie you're pretty damn excited about meeting up with Sunset.
  391. >Excited and nervous, but mainly excited.
  392. >You feel a little like Pinkie does before/after a good party.
  393. >"Anon, have you thought what you're going to say to her?" Rarity's question brought your head back down to Earth
  394. >Honestly, you hadn't thought of anything to say.
  395. >You were kind of just hoping that when Twilight and Rarity explained everything that would be it.
  396. >But you knew there was something you had to say to at least set Sunset's nerves straight.
  397. >Before you could answer Rarity however, you felt a buzzing from your pants pocket.
  398. >You felt around for your phone and fished it out.
  399. >You looked at the screen and you saw a number you didn't recognize.
  400. >All the message said was "check your locker"
  401. >It felt like a weight had be slung around your chest.
  402. >"Hang on girls, we need to make a quick stop." you say hiding the sense of dread you felt.
  404. >"Anonymous, wait up!" Twilight yells at you, but you're on a mission.
  405. >You sprint down hall after hall.
  406. >Fear seizing your mind and your tongue.
  407. >"Who the fuck texted me that?" you ask yourself.
  408. >But deep down you had a inkling of a feeling you knew who it was.
  409. >Your body completely froze.
  410. >There it was.
  411. >Your locker.
  412. >Rarity and Twilight catch up to you.
  413. >Each one panting.
  414. >"Anon -gasp- what is going -gasp- on?" Twilight managed to squeak out.
  415. >Your arm reached out towards the locker.
  416. >As if being led by some mystical force.
  417. >Your hand wrapped around the handle.
  418. >Sounds were drowned out by the sound of your heart.
  419. >It's sickening thump was the only thing you could hear.
  420. >Unexpectedly, your locker opened slightly upon your touch.
  421. >You hesitated to open it.
  422. >But you swallowed your anxieties for just the act of opening your locker.
  423. >Your eyes focusing on one piece in particular.
  424. >A wave of panic traveled throughout your body.
  425. >Your hands shake as they reach out and touch...leather.
  426. >"No"
  427. >You draw your hand back quickly.
  428. >You look down at your forefinger.
  429. >A sight that nearly made you sick right there.
  430. >Blood.
  431. >Against your better judgement, you gingerly grab the item of your discontent and pull it towards the light.
  432. >Orange arrow shaped mark on both sleeves.
  433. >Raised collar
  434. >Gray-ish black.
  435. >Splotches of red stained on the right shoulder.
  436. >You don't know how to react.
  437. >You feel cold.
  438. >Cold and scared.
  439. >Goddammit.
  441. >A loud gasp from behind you draws your attention.
  442. >You turn and see Rarity
  443. >Her hands in a fanning motion.
  444. >Her pupils the size of pinpricks
  445. >"Oh my goodness, Anon is-is that..." she couldn't continue on.
  446. >You just nod .
  447. >She puts her hand over her mouth.
  448. >She looks like she wants to scream, but she can't.
  449. >You look over at Twilight and she's reacting the same way.
  450. >She's fidgeting with her hair and looking to be pulling at it.
  451. >You swear you see her face grow whiter than snow.
  452. >The three of you go silent.
  453. >Eyes aimed towards the floor.
  454. >Awful thoughts fill your head..
  455. >Out of the corner of your eye you see Rarity take in a deep breath and push a piece of her hair out of her face.
  456. >She holds up a finger and opens her mouth to start speaking, but doesn't.
  457. >As if she's trying to think of the ideal thing to say at a moment like this.
  458. >She tries again.
  459. >"A...Anon" she begins.
  460. >You look towards her.
  461. >That scared look in her eyes the only thing you can focus on
  462. >She took another deep breath
  463. >"This is getting too big for just us three to handle." her eyes fell back on the jacket in your locker.
  464. >Slowly she carefully grabs the jacket and carries it on her shoulder.
  465. >You don't understand what she's doing.
  466. >Your eyes close and you feel like all is lost.
  467. >A warm feeling envelopes your shoulder.
  468. >You open them up and see Rarity's hand grasping your shoulder lightly..
  469. >You look at Rarity's face and see that same warm comforting smile.
  470. >Just like in the library
  471. >"Don't you worry Anon."
