MagiReco Main Story 8 - Everyone

Jun 25th, 2018
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  1. Everyone
  3. 8.1 Everyone 1
  4. Hokuyou Ward forest
  5. Iroha: "If my memory is correct, here..."
  7. 8.1.1
  8. [a red-tinged view of Kaede on the walkway near the hospital in Shinsei Ward]
  9. Kaede: "Um, uhh..."
  10. "You said you're eliminating everyone..."
  11. [red tinged Rena at the school gates in Shinsei]
  12. Rena: "Either way, I won't be able to explain the details here."
  13. "So can you go to the Adjuster's?"
  14. [fade to black]
  15. Iroha: *After only one day, our situation...*
  16. [dark scene in Mizuna]
  17. Felicia: "Dammit, there are still more!"
  18. Tsuruno: "Let's clean them up first!"
  19. [dark alleyway]
  20. Momoko: "Unlike you, I've been entrusted with the lives of my kouhai!"
  21. [she attacks]
  22. Momoko: "I won't be beaten so easily!"
  23. [fade to black]
  24. Iroha: *Has changed so much...*
  25. [dark scene on a rooftop helipad]
  26. Kanagi: "It's not working, huh."
  27. Yachiyo: "We're completely surrounded, with enemies on all sides..."
  28. [fade to black, but with a faint city skyline]
  29. Iroha: *But, this is reality.*
  30. *Something that was one day supposed to happen before our eyes.*
  31. *So I have to come to terms with reality and fight..."
  32. **Chapter 8**
  33. **Kamihama Painted in Lies**
  34. [at Yachiyo's house, we see Tsuruno and Felicia in loungewear]
  35. Tsuruno: "Woaah, that's Felicia for you! That's such an awesome scene!"
  36. Felicia: "Of course it is!"
  37. Tsuruno: "It was surprising from the very start, well, you know!"
  38. Felicia: "Right?"
  39. Iroha: "Are you talking about the anime you watched yesterday?"
  40. Felicia: "Yeah! It's an anime based on the city building game we play!"
  41. Iroha: "Oh, that anime, I see."
  42. "I haven't been watching it. Is it that amazing?"
  43. Felicia: "Amazing is hardly enough to describe it!"
  44. "All of a sudden, the police busted onto the ranch."
  45. "Then the Japanese Blacks turned into centaurs!!"
  46. Iroha: "Centaurs!?"
  47. Tsuruno: "And then they chased off the G-Men and started building a powerful farm!"
  48. Iroha: "I can't even begin to imagine..."
  49. Yachiyo: "sigh... You two sure are energetic..."
  50. "And we just got finished with the Chelation Land incident..."
  51. Sana: "Yes..."
  52. "It almost seems like Tsuruno-san had never become a rumor..."
  53. Iroha: "hehe"
  54. "But I think this is fine."
  55. "Mikadzuki House is bright and fun like this."
  56. Yachiyo: "Iroha..."
  57. "Yeah, that's right. This is more like Mikadzuki House."
  58. Iroha: "And also, after this past incident, I've been having better sleep."
  59. "The commotion works well to distract you from your worries..."
  60. "..."
  61. [flashback to the amusement park rumor]
  62. Iroha: "Team Mikadzuki House!"
  63. "L-let's gooo!"
  64. Yachiyo and Tsuruno: "Yeah!"
  65. Felicia and Sana: "Yeah!"
  66. [fade to black]
  67. Iroha: *Two days ago, the five of us from Mikadzuki House finally rejoined one another.*
  68. *However, after that, three truths cast a dark shadow over my heart.*
  69. [we see Nemu]
  70. Iroha: *The first is that Nemu-chan ended up being a Magius.*
  71. [we see Touka and Nemu]
  72. Iroha: *The second is that Touka-chan and Nemu-chan used Tsuruno-chan to try to kill the people of Kamihama.*
  73. [Alina joins them]
  74. Iroha: *And the third is that the three Magius are raising something they call the 'Embryo Eve'.*
  75. [back to black]
  76. Iroha: *Since then, deep inside me I have had an incessant tremor from a sadness that bids me to give up, and impatience for not being able to see ahead...*
  77. [flashback to the base of the Ferris wheel]
  78. Nemu: "If we are able to realize that, it will be an unparalleled victory, akin to winning a war of independence."
  79. Touka: "Right!"
  80. "Having become independent of the existence known as Kyubey, humanity will be acknowledged across space."
  81. "If we can do that, it might take many thousands of years..."
  82. "But humanity might be able to explore the entirety of the universe."
  83. Nemu: "For me, it won't be just Kamihama."
  84. "I'll turn the entire world into my manuscript and realize all kinds of stories."
  85. Alina: "And I will have my artwork reign forever as a symbol of life."
  86. "Next I will entrust my soul to art patterned on the universe."
  87. [fade to black, with Touka]
  88. Touka: *But we've already decided on this, we don't have any other choice.*
  89. [back to the living room]
  90. Iroha: (What do they mean they don't have any other choice?)
  91. (What is it they're trying to do? Touka-chan... Nemu-chan...)
  92. "..."
  93. "If we don't move to stop them..."
  94. Yachiyo: "Yeah..."
  95. "They will go as far as sacrificing ordinary people to achieve their goals..."
  96. "We have to set up before their next move..."
  97. Sana: "But... what will we do?"
  98. "We don't know where their base is... And also, with just us..."
  99. Iroha: "It'll be okay, Sana-chan."
  100. "That's what we're going to today's strategy meeting for."
  101. Tsuruno: "Right! First we have to go to Kanagi's maid cafe!"
  102. "Hmf hmf!"
  103. Felicia: "Yeah!"
  104. "Hmf! Hmf!"
  105. Yachiyo: "We did promise her..."
  106. "That we'd go visit her workplace as thanks."
