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  1. [15:01] <@Kkat> 3Fallout: Beyond Equestria, Session Six: The Solaris Legacy (Part Three)
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  6. [15:03] <@Kkat> 3(Special Introduction:
  7. 06[15:03] * Get_Lost sets mode: +v Noble_Heart
  8. [15:05] <@Kkat> 3Freefall.  
  9. [15:05] <@Kkat> 3It’s like falling into a well.  The world is stripped away, disappearing behind you as you plunge into an alien darkness.  Downward you fall, deeper and deeper.  And then, a shocking splash as you hit the water below.  A splash of light, color, sound and sensation.
  10. [15:05] <@Kkat> 3Sunlight pours in through large picture windows overlooking an intact cityscape.  Pegasi fly about outside, moving clouds between skyscrapers.  Your host is staring out the window; you can hear movement of ponies behind you, the sounds of crinkling paper and pulling tape, but the pony you are riding seems unconcerned.  
  11. [15:05] <@Kkat> 3His gaze drops downwards, watching the movement of an elevated rail train, a series of stars adorning the engine, as it glides around a turn.
  12. [15:05] <@Kkat> 3Your host swivels an ear as he catches the sound of an opening door and hoofsteps. “Howdy, Twilight,” a voice calls out, hesitating only slightly before adding, “Hi, sis.  Ah hate t’ interrupt, but Ah need to talk to Twi… what are y’all doing?  Twilight, are you okay?”
  13. [15:06] <@Kkat> 3Your host doesn’t turn.  His eyes wander over the cityscape, picking out billboards…
  14. [15:06] <@Kkat> 3[ Your family is our family with Good Pony. ]
  15. [15:06] <@Kkat> 3[ Sparkle~Cola CLEAR – clearly the best Sparkle~Cola yet! ]  
  16. [15:06] <@Kkat> 3[ SOLARIS: We spend less time testing so you spend less time waiting! ]
  17. [15:06] <@Kkat> 3[ Better WIPED than STRIPED. ]
  18. [15:06] <@Kkat> 3…But by the tilt of his ears, he’s paying full attention.
  19. [15:06] <@Kkat> 3A moment later, the mature voice of a mare getting on in years answers with an accent almost identical to the first.  “Oh, hello Apple Bloom.  What brings you here?”
  20. [15:06] <@Kkat> 3“Those are those statuettes Rarity gave ya, right?” the first voice asked.  “Is there somethin’ wrong with those things?”
  21. [15:07] <@Kkat> 3“What?  No!” a third, and also older, voice replies.  “I… Spike and I had a fight.  So I’m sending him these as an apology.  I want them to be the first thing he sees when he wakes up.”
  22. [15:07] <@Kkat> 3Your host turns his head slightly, enough to see rows of books in bookshelf upon bookshelf.  He turns back to the window.  A family of bright red-and-gold phoenixes swoop across the sky, landing in a nest built into a crux in the architecture of a skyscraper across the rail line.
  23. [15:07] <@Kkat> 3“Oh.  Ah’m sorry t’ hear that.”
  24. [15:07] <@Kkat> 3“What makes ya think there’s somethin’ wrong with them, Apple Bloom?” Applejack’s voice asks.
  25. [15:07] <@Kkat> 3“Well, cuz everyone who she gave ‘em to is givin’ ‘em away.”
  26. [15:07] <@Kkat> 3The third voice, Twilight, speaks up again, “No… it’s not like that.  I don’t know how Rarity created these, but they are really wonderful.  It’s like having our friends all together again, even when we can’t be.”  She pauses.  “It’s just that…”
  27. [15:08] <@Kkat> 3“Each set has a statue of ourselves in it,” Apple Bloom’s sister explains.  “An’ as wonderful as it is t’ feel like we have our friends with us, that statue of ourselves… well…”  The mare seems at a loss for description.
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  29. [15:08] <@Kkat> 3“It’s like having a mirror in the room that’s a little too honest,” whispers Twilight.
  30. [15:08] <@Kkat> 3From the sound in her voice, Applejack finds that metaphor unpleasant.  “It’s just creepy,” she concludes.
  31. [15:08] <@Kkat> 3“Anyway,” Twilight asks.  “What brings you here?”
  32. [15:08] <@Kkat> 3There’s a long pause.  Your host shifts his gaze to watch the rooftop of a smaller factory building in the heart of the city.  On the top, a giant red scooter slowly rotates.  His gaze drifts further, looking at the bridges spanning the southern fork of the Ponytomic, catching the sunlight playing off the water and glints of traffic on the bridges.
  33. [15:09] <@Kkat> 3“Spies Ah’m afraid, Twilight.  Only not zebra spies.  Industrial ones.  Solaris has been…”
  34. [15:09] <@Kkat> 3“Oh Celestia damn them!” Applejack spits.  “Ah’ve had enough of those reckless, heartless ponies!  They’ve already caused so much pain.  This is why we need tighter regulations. Ah’m itchin’ for an excuse t’ throw the lot of them in jail.”
  35. [15:09] <@Kkat> 3“Or the moon,” Twilight agrees grimly.  “Equestria is already under enough stress and pain, and they’re making it worse.  Something needs to be done.”
  36. [15:09] <@Kkat> 3“um, Twilight?  This is kinda…”  Apple Bloom hesitates.  “Y’all know that project that the Ministry of Arcane Sciences ordered up one of our Crusaders for?  How important is that?  Cuz I think Solaris might have learned about it.”
  37. [15:09] <@Kkat> 3Now your host turns, taking in the view of the Athenaeum, watching Applejack and Twilight Sparkle exchanging deeply worried expressions as Apple Bloom watched apprehensively.
  38. [15:10] <@Kkat> 3“Ah mean, they found out where the Crusaders were sent off to.  An’ knowin’ Solaris, they’ll probably try t’ duplicate whatever y’all are doing.  An’ badly.  Or, barrin’ that, make sure y’all don’t get your product out either.”
  39. [15:10] <@Kkat> 3“Oh hell…” Applejack grimaces.  “Twi…”
  40. [15:10] <@Kkat> 3Twilight Sparkle levitates a quill and ink towards her, floating up a sheet of paper.  “I’m letting Spike know.  From now on, his first priority is guarding the Gardens.”
  41. [15:10] <@Kkat> 3“What gardens?” Apple Bloom queries ignorantly.
  42. [15:10] <@Kkat> 3Applejack rounds on her sister.  “How long ago was this?  How long ‘ave they known?”
  43. [15:10] <@Kkat> 3Apple Bloom snorts.  “Ah don’t know.  Ah don’t even know for sure that they know!  Ah just know they had somepony inside Stable Tech that sent ‘em all sorts of classified data.  Including where those Crusaders went.  And that was… almost a month ago.”  Defensively, she adds, “We only caught the varmint this morning.”
  44. [15:10] <@Kkat> 3Helpfully, she adds, “We’ve been interrogatin’ her, but the only thing we’ve got is that the information was sent to their R&E facility up north, usin’ a… well, a special encryption that means only the ponies at the computer it was sent to can uncode it.”
  45. [15:11] <@Kkat> 3Applejack turns to you (well, your host) and orders, “Get some Rangers together.  Have ‘em ready as soon as Ah give ‘em a target.”
  46. [15:11] <@Kkat> 3Your host nods.  Finally speaking, his voice low and gravelly, “Homeside, we’re spread a little thin.  Pinkie Pie currently has two whole squads locked up for a raid on Four Stars.”  He pauses briefly as Twilight Sparkle makes a disparaging sound in her throat.  “May I pull a few ponies from that?”
  47. [15:11] <@Kkat> 3“Do whatever ya have t’ do,” you hear Applejack insist as the memory-world tumbles away.  
  48. [15:11] <@Kkat> 3--- Session Begins ---
  49. 07[15:14] * @Mitzi watches as Noble_Heart becomes vacant and trance-like inside the memory orb. "Um, eez dat supposed tu happen?"
  50. [15:14] <@Kkat> 3Noble_Heart finds the real world rushing back at her.
  51. 15[15:14] * +Spero is caught between wanting to continue admonishing Kid for doing something so silly and snickering at the fact that Noble_Heart actually fell for it.
  52. 07[15:14] * @Get_Lost has waited for quite a bit, looking at the immobilized alicorn ans tilting her head in confusion "ah... i odnt' think giant candies should do that..."
  53. 07[15:16] * @Get_Lost approaches Noble_Heart and checks if she's fine
  54. 07[15:16] * @Crescendo_ takes a hesistant step forwards. "Is... is she all right?" He looks towards Get_Lost, their resident medical pony.
  55. 07[15:16] * +Kid is quite happily on her way to fixing up supper from below deck. Well, she's annoying, but I already got my revenge. Still wish I could've found a marker though. That would've been the bees knees.
  56. 07[15:16] * @Get_Lost "i'm checking right now... she doesn't seem to be hurt..."
  57. 07[15:16] * +Noble_Heart slowly opens her eyes again as the memory orb finishes, wobbling back to her hooves with a snort and a frown. "Such a petty trick. We shall not stoop to such childish and short-sighted levels." She heaves herself back up to full stature. She then contemplates what she'd learned and frowns a bit more. "And We believe that We have found why that building," she glares up at
  58. 07[15:16] * +Noble_Heart the Solaris symbol with the kind of disdain which could only be born by a direct insult to one's person or beliefs, "dost so horridly blight the world with its presence."
  59. 07[15:17] * @Mitzi looks to Get_Lost; "Uh dun tink dat wuz candee."
  60. 15[15:17] * +Spero perks back up and straightens himself out to his full height as Noble_Heart comes to. "Why's that?"
  61. 07[15:17] * @Get_Lost "hey! don't be that rude... i have relatives in that family!"
  62. 07[15:17] * @Crescendo_ takes a hurried step back. "That's good... are you sure you're ok? You were out for a while?"
  63. 07[15:17] * +Shatara looks up from cleaning his rifle as the alicorn revives.
  64. 07[15:19] * @Get_Lost if no one is going to pick up the memory orb, she tries picking it up and giving it an uncertain lick.... maybe it tastes like black licorice....
  65. 07[15:20] * +Kid scoffs and opens the trap door down, looking up quizzically with her good eye.  "I dunno. It looks a pretty fancy pre-war buildin' t' me." She was feeling cornbread and beans. Did anypony else feel like cornbread and beans? "Hey. Ya'll feel in th' mood fer cornbread n' beans?"
  66. 15[15:21] * +Spero glances over at Kid. "Cornbread's good. You don't want an alicorn on beans." He looks back at Noble_Heart.
  67. 07[15:21] * @Mitzi looks to Kid; "Corn, bread und beans... where's da meat?"
  68. 07[15:21] * +Noble_Heart glares at the building a few more moments as Get Lost speaks about it, before slowly looking back down. "It is alright. We forgive you for your ancestor's mistakes. They were not yours, but We still cannot forgive that -thing's- existence." She glares in particular at the symbol on the building with a snort. "But We believe that your ancestors were here to test something
  69. 07[15:21] * +Noble_Heart most dangerous. That orb," she gestures with a forehoof, "holds the reasons for it. They were trying to duplicate the great Gardens of Equestria which the Goddess before the Goddess labored so hard to create." She lowers her voice with disdain. "Ignorant savages who could not even build a terminal correctly recreating Her great work." Speaking ot Get Lost again a moment later. "No
  70. 07[15:21] * +Noble_Heart offense intended."