  472. >"Rarity's on the case" she gave you a quick hug and turned around towards Principal Celestia's office.
  473. >"We're just going to need some help is all"
  474. >"Be back in a minute darlings!"
  475. >She still had that same elegant strut even in the face of something awful..
  476. >You look over at Twilight and see she's also giving you a "We'll find her" smile.
  477. >You feel another buzz come from your pocket.
  478. >Startled you dig around again for your phone
  479. >Same unknown number
  480. >"did you find it?" was all it said
  482. >Your hands grew sweaty.
  483. >You reply back
  484. >"who the fuck is this?"
  485. >A few seconds go by
  486. >A response
  487. >"i'll take that as a yes"
  488. >You stare at your phone like a bull being provoked by a red cape.
  489. >"i did this for us" the next message said.
  490. >Your shoulders rise up and down with each rage filled breath you take.
  491. >"now we can be together like we should have always been"
  492. >It takes everything in your power to not just chuck your phone as hard as you can.
  493. >But, you get an idea.
  494. >"okay, sure where you at?"
  495. >And not a second goes by before you get your response.
  496. >"i knew you would see reason!"
  497. >"just come over to the art room near the gymnasium ;)"
  498. >Pissed didn't even describe a tenth of how you felt.
  499. >Your gaze wanders over to Twilight who is fidgeting with her hands while she looks on worried at you.
  500. >"Twilight" you begin.
  501. >She stops and pays attention to your words.
  502. >"I...I think you should go with Rarity to Celestia's office.
  503. >Your hand rubbed the back of your head as you averted your gaze.
  504. >"Anon, who just text you?" was all you heard in reply.
  505. >Your eyes grew wide and your forehead sweated another time today.
  506. >You bit your lip as you looked up at Twilight.
  507. >That same look of stern sadness.
  508. >These girls trust you enough to try and piece your life back together.
  509. >So there's no reason to leave them in the dark.
  510. >"...She's got her Twi"
  511. >You hold back your sadness but it still grips your heart with its icy claws.
  512. >"She's got her and she's the one who put...-sigh- her jacket in my locker" your eyes look down the hall.
  513. >"Her?"
  514. >"You mean, Moondancer?" Twilight's voice sounded curious.
  515. >All you do is nod.
  516. >A small gasp is what you hear, but your eyes are still focused on the floor.
  517. >"I don't know what she's capable of Twilight"
  518. >"But I know I can't let her hurt anyone else because of me" Your eyelids drooped.
  519. >Your head fell forward.
  520. > "Maybe she'll understan-" your thoughts were lost as you felt a grip around your hand.
  521. >"She's my friend too" came a scared voice.
  523. >Twilight looked at you and you stared back at her.
  524. >Your heart still racing, but you calm yourself enough to listen to Twilight continue.
  525. >"Sunset means a lot to you I'm sure."
  526. >"She also means a lot to me, to Rarity, to all her friends" her hand was still wrapped your wrist.
  527. >She loosened her grip and rubbed her arm with her other hand.
  528. >"You can't do this alone Anon" her eyes connected with yours.
  529. >You chuckle a little.
  530. >"Then it's a good thing I have you guys to help isn't it?" you put your hand out towards Twi.
  531. >She looks at it and back to your face. >Surprise washes over her, but then so does relief.
  532. >She grabs your hand and helps you to your feet.
  533. >"Alright, then what can do?" Twilight asked with some extra pep in her voice.
  534. >"She's got her over by the art room" your voice carries newfound confidence.
  535. >Twilight pumps her arms up and down.
  536. >God what a dork.
  538. >Every hallway the two of you go through brings you that much closer to the gym.
  539. >And that much closer to Sunset.
  540. >But also Moondancer.
  541. >That girl was going to be the death of you both figuratively and literally if she kept this up.
  542. >You come across a familiar smell of rubber, sweat, and shame.
  543. >You look to your left and see the Canterlot High school gym.
  544. >You stop in your tracks.
  545. >"What is it Ano-" You hold a hand up to shush Twilight.
  546. >That's when you hear it again.
  547. >It sounded like someone humming.
  548. >Your eyes are drawn to the only door slightly ajar.
  549. >You turn around to Twilight and motion for her to stay back.