  107. TO: 8.2.1 (Everyone 2)
  109. 8.2 Everyone 2
  110. Classroom in Public Attached School (Iroha's school)
  111. Iroha: "Touka-chan and Nemu-chan ought to be able to remember Ui..."
  113. 8.2.1 (from 8.1.1 Everyone 1)
  114. [black screen, we see Touka and Nemu]
  115. Iroha: *Touka-chan... Nemu-chan...*
  116. *The two of them created Kamihama's rumors...*
  117. [flashback to the Memory Museum]
  118. Touka: "It seems like I'm different from how Tamaki Iroha remembers me."
  119. "So maybe it's Tamaki Iroha, not me, who's wrong?"
  120. [flashback to the base of the Ferris wheel]
  121. Nemu: "Unfortunately, you're misremembering. Or perhaps you could say your memories are fabricated."
  122. "This is a work that I came up with."
  123. "There is no proof that the truth has been distorted."
  124. [fade to black]
  125. Iroha: *That's not true...*
  126. [insert map of the city with just a cluster of Xs in northern Shinsei]
  127. Iroha: *After all, there were rumors gathered at the hospital.
  128. *That has to be evidence that my memories are correct...*
  129. *So...*
  130. [flashback to the base of the Ferris wheel]
  131. Nemu: "I'll be erasing the rumors myself, so that they won't get used in the future."
  132. [fade to black]
  133. Iroha: *Why is it...*
  134. *I feel like Nemu-chan wouldn't erase it... that one rumor...*
  135. [in school]
  136. Iroha: "I wonder if the two of them will remember..."
  137. "Hugging mini-Kyubey just like me..."
  138. "sigh..."
  139. ???: "Oh come on, Iroha!"
  140. [someone smacks her]
  141. Iroha: "Ouch!"
  142. "Eh!? Huh!?"
  143. "Ah, Rena-chan!?"
  144. "Hey, what was that for!?"
  145. Rena: "What are you doing being all cutesy angry?"
  146. "Lately, you've been spacing out too much."
  147. "Everyone's gone home already!"
  148. Iroha: "Huh?"
  149. [we see an empty classroom]
  150. Iroha: "You're right..."
  151. Rena: "Come on, we're having the strategy meeting soon, so let's go already."
  152. "If you space out any more, your brain is gonna rot and come out your ears."
  153. Iroha: "U-uhh, I'm sorry."
  154. [out on the street, we see Momoko, Rena, and Kaede]
  155. Momoko: "But even so..."
  156. "What sorry situation are we in, to have a strategy meeting in a maid cafe?"
  157. Kaede: "Even as you say so, you seem to be looking forward to it, Momoko-chan."
  158. Rena: "After all, you like idols and cute things, right?"
  159. Momoko: "I-I'm fine with it..."
  160. Kaede: "You're the same, right, Rena-chan?"
  161. "I don't understand what's so fun about waving around those glowing sticks though."
  162. Rena: "You're always one to rain on our parade though, Kaede..."
  163. Kaede: "Au!? T-that's not true!"
  164. Iroha: "hehe"
  165. "Kaede-chan, you've gotten a lot better after all that."
  166. Kaede: "Y-yeah."
  167. "Momoko-chan and Rena-chan helped me find courage."
  168. "Even now, I'm still afraid of becoming a witch..."
  169. "But I'm not anxious anymore."
  170. Momoko: "How's Mikadzuki House doing?"
  171. "Well, it hasn't been that long, I guess."
  172. Iroha: "It's back to normal."
  173. "This morning, we all said..."
  174. "We'd stop the Wings of Magius."
  175. Momoko: "Ohh, everyone's into it."
  176. Iroha: "However..."
  177. Momoko: "However?"
  178. Iroha: "If we're going to oppose what the Wings of Magius are doing..."
  179. "We have to think for ourselves..."
  180. "Of a method to ensure happiness for magical girls..."
  181. "I think that the goal of releasing magical girls is correct..."
  182. Momoko: "Well, sure."
  183. "The fear of becoming a witch, and the resulting killing of your friends..."
  184. "Are basically not solutions to the problem."
  185. Iroha: "Yes..."
  186. Kaede: Iroha-chan, how were you able to accept it?"
  187. Iroha: "I, uh..."
  188. "Some parts of me don't want to accept it, but other parts of me feel like it's unavoidable."
  189. [fade to black, we see Ui]
  190. Iroha: *If it's true, Ui who might have been dead was saved just by my wish.*
  191. *It's inevitable that there would be some sort of retribution for it...*
  192. [back to the street]
  193. Rena: "What about defeating witches?"
  194. "In the end we're just killing magical girls, right?"
  195. Iroha: "Yeah... they too were magical girls, huh..."
  196. "It makes you think."
  197. "But you can think of defeating them as helping them..."
  198. "They became witches, caused misfortune or even killed people..."
  199. "I'm sure that's not what they would want when they were still magical girls."
  200. Rena: "I see, that's true..."
  201. "If I were to become a witch, Momoko said she'd kill me..."
  202. "And that made me feel slightly better..."
  203. "If everyone doesn't want to become a witch, then we ought to defeat them."
  204. Iroha: "However, I don't think that that answer works for every magical girl."
  205. "So we still have to think some more."
  206. Momoko: "Think of either how to get them to accept it, or how to prevent it."
  207. "Right?"
  208. Iroha: "Yes."
  209. Momoko: "I see."
  210. "Then, when you're done, let us in on it."
  211. "This meeting for bringing happiness to magical girls."
  212. Iroha: "Of course!"
  213. "It's important for everyone, so let's all think about it together."
  214. TO: 8.5.1 (Yachiyo 1)
  216. 8.3 Everyone 3
  217. Maid Cafe
  218. Kanagi: "If you would like to take a photo of me, just ask anytime. It warms my heart, so I welcome it."
  220. 8.3.1 (from 8.5.1 Yachiyo 1)
  221. [in a maid cafe, we see Kanagi in her maid outfit]
  222. Kanagi: "I've made you wait, Masters."
  223. "This is our shop's best dish, Heartwarming Omurice."
  224. "Next is drinks, right. Masters, each of you may freely get your own."
  225. Momoko: "..."
  226. Tsuruno: "Woah! This is, you know."
  227. "The one you fill with love or something, right!?"