  71. 07[15:23] * @Get_Lost looks down and mutters something like "well sorry if not everypony got the princess funds..."
  72. 07[15:23] * @Crescendo_ 's stomache rumbles, it had been a long night. "That sounds lovely, Kid. Would you like a hoof with anything?"
  73. 07[15:23] * @Mitzi looks to Noble_Heart; "Den how come we're not just breakeen eet?"
  74. 07[15:24] * @Get_Lost "anyhow, since this solaris stuff usually is not exxactly reliable, we could just check that there isn't atimebomb in that place before we move?"
  75. [15:24] <@Get_Lost> *a time bomb
  76. 07[15:25] * +Kid stops right mid-step. Oh, shit. She didn't understand technology, but a brief mental image of the wasteland turning back into dust... The world being broken in half again... Ooh! That sounded like a hell of a story! "... Naw. Screw lunch. That'll wait 'till later. I'll bring th' tequila." Tequila fuels stupid excursions.
  77. 07[15:26] * +Noble_Heart nods her head in agreement with Get Lost. "Agreed. We cannot simply walk past such a potential threat to the safety of you ponies and griffins. It would be a disaster if they attempted to recreate Her great work and failed, the damage done to Equestria could be catastrophic." She shook her head and reached down with a forehoof to pat Get Lost on the shoulder. "We do not
  78. 04[15:26] * +Noble_Heart blame you for your ancestory. You are but a pony, after all." She straightens up again and looks towards the building then towards Spero, "Shall we all go together, then?"
  79. 04[15:26] * @Mitzi looks to Spero; "So, wut we gonna du?"
  80. 07[15:27] * @Get_Lost sighs and doesn't reply at the alicorn, simply nodding, then mutters "still, i'd gladly bite somethingbefore we move..."
  81. 06[15:28] * Mitzi sets mode: +v Bookwright
  82. 15[15:29] * +Spero looks from Noble_Heart up to the building and sighs. This... could very well have something to do with what he was warned about. And he couldn't exactly just leave it be if it was. "We're gonna park the boat, we're gonna go figure out what's in that building, and the-" he looks at Get_Lost. "Bite what?"
  83. 07[15:29] * @Get_Lost "well, some food... i am starving... like the others" the mare points at kid and Crescendo_
  84. 07[15:30] * @Crescendo_ looks down in disappointment. Now he was hungry for cornbread... "Miss Noble_Heart was it? What was that thing?" He points towards the memory orb (now with teeth marks)
  85. 15[15:31] * +Spero looks at Get_Lost curiously for a moment. He'd seen her lick the orb... "Right... we'll do all that stuff I said after we eat."
  86. 07[15:33] * @Get_Lost limps to the cabin "no, parking this rusting baby is the first thing... get ready with the anchor and the ropes, i'll approach a side of the river and put it in a place where the water isn't too fast"
  87. 07[15:33] * +Noble_Heart looks down towards the orb and snorts. "A recording of sorts. Of the past. Of one who would one day create Us as well as Her friends. Though she knows now the peace of death at the hooves of the destroyer, She was a great mare. The recording tells of how Solaris learned that She was to use a piece of technology to create the great Gardens of Equestria. And the fear that
  88. 04[15:33] * +Noble_Heart they would try to duplicate Her work, with their usual 'quality'." The way she said that the quotes were actually audible in the statement. She then nods her head to Spero. "If this place has waited two centuries another hour should not harm it greatly."
  89. 07[15:33] * @Mitzi nods, consenting to the alpha's opinion. "We eat, den we break dangerous lookeen building."
  90. 07[15:34] * +Kid clacks and clanks down stairs, and returns with a wooden barrel on her back, filled with the fuel of the wasteland. Which, come to think of it, could be used as an impromptu fuel source given a combustion engine and nothing to lose.  "Consider it motivation. Th' more stuff we find up there t' eat, th' better dinner'll be!" She tried to stay positive, even though her mane was standing up on...
  91. 07[15:35] * +Kid ...end. This could be bad. Very bad. But I have lightning slugs, right? Those should keep me safe enough in an egghead heaven. She set the keg down and returned to the below deck. She was going to have to make some quickbread. She didn't like the idea of leaving it to sit for much longer.
  92. 15[15:36] * +Spero nods then calls back over to Kid, "Shout when it's ready!" He looks back to Noble_Heart. "Can we talk for a minute? Privately?"
  93. 04[15:37] * +Noble_Heart nods her head to Spero, offering the slightest bit of a bow to him. "Lead on, brother." Straightening up again to let Spero lead her where he would.
  94. 07[15:39] * @Mitzi doesn't fallow the alpha, picking up on the apparent intent for privacy to indoctrinate the newcomer. She looks to Get_Lost and Crescendo_ "So, how am Uh doeen? Uh'm being helpful tu yu ponies, right?"
  95. 15[15:40] * +Spero smirks and leads Noble_Heart off to a secluded part of the ship, away from the other ponies, griffins, and hellhounds. He turns around and waits for her to come to a stop. She was... well she had nice intentions, she was just very uh... brash. And... rude. "It's... been awhile since I've seen an alicorn quite like you."
  96. 07[15:41] * @Get_Lost tries to put the boat in the right position then waits for some winged crew member to tie the ropes and drop the anchor
  97. 07[15:43] * +Noble_Heart nods her head in return. "We are quite talented, We know. And few have our noble temperment or desire to help the lesser ponies. It shames Us to think that Our sisters and new brothers forget Our heritage so easily." She heaves a sad sigh and shakes her head. "It is why Our new mother gave Us the name Noble Heart, who would help all the ponies of the world find their places
  98. 07[15:43] * +Noble_Heart within it. To protect them from the things they are not capable of protecting themselves from. We were most honored by it."
  99. 07[15:45] * @Crescendo_ looks at the glass sphere with interest. So that's what a memory orb looked like, he'd only heard about them in stories. Mitzi's question gains his attention. "Oh, yes. Very helpful I think... um... I'm sorry about firing at you the other day. After getting shot I think I panicked a bit."
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  102. 07[15:45] * @Mitzi blinks; "Yu were shooteen at flyeen ponies weren't yu? Uh just stepped into da way by mistake."
  103. 07[15:46] * +Shatara helps tie off the ship. Yay, opposable thumbs!
  104. 15[15:46] * +Spero smiles. Yes... noble heart... haughty head... "That's a very nice... outlook. Very nice goal. Actually quite impressive to have been named by uh... our new mother. Think I could give one piece of advice, though?"
  105. 04[15:47] * +Noble_Heart raises her eyebrows slightly and nods her head, curious as to what Spero might have to say about the prospect. "We are always open to advice from one of Our siblings."
  106. 07[15:48] * @Mitzi shrugs; "Didn't hit me anyways."
  107. 07[15:48] * @Get_Lost with the boat secured, the mare joins the others that are eating something; she is still limping a bit and seems a little battered, but doesnt' look like she's really caring
  108. 07[15:49] * @Crescendo_ "Heh, yes but it was inexcuseable to fire like that with a friend in the way."
  109. 07[15:49] * @Mitzi shrugs; "Yu ponies scare easy, Uh forgeev yu."
  110. 15[15:49] * +Spero "It's great to want to help ponies, but I've found it works -a lot- better when they like you and -want- to listen to you. And... ponies don't like being called 'lesser ponies'. Or stupid. Or... well I'm sure you get the idea."
  111. 07[15:51] * @Get_Lost eats slowly and looks often at the large symbol looming on her head from the canyon wall and sighs...
  112. 07[15:52] * +Noble_Heart blinks and mostly just looks confused. "But We are only speaking the truth. Is Honesty not one of the great virtues of pony kind? We were created to be better than normal ponies. It is our nature and origin to be more than they. It is why We have a duty to help them in these trying times!" She frowns a bit and furrows her brows. "We cannot blame them for being as they are.
  113. 07[15:52] * +Noble_Heart Nor would We wish to condemn them for their ancestory. No pony nor griffin nor zebra chooses to be what they are. But they are what they are, as are We."
  114. 13[15:55] * Dimestream (vlxghaehkhqho@Pony-ke7.ha6.178.76.IP) Quit (Connection closed)
  115. 15[15:55] * +Spero nods. "That's... very true. But another one of the great virtues is kindness. And pointing out to a pony... or a zebra or a griffin... that they're not as good as us isn't very nice. Part of honesty is telling the truth... but what's by being 'honest' when all it serves is hurting someone's feelings and it doesn't help actually reveal some truth or point someone in the right direction for help?"
  116. 07[15:56] * @Get_Lost as soon ass she has done eating, the mare starts putting her barding on and prepares everything that could be useful... that is, everything she has in her bags
  117. 07[15:56] * +Shatara goes down, joining the others for the meal. It was hardly a steak, but some of the best non-meat he's ever had.
  118. 15[15:56] <+Spero> but what good is being 'honest'...*
  119. 07[15:57] * @Get_Lost puts the 2 healing potions in a place easy to reach, then startts looking for a way to get up the cliff somehow
  120. 07[15:58] * @Mitzi decides to partake of the pony food. It had flavour and texture, but was lacking in substance she felt
  121. 13[15:58] * Somber (Mibbit@Pony-lsh.ee4.141.75.IP) Quit (Quit: ajax IRC Client)
  122. 07[15:59] * +Noble_Heart frowns a bit more and shakes her head. "But We only wish them to understand that We do not disparage them or hate them for their nature. We have come to help them however We can." She snorts a moment and straightens up. "But do not fear. We will endeavour to speak words which thy comrades will know and grok. Lest Our conversation become inscruitably esoteric 'pon their
  123. 07[15:59] * +Noble_Heart ears."
  124. 07[15:59] * @Mitzi decides to keep an eye out for Any Radhog or other appropriate meat bearign creature.
  125. 07[16:00] * @Crescendo_ munches away on Kid's home cooking. "Thank you Mitzi."
  126. 07[16:00] * @Mitzi pats Crescendo_ "Eet's gud, Uh'm tryeen tu get along."
  127. 07[16:01] * +Kid is quite proud of her quickbread. She had to scrounge for the beer, though. She hopes that Smiling Jack will eventually forgive her. "Ya'll dig in'. We got th' road ahead of us." It wasn't cornbread, it was beerbread. It had corn in it, though, to sweeten it a bit. It still went with beans like chocolate and peanut butter, though. After a light meal, she gets saddled up and starts pouring...
  128. 07[16:01] * +Kid ...out shots of the Tequila. "Fer good luck!"
  129. 13[16:01] * Pantzar ( Quit (Connection closed)
  130. 15[16:01] * +Spero blinks at Noble_Heart. His smile widens a bit and he bites his lip to keep from laughing. He nods. "T-thanks. I'm sure... I'm sure you'll fit right in..."
  131. 07[16:01] * @Get_Lost drinks some water and waits for the others, still staring at that giant symbol and frowning
  132. 07[16:03] * @Mitzi takes the offered shot and downs it. "Hmm... eez not bad for ponee drink."
  133. 07[16:04] * @Get_Lost avoids drinking alcohol it wasn't very good for a bleeding pony, but avoids pointing that out to the others, since it also boosts morale a lot until used with somee moderation
  134. 04[16:06] * +Noble_Heart nods her head and gives Spero a comforting smile. "We would not wish to upset thine companions nor dissuade them from thy service. So We shall do Our best. But We will not tolerate such afronts to Our nature as that horrid symbol those ancient ponies concocted out of some misbegotten idology of self-agrandizement through endowment." She snorts again in anger at even thinking
  135. 07[16:06] * +Noble_Heart about the Solaris company symbol.
