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Fallout: Beyond Equestria 34: Northern Blues (Part 18)

Scorch_Mechanic May 2nd, 2013 63 Never
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  1. [2013-05-01 13:11:26] <Kkat> 3After a bit of searching, trying to pick up the trail of the vanished Heartless again, Kid finds a set of doors on the ground, probably leading to a cellar.
  2. [2013-05-01 13:11:34] <Kkat> 3The doors are made of crystal (like everything else), and are locked.
  3. [2013-05-01 13:11:42] <Kkat> 3Kid blinks. Cellar. Cellar! Aha! This is where she must be hiding! This is... She took a moment to think this over. This was a trap if she's ever seen one. She paused, collected herself... And then decided that the best way to deal with a trap was to spring it without them knowing that you knew it was one. And after trying in vain to open it, decided that may
  4. [2013-05-01 13:12:06] <Kkat> 3...decided that maybe backup was the best way to hit this.
  5. [2013-05-01 13:12:15] <Kkat> 3(Copycat! Can ya'll hear this?)
  6. [2013-05-01 13:13:11] <Kkat> 3Fallout: Beyond Equestria, Session Thirty-Four: Northern Blues (Part Eighteen) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2KIsa8-aXpk
  7. [2013-05-01 13:13:30] <Kkat> 3--- Session Begins ---
  8. [2013-05-01 13:14:14] =-= Mode #FalloutEquestriaPnP +vvvv Bookwright Ilushia Kid Shatara by CopyCat
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  12. [2013-05-01 13:15:57] * Noble_Heart circled above, looking down into the ruins trying to spot either Kid or her quarry. She muttered quietly to herself. "Why must she always rush off in such a hurry? She shall get herself hurt and I won't be there to help someday..."
  13. [2013-05-01 13:17:05] * CopyCat nods in affirmation until she realises that no one else could here Kid. "Oh, Kid has found something... come kind of door? She wants us to catch up with her."
  14. [2013-05-01 13:17:31] * Kid decided to find something heavy to put on top of the cellar door if possible, then circles around back around the building to see if there was an alternative exit. She wanted that thing sealed in if possible until they could work with them. If it was even still there.
  15. [2013-05-01 13:18:04] * Get_Lost "i'd rather fix these turrets first"
  16. [2013-05-01 13:18:30] <Kkat> 3Heavy objects abound.  Mostly in the form of shattered, charred crystal.
  17. [2013-05-01 13:19:21] <Kkat> 3The terminal has finished rebooting.
  18. [2013-05-01 13:20:50] * Kid isn't particularly picky. She rolled a hunk of scorched quartz-like substance over the door and then ran off to secure the perimeter. And by secure the perimeter, it was sort of meant that she just ran around, looking for anything that even looked like an exit. Failing that, anything that looked valuable.
  19. [2013-05-01 13:21:45] * Get_Lost taps for a few moments on the terminal, thinking "okay i'll try to see if i can restore the last settings; is everypony grounded at the moment?"
  20. [2013-05-01 13:21:54] * Bookwright pokes at the terminal again. "Lessee... what were the other options again...?"
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  23. [2013-05-01 13:22:47] * Get_Lost seeing that bookie wants the thing back, she leaves the place very happily "be my guest, if you need help just ask"
  24. [2013-05-01 13:22:52] <Kkat> 3Shatara and Noble_Heart have flown after Kid.  Searching for her now, Shatara quickly spots her as the cyber-eyed pony circles the building.
  25. [2013-05-01 13:23:37] * Noble_Heart continues to obliviously scan the surface beneath her. The troubles with not having the best eyesight, and being high off the ground.
  26. [2013-05-01 13:23:44] <Kkat> 3The terminal happily displays:
  27. [2013-05-01 13:23:46] <Kkat> 3> Welcome to a wonderful day in the Crystal Empire.
  28. [2013-05-01 13:23:52] <Kkat> 3> Enjoy your shift!