  228. Kanagi: "Mm?"
  229. "Togame has said that before, but I won't do it."
  230. "It's not like it'll get any more delicious. You should enjoy the ingredients."
  231. Momoko: "No... This isn't right, Kanagi-san... it's all come to nothing..."
  232. Kanagi: "You are a demanding Master, Togame."
  233. Sana: "Uh... do you have ketchup?"
  234. Kanagi: "Hm, if that's what you want, I will draw a picture for you."
  235. Iroha: "So you will do that."
  236. Kanagi: "Because putting on ketchup will make it more delicious."
  237. Iroha: "I'm looking forward to it."
  238. Kanagi: "Allow me."
  239. *glop squelch plop*
  240. Kaede: "Wow, that's great."
  241. Rena: "You're better than I expected."
  242. Sana: "A kitty..."
  243. *blorp"
  244. Kanagi: "Mmf, it ran out."
  245. Felicia: "Uwah, the cat's all bloody now."
  246. Sana: "..."
  247. Sana: "...sniff."
  248. Kanagi: "D-don't cry..."
  249. "Look, it's a clean red. It means it was healthy."
  250. Sana: "Past tense..."
  251. Kanagi: "No, it's still healthy!"
  252. Sana: "R-really?"
  253. Kanagi: "Hm?"
  254. "No, starting now it's going to be eaten by you."
  255. Sana: "..."
  256. Yachiyo: "Everyone seems to be having fun."
  257. Iroha: "Yachiyo-san."
  258. Yachiyo: "I'm sorry for being late."
  259. Momoko: "It's unusual for you to be late, Yachiyo-san."
  260. Yachiyo: "I had to stop by the Adjuster's for a bit."
  261. Momoko: "The Adjuster? What for?"
  262. Yachiyo: "To safeguard someone who was hurt."
  263. Iroha: "!?"
  264. "What do you mean?"
  265. Yachiyo: "The Wings of Magius have begun moving."
  266. [screen wipe]
  267. Momoko: "I see..."
  268. "I understand the situation, but why would they attack an unrelated magical girl?"
  269. Yachiyo: "I don't know that yet."
  270. Tsuruno: "Hmmm..."
  271. "Ho!"
  272. "If they want energy, they can get magic from magical girls!"
  273. Kaede: "uyu..."
  274. "Are we going to be fed to the Eve?"
  275. Rena: "It's just hypothetical."
  276. Yachiyo: "However, now that there are victims, others might be targeted too."
  277. Iroha: "Then, we have to let everyone know!"
  278. [she senses something]
  279. Iroha: "Huh? This is..."
  280. Kaede: "The presence of a witch..."
  281. Rena: "And it's not just one!"
  282. Kanagi: "How strange..."
  283. "And not them coming gradually closer, but several appearing suddenly..."
  284. Sana: "Alina..."
  285. Yachiyo: "It's very likely to be her, since she can capture and use witches..."
  286. Iroha: "Let's get out there!"
  287. "We don't know if it's related to that girl who got hurt..."
  288. "But we can't leave this alone either!"
  289. Felicia: "Right!"
  290. "If it's just witches, we can bash them to bits!"
  291. TO: 8.4.1 (Everyone 4)
  293. 8.4 Everyone 4
  294. Shinsei Ward walkway
  295. Iroha: "For this many witches to suddenly appear, is this really the doing of the Wings of Magius?"
  297. 8.4.1 (from 8.3.1 Everyone)
  298. [on a Shinsei Ward path]
  299. Iroha: "Should we split up here?"
  300. "They might release witches in other locations as well."
  301. "If they're aiming for magical girls, we need to let them all know."
  302. Tsuruno: "Right!"
  303. "We'll divide up and finish it at the speed of light like pyuuuun!"
  304. [something attacks?]
  305. Tsuruno: "Uwah!"
  306. "E-eeeeeh!? W-why are we surrounded by guns!?"
  307. Iroha: "These guns are..."
  308. ???: *Hehe, I knew you'd come.*
  309. [insert image of Mami facing the group]
  310. Mami: *If we hurt magical girls, you would begin to move, just as the Magius predicted.*
  311. *Sorry for being rough when restraining you...*
  312. *But would you be so kind as to have a little talk with me?*
  313. Iroha: *I knew it, Tomoe-san...*
  314. Yachiyo: *It seems her brainwashing hasn't come undone...*
  315. [back to the walkway]
  316. Yachiyo: "Also, based on what you just said..."
  317. "The witches and magical girls are your doing."
  318. Mami: "Yes, that's right."
  319. "And I thought I'd appear before you to tell you that."
  320. Yachiyo: "How bold of you."
  321. Iroha: "Why would you do this? Other magical girls have nothing to do with us..."
  322. Mami: "Of course they do."
  323. "Did you not hear from the Magius?"
  324. "We have no other choice now."
  325. Iroha: "!?"
  326. Mami: "And the same is true of me."
  327. "I can't allow you to interfere with the miracle of release any further."
  328. "So we decided..."
  329. "To erase them before they become tainted with heresy."
  330. Iroha: "Erase?"
  331. "You mean, kill everyone?"
  332. Mami: "That's right."
  333. "Exterminate all the unclean people who get in the way of the release of magical girls."
  334. "And save only the devout who believe in Magius and in me."
  335. Iroha: "That's just going to cause everyone to suffer!"
  336. Mami: "Only those who deserve suffering will suffer."
  337. "If our wish for salvation is granted, countless magical girls will be blessed."
  338. "Hehehe"
  339. "It seems Kaname-san was also unable to grasp this idea."
  340. "But soon they will understand."
  341. "What the Wings of Magius and I have been doing is correct."
  342. Iroha: "So, the reason I haven't been able to contact Madoka-chan..."
  343. Mami: "Please do not worry. They haven't been erased."
  344. "We have simply made it so they cannot get out of Mitakihara."
  345. "For they too are qualified to receive the blessing of the release of magical girls."