  136. 07[16:07] * @Crescendo_ downs one of Kid's shots, whinnying unintentionally. "...mighty smooth," he wheezes.
  137. [16:07] <@Mitzi> 1d10 Per 6
  138. 15[16:08] * +Spero looks back up at the building then nods. Yeah... that was just plain silly. He moves to walk back to the food and gives Noble_Heart a pat on the shoulder with a wing as he passes. "Can't blame you one bit..."
  139. [16:09] <@Kkat> 3The hellhound is unsuccessful in spotting meat.  No creatures along the banks.  Not even fish in the water.
  140. 07[16:09] * @Mitzi is dissapoint
  141. [16:09] <@Mitzi> *disappoint
  142. 07[16:09] * +Kid is very proud of her alcohol-brewing. Heck, so proud it's on her flank. "Thank ya'll! It ain't worth brewin' if it don't have some kick! I was wonderin' if it would get bad for bein' on th' move an' all. Doesn't seem like it, though!" She took her shot and grimaced as it went down. That's the stuff. "Alright!" She whooped. "Let's go fight some damn roboponies!" Kid trots out strapped down...
  143. 07[16:09] * +Kid usual, loading her special lightning shells into her shotgun.
  144. 04[16:11] * +Noble_Heart follows after Spero with a nod and offers a wing pat in return. "You are a credit to Our kind, brother." Smiling happily as she strode back towards the others with him.
  145. 15[16:11] * +Spero quickly levitates some food and drink over to him and noms quickly as he reaches the kitchen. Don't want to waste the daylight... not that they'd need it much inside of a building.
  146. 07[16:12] * +Kid smiles at Noble Heart uncomfortably. "'Ey. Go get yerself some lunch. We're movin' out soon." Not too used to this moving around thing. She gets lost easy as is.
  147. 07[16:13] * @Crescendo_ follows Kid onto the deck. It seems like they were going to move out soon. "If by 'fight' you mean 'carefully sneak by' then I'm all for it."
  148. 04[16:14] * +Noble_Heart did as Spero did, stopping by the food long enough to acquire some in her magic. She ate it carefully, with the kind of quiet dignity and careful precision which spoke of sophistication, or perhaps of just not being very hungry to begin with. Swallowing a mouth full she responded to Kid. "We thank you for your contribution to Our welfare. Though it shames Us to admit it,
  149. 07[16:14] * +Noble_Heart We have never had time to learn to cook. Your skills are most appreciated."
  150. 15[16:14] * +Spero smirks as Noble_Heart talks. See, that was more like it.
  151. 04[16:15] * @Mitzi looks to Spero and smiles. Apparently the new inducty had been given some kind of ultimatum on her condescending language. She gives Spero a thumbs up
  152. 07[16:16] * +Noble_Heart grins a bit as she takes another bite. "It is so nice to see ponies finding a place in Equestria which they are suited for. We are most appreciative of your talents in matters of kitchens and cookery. We shall endeavour to ensure that you need not deal with anything more dangerous."
  153. 06[16:17] * Get_Lost is now known as Mimebear
  154. 06[16:18] * Mimebear is now known as Get_Lost
  155. 07[16:18] * +Kid smirks. Appealing to her ego was the surest way into her good graces. "Well, you're welcome!" She was good with that. Except for that last bit, but it was relatively innocent. What did he say to her? "Oh. Uh, do ya'll want a bit of th' tequila? I think there's still some in th' still. M' pa used t' say that drinkin' a shot before goin' off was good luck."
  156. 07[16:18] * @Crescendo_ nods to Noble_Heart. "Now that's something I can get behind. Less dangerous is my cup of tea."
  157. [16:18] <@Kkat> 3The cornbread is delicious.
  158. 06[16:19] * Warp is now known as Juno
  159. 07[16:19] * @Mitzi chuckles and looks at her empty shot; "Luk eez gud."
  160. 07[16:19] * +Kid gives Crescendo a snicker. "Ya'll never been t' the bog, have ya'll?" She quips.
  161. 15[16:20] * +Spero snorts then looks over at the shots and picks one up and downs it quickly. "Always better lucky than good."
  162. 07[16:20] * +Noble_Heart frowns slightly at that prospect, looking at the still then at the others and finally to the glasses. "Very well, if such is tradition then We shall do as you ponies and griffins and hellhounds do." She levitated one of the drinks up and raised it briefly in a sortof toast. "To victory and survival." Downing the contents quickly to wash down the lovely cornbread.
  163. 07[16:21] * @Mitzi glances at the rifle on her back. She'd need to be lucky more than anything to even be able to fire the thing as it was. She could just as easily slive the whole thing in half
  164. [16:21] <@Mitzi> slice
  165. 07[16:21] * @Get_Lost is still sitting on the deck, waiting while staring at the structure above her head and that giant male alicorn; doesn't seem to be willing to join the others, she already ate
  166. 15[16:22] * +Spero sets the glass back down and grunts. "Shall we?" He head back out to the deck and looks up at the building.
  167. 07[16:24] * +Noble_Heart nods her head. "Surely." She stepped off to the main part of the boat and approached Get Lost. "Are you going to come with Us? That place is of your ancestory, and We would not deny you the chance to make right their mistakes. Not when it presents itself in such a way. We know what it means to have a history which is most painful for others. The Goddess was a horrid creature
  168. 07[16:24] * +Noble_Heart which did terrible things for Her ends, and We would not wish to be remembered for Her actions either. But as We work to make ponies safe and reclaim the world for them, so too might you work to fix the mistakes of the past."
  169. 07[16:24] * +Kid whoops, being as happy as can be. She remembers something. "Ready when ya'll are!" She remembers something that she always said to new ponies. "Oh! And, uh. Princess." That was a good nickname for her, right? "Th' names Alley Bourbon. Ya'll can call me Kid." She trots over to where they're supposed to offboard, whether that be a trail to follow or on top of a alicorn simply flying there.
  170. 06[16:24] * Glare ( has joined #FalloutEquestriaPNP
  171. 06[16:24] * ChanServ sets mode: +o Glare
  172. 07[16:25] * @Crescendo_ just smiles and heads up to the deck. The more Kid talked about it the more he was glad they weren't travelling through the Bogs... with their danger and their things with teeth in them.
  173. 13[16:26] * @Strobe ( Quit (Ping timeout: 121 seconds)
  174. 06[16:26] * Glare is now known as Strobe
  175. 07[16:26] * @Mitzi could swear that Kid had another name, but shrugs it off
  176. 07[16:27] * +Noble_Heart blinks a moment at being called 'princess', that was a title she had not had in many, many years after all. Though the fact that Kid called her that did little to disuade or stagger her. If anything it seemed to make her stand taller and straighter than ever before, if that were possible.
  177. 07[16:28] * @Get_Lost shrugs, after a long pause "i dont' think i'm even actually part of that family... just some sort of... illegitimate descendant... i font' think i will have troubles coming along... i hope"
  178. 07[16:29] * @Get_Lost "besides, if that place is dangerous, it needs to be fixed.... we can't just leave it like this"
  179. 07[16:30] * +Noble_Heart nods her head. "I am certain We can find our way inside. We have already penetrated the interior once before. And still have the card which allowed access." She smiled in agreement to Get_Lost. "Then let us all go. It shan't be long to reach, I believe. Tis a trifling matter, compared to the difficulties in reaching this distant land to begin with."
  180. 07[16:30] * +Kid looks pityingly at Get. "Hey. This'll be easy, alright?" I hope. "We jus' need t' get in, loot th' place a lil', and get out. Simple, right?" Probably not. "And I know somethin' about havin' family that's none too looked well upon." She did.
  181. 07[16:32] * @Crescendo_ trots up beside Get_Lost on the deck. "That's very true. Still, how are you holding up? Are your wounds any better?"
  182. 07[16:32] * @Get_Lost "i've heard of a solaris pistol toy that actually changed sex... and race... of the targets.... i'd advise a lot of attention...."
  183. 07[16:32] * @Get_Lost "if i dont' get shot again i'll be fine, why issuddenly everpony worrying about me? really guys, i'm fine!"
  184. 15[16:32] * +Spero looks at Get_Lost. "You can't be serious..." He shakes his head then jumps up into the air and takes flight, hovering several feet above the deck of the boat.
  185. 04[16:33] * +Noble_Heart spreads her wings to follow Spero, nodding her head and looking up towards the building. "Then We shall go! This threat to Equestria must not stand!"
  186. 07[16:34] * @Get_Lost looks up at the top of the cliff "still, a hoof with getting up there would be really nice"
  187. 07[16:35] * +Shatara glances over the party, contemplating the best ways to get everyone up
  188. 15[16:35] * +Spero "Eeyup..." He looks down at the hellhound and ponies on the deck and his horn lights up, starting to lift them off the ground.
  189. 15[16:35] <+Spero> (REDACT)
  190. 15[16:35] * +Spero "Eeyup..." He looks down at the hellhound and ponies on the deck. "Want another lift?"
  191. 07[16:36] * @Get_Lost "i'd love some help, yes thanks"
  192. 07[16:37] * +Kid smiles and nods nervously. She hated floating. She thought she'd like it. But it was like being on boats.
  193. 07[16:38] * @Crescendo_ shakes his head, still incredulous over what Get_Lost had said about the Solaris pistol... that couldn't be right, surely?
  194. 04[16:38] * +Noble_Heart smiles and nods her head to Spero, her horn lighting up as she began to lift part of the group from the deck. Kid and Mitzi, in specific. Her magic the traditional alicorn colors as she held them in the air, leaving Get Lost and Crescendo_ for Spero to carry. "We assume your griffin friend can fly herself?"
  195. 15[16:39] * +Spero 's horn lights up and picks up the other ponies. "Mmhmm." He turns and starts slowly flying up to the entrance of the building.
  196. 07[16:40] * @Mitzi looks up; "Uh'll take un, just gotta keep my eyes closed."
  197. 04[16:40] * +Noble_Heart follows after Spero, careful not to let those she was carrying get too far away from her. "We apologize if this is not the most comfortable way to travel. It is a sad fact to admit that We have not often had to carry ponies through the air this way. But We have spent many years helping ponies as much as We could."
  198. 06[16:40] * Juno is now known as Juno|Getting_Lunch
  199. 07[16:40] * +Shatara groans and rolls his eyes. "Showoffs..." He beats his wings for altitude, scouting ahead for threats. He doubts it'd be a good thing if someone were to shoot up the hornheads while they were carrying pretty much everyone...
  200. 07[16:41] * @Get_Lost waits for her tourn to be lifted "well i'm not sureit really worked, but once i found this seafood can and it was produced again by the company... guess what there was written onthe wrap?.... it MAY contain sentient lifeforms..."
  201. [16:41] <@Kkat> 3The sun has risen to shine down into the canyon, reflecting on the rippling wave-tips of the water.  The sign "SOLARIS" no longer seems to glow, and the building's windows have become like rows of dead eyes.
  202. 07[16:41] * @Get_Lost "really guys, you want to be extra cautious"
  203. 15[16:42] * +Spero says back to Get_Lost as he carries her to the entrance. "Yeah, yeah, we'll be careful."
  204. 07[16:42] * +Kid is floating up with the same expression as a house cat that has found themselves clambered up on the wallpaper with a dog underneath them. Oh please don't drop me please don't drop me please don't drop me how does Southern and Pa do this please don't drop me.