  550. >Her eyes focus on your face and drift over to the slightly opened door.
  551. >She nods and slips back behind a corner.
  552. >"Fuck, here goes nothing" you try to psych yourself up with each small step you take towards the door.
  553. >The humming grows louder.
  554. >It sounds so happy and that terrifies you.
  555. >As soon as you are in front of the door the humming stops.
  556. >A chill goes through the air.
  557. >You sweat more bullets than a redneck's apocalypse shelter.
  558. >The handle begins to turn on the door and slowly it pulls inward.
  559. >Your eyes don't look away as you see the same pale white arm from your nightmares.
  560. >Messy red and blue hair tied into some weird-pseudo bun on top.
  561. >Thin glasses on her face hiding those obsessive crazy eyes.
  562. >As soon as she makes eye contact with you her entire demeanor changes.
  563. >"You came!" she squealed as she held her hands together in front of herself.
  564. >The sound of her voice still made you want to light yourself on fire.
  565. >But, that can wait until you find out what this crazy bitch has done with Sunset.
  566. >Without warning she takes your hand in hers.
  567. >She intertwines her fingers with yours.
  568. >"Oh Anon, I've dreamed of this moment for all my life" that perverted smile never fading.
  569. >She pulls you inside the room and shuts the door behind you.
  570. >You hear her lock it.
  571. >But your attention is drawn towards the middle table.
  572. >Where Sunset Shimmer is
  574. >"Don't mind the mess" came Moondancer's sort of sing-songy voice.
  575. >"I'm in the middle of tidying up" she beamed at you.
  576. >She gave you bed room eyes and started to draw circles with her finger on your chest.
  577. >"But...if you don't mind..." her face blushed.
  578. >"I can squeeze you in right now" She closed her eyes and pursed her lips.
  579. >She leaned in expecting a kiss.
  580. >A few seconds pass and her eye slowly opens.
  581. >Your stare is frozen on Sunset Shimmer.
  582. >A shadow hides her face.
  583. >Her arms are limply hanging by her side.
  584. >Her favorite light-blue sundress was tattered and frayed.
  585. >"Oh right, I forgot she was in here" you hear from in front of you.
  586. >You saw Moondancer's bushy eyebrows furrow
  587. >"Just ignore her my sweet" she returns to her kissing stance and wraps her arm around your waist.
  588. >"Sunny..." a pained whisper escapes your lips.
  589. >That same whirling monumental force of anger and sadness grasped your heart.
  590. >It burns your insides.
  591. >Moondancer opens her eyes and still sees you staring at Sunset.
  592. >Her brow furrows more and she frowns.
  593. >"She's still standing in the way of our love" she breaks off her grip from you.
  594. >You watch her reach over a nearby desk and pull out a fucking baseball bat
  595. >"I only had to use this the one time" she said as she wiped it with her sweater.
  596. >You glanced over at Sunset and saw bits of purple and red from what you could see on her face.
  597. >"I see what I'll have to do"
  598. >That sentence feels like someone dunked you under ice water.
  599. >You hear a clink that sends your blood pressure through the roof.
  600. >Fight or flight mode now.
  601. >You're Anon
  602. >This pale psycho has made the last two days of your life a living hell
  603. >Now she's threatening the love of your life.
  604. >Fight or Flight?
  605. >As if there was another answer.
  606. >"Fuck it" is your battle cry as you charge at Moondancer.
  607. >She catches a glimpse of you as pure shock spreads on her face.
  608. >You connect and send Moondancer flying back into a nearby chair.
  609. >She lands hard on her back.
  610. >"Fuck her"
  612. >Moondancer groans as she tries to get back on her feet, but fails to.
  613. >Adrenaline still pumping through your system you just stand there and watch Moondancer.
  614. >Her eyes full of fear and pain, but more noticeably anger.
  615. >But she doesn't look like she'll get up for a while.
  616. >"Sunset" you immediately remembered.
  617. >You turned around on your heels and nearly dived towards her
  618. >Your heart felt like it was going to beat out of your chest.
  619. >Her arms were bare and looked scratched up.
  620. >Like you said her sundress looked ruined.
  621. >The color was faded and there were a few red spots near her chest.
  622. >"Sunset?!" you didn't mean to shout, but your adrenaline was still pumping.