  346. Kanagi: "To protect only the ones important to you... fine words for a worm."
  347. Mami: "Whether they're important to me makes no difference."
  348. "They are Mitakihara magical girls, not Kamihama magical girls."
  349. "Ehehe"
  350. Yachiyo: "No amount of fancy words will change a thing."
  351. "Just as Iroha said, you are just going to cause suffering to magical girls."
  352. "That will not save us."
  353. [she transforms]
  354. Yachiyo: "Stop your foolish plans at once!"
  355. Mami: "Oh my, you plan on fighting here?"
  356. [she transforms into her Holy costume]
  357. Mami: "Very well, I will be your opponent."
  358. "Then, come on out, Florence."
  359. Yachiyo: "Tch..."
  360. [Mami brings out her doppel]
  361. Mami: "Now as ever, my pride is in saving everyone."
  362. "And what could be the most supreme form of that, the release of magical girls, is near..."
  363. "You will soon realize the extents of my exaltation."
  364. [screen wipe]
  365. Yachiyo: "So Tomoe-san was actually taking the initiative..."
  366. [battle]
  367. [back on the walkway]
  368. Mami: "If you continue to struggle futilely, we will inconvenience those around."
  369. "Well then, I'm sure you'll have trouble, but good luck."
  370. Iroha: "Wait! Tomoe-san!"
  371. Mami: "No matter how many from your group..."
  372. "No, no matter how many out of this city's magical girls disappear..."
  373. "If you have anything to resent, then resent what you have done."
  374. Iroha: "Tomoe-san!"
  375. Mami: "Hehehe"
  376. [she leaves]
  377. Momoko: "You're as beat up as you were at the Kuchiyose Shrine..."
  378. Tsuruno: "The rumor's influence might be even stronger than it was for me..."
  379. Momoko: "Is that really caused by a rumor?"
  380. "There's no barrier, and she's moving around freely..."
  381. Tsuruno: "I don't know, but..."
  382. "If those clothes themselves are the rumor, then it's possible..."
  383. Momoko: "I see..."
  384. "I'd like to do something, but I don't think there's anything we can do..."
  385. Iroha: "The ones who understand Tomoe-san are Madoka-chan and her friends..."
  386. "I don't think we'd be able to remove the rumor..."
  387. Momoko: "Yeah..."
  388. Kanagi: "I think she too was a victim, but we shouldn't worry about their side for now."
  389. Yachiyo: "That's right..."
  390. "I would have liked to talk about their base, but let's postpone this discussion."
  391. "Today let's prioritize the safeguarding of magical girls."
  392. Rena: "But, do we have to be so worried when the black feathers are so weak?"
  393. Kanagi: "Aside from them being soldiers, they are boldly proclaiming war."
  394. Kaede: "Might they they have some sort of advantage over their opponents?"
  395. Kanagi: "I can't deny that that's possible."
  396. Yachiyo: "The girl I saved was driven into a corner by black feathers."
  397. "I think we need to be careful."
  398. Tsuruno: "And also, other magical girls might not know about the Wings of Magius."
  399. Sana: "I see... if they're not expecting to be attacked..."
  400. Felicia: "It could be bad."
  401. Momoko: "By the way, about the magical girls we save..."
  402. "Should we leave them at the Adjuster's, like Yachiyo did?"
  403. Felicia: "Huh? Why would you?"
  404. Momoko: "It's a neutral no-fighting zone."
  405. Tsuruno: "And then we can explain the situation to all of them at once."
  406. Sana: "Eh? We'll explain..."
  407. "About release... And the reason... too?"
  408. Yachiyo: "..."
  409. "Well, since they were going to be eliminated, maybe we have to."
  410. "After all, if they're attacked, they're going to want to know the reason why."
  411. "We may even have to tell them things they'd be happier not knowing..."
  412. Sana: "..."
  413. Kanagi: "Well, for now, we have a course of action."
  414. Yachiyo: "Yes."
  415. "Take out each of the witches, and gather magical girls at the Adjuster's."
  416. Iroha: (I'll go help everyone too.)
  417. "..."
  418. (But... why is it...)
  419. (I feel like I should go and check...)
  420. (Because I get the feeling...)
  421. (That right now might be the time my memories can be useful...)
  422. [insert image of the map with all the rumors marked]
  423. Iroha: *The rumors gathered at the hospital.*
  424. *And the Rumor of the Eternal Sakura up in the mountains.*
  425. [back to the walkway]
  426. Yachiyo: "Then, everyone, disperse!"
  427. Iroha: "Wait!"
  428. Momoko: "Dowah, wha? Iroha-chan!?"
  429. Yachiyo: "What's wrong?"
  430. Iroha: "I have something I want to talk to you about, Yachiyo-san..."
  431. Yachiyo: "Me?"
  432. Iroha: "Yes, do you have a moment?"
  433. [screen wipe]
  434. Yachiyo: "The Rumor of the Eternal Sakura..."
  435. Iroha: "Yes..."
  436. "It should have been in the mountains of Hokuyou Ward..."
  437. Yachiyo: "..."
  438. Iroha: "Yachiyo-san..."
  439. Yachiyo: "I'm not doubting you."
  440. "But, it's next to impossible to find a rumor in the mountains."
  441. "If they put it there because they knew I wouldn't go there, then it's pretty obvious that I wouldn't know."
  442. "But, what do you plan on doing?"
  443. "The Magius said that they were erasing all of the rumors..."
  444. Iroha: "Well, the Rumor of the Eternal Sakura is special."
  445. "I get the feeling that they wouldn't erase it..."
  446. "So, Yachiyo-san."
  447. "Can I go investigate it?"
  448. "If the Rumor of the Eternal Sakura really is there, then nobody would know about it."
  449. "I think it would be a good place for them to hide their base."
  450. Yachiyo: "A base that can't be found... A hidden rumor..."
  451. "That's right..."
  452. "Your guess might be right on the mark."
  453. Iroha: "You believe me?"
  454. Yachiyo: "What do you mean?"
  455. "You are the one who completely accepted the worries I was carrying."
  456. "I too will completely accept you."
  457. "Of course I believe you."