  205. 07[16:43] * @Mitzi waits for her turn to be floated up. Maybe she should have tunneled up through the cliff while the others were being levitated
  206. 07[16:44] * @Get_Lost approaches the building with caution,looking inside a window but without phisically entering in it
  207. 07[16:46] * +Noble_Heart carries Kid and Mitzi in her magical field, floating down towards the entryway, she knew where it was after all. Gently setting the two down upon the ground moments after she lands. She strides confidently towards the doors and retrieves a small card from one of her saddlebags.
  208. 15[16:46] * +Spero lands next to Noble_Heart, setting down Crescendo_ and Get_Lost next to Kid and Mitzi before walking up behind the alicorn.
  209. 07[16:47] * +Kid is so happy to be on the groud.
  210. 07[16:47] * @Crescendo_ is surprised to be lifted into the air, and remains completely still, lest he end up scattered over a wide area.
  211. 07[16:48] * @Mitzi feels much better on the ground again, even if it was higher up. "So," she looks to Noble_Heart; "Yu said yu been in here before, right? Wat yu find already?"
  212. 07[16:48] * +Shatara settles on the roof, keeping watch as the others work on the doors.
  213. 07[16:49] * +Noble_Heart carefully slides the card into the card slot beside the doors. "This is where We entered this building last night. Before We were aware of what it might contain." She shook her head. "That the foolish ponies which built this place did not plan for the future well. Their terminals are faulty and may explode unexpectedly." She snorted a little in irritation. "But We did not
  214. 07[16:49] * +Noble_Heart have long to explore before the sun rose. We found lights. A few things you might find useful as well."
  215. 07[16:49] * +Kid is, in fact, a hair away from rolling on the ground and thanking it for existing. "Right. Uh. We should, uh. Go inside." Said the little Earth Pony mare. If anypony should lead, it would probably have to be her. She attempted to push open the closest available door with the butt of her gun.
  216. 07[16:51] * @Mitzi nods; "Eez dere any robots or ceiling guns?"
  217. 07[16:52] * @Get_Lost waits patiently behind the others; being hurt she doesn't want to be anywere near to the first line, still, she seems quite curious
  218. 07[16:53] * +Noble_Heart shook her head. "None which attacked Us, at least. In the places We went." She used the key and waited patiently for the doors to open. Surely they could not have broken in a single night after two centuries of stability?
  219. 07[16:55] * @Crescendo_ gathers up what courage he can find. "Well, I suppose we should take a look then." He takes up position behind Noble_Heart and Kid, who seemed to be having trouble with some unruly doors.
  220. 13[17:02] * DancingOnTheAshes ( Quit (Connection closed)
  221. 06[17:02] * DancingOnTheAshes ( has joined #FalloutEquestriaPNP
  222. 06[17:03] * Pantzar ( has joined #FalloutEquestriaPNP
  223. 07[17:03] * @Mitzi is prepared to rip the door off its hinges if it doesn't open on its own
  224. 07[17:07] * +Noble_Heart frowns a bit more and pulls the card from the door's reader, inserting it again. "There is another entrance on the roof, if We cannot get this entrance to work. Though that one may require specialized skills to open, which We are ashamed to admit We do not possess."
  225. [17:09] <@Kkat> 3The main entrance is marked by a large, overhanging archway.  The arch has rows of indentations, each inset with colored glass.  From the valley, it would have looked as if a shimmering rainbow was announcing the entrance.  Now, though, centuries of dust and neglect have somewhat dampened the effect.
  226. [17:11] <@Kkat> 3A huge, sun-shaped crest is emblazoned over the large double-doors.  A sun with an aggressively male alicorn in the center.  Inscribed around the sun are the words: SO ARIS Re ea h & Execu ion N rth.  A few of the letters are missing.
  227. [17:13] <@Kkat> 3The main entrance is on the side of the building facing away from the river, with small, asymmetrical parking lot and a road leading away, curving down the cliffs.  
  228. 04[17:13] * +Kid steps up and looks at the Solaris mascot for a brief moment and looks quite contemplative. Then she looks at Spero. Then back at the mascot again. And then she couldn't help but burst into laughter.
  229. 15[17:14] * +Spero watches Kid burst into laughter then looks back up at the male alicorn and mumbles, "Big but ain't that big... still say that thing couldn't walk straight..."
  230. [17:15] <@Kkat> 3A little light flashes orange above the slot and you can hear a hiss as the doors begin to open pneumatically, revealing a large foyer lit by sunlight streaming through grimy windows, and dozens of circular lights on the ceiling, several of which are flickering, and the ones that remain lit are vastly outnumbered by their dead companions.
  231. 07[17:15] * +Kid "Ah think- Ah think that they weren't too worried 'bout anatomical correctness fer a place so filled full've eggheads!"
  232. 07[17:16] * @Mitzi gives a shrug; "Any ponee like dat wud have died frum not being able tu walk."
  233. [17:17] <@Kkat> 3Inside you to see the circular reception desk with intact-looking terminals, a the last tatters of a pre-war Equestrian flag, a few badly faded posters on the walls.  Twin stairs at the back lead to the upper floor while hallways lead to the ground-floor wings.  
  234. [17:18] <@Kkat> 3A fancy bronze company plate that dominates the wall between the stairwells, with it's huge emblem of a sun surrounding an excessively-endowed male alicorn.  
  235. 07[17:18] * @Crescendo_ "This place doesn't feel too welcoming."
  236. 06[17:18] * Juno|Getting_Lunch is now known as Juno|Lunch_Acquired
  237. 15[17:18] * +Spero glances at the mascot alicorn one more time then just shakes his head and walks inside. "Did you look at these terminals earlier?"
  238. 07[17:19] * @Get_Lost enters and takes a look around "well, they tried to stay classy no matter what, i see... did you say something about exploding terminals?"
  239. 07[17:19] * +Noble_Heart looks up at the symbol and snorts. "They were foolish ponies who wished to agrandize their organization by stealing the imagery of the rightful rulers of Equestria." She slid the card back into her bags and stepped through into the foyer, waiting for the others to join her. "We have been here before. But you are welcome to see if there is anything We have missed." Glaring
  240. 04[17:19] * +Noble_Heart again at the symbol within the building. "Thy desecration is great indeed to adorn thy walls with such unfathomably foolish designs and believe it lent a degree of credibility to their work." She nodded her head to Spero. "They were non-functional, save the one which exploded when We attempted to activate it."
  241. [17:20] <@Kkat> 3There is scattered debris, a row of filing cabinets that are all open, the last one toppled over, wastebins with their lids removed and the contents scattered and rotted.
  242. 07[17:20] * @Mitzi looks around; "Dis were yu been before?"
  243. 07[17:21] * @Get_Lost "i can see if i can reactivate a terminal and see what's on it...."
  244. 15[17:21] * +Spero looks around and replies absent-mindedly, "Yeah, good idea..."
  245. 07[17:21] * +Noble_Heart nods her head to Mitzi. "We also traveled upstairs and amongst their organizational leadership area. Alas, We did not find anything useful save a single functional terminal which We could not access." She snorts a little bit. "Though We are uncertain We would wish to access their notes after finding their 'digest' amongst the papers here."
  246. 07[17:22] * +Shatara glides through the doors, bringing up the rear with pistol in hand
  247. 07[17:22] * +Kid holds her hoof in front of Get_Lost. "Wait- wait." Still chuckling. Still laughing. Okay, done. "Ah think, ah think I wouldn't trust 'em fer a pony in yer condition.
  248. 07[17:22] * +Kid "Didn't she said that they asploded fer ponies that tried t' access 'em?"
  249. 07[17:23] * @Get_Lost "i could drink a potion if that will makke you feel any better... but we have only 2 of those, it looks like a bit wasted..."
  250. [17:24] <+Noble_Heart> "There is one terminal We are certain still functions. Upstairs, it was still active when We arrived. But We could not determine how to access its contents." Noble_Heart looked to Get Lost. "If thee believe that thine skills are greater than Ours with matters of magic and science then take thine grand abilities and utilize them for the benefit of all pony kind. Lest the relics of
  251. [17:24] <+Noble_Heart> the past blight Our future once more."
  252. 07[17:25] * @Crescendo_ looks at Get_Lost imploringly. "Could you promise to be careful, at least?"
  253. 07[17:25] * @Get_Lost nodnods "sure i'm nottouching anything until i checked it before...." approaches a terminal and sees if it is possible to restart it
  254. [17:26] <@Kkat> 3Shatara:you have landed on the roof, watching the others go inside.  Looking about, you see there is a roof access door.  It is, sadly, locked.  There is an open panel exposing wiring where a terminal ought to be connected, but the terminal itself is missing.  You are able to quickly surmise that this is the terminal that the pegasi scavenged...
  255. [17:26] <@Kkat> break into the maintenance storage area you enjoyed discovering last night.  There is a skeleton and a rusted toolbox on roof near the door.  
  256. 06[17:28] * Ashen_Ward (Athilmar@Pony-9qj.k4t.189.72.IP) has joined #FalloutEquestriaPNP
  257. 07[17:28] * +Shatara checks the toolbox for anything useful before heading after the others
  258. 07[17:28] * @Get_Lost shrugs "well, i guess we can first check the terminal upstairs..."
  259. 15[17:28] * +Spero looks at Noble_Heart. "Very... grandiose." He blinks. "I've-" hacked into exactly one terminal ever "-broken my way into terminals before... might be able to do that one as well."
  260. 04[17:29] * @Get_Lost glares at spero and opens mouth to intervene, then shuts up.
  261. 15[17:29] * +Spero looks down at Get_Lost. "Hey if you think you can do it better, go ahead and try."
  262. [17:30] <@Kkat> 3Inside: those inside can see that one of the terminals was rigged to explode, and has done so apparently recently.  Of the other three, two appear to be simply dead.  One still has power, but there is something wrong with it's matrix.  Turning it on only invokes a lively flash of sparks.  Then it dies again.
  263. 07[17:30] * @Get_Lost "i'm not really sure but i can try... with the engine it didnt' go very well..."
  264. 07[17:30] * +Noble_Heart nods her head and moves towards the stairs, leading the way up towards the second floor and into the office area. "We do not know what it might hold. But We were hesitant to take advice from their writings to attempt to break it." She pulled from one of her bags a magazine labeled clearly 'Solaris Monthly', with that same over-endowed male alicorn on the cover. "A company
  265. 07[17:30] * +Noble_Heart which could not even make a terminal to fail properly and safely doubtfully had any useful knowledge on how to actually make one function properly."
  266. [17:31] <@Kkat> 3Shatara: The toolbox has a variety of basic tools.  With the tools, someone with mechanics/repair skills might be able to hotwire the door open.  (Requires Mechanics of 25.)
  267. 07[17:32] * @Get_Lost follows Noble_Heart upstairs, checking the place with a little sadness in her eyes
  268. 15[17:33] * +Spero follows Noble_Heart upstairs and heads over to the terminal. "Hey, can I rip the cover off that magazine real quick?"
  269. 07[17:34] * +Kid scoffs lightly. "Never did trust none of these terminal thingies none." She rubs her bad eye unconsciously. Stupid science-y thingies. It's not like I wished that I could understand it. Like Lil'Pip. Or Glory. Or just about all the cool ponies from the before times.
