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  1. From: [. . . .]
  2. Date: May 1, 2013 at 6:15:43 AM CDT
  3. To: " " <>, " " <>, " " <>, " " <>
  4. Subject: ENOUGH!
  6. Stop with the crap, Gordon. Quit hacking my email, stop sending me crap, stop signing me up for crap, stop impersonating me on FB. Just plain fucking stop! Enough is enough. Just leave me and my friends alone! And tell Jade, Darla, Chris, Doug and Sarah to do the same!!!!! This time whoever it was went way to far and I'm sick of it so I'm saying: ENOUGH is fucking ENOUGH!
  8. I have had enough of this crap and have since it started back in St. Jean when it first started. Tell your friends to fuck off already and leave me and my family and friends alone!!! And don't bother contacting me again. I want nothing (repeat: NOTHING!!!) to do with this kind of childish, immature garbage.
  10. You know my rule: if you have something to say to me, man up and say it to me personally. Don't hide behind texting, pranks and emails. I HATE when people do that. It just shows me that they're too chicken to be respectful and say it to me directly. If you or any of you smart-ass friends want to say anything to me, then say it to me and NOT behind my back or by pulling bullshit pranks.
  12. Get it? GOT it? GOOD!!!!!!!!
  14. If I have sent this to the wrong Gordon Hill, then I sincerely apologize.
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