  458. "And that you happened to be present when a rumor was made."
  459. "All of it."
  460. Iroha: "Thank you so much!"
  461. Yachiyo: "So, leave the protection of magical girls to us."
  462. "Even if our leader is absent, we have plenty of elites, so we'll be fine."
  463. Iroha: "Yes."
  464. "Well then, I'll go check out the Rumor of the Eternal Sakura!"
  465. Yachiyo: "But, if it's really their base, being alone will be dangerous."
  466. "I think you should take Futaba-san with you."
  467. Iroha: "Yeah, that's right."
  468. "She can hide from sight and magic sense, so it'll be reassuring to have her."
  469. Yachiyo: "Yes."
  470. "Well then, good luck, Iroha."
  471. Iroha: "Yachiyo-san, take care of the magical girls please!"
  472. [evening falls]
  473. TO: 8.6.1 (Yachiyo 2)
  475. 8.34 Everyone 5
  476. Hotel Fendthope Chapel
  477. Alina: "Ahaha! We have to get the Feathers to move around actively."
  479. 8.34.1 (from 8.42.1 Yachiyo 9)
  480. [in some kind of rumorified chapel thing, we see a whole bunch of feathers]
  481. Touka: "Then, everyone.."
  482. "The day of our release is not far away."
  483. "All we have to do is gather the necessary energy."
  484. "We shall spread the miracle that has occurred here in Kamihama across the whole world!"
  485. "And then, we will make it eternal!"
  486. feathers: *YEAAAH!*
  487. Nemu: "So, everyone, we now want you to mercilessly kill all of the magical girls in Kamihama."
  488. "Otherwise they will become obstacles."
  489. feathers: *...*
  490. Nemu: "I understand your hesitation."
  491. "However, we cannot sacrifice millions of future lives..."
  492. "For sentimental feelings harbored for..."
  493. "Talentless, powerless magical girls."
  494. feathers: *...*
  495. Nemu: "Relax, you can entrust your hearts to us. That's why we've granted you this power."
  496. "Without the slightest hesitation, without the slightest clouding of your thoughts..."
  497. "The power to purely massacre each and every magical girl to your utmost ability."
  498. "So, as we command, as you will..."
  499. "You'll execute our directions for release."
  500. [a flash, and a fade to black]
  501. Nemu: *Ah...*
  502. *We've used one more life...*
  503. [fade to white, then back to the chapel, where we see the feathers grimacing]
  504. white feather: "..."
  505. [now we see Holy Mami and Alina]
  506. Alina: "Then, take it from here, Mami."
  507. "I'll give you my witch."
  508. Mami: "Yes, for the sake of the future of magical girls, I will use it effectively."
  509. Alina: "Yes, good."
  510. "When this is finished, utopia will be right before our eyes."
  511. "So that no matter the wish you have granted, there will be no risk."
  512. Nemu: "We magical girls will acquire this system..."
  513. Touka: "And create a happy future for all of us."
  514. "ehe"
  515. black feather: "....aa...agh"
  516. [fade to black, and we see the rumor dude]
  517. rumor dude: *Oh, you've already heard? Who did you hear it from? The Rumor of the Reception Pendant?*
  518. *When you don't have any confidence, when you're scared, when you don't want to think, when you're sad, then, with this one pendant...*
  519. *If you put it on, poof, your mind will go blank, and all your feelings will disappear!*
  520. *But watch out when you use it!*
  521. *You'll do anything Magius says. The rumor flying around the Wings of Magius says it becomes a receiver.*
  522. *Anything'll do!*
  523. TO: 8.43.1 (Yachiyo 10)
  525. 8.35 Everyone 6
  526. in some kind of server room inside the radio observatory
  527. Alina: "I can hear it... with my own ears... Aha, what a sweet voice..."
  529. 8.35.1 (from 8.44.1 Yachiyo 11)
  530. [black screen]
  531. Walpurgisnacht: *Ahhaha! Ahhahaha!*
  532. [in the server room]
  533. Alina: "Ah, I can hear it... That sweet laugh of a witch..."
  534. "It really gives me the shivers..."
  535. Touka: "Ehehe"
  536. "It's the same voice as what we heard when we observed the incubators!"
  537. "Now we have proof that the Walpurgisnacht exists."
  538. Nemu: "Now the world I drew up won't have gone to waste."
  539. "Mhehe"
  540. Touka: "Ah, then, you're finished now, Nemu?"
  541. Nemu: "Yeah."
  542. Alina: "She was going around with me and the Feathers."
  543. Nemu: "Yes, the primary cell towers have all been suppressed now."
  544. "Just like you said, Touka, once we established ourselves at one, we could control the other towers in the vicinity."
  545. "By now, all of the radio waves in Kamihama have been converted to a different frequency..."
  546. "It should be a frequency of visible light that only witches can see."
  547. Touka: "Ohhhh!"
  548. "And then, and then, what kind of world are we showing?"
  549. Nemu: "I've just set up Kamihama as a utopia for people."
  550. "People will be free from troubles, and everyone will have equal food, clothing, and shelter."
  551. "And it's overflowing with things and places that will fulfill all desires."
  552. "But there's a flaw."
  553. "Even though they should be free from all suffering, drowning in luxury..."
  554. "They just come up with new things to be dissatisfied about and that results in more suffering."
  555. "Basically, I included a flaw that would completely turn that paradise on its head."
  556. "Mhehe"
  557. Alina: "Basically, witches will see Kamihama as a utopia."
  558. "The best possible stage for spreading curses."
  559. "Ahhaha!"
  560. Touka: "Yep, yep! Witches would love to come rip it up!"
  561. "hehehe"
  562. "Then, all that's left is me."
  563. "I've gotta make it that laughing voice have even more fun."
  564. Alina: "You have something else to do?"
  565. Touka: "Yup!"
  566. "In order to make it easier for the Walpurgisnacht to come..."
  567. "We'll emit radio waves from this observatory and stimulate its emotions."