  270. 07[17:36] * +Kid looks around for any decent loot before going up with Noble Heart. Gotta distract yourself. Yes.
  271. 07[17:37] * @Get_Lost takes a look at the terminal and studies it, trying to determine how difficult could be to break it
  272. 06[17:37] * Juno|Lunch_Acquired is now known as Juno|TF2
  273. [17:37] <@Kkat> 3Once you reach the second floor landing, there are markings directing you towards "Execution", "Oversight" and "Biolabs"
  274. 04[17:37] * +Noble_Heart snorts and offers the magazine to Spero. "Be Our guest. We were tempted to simply burn it. But We thought its contents might yet be important to somepony somewhere." She chuckles. "We suppose that was a silly idea, as what pony would wish to take advice from such an object?"
  275. 07[17:38] * @Get_Lost frowns "biolas? i dont' like where this is going...."
  276. 07[17:38] * +Shatara collects the tools, pondering hotwiring the door. Looks doable enough, but he wouldn't want to get too separated from the others. He checks the local map on his PipBuck, making note of the others' progress.
  277. [17:39] <@Kkat> 3"Oversight" seems to be something akin to "administration", as this part of the building is full of offices and cubicals, with a myriad of desks and filing cabinets.  There are terminals galore, all seeming ruined save for one whose screen is still glowing a strange orange color.  
  278. 15[17:39] * +Spero chuckles. "Great minds think alike?" He takes the magazine and rips the cover off, making sure there's nothing that might be remotely important on it, before holding it up in his telekinesis. His horn flickers again as the cover catches on fire. "That alicorn on there is really annoying..."
  279. 07[17:40] * +Noble_Heart nods her head to Get_Lost. "We were uncertain why they would need such a fanciful accompanyment. But now We understand, if they wished to replicate Her work then they would need such a place." She pulled a map from her bag in her magic and unfolded it. "Which makes this most worrying indeed." Laying the map out for the others to see with the clearly marked 'Testing Area'
  280. 07[17:40] * +Noble_Heart on Gaea Valley.
  281. [17:40] <@Kkat> 3There is also a corner area labeled "Employee Lounge" which is almost big enough for four or five ponies to stand in.  The area includes a table with a coffee urn and a dozen pristine coffee cups.  There are a few framed posters on the walls nearby.  Motivational and company-pride stuff.  
  282. [17:40] <@Kkat> 3"SOLARIS: the better alternative!"
  283. [17:40] <@Kkat> 3"SOLARIS: Anything Stable-Tec can do, WE can do FASTER and CHEAPER!"
  284. [17:40] <@Kkat> 3"SOLARIS: We spend less time testing so you spend less time waiting!"
  285. [17:41] <@Kkat> 3The orange terminal is password protected.  This is a moderately difficult terminal, requiring a Science of 50 to attempt to hack.
  286. 07[17:42] * @Get_Lost frowns for a moment, then proceeds examining the terminal "it's tricky... i can try something, though..." starts working on the thing, taping her hooves on the keyboard
  287. [17:43] <@Kkat> 3Kid is straggling behind, keeping an eye out for anything interesting or just lootable.  She spots a small, round cleaning robot on the floor, it's spark battery long dead but otherwise apparently fully intact.  She also spots a Insta-Vend on the wall and a yellow medical box under the table holding the coffee urn.
  288. 07[17:45] * +Kid happily checks out the Insta-Vend and the Yellow Box. She'll let the other ponies know that cleaning bot's there in a bit.
  289. 15[17:46] * +Spero stands back and watches Get_Lost as the cover of the offending magazine burns to ash.
  290. 07[17:47] * +Shatara shrugs and decides to work on the door.
  291. 07[17:47] * @Get_Lost goes all clickety click on the machine, mutterinfg some words "yeah, clearly... there had to be a backdoor..."
  292. 07[17:48] * +Noble_Heart looks up as Get_Lost gets to work, leaving the map layed out for the moment. Curious as to what if anything she'd find.
  293. [17:51] <@Kkat> 3The Insta-Vend slides open, but the only things left inside are a package of hot dogs and a discolored box of cream pie that says "keep frozen until serving" at the bottom.  The medical box is even better, containing four spark batteries and a can of Good Pony Wake-Up, the extra-caffinated coffee.
  294. 06[17:51] * Zepheniah (Zepheniah@Pony-4gv.ge0.204.89.IP) has joined #FalloutEquestriaPNP
  295. 13[17:52] * River ( Quit (Ping timeout: 121 seconds)
  296. 06[17:53] * Zepheniah is now known as River
  297. [17:53] <@Kkat> 3Get_Lost pokes at the terminal, and it happily allows her access.  Actually, it really wasn't that hard.  The password was the name of the Solaris' company founder's dog.
  298. 07[17:55] * +Noble_Heart trots up behind Get_Lost, "Tell Us what you hath found? If they have attempted to recreate Her great work here, then this facility is perchance the most dangerous place to Equestria." The alicorn frowns a bit more. "Thy skills are most great, and We are thankful for thy assistance. You are a great example of your people 'pon this world."
  299. 07[17:56] * @Get_Lost "i just broke into it... still waiting for the menu to pop up... let's look at it together..."
  300. [17:56] <@Kkat> 3> Good Morning, Miss Dandelion Breeze.  It has been 195 years, 21 days, 5 hours since your last log-in.  Penalties for missed work are being applied to your paycheck.  You owe the company 4,560,000 bits.  Remember, the Solaris family loves you.  How are you this morning?
  301. 13[17:58] * @Mitzi ( Quit (Connection closed)
  302. 06[17:58] * TenMihara ( has joined #FalloutEquestriaPNP
  303. 06[17:58] * ChanServ sets mode: +o TenMihara
  304. [17:59] <@Kkat> 3> Would you like to A) Review your pending worksheet?  B) Access your company mail?  C) View the current schedule? or D) Connect to another department?
  305. 06[17:59] * TenMihara is now known as Mitzi
  306. 07[17:59] * +Kid is rather unimpressed by this chain of events. Or she would be, if the medical box is
  307. 07[18:00] * @Get_Lost frowns "well... let's go in order? any suggestion? i'd leave the connectingthing as last, since it could ask for a different password..."
  308. 07[18:00] * +Kid wasn't filled with the things she needed to make booze. Eh. Might as well put one of those spark things in the little cleaning bot. What harm could there be?
  309. 07[18:01] * +Noble_Heart looks at that time and frowns a little bit, then checks the listing from behind Get_Lost. "If we are to find whatever great evils lurk within this ancient place then we will need to know what they were creating. Let us begin with the messages of working and see what responsibilities these ponies heaped upon the heads of their workforce."
  310. 07[18:02] * @Get_Lost "alright, then we go with the A) option" selects A
  311. [18:02] <@Kkat> 3Kid finds the little slot for the robot's spark-battery hidden beneath a panel with the Solaris company logo. The bottom of the robot is covered in scrubbers and a vaccuum mouth.  It looks like it's designed to clean floors.
  312. [18:04] <@Kkat> 3> Pending Worksheet
  313. 07[18:05] * @Mitzi keeps an eye out for a workbench.She wanted to get those weapons working again so she didn't have to charge through gunfire just to help in a fight
  314. 07[18:06] * +Kid almost puts the spark battery in. Almost. She knew that it might go wrong. Actually, she was pretty sure while looking at that little sun. She simply took it up with her with the eggheads. "Ey'. I found a thing. Ah think it needs a battery, but I'd like t' know what's wrong with it first."
  315. [18:06] <@Kkat> 3> Item #1: Compiling and correcting customer reviews of the Solaris Beetle from the first week of public-release beta testing.
  316. [18:07] <@Kkat> 3> Item #2: Revision and re-distribution of inner-company memo "Re: The Solaris Tradition - Research & Execution"
  317. 07[18:08] * @Get_Lost "looks likee this dandellion girls was some sort of front desk clerk...." glares at the ponies reading the screen with her
  318. 06[18:09] * Damnfool ( has joined #FalloutEquestriaPNP
  319. 04[18:09] * @Get_Lost "spero, want to take a look at kid's founding or navigate the terminal?"
  320. 07[18:09] * @Crescendo_ "A thing? I like things." He looks at the little robot beside Kid. It looked sad and alone. "Seems harmless to me. What's the worst that could happen?"
  321. 15[18:10] * +Spero "What do you know about robots? Cause I don't know nothing about robots..."
  322. 06[18:10] * Damnfool ( has left #FalloutEquestriaPNP
  323. 04[18:10] * @Get_Lost shrugs and leaves the terminal to spero "okay, then you check here while i fetch shatara wherever he is.... ah.... by the way, was he with us when we wntered the place?"
  324. 15[18:11] * +Spero moves down to the terminal. "On the roof."
  325. 07[18:11] * +Kid looks at Crescendo. "I dunno. Where I'm from, lil' things tend t' have some teeth."
  326. 15[18:11] * +Spero selects Item #2.
  327. 07[18:12] * +Noble_Heart tilts her head to one side then looks up at Kid's questions. "We noticed that while We were searching for something to clean the windows. But alas, the power is out and We could not find a source of energy. But We would not trust anything created by this 'Solaris'. Hethens and knaves all of them. The very idea of their creations being used by ponies terrifies and disgusts
  328. 04[18:12] * +Noble_Heart Us." She shook her head and snorted slightly to look back past Spero at the terminal.
  329. 07[18:12] * @Get_Lost sighs, she's wounded and doesn't want to trot too much "mittzi or Crescendo_ , could you please go and call shatara? there's a robot to check"
  330. 06[18:12] * Glare (Strobe@Pony-jc8.9gi.92.76.IP) has joined #FalloutEquestriaPNP
  331. 06[18:12] * ChanServ sets mode: +o Glare
  332. 07[18:13] * @Mitzi nods and gets up, not having any real knowledge about pony technology at all.
  333. 07[18:13] * @Mitzi saunters back down the stairs and out the way they came in. She proceeds to scale the building from the outside until she reaches the roof and spots the griffon.
  334. 07[18:14] * +Kid smiles and lifts the medical box. "Ya'll need energy? I have a treat!" She realized that she probably looked insane right now hefting that yellow box. "Ah mean, I said..." She sighed, put it down and opened it. Three spark batteries and a can of coffee.
  335. 13[18:14] * @Strobe ( Quit (Ping timeout: 121 seconds)
  336. 06[18:14] * Glare is now known as Strobe
  337. 07[18:15] * @Mitzi calls to Shatara; "Dey lookeen at robots inside. Dey want yu tu help eef yu can."
  338. 07[18:15] * @Get_Lost starts checking on the robot function without activating it "mh, yeah, sure... it's so obvious...." turns towards kid "it's a robot"
  339. 07[18:16] * +Kid looks slightly insulted. "Well, ah -know- that. I jus' wanted t' know what's wrong with it."
  340. 07[18:17] * @Get_Lost "look, i'm not sure we want to activate anything with that mark on it... mostly because it could detect some problem and decide to call for the security..."
  341. 07[18:18] * +Shatara calls down to Mitzi. "Just a sec...I think I've almost got this..."
  342. 04[18:19] * +Noble_Heart sighed and shook her head again as she listened to the conversation off-hoofedly about the robot. Robots were of no particular consequence for her right now, they were so pedestrian and below her station that they were hardly worth concerning oneself over unless they were trying to kill her at the time. Instead she watched the screen as Spero loaded up the mail system.
  343. 15[18:19] * +Spero hums to himself as he waits for the terminal.
