Pantheon Official SCP:SL Info

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  1. <b><color=#8CD7FF><u></color><size=36><align="center"><color=#FFC800>[AU]</color> <color=#8CD7FF><b>Official</color> <color=#199BFF>SCP: Secret Laboratory</color> <color=#8CD7FF>Server</b></color></align></size></u></b>
  3. <color=#199BFF><u><size=18>Rules</size></u></color>
  4. <color=#199BFF>[1]</color><color=#8CD7FF> Never provide information discovered out of the game to give an unfair advantage.</color>
  5. <color=#199BFF>[2]</color><color=#8CD7FF> Harassment and racism is not tolerated.</color>
  6. <color=#199BFF>[3]</color><color=#8CD7FF> Purposely camping that leads to delaying rounds will get you slain.</color>
  7. <color=#199BFF>[4]</color><color=#8CD7FF> Cheating/exploiting will result in you being banned permanently.</color>
  8. <color=#199BFF>[5]</color><color=#8CD7FF> Mic spamming is allowed however it must be kept at an appropriate level of volume.</color>
  9. <color=#199BFF>[6]</color><color=#8CD7FF> Extreme team killing statistics will result in a permanent ban.</color>
  11. <color=#199BFF><u><size=18>Features</size></u></color>
  12. <color=#8CD7FF> - Friendly Fire Enabled.
  13.  - FF Autoban - Will remove items and potentially ban players if they TK too often.
  14.  - Spawn Protection for NTF and CI.
  15.  - Increased starting ammo for Guards.
  16.  - Increased SCP-173 and 096 health.
  17.  - Lone079 - SCP 079 will turn into another SCP if last alive.
  18.  - Items you escape with will remain in your inventory.
  19.  - Items in your inventory will upgrade in SCP-914.</color>
  21. <color=#199BFF><u><size=18>Discord</size></u></color>
  22. <color=#8CD7FF> For staff assistance, clarification on rules and information on server changes, join our Discord</color> <color=#FFC800><link=""><u>here</u></link></color><color=#8CD7FF>.</color>
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