  29. [2013-05-01 13:23:57] <Kkat> 3> Options:
  30. [2013-05-01 13:24:02] <Kkat> 3> Lock Gate
  31. [2013-05-01 13:24:08] <Kkat> 3> Open Gate
  32. [2013-05-01 13:24:15] <Kkat> 3> Run Turret Diagnostic
  33. [2013-05-01 13:24:21] <Kkat> 3> Emergency Turret Activation.
  34. [2013-05-01 13:24:29] <Kkat> 3> Emergency Turret Termination
  35. [2013-05-01 13:24:35] <Kkat> 3> Raise Alarm
  36. [2013-05-01 13:24:41] <Kkat> 3> Open Safe
  37. [2013-05-01 13:24:42] * Shatara squawks to Noble_Heart, pointing the groundbound pony out to the alicorn.
  38. [2013-05-01 13:25:55] * Bookwright 3> Open Safe
  39. [2013-05-01 13:26:40] * Noble_Heart looked up towards Shatara, finally getting sight of Kid, "We thank you for your help. Let us go check on her." She beat her wings and spiraled downwards towards the ground.
  40. [2013-05-01 13:26:59] <Kkat> 3There is a solid <clunk> from the safe in the floor.
  41. [2013-05-01 13:27:04] * Shatara dives down in formation with Noble_Heart.
  42. [2013-05-01 13:28:44] * Bookwright gently opens the door to the safe in the floor.
  43. [2013-05-01 13:28:48] * Kid 's ear flicks up to the sound of wingbeats. Right. She finished her roundabout, then waved them over while finishing her search. She's getting something out of this, damnit.
  44. [2013-05-01 13:29:32] * CopyCat stays on the ground with Bookwright and Get_Lost. The last two times she'd taken off she'd gotten shot or exploded and she didn't want to see what would come after that.
  45. [2013-05-01 13:30:23] <Kkat> 3Kid has not yet found any other exit from the cellar.
  46. [2013-05-01 13:31:00] =-= kashin is now known as Mercury
  47. [2013-05-01 13:31:40] <Kkat> 3Kid has searched well enough to be certain that, if there is an exit, it's either not on this city block or has been buried in rubble.
  48. [2013-05-01 13:34:12] * Kid smirks. Okay. "Whatever's in there's trapped in. So, we best get inside that cellar before it gets any funny ideas, y'hear?" She addressed the two ponies there, smirking a cocky smirk. Oh, she knew what she did was absolutely stupid, she shouldn't have followed it this far. But /hell/ if she's going to spend two shotgun shells and not get anything for it.
  49. [2013-05-01 13:38:01] * Shatara lands, preening his wing a bit before blinking at Kid.
  50. [2013-05-01 13:40:23] * Noble_Heart frowns and looks towards the closed door. "We should not pursue. If this heartless pony has fled here looking for allies We may find Ourselves overwhelmed without assistance." She looked down to Kid with a shake of her head. "Though We suspect that the turrets have returned to functionality by now, and We cannot easily return." A brief snort of annoyance. "So We suppose We
  51. [2013-05-01 13:40:24] * Noble_Heart can endulge your plan."
  52. [2013-05-01 13:43:34] * Kid churns that thought in her head. "If they're here, then they ain't too visible around the top up there, which means they're probably down there. If they are down there, then we should peek in, and if there's a ton, then just kind of block it off and let 'em starve."
  53. [2013-05-01 13:45:44] * Noble_Heart contemplated that. "Starvation would take many years. And if the crystal ponies around the castle are indeed still alive, We would suspect that they do not need food or water in that state." She taps her chin. "Nevertheless, We suppose that We can take a look, at the least."
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  55. [2013-05-01 13:53:31] * Kid wrinkled her brow. "Fer you and yer better'n thou stomach, maybe. I'd prolly starve in a week r' two." But her second point had merit, not that she'd admit it. Call it stubborn pride. She fetched her preferred lead delivery device and ushered them in, rolling the rock off of the cellar door.
  56. [2013-05-01 13:55:39] <Little_Gloom> 3The cellar door remains locked.
  57. [2013-05-01 13:59:16] * Kid gnaws on the back of her hoof. "Oh, yeah. That. Err. Hey, Noble. Don't suppose ya'll could bash that in with one o' these rocks, right?"