  568. Alina: "I hadn't heard about that."
  569. Touka: "Well I didn't tell you."
  570. Nemu: "What for?"
  571. Touka: "I'm gonna use 1420.40575 MHz!" [note: the hydrogen line]
  572. Nemu: "That's not a reason..."
  573. Touka: "It's called the 21-centimeter line."
  574. "It's a frequency used in the search for extraterrestrial life."
  575. "A wave that can pass through all obstructions, continuing on into the distance..."
  576. "Would be able to pass through a witch's flesh, and even reach its grief seed."
  577. Nemu: "So that's what you meant by stimulating its emotions."
  578. Touka: "Yes."
  579. "We'll make the Walpurgisnacht even more ferocious."
  580. "In the first place, a grief seed is a soul gem that has been influenced by emotions."
  581. "Inside, there should be energy that can become any emotion, like an iPS cell..." [induced pluripotent stem cell]
  582. "In huuuuge quantities."
  583. "So, we're going to stimulate and promote their development."
  584. "To start, we'll transmit 21-centimeter waves that will reinforce the brain waves that occur during hypnosis."
  585. "We'll leave an impression of the world that you created, Nemu."
  586. "And then, we'll add the brain waves of excitement."
  587. "We'll change the emotional iPS cells inside the grief seed..."
  588. "Into cells of rage and excitement."
  589. "After that, it'll head to Kamihama and attack!"
  590. "Perfect, huh?"
  591. Nemu: "I would have liked to have known about this second strategy from the start..."
  592. Touka: "Oh well."
  593. "It's going well, so it doesn't matter, right?"
  594. "Well then, let's start transmitting already."
  595. Nemu: "Okay."
  596. Alina: "Ah, man, this sounds so fun that my heart... hah... ahhhhh..."
  597. Touka: "Hehe"
  598. "Ready, and..."
  599. [we see the observatory begin emitting waves, and the city turns red]
  600. TO: 8.45.1 (Yachiyo 12)
  602. 8.36 Everyone 7
  603. on a hilly street in Hokuyou Ward
  604. Momoko: "So, what on earth are these Wings of Magius people after?"
  606. 8.36.1 (from 8.54.1 Iroha & Sana 7)
  607. [on a street in Hokuyou, at night]
  608. Momoko: "Wha!? Those Magius called over the Walpurgisnacht!?"
  609. Kaede: "What even is that!?"
  610. Rena: "Sounds like a nickname. Some magical girl from somewhere?"
  611. Momoko: "A witch."
  612. Rena: "Huh!?"
  613. Momoko: "It's superdreadnought-class bad news."
  614. Kaede: "eeEEEEEEH!? Ww-whatdowe do, Rena-chan!?"
  615. Rena: "I don't have a solution for a problem like that!"
  616. Yachiyo: "That's right, this is a real problem."
  617. "We've gotta meet with Iroha and Sana and stop this as soon as possible..."
  618. "Or else the city itself will be trampled."
  619. [we hear the attack of a feather]
  620. Yachiyo: "There were still more!?"
  621. [we see a white and a black feather]
  622. white feather: "Everyone, we fight to the last here."
  623. black feather: "Y-yes! We can't let them get further!"
  624. Yachiyo: "To think that feathers who had lost already would come now..."
  625. Kanagi: "Even if other magical girls had opposed them..."
  626. "It's probably part of the mission for the feathers to return to base..."
  627. Yachiyo: "I don't want to waste time on them though..."
  628. Mitama: "Then, could you please leave it to me?"
  629. Momoko: "Wha... Adjuster!?!??"
  630. Yachiyo: "Mitama... You're... coming to the front to fight!?"
  631. "In the first place... you can fight!?"
  632. Mitama: "I only just picked up the knack recently."
  633. Momoko: "Even so, Adjuster, do you really have to go this far?"
  634. Mitama: "I just changed my mind a bit."
  635. "It's an urgent situation, so I thought that I had to do something."
  636. Yachiyo: "Can we really leave this to you?"
  637. Mitama: "Yes, please go on ahead."
  638. [the white feather attacks]
  639. white feather: "I won't let you go!"
  640. [but it backfires?]
  641. white feather: "Nnn... Ah!"
  642. Mitama: "I can't let you go either."
  643. "If you want to challenge me, then be prepared for me to rummage through your soul gems."
  644. black feather: "Hiiii..."
  645. TO: 8.37.1 (Everyone 8)
  647. 8.37 Everyone 8
  648. in the Rumor of the Eternal Sakura
  649. Kanagi: "Huh... the scenery changed suddenly."
  651. 8.37.1 (from 8.36.1 Everyone 7)
  652. [on the field in the Rumor of the Eternal Sakura]
  653. Yachiyo: "The rumor really is here..."
  654. Kanagi: "So this is the Rumor of the Eternal Sakura that Tamaki-kun talked about, huh."
  655. Tsuruno: "Deeper in there's that sakura tree, so it has to be."
  656. Kanagi: "But I don't see her."
  657. Yachiyo: "She might be looking around inside. Let's find her."
  658. [screen wipe]
  659. Tsuruno: "IROHA-CHAAAAAN!"
  660. Felicia: "SANAAAA!"
  661. "Oi, they're not here!"
  662. Kanagi: "I haven't spotted them over here either..."
  663. Kaede: "W-what if... they were found by the Wings of Magius..."
  664. Rena: "Hey, Kaede!"
  665. "You're going to jinx them!"
  666. Kaede: "B-but!"
  667. [fade to white; we see the Rumor of the Eternal Sakura]
  668. Rumor of the Eternal Sakura: |...|
  669. Kaede: "Fueeeee!? S-something showed up!"
  670. Kanagi: "The rumor, huh..."
  671. Yachiyo: "But it doesn't seem like it wants to fight..."
  672. Tsuruno: "Yachiyo."
  673. "The rumor ought to be able to see Iroha-chan and Sana!"
  674. Yachiyo: "That's right... we might be able to come to an understanding with her like with Ai..."
  675. Rumor of the Eternal Sakura: |It's alright.|
  676. Yachiyo: "!?"
  677. Rumor of the Eternal Sakura: |Also, it's just as she said. I know what happened here.|
  678. Yachiyo: "You know what happened!?"
  679. "Then, the reason you appeared before us..."