  623. >She didn't budge.
  624. >You reached your hand out and carefully brushed her hair out of her eyes.
  625. >What you saw chilled your soul.
  626. >Sunset's right eye was swollen.
  627. >Below her nose was dried streaks of blood.
  628. >But that wasn't the worst of it.
  629. >There was nothing in her eyes.
  630. >No anger, no sadness, no anything.
  631. >Your entire body shakes and you feel like your heart will jump out of your throat.
  632. >You take your trembling hand and gently cup Sunset's chin.
  633. >You move it to where her good eye is looking at you.
  634. >Her expression doesn't change.
  635. >Just like she's in a completely different world.
  636. >A lone tear falls down your cheek.
  637. >You pull Sunset's head towards you carefully.
  638. >You place a kiss on her forehead.
  639. >The tears in your eyes made it hard to see, but you swear you saw a light glint faintly in Sunset's eye.
  640. >Though that might be because of the poor lighting.
  641. >It doesn't matter.
  642. >What matters is Sunset doesn't react one bit to anything you've done.
  643. >"Fuck m-" you try to say before a sharp pain in your leg causes you to topple onto the ground.
  644. >You grab a hold of your leg cursing under your breath and see Moondancer standing over you.
  645. >The restraint in her is gone. She's gone full on psycho.
  646. >Her face is trained on you as she heaves with angry-spiteful breaths.
  647. >"That -gasp- wasn't nice Anon" she growled.
  649. >Moondancer nostrils flare with her ragged, scratchy breaths.
  650. >"How is that anyway to treat your woman you fucking asshole!" you saw a vein pulse in the side of her head
  651. >She was brandishing the bat like a goddamn axe.
  652. >You know any second she'll swing it back down on you.
  653. >Breaking something.
  654. >You prepare for the worst, but you realize nothing has happened.
  655. >Looking up you see Moondancer.
  656. >Calm, and quiet..
  657. >A huge fucking jump from what she was literally a few seconds ago.
  658. >You see her take a glance behind her.
  659. >As if she was making sure Sunset was still there.
  660. >Your heart dropped.
  661. >"As long as she's still a part of your life you can never truly love me"
  662. >"I get it now"
  663. >Her expression didn't change she just said that as if it were the cold hard truth.
  664. >"Anon, do you know what it's like to be alone?
  665. >You didn't know how to react to that.
  666. >You shake your head slowly and your mouth drops open in rebuttal.
  667. >"You were the only one who remembered about me" she continued.
  668. >"Elementary school, middle school, summer camp, and now in high school"
  669. >"Everyone drifted away from that "Psycho nerdy whore" but not you Anon"
  670. >Her eyes shimmered from the light.
  671. >"You...you cared"
  672. >She sniffled a little and hugged the bat like it was a pillow.
  673. >Flashbacks of you and Moondancer go through your head.
  674. >The times you shared lunch because she didn't have any.
  675. >How you helped tutor her through some classes so she wouldn't fail.
  676. >How you and her always had some new book or series to gush over.
  677. >You're at a loss for words.
  678. >"Then you and Bacon Bitch over here get together and all of a sudden it was goodbye Moondancer" Her tone grew more hurt and angry as she went on.
  679. >"You were the reason I got out of bed in the morning most days."
  680. >Tears were streaming down her face as she hiccuped through her sobs.
  681. >She took off her glasses and wiped her tears on her sweater sleeve.
  682. >The pain in your leg stopped, but you find you can't get up.
  683. >Were you actually feeling sorry for her?
  685. >After what seems like minutes of just straight crying, Moondancer placed her glasses back on her face.
  686. >Her eyes still puffy, but still wielding that calm but psychotic look.
  687. >"Once this is done we can go back to how it used to be A-Anon"
  688. >She wiped her hands on her skirt.
  689. >Still hiccuping as she does.
  690. >"Shit, get up man you gotta get up" you were hoping you could scare yourself up, but your adrenaline fueled episode earlier has left you drained.
  691. >Panic set over your face as you saw Moondancer grab the bat back up into her hands.
  692. >"You had to save Sunset"
  693. >That became your mantra.
  694. >"You had to save Sun-"
  695. >Out of the corner of your eye you saw movement.