  58. [2013-05-01 14:04:41] <Little_Gloom> 3Bookwight, meanwhile, has opened the floor safe.  Inside are three stun grenades, a canteen filled with an unknown liquid, and a copy of Wingboner (Super-Sized Solstice Spectacular!), as well as eleven beauty worth of gems, one of which is rarity 3..
  59. [2013-05-01 14:07:23] * Bookwright "I haven't even had a chance to read that 'Rarity's Secret' one, and now a copy of "Wingboner"? Niiice."
  60. [2013-05-01 14:08:19] * Bookwright adds the phat lewt to his saddlebags. "Er, CopyCat? Which way did they go?"
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  63. [2013-05-01 14:11:15] * Mitzi looks at the gems curiously
  64. [2013-05-01 14:12:19] * Bookwright "Uh... do you want 'em? I've read that diamond dogs are fascinated with gems, it seems reasonable that would carry over to hellhounds."
  65. [2013-05-01 14:12:28] * CopyCat shuffles her hooves as Bookwright lingers on the risqué magazines. "They followed the runaway Heartless ponies. Into one of the city blocks. They found a door it probably went into but Kid is thinking about bashing things, so it's probably locked."
  66. [2013-05-01 14:12:57] * Mitzi nods, then gestures to her collar and the gem at the center of her armour's chest
  67. [2013-05-01 14:13:47] * Bookwright cocks an eyebrow, a little disoriented by how much CopyCat seems to know. Then he remembers the 'empath' bit. "Okay, so... can you lead the way then? I'd wager these stun grenades would come in handy."
  68. [2013-05-01 14:14:22] * Noble_Heart moved up towards the door, looking back at the rocks. "We could try if you wish. Will the door not open?"
  69. [2013-05-01 14:14:58] * Mitzi holds out her hand, "Uh'll take dem eef yu no want." She then leans in towards Bookwright, "Also, remind muh tu ask yu sumteen later."
  70. [2013-05-01 14:16:24] * Bookwright passes them over, "Uh, right. Okay. Here y'go."
  71. [2013-05-01 14:17:19] * Kid shakes her head. "Naw. Tried jigglin' th' handle, but it's locked up tighter than a MoI water closet."
  72. [2013-05-01 14:17:36] * CopyCat nods. "I should be able to lead the way when we want to join them."
  73. [2013-05-01 14:18:31] * Mitzi inspects the gems for their quality before pocketing them. If nothing else, maybe they would be a nice souvenir for her nieces and/or nephews, who would probably be born by the time she got back
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  76. [2013-05-01 14:21:02] <Little_Gloom> 3The gems are pretty, if semi-precious in quality.  Save for the rarity 3 gem.  That's the sort of gem you'd give a prominent place on a dress or vest.
  77. [2013-05-01 14:21:04] * Noble_Heart nods her head, inspecting the rocks briefly to check on their size and weight.
  78. [2013-05-01 14:21:20] * Bookwright "Then let us depart, O False-Luna."
  79. [2013-05-01 14:22:12] * Mitzi compares the rarity 3 gem to the one on her collar. It was about the same quality, but considering her siblings had each cut a piece from the same large gem to make matching collars, she definitely appreciated the one she was wearing more.
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  81. [2013-05-01 14:26:15] * CopyCat leads the way outside but pauses before they cross the turret line. "Are we sure these won't shoot us now?"
  82. [2013-05-01 14:30:04] * Bookwright "Uh... No. In fact, I think they might try. We haven't been able to force them to recognize us a friendly, and we can't shut them off because that would leave the zebras helpless."
  83. [2013-05-01 14:35:40] * CopyCat hangs her head and casts her shield. "Well, best be prepared then. Follow me and try to look friendly if any turrets aim at us." She sets off at a trot along the path recently taken by Kid.
  84. [2013-05-01 14:36:24] * Bookwright follows, the back of his neck itching.
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  94. [2013-05-01 15:16:21] <Little_Gloom> 3--- End of Session ---
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