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  1. (8:37:03 PM) TychoVII: "Portfolio finished."
  2. (8:37:10 PM) TychoVII: "Consists of only crates and barrels."
  3. (8:37:19 PM) TychoVII: my first contribution to game art student bullfrog
  4. (8:37:42 PM) SeanV: styers listed a bunch on facebook when i posted it on my page
  5. (8:38:07 PM) TychoVII: i can picture him spending half the class time showing them to the class
  6. (8:38:14 PM) SeanV: at least half
  7. (8:38:19 PM) SeanV: here are his...
  8. (8:38:28 PM) SeanV: Use standard brush to deform facial features on super average man in Zbrush. Post on polycount forum as original creature design.
  9. (8:38:37 PM) SeanV: Draw human anatomy for homework. Reference: Naruto.
  10. (8:38:44 PM) SeanV: Start modeling building. Get tired of project before complete. Hand in as "post apocalyptic".
  11. (8:38:50 PM) SeanV: Cannot model character in 11 weeks. Finish Skyrim in 3 days.
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