  696. >And heard a sound you haven't heard since...
  697. >"It can't be..."
  698. > Moondancer was still readying herself to do the deed.
  699. >She felt a poke on her shoulder from behind.
  700. >You saw her body freeze up and she did the most retarded thing you could think of.
  701. >She turned around.
  702. >Imagine the noise of a hammer hitting a brick after getting dropped off the empire state building.
  703. >That's how hard you swear Sunset decked Moondancer.
  704. >Moondancer is set flying on her back and lands face down on the floor.
  705. >All you hear from her is a groan of pain.
  706. >"Who are you calling "Bacon bitch"?"
  707. >That voice...
  708. >You looked to where it came from and your heart skipped a beat.
  709. >Determined look, twinkle in her eye, and fist still outstretched.
  710. >There was no doubt in your mind.
  711. >That was Sunset Shimmer.
  713. >You were in disbelief.
  714. >There she was standing before you.
  715. >Still a wreck, but she was there.
  716. >She was alive.
  717. >Her gaze turned over to you.
  718. >Her breaths were heavy.
  719. >But despite everything.
  720. >She's smiling at you.
  721. >Slowly she walks over and gently sits down across from you on the floor.
  722. >Neither one of you say a word.
  723. >Sunset holds out her hand.
  724. >It becomes the only thing you see.
  725. >Your heart does a backflip in joy.
  726. >You can't believe this is really happening.
  727. >You get a firm grip of Sunset's hand, and she awkwardly helps you to your feet.
  728. >You stumble a little as you feel your leg ache from Moondancer, but that seems so faraway.
  729. >You both just stare at each other for a little while longer.
  730. >Her glowing smile making you break out a stupidly big grin.
  731. >The weight of the last day and half finally lift off your shoulders.
  732. >The horizons seem brighter than they have ever been.
  733. >"You look like shit" was the first words out of your mouth.
  734. >She play-punched your shoulder and chuckled.
  735. >Then she wrapped both her arms around you while still giggling.
  736. >"Thanks, you asshole"
  737. >You both just enjoyed the moment.
  738. >It all seemed like a distant nightmare.
  739. >She lets out a sigh of relief, and so do you.
  740. >You love this woman.
  742. >Moments as rare as this one tend to not last forever unfortunately.
  743. >The sound of someone trying to turn the door handle brought you back to reality.
  744. >You heard voices outside, at least three.
  745. >Then with a jingling sound and another attempt.
  746. >The door opened.
  747. >In walked a woman with hair like the morning sunrise and behind her were the friendly faces of Twilight and Rarity.
  748. >"Principal Celestia" you heard Sunset whisper.
  749. >"Sunset!" they said in unison as they tackled hugged her.
  750. >She winced a little, but returned the hug tenfold.
  751. >"Hey guys" she coughed out.
  752. >"Sunset dear, what on Earth happened to you?" Rarity's look of concern grew as she inspected every inch of Sunset.
  753. >Sunset closed her eyes and let out a sigh.
  754. >"It's a long story" she shrugged.
  755. >Her eyes looked over at Moondancer's still body.
  756. >If you didn't see her back moving from her breathing you would swear she was dead.
  757. >But you could tell she was sobbing.
  758. >"I'll tell you guys about it on the way to Nurse Redheart's kay?"
  759. >That answer seemed fine for the girls and the principal.
  760. >You and Sunset started to walk out the door.
  761. >"What about her?" Twilight questioned while pointing over at Moondancer.
  762. >You felt an uneasy tension in your stomach
  763. >You knew how Sunset was about second chances, but do some people deserve one no matter what?
  764. >Sunset sighs heavily.
  765. >"She'll probably need to see Redheart too"
  766. >You and Sunset both knew she'd need a lot more help than one school nurse.
  767. >"Cool, you're carrying her then" and you almost peace out right there.
  768. >You feel Sunset roll her eyes at you.
  769. >After the day you've had you deserve to be a little bit of a smarmy dick.
  770. >So after you carry a still crying Moondancer to Nurse Redheart's office.
  771. >Sunset recounted all the events of the previous two days.
  772. >The heartbreak, the betrayal, and the obsessiveness of Moondancer.