  344. 07[18:19] * @Mitzi pulls herself up onto the roof and goes over to Sharata; "Wut yu doeen?"
  345. 07[18:20] * +Kid considers that for a bit. "Yeah, I guess yer right."
  346. 07[18:21] * @Get_Lost taps her chin "on the other hoof,  if they were working on a supercomputer, maybe ht little guy here is connected and we an reach it easily...."
  347. 07[18:24] * +Shatara grunts a bit, reaching into the depths of the scavenged terminal to tweak some connections. "Gettin this door open..."
  348. 07[18:24] * +Kid puts the little thing by her side behind the saddle bag and looks at Get_Lost with a half-lidded, smarmy eye. "Well, make up yer damn mind, then!" Science wasn't a strong suit of hers! Why did they think it was!
  349. 07[18:25] * @Mitzi tilts her head; "Why yu getteen dis door open? We were already inside."
  350. [18:26] <@Kkat> 3Shatara: with a glint of sparks, you hotwire the roof access door.  It pops open.  Inside is a long, switchback stairwell.  A sign on the first floor landing notes "Rooftop Executive Landing --->", "Oversight <--", and "<--- Bio-Containment"
  351. 07[18:27] * @Get_Lost shrugs and starts tinkering on the robot to see if there is anything dangerous on it before trying to activate it
  352. 07[18:28] * +Shatara grins as the door pops open. "Ahah! Got it!..." He blinks at the hellhound's question. "Well...uh...NOBODY ASKED YOU" He pokes his head over the roof. "I uh...guess I should go take a look at that 'bot then, eheh.."
  353. 07[18:29] * @Mitzi blinks; "Uh... okay."
  354. 07[18:30] * +Shatara flaps down to the ground, proceeding inside towards the others.
  355. 07[18:30] * +Noble_Heart glances around the surroundings briefly as she waits, mostly patiently, for the terminal to give its response. She gave a soft huff of annoyance at how long it was taking, but had little else to do at the moment.
  356. 04[18:31] * @Get_Lost as soon as notices shatrara, she smiles at the griffon "hey there, we have some sort of cleaning bot here.... want to take a look at it so i can help spero wit the terminal, please?"
  357. 07[18:31] * @Mitzi gets down from the roof by sliding down the side of the building with a claws dragging along the side. She follows after the griffon as she heads back in
  358. 15[18:33] * +Spero 's ear twitches at Noble_Heart's huff and he turns and looks at her curiously.
  359. [18:34] <@Kkat> 3Get_Lost: The terminal bleeps at you.  A little window comes up on the screen.
  360. 07[18:34] * +Shatara nods to Get_Lost, sitting beside her as he picks up the lil bot, turning it over and examining its parts.
  361. 15[18:34] * +Spero is the one at the terminal. He looks back at the little window.
  362. [18:34] <@Kkat> 3> Unwelcoming in progress.  Gaia River Filtration Maintenance.  Click to view? Y/N
  363. 06[18:34] * Dimestream (vlxghaehkhqho@Pony-ke7.ha6.178.76.IP) has joined #FalloutEquestriaPNP
  364. 15[18:35] * +Spero blinks and hits Y.
  365. 07[18:36] * @Get_Lost sits next to Crescendo_  and rests her head on one of his shoulders; whatever she is saying about her wounds, she is clearly in need of rest before they are going to get any better
  366. [18:37] <@Kkat> 3The window changes, showing you mostly darkness. There is a rectangle of dim light, a doorway, with a pony silhouetted in it.  The unicorn is frantically tapping at a terminal as gunfire rips at her.  A few feet beyond, you see water.
  367. [18:38] <@Kkat> 3It would appear you are looking through the turret's targeting eye.
  368. 04[18:38] * +Noble_Heart looks back to Spero rather boredly, raising her eyebrows slightly at his look. "We are merely waiting for respon-" She's cut off when the window pops up with such an odd message. She frowned notably at that and snorted again. "Unwelcoming? What kind of a word is that? Ousting, dispossessing, exorcising, perhaps even extraditing. But unwelcoming?" She shakes her head sadly.
  369. 07[18:38] * +Noble_Heart "T'was truly a dark time in Equestrian history." The gunfire and the pony in the image is most definitely not a good thing. "We must disable this device before that pony is slain! She seems to have activated their security and such a thing must be corrected most quickly!"
  370. 15[18:39] * +Spero looks over the screen for any controls.
  371. [18:39] <@Kkat> 3The turret stops firing.  A little message pops up:
  372. [18:40] <@Kkat> 3> Welcome Mat extended.  Current state of non-welcoming: paused.  Resume non-welcoming?  Y/N
  373. 15[18:41] * +Spero blinks. "Uuuuuh..." How was it phrased on the other one?! Argh... Resume non-welcoming... N. Stupid terminals...
  374. 07[18:42] * @Crescendo_ shifts slightly, trying to make Get_Lost more comfortable. By now he'd worked out that asking Lost how she was simply caused her to start doing things instead of getting the rest she needed, so he says nothing.
  375. [18:42] <@Kkat> 3> You have selected "N".  Not resuming non-welcoming.
  376. 15[18:42] * +Spero snorts at it. Stupid double negatives.
  377. 07[18:44] * +Noble_Heart frowns and shakes her head. "We must find a way to reach that pony before they are hurt worse by these horrid creations which so lack basic sense!" She rises to all four legs and spreads her wings despite being indoors, glaring at the monitor. "There must be a way to find out where that camera is. We should find it and go to help her, lest she accidentally do something to
  378. 07[18:44] * +Noble_Heart get herself killed!"
  379. 07[18:45] * @Get_Lost sighs and stays like that; there seemed to be some commotion at the terminal, bur the two alicorns seemed to have it under control
  380. 04[18:45] * +Kid is simply waiting with her little robot by her flank, trying to piece together what the heck Spero is doing. "... Do ya'll think he's in th' execution room?" Because this looks like an execution.
  381. [18:45] <@Kkat> 3The little window disappears and the terminal brings up a half-finished editing of the "Research & Execution" document.  It looks to be part of a series of internal propaganda/orientation.  "Solaris would not be the Equestrian success story it is today if it wasn't for the fine ponies in our Research & Execution department (R&E)..."
  382. 15[18:46] * +Spero "Kid, don't just take any word you see around here literally. It's like it's set up on purpose to try and confuse you..." He looks back to ther terminal and reads. "And yet... you might be right..."
  383. 07[18:47] * +Kid grins grimly to herself. "Called it. I've read this storybook before." She turns back and makes her way down to where the Execution rooms must be. Holding her shotgun closer seemed like a good idea now.
  384. [18:47] <@Kkat> 3"...Not Research and Development -- /development/, Solaris says, implies a long-term, hoof-dragging sort of creation, like what Stable-Tec does.  /Execution/, on the other hoof, means that as soon as something is researched, it is put into action.  Don't think that our R&E ponies are just par of some enormous think tank that never goes anywhere..."
  385. [18:48] <@Kkat> 3There is a bleep, and the little window comes back up.
  386. [18:48] <@Kkat> 3> Current state of non-welcoming: paused. Resume non-welcoming? Y/N
  387. 15[18:49] * +Spero hits N again.
  388. 15[18:49] <+Spero> \
  389. 07[18:51] * +Noble_Heart frowns and stands, moving to where she had layed out the map to search it for any signs of where the entry to the Gaia River Filtration system might be. If this pony was down in filtration maintenance then it should be somewhere near there, and she was not going to sit here and wait for some poor dispossessed pony to get themselves shot to death by turrets underground when
  390. 07[18:51] * +Noble_Heart she could be doing something productive to save them. It was not right for one such as she to sit by and do nothing as innocent normal ponies died!
  391. 15[18:52] * +Spero "Hey it isn't like I'm sitting here doing nothing... the turrets are going to start shooting again if someone isn't up here to tell them not to."
  392. 07[18:53] * @Get_Lost blinbks as soon as she notices Noble_Heart moving "something's wrong?"
  393. [18:54] <@Kkat> 3> You have selected "N".  Not resuming non-welcoming.
  394. 07[18:54] * +Kid opens the door for her. "Yeah, we're off t' find a pony who's in trouble." Oh my goddesses that sounded awesome. "Ya'll can sit there n' egghead out, or y' can come with us."
  395. 07[18:54] * +Shatara looks up from the robot. "I think I could disable them turrets if I could get my claws on 'em..."
  396. [18:54] <@Kkat> 3Again, the little window goes away.
  397. 07[18:55] * @Get_Lost shrugs "i can stay here anc keep the window closed while you try getting to the wounded pony, if you think it can help"
  398. 07[18:55] * +Noble_Heart continues to pour over the map searching for where this place might be. "There is somepony in danger from the wretched defense systems built by this self-destructive company. Their creations are a blight which not even a scavenger deserves to face. Least of all a normal pony who doest not appear to be wearing armor! We cannot ignore such a plight, least of all for a pony
  399. 07[18:55] * +Noble_Heart who is left all alone in such a place. Thus We search for a place they would be hidden to save him."
  400. 04[18:56] * @Crescendo_ looks between Spero and Get_Lost. "Sitting still and working a terminal? That sounds good. I'll offer moral support."
  401. 07[18:56] * +Shatara moves beside Noble_Heart, checking her map. "Think I could download that map? Or will this Solaris crap even talk to my pipbuck?"
  402. 07[18:56] * @Get_Lost "okay, let's see... gaia, gaia... did you say it was some sort of drain? i'd start checking the bio labs..."
  403. 07[18:57] * @Get_Lost "moreover, wasn't there an option to access other sections from the terminal?"
  404. 15[18:57] * +Spero looks at Get_Lost. "Probably, but I can't seem to get it out of... whatever it's doing right now."
  405. 07[18:58] * @Get_Lost moves to the terminal and check the last option, connect to another departement "maybe i can rremote control the place or at least find it... it's worth a try"
  406. 15[18:59] * +Spero lets Get_Lost get tow ork.
  407. 07[19:00] * +Kid closes her eye tight. Welp, she's back to her annoying self again. "First off, whut th' hell's wrong with scavengers? Second off, you have th' map, you lead. I'll get yer back." A little prank can wait until they get back on the boat.
  408. 07[19:01] * @Get_Lost starts moving her hooves on the keyboars with the usual stare of a pony who knows what is doing... maybe this solaris thig really was in her blood... bad sign shoot her now, guys...
  409. 07[19:04] * @Get_Lost giggles at the questions with multiple negations in them and the convoluted wordings... really, what was wrong in them? they felt just right... it was so natural...
  410. 07[19:04] * +Noble_Heart has the map all spread out over the table, looking up at Shatara's approach. "If thy PipBuck can find a way to make this map work with it it would be most useful to Us." She lifts the map and straightens it a bit with her magic in an attempt to determine where this detail was. Leave it to Solaris to make important things hard to find. Kid's question gets a short and basic
  411. 07[19:04] * +Noble_Heart response in return. "Whatever pains a scavenger takes to acquire their goods they do not deserve to be shot by ponies who are so short sighted and foolish as to attempt to replicate Her work. Nor shall We stand for such an affront, especially not now."