  680. Rumor of the Eternal Sakura: |I was told to wait for you by the magical girl who can become invisible.|
  681. Tsuruno: "Ohhhh! Nice play, Sana!"
  682. Felicia: "Then, tell us about it!"
  683. Yachiyo: "That's right. Sorry about this, but can we ask you a few questions?"
  684. Rumor of the Eternal Sakura: |Go ahead.|
  685. Yachiyo: "Iroha and Futaba-san came here, right?"
  686. Rumor of the Eternal Sakura: |Yes.|
  687. Yachiyo: "Then, what happened to them? Were they spotted by the Wings of Magius?"
  688. Rumor of the Eternal Sakura: |They were spotted by two Magius, Touka and Nemu.|
  689. Felicia: "Hey, this is bad..."
  690. Tsuruno: "They had bad luck, if the Magius came..."
  691. Yachiyo: "And so, what happened?"
  692. Rumor of the Eternal Sakura: |Alina appeared later and Iroha was taken into one of her barriers.|
  693. |She was taken into Fendthope.|
  694. |If this Futaba magical girl is the magical girl who turns invisible...|
  695. |She followed them.|
  696. Yachiyo: "Fendthope?"
  697. Rumor of the Eternal Sakura: |Hotel Fendthope. The base for the Wings of Magius.|
  698. Yachiyo: "I see."
  699. "It was just as Iroha remembered..."
  700. Kanagi: "I guess there's a silver lining on this dark cloud, though."
  701. "At least, they both seem to be alright."
  702. "Sorry about this, but where is this Fendthope?"
  703. Rumor of the Eternal Sakura: |Over there.|
  704. Kanagi: "Over there... Beyond where we can see?"
  705. "There we'll find the Wings of Magius's base, huh..."
  706. Mitama: "Wow..."
  707. "So this is what being in a rumor is like."
  708. Yachiyo: "Mitama..."
  709. Mitama: "I finished up already."
  710. "Surprisingly, I really could do it."
  711. Yachiyo: "Really could do it... Are you sure that it was okay?"
  712. "You really broke your neutrality."
  713. Mitama: "With this as big as it is, Magius have probably already realized."
  714. "And anyway, I knew that..."
  715. "Eventually I'd have to pick one side or the other."
  716. Yachiyo: "Right..."
  717. "If this decision is what you really want, then I have nothing to say about it."
  718. Kanagi: "So, why did you come all the way in here?"
  719. "It's surely enough work being rear guard outside."
  720. Mitama: "I have something I need to tell you."
  721. Yachiyo: "Something related to Magius?"
  722. Mitama: "Yes..."
  723. TO: 8.38.1 (Everyone 9)
  725. 8.38 Everyone 9
  726. basement jail in Hotel Fendthope
  727. Iroha: "My soul gem is missing, and I won't be able to break the bars..."
  729. 8.38.1 (from 8.37.1 Everyone 8)
  730. [in jail]
  731. Iroha: "..."
  732. mini-Kyubey: "Mokyu!"
  733. Iroha: "Mini-Kyubey! Thank goodness you're okay..."
  734. mini-Kyubey: "Kyui!"
  735. Iroha: "...Even when you touched them, they didn't remember anything, huh."
  736. mini-Kyubey: "Kyui..."
  737. Iroha: "Don't be so sad. I haven't given up quite yet."
  738. "Thanks to the Rumor of the Eternal Sakura, I know that my memories are correct."
  739. Touka: "Jeez, why don't you give up already?"
  740. Iroha: "Touka-chan..."
  741. Touka: "Ehe"
  742. Iroha: "What are you here for?"
  743. Touka: "I thought I'd introduce you."
  744. Iroha: "To... what?"
  745. Touka: "Can't you hear it?"
  746. "There's a connection to the observatory, so you should be able to hear it."
  747. Iroha: "..."
  748. [fade to black]
  749. Walpurgisnacht: *Ahhhaha! Ahhhahaha!"
  750. [back to the jail]
  751. Iroha: "Someone laughing? Touka-chan, who is that?"
  752. Touka: "Not who, that's a witch."
  753. Iroha: "A witch!?"
  754. Touka: "Yes, and it's legendary among magical girls."
  755. "The biggest, greatest disaster!"
  756. "In fact, today, we called over the Walpurgisnacht."
  757. "Ehehe"
  758. Iroha: "Walpurgisnacht?"
  759. Touka: "I see, you don't know about it."
  760. "Word has been passed down between magical girls..."
  761. "That the Walpurgisnacht is an amazing witch."
  762. Iroha: "You called over... a witch...?"
  763. Touka: "So currently, witches and magical girls are gathering in this city, right?"
  764. "Ehehe"
  765. "Today, we caused a big commotion by hijacking the airwaves and stealing electricity."
  766. Iroha: "Then everything that happened today was..."
  767. Touka: "Precisely! Gold star for you!"
  768. "We did all that in order to call over the Walpurgisnacht."
  769. Iroha: "Kamihama's going to be in big trouble if you call over something that dangerous!"
  770. Touka: "But, you have no stake in that future, right, Tamaki Iroha?"
  771. "After all, you're going to be fodder."
  772. "Well then, enjoy your wait."
  773. "Ehe, I'm looking forward to it!"
  774. TO: 8.39.1 (Everyone 10)
  776. 8.39 Everyone 10
  777. inside the Rumor of the Eternal Sakura
  778. Mitama: "I need to say everything... What I've done up until now..."
  780. 8.39.1 (from 8.38.1 Everyone 9)
  781. Mitama: "Yes, you have probably heard this already..."
  782. Momoko: "More importantly, why do you know about the Walpurgisnacht..."
  783. Mitama: "..."
  784. "While I was neutral..."
  785. "As long as I was compensated, I would Adjust for anyone..."
  786. "You know..."
  787. "In exchange for maintaining my neutrality and allowing me to borrow the Adjuster's base..."