  773. >Apparently after Sunset left the library earlier Moondancer surprised her with a cheap shot to the back with a baseball bat.
  775. >Sunset told about how she tried to fight back, but the moment she grabbed a piece of Moondancer's bare skin she saw her memories.
  776. >They were disgusting to say the least.
  777. >All of them were overly-sexualized
  778. >And all of them involved her and Anon.
  779. >Everywhere she looked in Moondancer's memory that's all she saw
  780. >She couldn't handle it and it was like she shut down.
  781. >The lights were on, but no one was home.
  782. >It wasn't until she felt Anon's loving kiss that she got the real story.
  783. >She saw Moondancer throwing herself at Anon at almost every turn.
  784. >Not once did Anon willingly do anything with Moondancer.
  785. >You remember that glint in her eyes.
  786. >That thought warms your heart.
  787. >"So Moondancer was just so crazy about Anon that all her memories were...skewed?" asked Rarity.
  788. >Sunset nodded as she was lying on Redheart's cot.
  789. >She looked at the cot next to her and saw Moondancer's back to everyone. Not sobbing, but most likely asleep.
  790. >"Well, I am just happy you are still here with us Sunset." Principal Celestia began with a motherly smile.
  791. >"And you too Anonymous" you turned your attention to her.
  792. >"You showed great courage and your actions have saved the life of another.
  793. >She bows her head to you.
  794. >You're not good at taking compliments.
  795. >"Th-Thanks Ms, C" you said as your eyes were glued to the floor.
  796. >All of a sudden Rarity was hugging your left side, and Twilight was hugging your right.
  797. >You looked over to Sunset and she gave you that warm familiar smile you adore.
  798. >Carefully you move over to Sunset's bedside with the two girls still hugged around you.
  799. >"You're not getting out of this one just because of a couple bruises" you said with a sly grin.
  800. >And you maneuver your arms around her, Twilight, and Rarity for a nice, group hug.
  801. >Principal Celestia wipes her eyes with her sleeve.
  802. >"Life is good" you think.
  803. >"Life is really fucking good"
  805. >Be Sunset Shimmer.
  806. >All your friends hug the hell out of you after an encounter almost cost you your life.
  807. >They all wave goodbye, and Principal Celestia gives you a nice warm hug like a mom gives their child.
  808. >"So..." her tone was kind of serious.
  809. >"Do you want to press charges" she said in a hushed tone.
  810. >You look over at Moondancer.
  811. >Either she was still asleep or really good at faking it.
  812. >The events of the last few days played out in your head.
  813. >Every bit of rage, of sorrow, and sadness you felt because of that girl across from you.
  814. >Your eyes look downward at your bandaged side.
  815. >"...No"
  816. >Celestia looked surprise for a second.
  817. >"Are you sure?"
  818. >Her motherly voice in high gear.
  819. >"Yeah, I'm sure"
  820. >Sunset let out a sigh.
  821. >"I see" Principal Celestia looked to the ground for a second and then back at Sunset.
  822. >"She needs help"
  823. >"Way more than I can give her, and way more than some bandages would give her."
  824. >You felt your smile dip into a frown.
  825. >Your heart ached.
  826. >On one hand you should be furious, but what good is that going to do now?
  827. >She's lost and alone, but she needs a guiding hand.
  828. >"Very well Sunset Shimmer"
  829. >"I will do whatever is within my power to get her the help she needs"
  830. >She looks up at a nearby clock.
  831. >"You should get some rest I'll be back to visit tomorrow." she gathered up her stuff in her purse and hugged you.
  832. >"Take it easy Sunset." she turned away while waving and walked out the door.
  833. >You relaxed a little after a bit.
  834. >Your eyes were getting heavy.
  835. >You fluffed up one of the cheap pillows and laid your head down upon it.
  836. >You attention turned to Moondancer.
  837. >Her hand was outstretched towards you.
  838. >Her face was scared.
  839. >Like she was having a bad dream.
  840. >Against your better judgement you reach your hand out and grab a hold of it.
  841. >Memories appeared to you, but none like last time.
  842. >She was forgotten. Alone.
  843. >You gently squeezed her hand.
  844. >A small smile appeared on her face.
  845. >One appeared on yours too.
  846. >"Sweet dreams Moony"
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