  412. 06[19:05] * Juno|TF2 is now known as Warp
  413. 07[19:06] * @Mitzi lets the ponies handy the pony technology. She follows Kid and Noble, figuring she'd be more help on a rescue than working with terminals
  414. [19:06] <@Kkat> 3Between Get_Lost and Shatara, they ponies discover nothing obstensively wrong with the little cleaning robot.  However, Get_Lost notices that the suction of the little vacuum is designed to continue to ramp up if it encounters a particularly obstinate foreign object.  And Shatara's careful examination reveals a series of little spider legs with suction points
  415. 07[19:06] * @Crescendo_ looks at Get_Lost work in amazment, she was really good at it.
  416. [19:06] <@Kkat> 3In addition, there is an internal antenna.
  417. 07[19:08] * @Get_Lost examines the robot together with Shatara, frowning "okay it's remote controlled... i'd not activate it unless indispensable...."
  418. 07[19:11] * +Shatara studies Noble_Heart's map over her shoulder. He ponders how it would be nice to load it into his PipBuck's handy-dandy automapper somehow...but can't think of a way. He's much better with shooty and clanky things than fancy sparkly arcanostuff. He turns back towards examining the robot, examining its legs and such. "Well, can't really think of anything we'd need it for yet.
  419. 07[19:11] * +Shatara Best keep it handy just in case, y'know?"
  420. 13[19:13] * Dimestream (vlxghaehkhqho@Pony-ke7.ha6.178.76.IP) Quit (Connection closed)
  421. [19:13] <@Kkat> 3> Non-Welcoming cancelled.  Have a nice day.  Solaris loves you.
  422. 15[19:14] * +Spero blinky blinks at the terminal. Alrighty then! "Okay, nobody has to stay up here anymore. How's the map coming?"
  423. 07[19:16] * @Mitzi twiddles her tumbs
  424. [19:16] <@Mitzi> thumbs
  425. 06[19:16] * Dimestream (vlxghaehkhqho@Pony-ke7.ha6.178.76.IP) has joined #FalloutEquestriaPNP
  426. [19:16] <@Kkat> 3Noble_Heart scowers the map.  There is a river running through Gaia Valley, winding all about it like a snake.  The origin and exit points of the river both seem to be in the canyon walls that surround the valley.  There are several markings on the map indicating some sort of structure or facility.  The one at one end of the river is marked "FM".
  427. 07[19:18] * +Noble_Heart points a hoof to the place on the edge of gaia valley. "I think I have it. Come, We must travel quickly!" She turns from the desk, pulling the map along with her magic and rushes towards the roof. This would be easier if she had a higher vantage point to make sure she could see the river they were looking for.
  428. 13[19:19] * River (Zepheniah@Pony-4gv.ge0.204.89.IP) Quit (Connection closed)
  429. 07[19:22] * +Kid cracks open the break of her shotgun. Yup. Lightning shot is still there. "After you!" She says, following her blindly. Gotta go forth. Gotta go, gotta go fast, gotta go.
  430. 07[19:23] * @Mitzi looks at the map carefully
  431. 07[19:24] * +Noble_Heart levitates the map as she stands on the roof, looking for the origin point of the river. She isn't holding it particularly close or carefully, so reading over her shoulders, as it were, would be quite easy.
  432. 13[19:25] * Dimestream (vlxghaehkhqho@Pony-ke7.ha6.178.76.IP) Quit (Connection closed)
  433. 07[19:25] * +Shatara flies up after Noble_Heart, comparing the map with his own.
  434. 15[19:27] * +Spero follows them all out to the roof.
  435. [19:32] <@Kkat> 3Mitzi notices on the map that the "filtration" facility, assuming they are looking at the right place, is at the end of the river, not the beginning.
  436. 07[19:33] * @Mitzi points to the filtration facility; "Ur holdeen it backwards. Dat shud be here." She points out the location on the terrain below
  437. 07[19:34] * +Noble_Heart spreads her wings and waits for the others to be gathered. "This may be bumpy, We apologize in advance, but Our skills will see you through safely!" Spreading her magic to encompass the others to lift them off the ground as she takes flight. At least the ones who couldn't fly on their own. "This way of travel may not be familiar to you, but We promise that We will not fail
  438. 07[19:34] * +Noble_Heart to keep you safe." Blinking a moment at Mitzi's suggestion and turning the map slightly. "We shall not fail to find Our goal." Taking off once she's certain she knows where they were going.
  439. 07[19:34] * @Get_Lost "okay, what now, you go and i stay here to tell the turrets to shut up or we all go?"
  440. 07[19:34] * +Shatara takes point again, still not thinking this 'levetate everyone everywhere' is such a hot idea.
  441. 15[19:35] * +Spero says "All go!" hurriedly as he takes off after Noble_Heart. She needed to learn some manners next...
  442. 06[19:35] * Warp is now known as Dolly
  443. 07[19:37] * +Kid -hates- flying! Hate hate hate hate -ooh that's pretty- hate hate hates flying!
  444. [19:37] <@Kkat> 3Finding the end of the river is easy.  The river flows into a cavern in the canyon wall.  
  445. 07[19:37] * @Crescendo_ glances towards the terminal. "I think it's behaving now." He turns to Get_Lost. "Shall we go after them? I don't want to be separated."
  446. 07[19:37] * @Get_Lost "follows the group as fast as she can... that is, not very fast"
  447. [19:37] <@Kkat> 3However, only a few yards into the cave, you are stopped by a wrought-iron fence -- iron bars that allow the river to flow but bar access to ponies.
  448. 07[19:37] * @Get_Lost "yeah good idea Crescendo_ "
  449. [19:39] <@Kkat> 3The terminal is once again offering its options.
  450. [19:39] <@Kkat> 3> Would you like to A) Review your pending worksheet?  B) Access your company mail?  C) View the current schedule? or D) Connect to another department?
  451. 07[19:41] * +Noble_Heart had actually waited for the others to make certain she had everypony (plus hellhound) who was coming along. She descended to the cave and dropped the others off gently. "We do not usually fly with so many. We are far more used to traveling with each other and with Our kind and Our new mother." She trots into the cave quickly only to find herself stopped by the bars with a
  452. 07[19:41] * +Noble_Heart frown. For a moment she glanced through the other side searching for any sign of a safe place to stand or fly.
  453. [19:42] <@Kkat> 3There is a gate in the fence, but the gate is chained and padlocked shut.  Unfortunately, both chain and padlock are more than four yards underwater.
  454. 07[19:46] * @Mitzi looks at the iron bars; "Uh could bend und break dis, but might set off security measures."
  455. [19:47] <@Kkat> 3As you're pondering how to get past the iron bars, a very heavily wounded unicorn comes hobbling towards you from within the cave, traveling along a narrow path that runs along the water on one side.
  456. 15[19:49] * +Spero looks at the unicorn then at Mitzi. "Bend 'em."
  457. 07[19:49] * +Noble_Heart looks up as the unicorn approaches. She, by comparison, doesn't waste any time with arguing on how to solve things and instead chooses to do something dramatic. In a moment there is a brilliant white flash and she vanishes from amongst the group to reappear on the far side of the grating. She offers a hoof to the wounded Unicorn. "Come with Us if you want to live." Ah, such
  458. 07[19:49] * +Noble_Heart a direct and forceful sentiment.
  459. 15[19:50] * +Spero "Or not..."
  460. 07[19:50] * @Mitzi nods and scampers over to the bars. SHe whacks them a few times with her claws to soften them up, then pulls on them with a great heave.
  461. 07[19:51] * +Kid looks at the gate. Okay, the water here's just a few hooves deep. Okay, I go down there, switch out to buckshot, try to locate the lock, shoot it off, then I jus- Oh. She can just do that. Kid suddenly felt fairly out of her element. Yup. At least you can cook though. That's not a useless talent.
  462. 13[19:53] * Pantzar ( Quit (Connection closed)
  463. [19:53] <@Kkat> 3A terrible, teeth-hurting grinding sound fills the air and dust falls from the cave roof around the fence as Mitzi shifts it, pulling mightily on the bars.  The bars in her paws bend enough to let a filly through.
  464. 07[19:53] * +Bookwright shambles around the bend, favoring his left side a bit. He's a tan unicorn with a darker brown mane that has loose curls in it. He's wearing some heavily stitched and patched barding made of heavy cloth, a pair of glasses, and a shabby panama hat. He has a pair of saddlebags marked with a nightengale surrounded by butterflies.
  465. 15[19:53] * +Spero "Wow... that's... impressive.
  466. 15[19:53] <+Spero> "
  467. 07[19:54] * +Bookwright winces at the horrible wrenching sound. "What... are you folks /doing/!?"
  468. 07[19:54] * @Mitzi steps away from the bars; "Dat gud enuff?"
  469. 07[19:54] * @Get_Lost looks amazed at mitzi's feet and mutters "woah... remember me to let her always win at chess"
  470. 07[19:55] * +Bookwright eyes the breach critically. "For a foal, maybe."
  471. 07[19:55] * @Mitzi looks to Get_Lost and blinks; "Wut's chess?"
  472. 07[19:55] * +Noble_Heart is infact a rather large alicorn standing only a few feet infront of Bookwright, somewhere between him and the others who have been working on the bars. She flattens her ears at the massive screeching sounds. "We would guess that Our companions are attempting to force the doors, as such beings are want to do. Will you come with Us? We can take you to safety." She offers a
  473. 07[19:55] * +Noble_Heart forehoof again with a rather serious expression on her face.
  474. 07[19:55] * @Get_Lost ah, nothing, i was just talking to myself... an... impressive
  475. 07[19:56] * @Mitzi smiles; "Uh'm gud at breakeen tings."
  476. 07[19:56] * +Bookwright looks at his injured... well, /everything/. "I'd... *ah*, appreciate some healing..."
  477. 15[19:57] * +Spero blinks again. "That's... huh... wow. Anyway... yes... medic!"
  478. 07[19:58] * +Bookwright winces. "I can't really pay, I'm afraid... I don't have any caps and I'm not exactly on a mission to collect things of /physical/ value.
  479. 07[19:59] * @Crescendo_ nudges Get_Lost. "I think they need your help. Sounds like somepony is hurt."
  480. 07[19:59] * @Get_Lost "sure, i have a potion, here, take it" gives the wounded pony a potion, administering it personally
  481. 07[20:01] * +Bookwright shivers a little as the healing magic runs through him. "Ahhh... that's better. Thank you."
  482. 07[20:01] * @Get_Lost looks at the fence "i dont' think i can reache them at the moment..."
  483. 07[20:02] * +Noble_Heart clears her throat. "You who serve the New Mother, come with Us. We will take you to safety." She even manages to give a little bit of a smile to Bookwright, hoping to get his acceptance before moving the two of them. For whatever superiority she felt, it was still rude to simply drag a friendly pony around against their desires.
  484. 07[20:02] * +Bookwright brightens. "Oh! I know. There were some locked containers in that room back there... Y'all can have whatever's in them. Which one of you is best at lockpicking?"
  485. 07[20:03] * +Bookwright eyes the Alicorn. "Eh... I've heard you lot are okay, but I'm more comfortable with my own transportation." He closes his eyes, his horn glows briefly... and then suddenly he's on the other side of the fence. "How do you think I got through that fence, anyways? I certainly didn't phase through it."
  486. 15[20:04] * +Spero snorts. Teleporting ponies... jeez... right bunch of cheaters they were.
  487. 07[20:04] * @Mitzi blinks as the unicorn teleports through the bars. "Huh. Guess Uh didn't need to du dat after all."
  488. 07[20:05] * @Get_Lost "oh, here you are... please wait, you are still hurt..."