  788. "I cooperated with them..."
  789. "At least until just before..."
  790. "So, they told me directly about this situation..."
  791. Yachiyo: "Mitama..."
  792. "And so, what did you give for them in exchange?"
  793. Mitama: "Grief seeds."
  794. "However, they told me that with the Walpurgisnacht, they wouldn't need my support anymore."
  795. Momoko: "So you didn't just Adjust them..."
  796. "So what we paid you ended up going to the Wings of Magius..."
  797. Kanagi: "That said, that was just business."
  798. "I understand you wanting to blame her, but that was fair."
  799. Rena: "Huhhh!? That's nonsense!"
  800. "No way I can accept that so easily!"
  801. "I'd understand if they were just coming to be adjusted like us..."
  802. "But no matter how you look at it, she was giving them food for the Eve!"
  803. "If she hadn't made that deal..."
  804. "They might have found it too hard and given up!"
  805. Mitama: "..."
  806. Momoko: "Adjuster..."
  807. "Wait, were you just pretending you couldn't fight, and you intentionally created that situation?"
  808. Mitama: "Momoko! That's not true!"
  809. Kanagi: "I can corroborate that. I'm an old friend of hers."
  810. "I helped her practice so that she would be able to fight."
  811. Felicia: "It's hard to believe you when we only just teamed up though."
  812. Tsuruno: "But, even so, it's a fact that she helped us out."
  813. "Why?"
  814. Mitama: "..."
  815. "Well, at this rate, all the magical girls in Kamihama will die..."
  816. "I wouldn't want to lose customers."
  817. "So I broke my neutrality."
  818. Kaede: "Wow... dry..."
  819. Yachiyo: "But, even if it is, it doesn't change the fact that it's better this way than remaining neutral."
  820. "I have a ton I want to say."
  821. "But for now, this isn't the time to be condemning Mitama."
  822. Momoko: "That's right..."
  823. Rena: "You mean this is fine!?"
  824. Momoko: "We need to hurry. The Walpurgisnacht is coming, right?"
  825. Rena: "Gnnnnngh!"
  826. Felicia: "Mmm..."
  827. "Also, at this rate, that white nee-chan is in trouble."
  828. Yachiyo: "Mifuyu?"
  829. Felicia: "Yeah."
  830. "She saved me before, so this time it's my turn to save her."
  831. Yachiyo: "That's right..."
  832. "...Mitama."
  833. Mitama: "What?"
  834. Yachiyo: "Just as Kanagi said, you can do your business with anyone you want."
  835. "So I don't think we have the right to criticize you."
  836. "However..."
  837. "When it's all over, if you're going to be on our side..."
  838. "Tell us about yourself."
  839. Mitama: "Okay, I got it..."
  840. Yachiyo: "Then, let's go..."
  841. "Let's save Iroha and Mifuyu and everyone."
  842. Tsuruno: "Right! This is the place for the Strongest to show off!"
  843. Mitama: "Um, this isn't exactly something for me to say..."
  844. "But let me guard here."
  845. "I won't let a single person by to where you are going."
  846. [in a room in a mansion like place]
  847. Tsukuyo: "Kyaaaa!"
  848. Tsukasa: "Aaah!"
  849. Tsukuyo: "Why are we going to be made into fodder!?"
  850. Tsukasa: "We've tried our best up until now!"
  851. *slam*
  852. [Mifuyu comes in]
  853. Mifuyu: "Please calm down, you two."
  854. Tsukasa: "Mifuyu-san!"
  855. Tsukuyo: "Why even you, Mifuyu-san!?"
  856. Mifuyu: "I opposed their methods too much..."
  857. Tsukuyo: "I will not permit this!"
  858. Tsukasa: "Now that it's come to this..."
  859. "!?"
  860. "Huh!? My soul gem won't come out!"
  861. Mifuyu: "You'll understand if you look at your finger..."
  862. Tsukuyo: "M-My ring is gone!"
  863. Tsukasa: "Did we lose them somewhere!?"
  864. Mifuyu: "Probably, they took them off of you when you were passed out."
  865. Tsukasa: "We have to get them back!"
  866. Mifuyu: "Absolutely not!"
  867. Tsukuyo: "Why mustn't we!?"
  868. Mifuyu: "Our soul gems are being held far from here."
  869. "If we move unwisely, we might break the link between our soul gems and our bodies."
  870. Tsukuyo: "No way..."
  871. Tsukasa: "Tsukuyo-chan..."
  872. Tsukuyo: "Tsukasa-chan..."
  873. [in the chapel, we see all three Magius]
  874. Touka: "Well, we've finished before everyone got here."
  875. Alina: "Ahhaha! The Eve is finally hatching!"
  876. "My greatest work is complete!"
  877. Touka: "And so, Nemu, time for a nice rumor."
  878. Alina: "Right, to turn the Black Feathers and White Feathers into energy."
  879. Nemu: "Okay, leave it to me."
  880. [she uses magic, but then there's a flash of red]
  881. Nemu: "!?"
  882. "Re... d..."
  883. Touka: "Nemu!?"
  884. Nemu: "Ah, ah, ru...mormor..."
  885. Alina: "At a time like this, this is really bad..."
  886. Nemu: "S-sor-r... I cancan't... form worwords riright..."
  887. Touka: "Again... This is worse than last time..."
  888. Nemu: "S-sorry... I need... to tatake a lilittle... break..."
  889. Alina: "You've used too much of your life?"
  890. [back in the Rumor of the Eternal Sakura]
  891. Yachiyo: "Then, let's go..."
  892. Tsuruno: "Master, what's wrong?"
  893. Yachiyo: "Well, even if we make it out of this fight alright..."
  894. "There'll still be big trouble later."
  895. "Turning into witches, our fate..."
  896. "We're putting it on the back burner and sealing away their plans for now..."
  897. "I was thinking that really, we need to find some solution though..."
  898. [we see the lights come back on in the city, and then it turns gray and staticy]
  899. TO: 8.64.1 (Mitama 6)
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