Cat wars

Jan 11th, 2014
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  1. >Day pets in Equestria
  2. >Fluttershy gave you pussy
  3. >a nice gray Persian cat
  4. >you had a little mix-up when hearing the cat’s breed wrong and asking Fluttershy how flaming the cat was
  5. >you enter your home with your new pet, Duncan, in a carry basket and call for your moth housemate
  6. >”Minty, come take a look! I got a pet!”
  7. >Minty, your mothpony housemate flutters to you from doing whatever
  8. “Oh, that’s nice! What is it? A cute bunny? Something cool like a lizard? A sneaky snake?”
  9. >Minty seems very excited as she walks around you in a circle as you take your shoes and coat off, asking about the critter
  10. >”No, Even better. I got... this!”
  11. >you open the cage and Duncan jumps out and starts to stretch
  12. >”Isn’t he cool Min-“
  13. >Minty is nowhere to be seen
  14. >M-Minty? Where did you go off to?”
  15. >you turn your head and look around, and then spot Minty shuddering on top of your huge cupboard
  16. >her antennae are laid flat against her mane
  17. >”What are you doing Minty?”
  18. >Minty eyes your cat in fright
  19. “...Get that hellspawn away from here...”
  20. >you raise your eyebrow
  21. >Duncan turns to look at Minty who gives a squeak of fright and zooms on top of another cupboard
  22. >”...Minty come down the cat is not going to hurt you”
  23. >Minty shakes her head
  24. “No”
  25. >your cat starts to clean its paw now
  26. “Look Anon look it is preparing its instruments of doom and torture, quick throw it out!”
  27. >you just shake your head
  28. >”Just get down Minty the cat is friendly, Fluttershy said she has not seen a bigger sweetheart”
  29. >Minty just glares at the cat
  30. “I bet it is just acting, waiting for a chance to unleash its evil nature...”
  31. >you roll your eyes
  32. >”Well whatever, I’m off to make some snacks for myself, if you come down there will be some honey for you I got from Hexferry”
  33. >you go to the kitchen and fix yourself a snack. As you come back, you find Duncan on the couch, lying around lazily and no sign of Minty
  34. >you sit onto the couch and Duncan climbs into your lap and starts to purr happily as you put the TV on and start munching on your grub
  35. “Psst”
  36. >you take a look behind the couch
  37. >it’s Minty, with warpaint on her face as she lies flat on the ground
  38. “Is that thing there?”
  39. >”The cat?”
  40. “Yeah”
  41. >”Yup”
  42. “Damn”
  43. >you take a small cup of honey and pass it to Minty
  44. “Thanks, got to go”
  45. >you look at Minty as she stays low and sneaks into the kitchen and shake your head tiredly
  46. >Duncan starts to brush his head against your arm and you start to pet him as he purrs in your lap
  47. >it feels pleasant, a small warm vibrating bundle in your lap
  48. >...
  49. >a bit too pleasant...
  50. >welp, you now have a catboner, the boner you get when a cat purrs in your lap
  51. >of all the days to go commando
  52. >you curse at your growing tent and start to push Duncan off of your lap
  53. >but he won’t have any of it and starts to play the limp cat and slouches on your lap with all his fat, rubbing his little head against the lump
  54. >”Goddamit Duncan no bad cat”
  55. >there is a gasp
  56. >you turn to look at the source of it and See Minty, looking at you with a look of shock on her face, wings spread wide
  57. >”Ummm... Minty I can exp-“
  59. >Minty starts to fly at the cat with Anger in her face as you are shocked by this outburst, you had no idea you were her “man”
  60. >but before Minty gets too close Duncan hisses at Minty and she shoots off back to the top of the cupboard and hisses back at the cat
  61. >as the two of them hiss back and forth you rub your temple and feel a migraine coming
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