  489. 07[20:05] * +Bookwright returns Mitzi's gaze unflinchingly. "No, I appreciate the effort. I just didn't need it is all."
  490. 07[20:05] * +Noble_Heart sighs quietly and lowers her head, nodding briefly as she turns about. "Kid? Would you like to ply your skills to the locks within these tunnels? We will come with you to protect you from any dangers within, if you so desire."
  491. 07[20:06] * @Mitzi shrugs; "Gud wurkout."
  492. 07[20:06] * +Kid sits on the opposite corner and watches the ponies at work. Can't fight gravity. Can't fight nature. Can't fight robots. Least she could fight locks. She hefts her shotgun. "What d'ya need opened?" The filly said, puffing her chest out.
  493. 07[20:07] * +Bookwright snorts and grimaces. "Only thing in there that's dangerous in there are poorly worded security systems linked to automated turrets."
  494. 07[20:07] * @Get_Lost takes some magic bandages and starts trying to heal the wounded unicorn with those
  495. 07[20:08] * +Noble_Heart snorts in return to Bookwright. "We wouldst still not leave a solitary pony filly alone to such a task! Not in a place of such obviously poor design as this." She shakes her head and moves to use her telekinesis to help Kid through the opening Mitzi had made. "We do not know. But there were locked things within these tunnels to be opened. Let Us see your skills, yes?"
  496. 07[20:09] * +Shatara chuckled softly. "Retracted the welcome mat, did you?"
  497. 07[20:11] * +Kid squeezes on through and looks rather defeated after a little bit. "Um. Y'sure y' don't need a door opened 'r anythin'? I'm not too good with openin' things gently."
  498. 07[20:11] * +Bookwright returns his gaze critically to Noble_Heart. "Wait a second... I think I recognize that accent. You're a Follower, aren't you?"
  499. 07[20:12] * +Bookwright chuckles grimly. "Yeah, you could say that."
  500. [20:12] <+Bookwright> chuckles grimly *at Shatara's comment*
  501. 07[20:12] * +Noble_Heart pauses in her tracks and turns to face Bookwright, bowing her head in return again. "We serve the New Mother and Her Followers, who seek to protect and rebuild this world that all ponies, great and small, may know it for the land it once was. And so We travel to protect and help the lesser ponies of Equestria, as you travel to educate and research, do you not?"
  502. 07[20:16] * +Bookwright smiles warmly. "Mostly to record. As an alicorn, I'm sure you know the value of memories... well, my own task out here is to preserve the past. Not like those foolish Steel Rangers did, but to save it and then to share it. I was originally out here to record the histories of the tribes out here before they were lost, but it seems I was too late for the White Hooves and the Dead Buffalo. Tell...
  503. 07[20:16] * +Bookwright, do you know where the Twisted Manes camp is?
  504. 15[20:18] * +Spero looks at Bookwright. "Okay... if you were searching into tribes... why were you in -there-?"
  505. [20:18] <@Kkat> 3Bookwright finds himself tied to the medical mare when Get Lost manages a rather comical fail.  On the plus side both Bookwright and Get Lost heal 25 damage.
  506. 07[20:19] * @Get_Lost looks at  Bookwright, blushing evidently "now... waait, i think... if you move your hoof that wa-EEEEP! not there NOT THERE!"
  507. 04[20:19] * +Bookwright returns Spero's gaze levelly. "Because it looked interesting. Furthermore, do you see that river? That's /artificial/. And I'm here to record /all/ of Equestria's past before it is lost. The history of SOLARIS is just as important in my eyes as the history of the Twisted Manes. And I did learn a thing or two.
  508. [20:19] <+Bookwright> "
  509. 07[20:19] * @Crescendo_ falls over laughing.
  510. 07[20:20] * +Kid chuckles and then laughs into a dusty little ball on the ground.
  511. 07[20:20] * +Noble_Heart shakes her head. "Neigh. We have not met them on Our journeys. But perhaps Our companions have? They have traveled this place far more than We. For We only arrived a few days ago." Blinking a moment as Get Lost sets about trying to bandage him and ends up somehow bandaging the two together. She gives a quiet sigh. "But We have been within the Solaris area here. And We have
  512. 07[20:20] * +Noble_Heart seen a most... Disturbing memory orb which Our new companions found. You may wish to see that, as well." She already had her own plans on what to do, but this pony might help as well...
  513. 07[20:21] * @Mitzi watches Get_Lost fail. She cracks a smile
  514. 15[20:21] * +Spero follows Crescendo_ and Kid's examples.
  515. [20:21] <@Kkat> 3It looks like they're going to need help to get out of that.
  516. 07[20:21] * @Get_Lost is blushing fiercely "look i'm... i think i got this... you just have to... ah.. .try to ignore the..... hey that's my tits! be gentle!"
  517. 07[20:22] * +Shatara chuckles, offering his sharp talons to asisst.
  518. 07[20:22] * @Mitzi swipes with a claw to cut the bandages
  519. 07[20:22] * +Bookwright brightens. "A memory orb? From before the war? I'm definitely interested!"
  520. 07[20:22] * @Get_Lost "what the!? hey guys are you going to help us or you are wwaiting to me going in heat!? HELP!"
  521. 07[20:23] * +Kid blinks twice. "Y'sure?" She says mischeiviously. Oh, let's see if we can't make this a double!
  522. 07[20:23] * @Get_Lost "lòooks perplexed at the unicorn completely ignoring the situation"
  523. 07[20:23] * +Bookwright looks around. "...perhaps not right now though. I'll wait until we make camp... that is, if you wish me to travel with you. You folks seem like you'll be happening on all sorts of buried history..."
  524. 07[20:23] * +Shatara blinks as he helps free the mare, blushing a bit.
  525. 15[20:24] * +Spero is just cracking up right now.
  526. 04[20:25] * +Noble_Heart nods her head to that. "You are welcome to view it, by Our account." She looks to Spero for confirmation. "The Orb contains words from the one who made Our kind possible and worries about Solaris attempting to duplicate Her great project, the Gardens of Equestria. If She was right, then this place is where they were testing their duplicate. Somewhere here, in this valley."
  527. 07[20:25] * @Crescendo_ , still smirking, helps Bookwright and Get_Lost upright.
  528. 07[20:25] * @Get_Lost as soon as she is freed from the bandages, the mare steps back, considering to buck the stallion in the head, but decides that it shouldn't be very medical
  529. 07[20:25] * @Get_Lost "really... i mean... and he was, like.. .talking memory orbs during all the time.... what a.... i don't even.... argh!"
  530. 15[20:26] * +Spero finally starts calming down. "Yeah... yeah sure he can see it..."
  531. 07[20:26] * +Bookwright smiles at Get_Lost. "You remind me of myself when they were trying to teach me basic medicine... I once managed to wonderglue myself to the dummy when they were giving us emergency aid lessons."
  532. 07[20:27] * +Bookwright is gleefully unconcerned. "I wasn't worried about the bandages. I've seen and done worse myself. I knew the problem would get solved, and I'm never one to focus on the less important details when there are interesting things to be discussed."
  533. 07[20:28] * @Mitzi retracts her claws from the swipe as soon as she sees she over did it. She really should be more careful, given the strength she displays.
  534. 07[20:28] * +Noble_Heart chuckles slightly at the issues with getting themselves out of the bandages, sighing slightly as she teleported back past the gate. "We think perhaps that we should all head back to the Solaris facility and find somewhere to seek our restoration and recovery. There is still much of that building to check and We believe there are secrets left to find."
  535. 07[20:29] * @Mitzi grimaces; "Uh shuld stick tu hitteen tings Uh -want- to break."
  536. [20:29] <@Kkat> 3Mitzi tries to slash the bandages binding Bookwright and Get_Lost... and succeeds, but not without painful consequences.
  537. 15[20:30] * +Spero facewings. "Mitzi..."
  538. 07[20:30] * @Mitzi looks to Bookwright apologetically and fishes out one of her own healing potions. "Here, drink dis. Uh shouldn't have been reckless like dat."
  539. 07[20:31] * +Bookwright shrugs. "If there are any more secrets in that room to get, they'll take a pony smarter at science than I am to obtain. All I could puzzle out is that SOLARIS is filtering out..."—He opens a notebook titled 'Notes on SOLARIS'—"radiation, pollutants, and 'classified biological detritus'."
  540. 13[20:32] * @Get_Lost ( Quit (Quit: Leaving)
  541. [20:33] <+Bookwright> "Whatever /that/ means, your guess is as good as mine. Judging from my (limited) experiences with SOLARIS so far though, I'm not sure I want to be swimming in that water."
  542. 13[20:35] * @Crescendo_ ( Quit (Quit: Flees!)
  543. [20:35] <+Bookwright> "...not that I would be swimming in any case. I can't afford to get these books too wet."
  544. 07[20:36] * +Kid ponders that for a moment. "Waitaminute. Radiation sure. Pollutants, why not. Classified biological detritus?" What the heck could that mean?
  545. 07[20:38] * +Bookwright shrugs. "Again, your guess is as good as mine. But if I wanted to find out, I'd start looking around the riverbed in this canyon. There's no point in putting the filtering station /upstream/ of the contaminants, so it stands to reason that whatever gunk SOLARIS is filtering is somewhere along this artificial riverbed."
  546. 07[20:48] * +Noble_Heart briefly trots off down the hall, returning a few moments later with two lockers and a medical box wrapped in her magic. Carefully she floated them over through the gap. "Or they are pumping it in as well. Perhaps as part of their attempts to cleanse this valley and make it grow anew?" She carefully fed each of the containers towards the gap. "Brother? Would you take these
  547. 07[20:48] * +Noble_Heart from Us? It would be easier if you took them as they passed the grate."
  548. 07[20:48] * +Bookwright addresses Noble_Heart. "If you want the stuff, there's a couple lockers and a medical aid box in that room, all locked. You either need to pry it all off and bring it with you, or I can teleport whomever here is best at lockpicking to the other side, but you'll have to teleport him out."
  549. 15[20:49] * +Spero nods then wraps the lockers and box in his own magic and pulls them over to him, setting them in front of him on the walkway. He takes a seat and inspects them.
  550. 07[20:50] * +Kid kind of sits down. Stupid hooves. They cannot into lockpicking.
  551. 07[20:52] * +Bookwright thinks with thoughtfulness. "Either the contaminants are in the riverbed itself, or they're coming from a location along the river. Or maybe they're introducing them at the beginning of the river to influence something here in the valley... but that doesn't make any sense. SOLARIS doesn't strike me as the type to clean up after themselves like that."
  552. 15[20:59] * +Spero breaks several bobbypins trying to open a locker... and then jams its lock. He tosses that one aside... while also flaming at it a bit... literally... He opens up the other two boxes and finds a myriad of items. Some magazines that he quickly rolls up and hides in his barding and then he floats out the rest of the items and looks around at the others... after pulling out the bobby pins in the utility barding for himself. "Anyone interested?"
  553. 04[20:59] <@Kkat> 3Spero finally gets one of the lockers open.  Inside, he finds some old copies of Wingboner. A toolbox with box of materials (wonderglue, turpentine, duct tape, etc). Plus the maintenance worker's utility barding.
  554. [20:59] <@Kkat> 3In the barding, you also find a screwdriver, five bobby pins and an ID card with the small text "Remember to always wear your ID Badge in areas you are authorized to work so you won't be inconvenienced by an unwelcoming."
  555. [20:59] <@Kkat> 3--- Session Ends ---
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